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The Greeks saw Taurus as Zeus in disguise. The story went that Zeus fell in love with Europa, the daughter of Agenor who was King of Phoenica. On one day while she was playing by the waters edge, she caught sight of a majestic white bull grazing amongst her fathers heard. When she approached the bull, it knelt down and let get on it's back. Once she was on, it sprang to it's feet and took off to the sea in Crete where Zeus made her his mistress.

It also represents the white bull that sired the famous Minotaur with the wife of King Minos of Crete. This bull was sent to Minos as a sign that he was the rightful heir to the throne. However, Minos did not sacrifice the bull to Poseidon like he was supposed to, so the ever-vengeful sea god caused his queen, Pasiphaë, to fall in love with it. Later, in another myth, Theseus of Athens goes to Crete and slays the dreadful Minotaur, which was reported to be a man with a bull's head that could breathe fire.

The Egyptians saw the constellation instead as their god Osiris while the Chinese caled it alternatively the "White Tiger" or the "Great Bridge.".



Taurus: And Here I stand....

The camera man zooms out to reveal what looks to be the front of an old Greek Arena.

Taurus:  Where my ledgend began Millions of years ago.  I have returned to Acient Greece.

He extends his hands and looks up into the sky. After a few moments he looks into the camera again.

Taurus: Now I know what your thinking. Taurus stop trippin', your only in your twenties and you've  probably never been to greece. Well, You absolutly right. Phycically I've never set foot in the place. Hell, I'm from Harlem I've never even dreamed of the place I'm standing in right now.

He bends down and scoops up some dirt from the ground. As he begins to talk again he let's the dirt and sand slip out of his hand.

Taurus: But my spirite has always been here.  In this place, I am a GOD.  I am the mighty Taurus.

He inhales real slow..and then let's out.


The camera pans around but nothing is for miles except the huge city below the hill.

Taurus: My journy to take back my world starts in the NWO. First in my mission to the Ultimate freedom I will remove the pain an agony from the goddesses of my world. Which are the NWO divas. I am on a mission to love them like no other man can love them. I am here to do away with all of there needs and give them the supreme happiness that they deserve! The Bikini Contest was only the begining. It was me showing my ability to code switch. The ability to come into your world and make it mine. Did you see the supreme happiness on the faces of those women? That is only half of my power. My second order of business is to finally show the NWO what a real man is. I will show the true pshyic, mentality and class of a real man for I am the only one! 

Taurus lifts up his hands and shouts again.


The camera once again pan around to find nothing around them.

Taurus: And Last I will one by one eliminate the disgusting frauds from the NWO ring and restore the youth to the NWO Chamionship that has waited for me for too long. So my question to you is, who's first? Who is the first of these weaklinks to take on the strenght and interlect of Taurus?  No fancy cages, no brutality rules and no other ridiculous matches. Who has the strenght and the will to take on Taurus toe to toe and Man to Man in a flat out wrestling match. Is there anyone. IS THERE ANYONE!

Taurus puts his head down as the camrea looks like it's gonna fade out. But, It fades back in. Taurus looks up with agrin on his face.

Taurus: I took drama class in high school and I've still got it. YEEEESSSSSSSSS!

Taurus pops a toothpick in his mouth along with a baseball cap on his head and some sun glasses.

Taurus: Damn..Grece is hot as hell! Not that I've ever been. But I was expecting John Trovota. Anyway, I wasn't bullsh*ting you completely. There's a challege by me to you at Jacked Up. Who ever thinks they can take me in my debut match come on a holla at me. I mean anyone, Ballace, Shady, PKA, The Mexican Jackhammers to Dick Ganzinya. ANYONE! Just come let me know and then the magic will happen...See you at Jacked Up.

Taurus winks at the camera as it fades to black.

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