I think I've pissed him off.


I think this is going to be the first time I've had fun in a long time. You just have to remember kids. He wanted this. He has wanted this since he cocky little shit ass tries to defend this place. This place. This diet caffeine free lackluster pile of shit that you call a federation.

This isn't real wrestling. This is a poser paradise where the only true superstar is Ataxia.

Trent, you say, what proof do you have of this.

Look at their champions.

Look at their stables.

Look no further than this talentless, prickless, shitless stain of humanity known only as Ducebag.

Now he's looking to make a name for himself and with the name he has it's no wonder. Son has no bite to it. The man has no real identity and if he did it'd be a crisis of lack of personality. This fucker is flying high isn't he? Former champ of this. Former champ of that. But what have you really ever done Duce?

You beat up a girl to get to my boy.

And you wonder why there is no love loss between CWF and I? But then again when you got a taste of your own medicine. When you thought that your bitch was in danger the panic on your face and the only thing that stopped it. The only thing that saved you from a fate that you put someone else into...was the better angels of Ataxia.

You owe Ataxia.

And since he's to nice of a guy to collect. That leaves your ass to me.

Let's make this clear. This is all kinds of personal for me. You see. Ataxia represents the good I have done in my life. Let me clear up a few things for you. I'm not a nice man. I've crucified people into cement walls with nails guns. Hell...did it to myself just to prove a point. I put a flaming barbwire bat to a man's face until it melted his face right off like hot butter...and that man was my best friend. My tag team partner. My former brother in law. Now let's understand each other...

I liked those people.

I respected those people.

You? This isn't a match. This isn't a fight. This is payback.




You're ass is never gonna be the same. You wanted to be famous off of my name...I'm about to grant you your wish. Just remember...you asked for it.

I met him outside of the entranceway after his match with KC3. He took one look at me and tried to walk off. I grabbed him by his arm.

“Where the fuck have you been boy!”

“I don't remember.”

“What do you fucking mean you don't remember? You had me worried sick and then woe and behold DJ comes back into my life after disappearing for months, and Stewart is back in the wrestling game all because you went on a vacation. Where the fuck were you?!”He looks at me so ashamed. Does he really not know what's been happening?And with that. Things start to make sense. “I'm sorry I had you worried but...I don't remember.”

“It's okay. Just...”

“I'm going to need you to leave thou...You can't be in CWF. I know what you are wanting to do Trent. I can't..and I won't stand for it. This is my home. You have to accept that.”

“After everything these fucks have done to you the hell I have to respect a god damn thing...”He swings at me and I clock him right in the throat. He stumbles back and that's when I notice it. He's off his game. That match out there. He's lost some of his skill set. It's like someone took someone with dance training and took out an odd step from a routine they should know. He shakes his head.

“Can...can we not do this? My head is really hurting.”

“Ears ringing? Getting flashes of things?”He nods. I sigh. I remember this. I remember this way to well. I know what this is. “Do you remember who you are under the mask?”

“No...” This is bad. This is really fucking bad. God fucking damn it. I know who did this. I know what I'm going to have to do. This is not going to be easy to fix, but I've got to. He deserves to have his life back. I've failed once with someone this happened to. I'm not going to let it happen again.

“I'll leave after a while kid...no worries...but I'm going to clean house for you. Trust me. You're going to want me around. You're going to need my help.”

“I...I don't know Trent. I don't remember anything except for...did I...I don't remember much before the past few years and even then apparently it's all a haze. Did...Did I ever mention Mia to you?”The girl. This is a focus point for him. I've got to help him. I know one sure fire way to do it...and by doing this I'm going to finish off this little bitch who hurt my boy once and for all!

So...you're going to be a dad I see.

It's interesting really. You. A parent. Just goes to show you they need to sterilize people.

I mean in the grand scheme of things Duce you really are a cancer of a human being. You think that you are going to go all out and be this amazing dad right? Then you pull shit like what you did to my boy. To my kid. To my son.

And you think that you won't get retribution for it. You think this is about your federation. You think this is about your good name of who pays your paycheck. Let me tell you something your dumb ass father did not tell you about this business. No one gives a fuck. No one cares how many titles you have won. No one cares how many federations you've been world champion in.

What matters is your reputation.

And right now you got one of the worst ones I have ever seen. Not because of what you've done. Anyone can beat up a girl and torment someone. Now you could say this is the price of dating a co worker and I see your point, but the fact of the matter is this Duce...

Who else does he have?

Look at you. Good looking guy. Can go out anywhere and pick up anything he wants. Has everything going for him. Yet...you want to fight me.

A man who has made a career off the bones of stupid fucks like you.

I'm not here to win. I'm not here to destroy CWF like you think. I'm just coming in here to prove a point.

You aren't the shit. You've got more to learn. You are a big fish in the smallest fucking piss pot in the wrestling world. You're a cancer my boy...mom would be proud.

You see. I should feel bad. I should feel really bad about what I am going to do to you. Over the past few years I have tried to make some small amends to what I am and what I have done...

Not here.

You see in this case. You've fucked with something that you never should have because you are so used to getting what you want. Well you wanted this. So you are going to get it. You know what the worst thing is about someone like me. It's not that I know how to hurt you. It's not that I am going to hurt you. It's that I know how to make it last. I'm going to break your nerve clusters. I'm going to make every time you piss that you remember just how hard I tore your groin muscle.

You will remember this match for the rest of your life.

I am going to mark you like Cain you fucking little shit...

I will make you a symbol of what happens when people in this industry decide it's good to fuck with a man who made it his business to take out so many pretenders. You see I thought for a long time. That mask and the man that wore it was my good legacy.

You're going to be my legendary warning to the universe.

You fuck with my family...you fucking die.

I'm not gonna kill you thou. Bitch like you aint worth going to prison for. Besides. I've killed a man before. Shot him right in the eyes when I was nine years old. You think I give a damn about killing you? You aren't worth the bullet...but an ass whopping the likes of which your loser of a father should have done to you...that I am happy to oblige.

And you won't understand it Duce.

You won't...until you hold your kid. When you look down at that child. When you see that person. All that potential. All that hope. All of that glorious joy...

When you see that then you will know that you want to protect it. And when that happens you're going to realize you can't...

Because quadriplegic parents are more helpless than babies. You're going to watch them grow up. Every time they are away from you the fear will set in! The terror will set in! You will piss yourself with worry every god damn time. Then when life does what life does little man and you can't prevent any of it from happening...just remember...

You asked for this!

I'm going to take your life from you Duce...because you deserve this. Your actions have consequences...

Get ready to meet the reaper...