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5# X-Pac 1-0-0 Batista,Bischoff,Hall,Brock
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This Rp is totally written by me X-Pac's Handler and i hope you enjoy. Now Read the rp Slapnutz! Also this rp is below standard and i no it but i was rushing!
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Ending Jerry Lynn's TCW Career
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-|| Foreword ||-

{...:...TCW is in a crossroads at the moment With Bischoff power crazy, with batista at his side. And Angle and Raven being sacked. With there New found leader Chris Daniels fighting for their jobs this Monday night Mayhem! TCW has also seen the debut of new superstar Matt Hardy who has allready cut a promo about how great he is etc... TCW Is on The Rise.... soon to be the best e-federation around...:...}

-|| Scene ||-

(It’s all about timing. Hundreds and hundreds of people have talent, but being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to become a star. It seems that X-Pac has finally found his place in the TCW. This place Is on the top, We pick up the scene at a TCW house show just 1 day before the Mayhem Show. At ringside sit Joey Styles and Don "Cyrus" Callis. Joey Styles gives an update on the TCW’s situation.)

Joey Styles- “I’ve got some good news for you folks at home. The Coach has just reported to me that X-Pac is in the building and setting up for a interview, he will surely have something say to his opponents this mayhem in a tag match Brock Lesnar and TCW Kiss Ass Batista! This should be interesting guys as X-Pac like him or not certainly has alot of views on this comapany”

Don "Cyrus" Callis- “What the hell are you calling batista a ASS kisser for!! All he's doing is getting rid off TCWS crap. SO we don't have to put up with boring dribble every show, making people turn over for a bit of porn while people like raven are wrestling, giving us ratings!”

Joey Styles- “I have to give it to X-Pac, he told us exactly what was going to happen on Friday. Both men walked into the ring but The Giant Killer was more than too much for Jerry Lynn. To say he wiped the floor with Lynn’s mug would be an understatement. That’s why management should listen to Pac’s wishes and granted him a match against the rock for the title. It’s clear that management are not taking a liking to X-Pac and the D-X Faction.”

Don "Cyrus" Callis- “That's right and that's the way it should stay those degenerates don't deserve to be here in TCW and the sooner were rid off them the better!!!!”

Joey Styles- “And that’s exactly why you don’t have many friends. We have The Coach with The Giant Killer X-Pac now. Coach…”

(The camera switches to the backstage area where only a close-up shot of X-Pac is shown. The fans go wild at the sight of him.)

(Coachmen goes into the interview.)

Jonathan "Filling In for Pamela" Coachmen: “Well, it’s an honor to finally meet you X-Pac. Though you’ve fought only one match, it’s fair to say that you’re voice is definitely being heard all over the TCW. One week in and allready some heat between you and a few guys.”

)(X-Pac)(: “Wait. Let’s clear this up. What the hell are you doing here, i was told i'd be interviewed by some slut.Now Incase i don't no something about you, You aint a female slut!?1? I’m the Giant Killer and i don't mind chalking you up on my list of Giants i've killed! Now get to the question asshole. I no i have heat with some nobs in the back big whoop! They all suck thats why i have heat!!!”

(X-Pac stares at The Coach with a puzzled expression.)

Jonathan Coachmen: “Well erm Ok What do you think about your match with Lesnar and Batista this Monday Night Live on Mayhem?!”

)(X-Pac)(: “Yeah, those guys... I don’t know who the hell booked me in this match i'm guessing bitchoff, but they made a stroke of genius by giving me the two biggest giants in tcw so i can kill them both!!! You see bitch. These punks maybe a lot larger than me apart from in the trouser department. Because as you no coach i'm the "Giant Killer and Bitch Thriller!" but that's fine with me cause it doesn't take a play school eduction to out smart those guys! I mean batista obviously thinks Bitchoff Is his dad, the way he's allway's with him.And Brock he's just a crock. If he takes any more steroids he's gonna pop!!! The stupid son of a bitch you should have stayed in amatuer wrestling not came into the real wrestling world all steroided up!!!”

Jonathan Coachmen: “Now after your match with Jerry Lynn, do you feel that you’ve proven yourself to management?.”

)(X-PAC)(: “Erm i no your only here too fill in for slut legs but god you need to do some research they hate me you fool! I will never, impress those Gays! So anyway i saw scott hall come out and say how he respects bitchoff! Well that sucks Scott it really doe's but if you stand in front of me and kicking bitchoffs ass then i will kick yours to! Because you see punk's anyone who get's in my way or signs with bischoff are gonna become another giant on the list i've killed!!!! So shut up or put up you little pricks!”

(X-Pac looks up and smiles at coach then kicks him in the stomach and x-factors him coach is left for dead on the floor X-pac spits on coach then drags him down the coridoor to where eric bischoff's office is and leaves him right in front of bischoffs office then walks back to where the interview was!)

)(X-PAC)(: “See crock lesnar and Steroid Muncher that's what i have in store for you wheather you like it or not!! Coach was in the wrong place at the wrong time! So before you come on out here and cut your shit ass promo! Think about what your going to say, because you will no doubt come out and move your lips and all me and these fans will here is "BLA BLA BLA BLA" and these good fans will want a refund for the ammount of crap theyve just had to survive.Now i've seen Chris Daniels is trying to get Pinky and Perky's job's back!.I just don't see the point in that chris!! there is no point thats like a angle which will end up where batista career is going and that is all off you jackasses in the unemployment que. I mean who wants to see some priest and two overweight dancing pigs!!! Truely horrible! But you see after i waltz past the two steroid boys i need a match for friday now no doubt bischoff will have other plans. But i challenge any knob jockey bischoff ass kisser to face me the giant killer 1 on 1 in the ring , it will be just another victory on my slate. Just another reason why bischoff can't ignore me for the rest of his life oh and batista if you boss is so confident in you why don't we have Steroid Muncher vs Giant Killer at new years revoultions for The No 1 Contendeship To TCW World Champion for Danger Zone!?!?So what do you say punk!?!? Just remember one thing Brock and Batista Your Asses are grass and i'm gonna smoke them!! ”

(X-PAC throws up a “Suck It Sign” signaling that D-X is still alive. The cameras fade to a word from a few of the TCW’s sponsors.)

D-X On Top Of TCW. We Got Two Words For Ya SUCK IT!