Fucking god damn Australians...

So let me explain why I am a bit unhinged about this match. It's not that I am scared of these guys. Nah. They seem like good kids. Had some issues in the past. Hell. I can kind of relate to the boys a bit on that aspect. Professional bad guy enforcer and all that, but you see there is one thing that those of us who have grown up in this industry know about Australian Tag Teams.

They're fucking psychopaths!

See, Back when the world was being all discovered by white people, not just America...England had a funny thing. They tried to kick out the undesirables to the colonies...Hence why two places in the world have a common theme. Georgia and Australia.

Founded by fucking convicts. People who told the uptight brits to fuck off. What is this part of the history lesson.

The closest thing to a human god damn cartoon character is a fucking Australian...and the only thing more crazier is a god damn Kiwi.

So needless to say. I am fucking excited to be facing you boys for your first tag team title defense, but as to why I am here...well. Let's just say I got unfinished business. See. I hate to say this guys. Because I have no personal issue with you two. I think you're good kids. You'll go far in this industry. You'll make it. You'll even be three time champions...especially since I'm killing your reign.

Because if I win these tag team titles with Nathan...I get back on CWF programming. And that means maybe I can talk some sense into Ataxia.

The only thing crazier than you two insane idjits is that kid. A lot of people have their speculations about him and I. Are we actually related? Do I know who he is under the mask? Do I have any sway on what he can actually do like I use to?

The answer is of course...none of your damn fucking business.

Hostility wants those titles. There is no question about that. This sort of East Coast West Coast kinda feel that we have going on is quite interesting. We got Stewart and St. James arguing like mom and dad over how the federations should be run and in truth I don't really care who is left standing. Hostility is more my style because I come from Carnage Wrestling. Hardcore is how I made my living. Not because I'm the most blood thirsty man on the planet, but because I'm good at breaking people on a technical and any other level.

I'm the man who taught Ataxia the mind games.

I was the first Ataxia.

And if I am not mistaken you boys have had some issues with him in the past. I want you to know I don't really care about any of that. This is all business. This is a means to an end. I think you guys will understand my motivations. So when I bust your god damn heads in...

Just remember....It's not fucking personal.


Getting off the plane from Australia was suppose to be the start of some R&R for me, but that was not to be the case. I saw him. My old friend, DJ, motioning for me to come over to him. I sigh and shuffle over there.

“So who put you up to this?”

“I don't know what you me...”He holds up the card for this week's CWF show. I sigh. I was hoping this would not get me in any shit already. “What do you want? You guys are down on tag teams. The boss said...”

“Your boss! Your boss is trying to steal belts from CWF and I know you put his ass up to this.”

“I had nothing to do with it at all. He needs guys he can trust.”

“Well that's funny. Someone trusting you is hazardous to their fucking health.” That hurts. My nephew a few years ago took out DJ. Almost broke his damn spine in half and I have never been able to forgive myself for not stopping it, but there is a time and a place for redemption. This isn't it. “We have a special arrangement with Nathan. You on the other hand...”

“Hold up. Let me explain this. You guys let me go of my CWF contract. I said fine. I get hired for Hostility because I am a free fucking agent. Then some fat german dumb shit bails on BOTH federations. C$J is wanting to do some cross promoting. This gives Hostility a boost...”

“Which we don't want...”

“And...CWF a boost. This is “The Lost Boys”. Think of it this way. If they beat us DJ. I'm gone. I'm not on the show, and if we win I'm just there for tag team matches. I'll stay away from Tax. I'll stay away from everyone on the show. I'll even stay away from Duce. You have my word.”

“I don't need your word...I have security watching your every god damn move. You aren't going to pull off what you think you are going to do Trent. Not again. Not now. Not ever. Ataxia's outgrown you...just like everyone else. The only role you can do in Hostility is help get these new kids someone to punch. That's your fucking job. No world titles in CWF from you. Nothing. You are just fucking fodder.”

“Noted...”He starts to walk off. “Howse Punkey doing?”

He stops. I hadn't seen her for a few months. His fiance. The girl who was nursing him back to health. He turns around and takes off his hippie shades looking me dead in the eyes.

“You stay the fuck away from her. You get me.”

“Not a problem. I just...I wanted to know if you were happy with your choices is all.”

“My life is my choices. You know...I still owe you an ass kicking. You stick your head where it doesn't belong Trent. I'll put you in the dirt like your boy went...”I start to rare back, but I know better. I stop. I can smell the electricity in the air. I know what he can do. I've seen it up close. I've felt it on my body. I got the burn marks to prove it. This guy is dangerous, and the human taser shit...that isn't even the most dangerous part. “Are we clear...or do you need a reminder of just how dangerous I am.”

“No...we're clear. Just do me a favor. Tell your handler that I'll comply, but if anyone attacks me and gets thru his goons. I'll take them out. I might even be nice and not snap a fucking femur.”DJ laughs and puts on his shads walking off.

“If they get past our security then you are welcome to, but if you show up near the bag headed kid...I'll break every god damn bone in your body.”He would. He would do it. Except for one thing. The real DJ. The DJ I know. The man who I fought side by side with for years. There is one thing I know about him that no one else does. That has me worried. This tells me something is up. I don't know if it's his subconscious crying out for help or not, but I am getting the message. His white suit blurs off into the night. It's gonna be a long ass night. Maybe it's time I do some reaching out. For now...It's Pittsburgh and some rest. I've got to deal with some Australian lunatics...and that's not even the hardest thing I have to do this week. I thought shit was suppose to get easier as you got older. Fuck if I know right.