CWF Headquarters.

Sitting alone at his desk at night sits Jon Stewart. Alone. He looks over the plans for Northern Crown. He removes his glasses for a moment taking it all in. A twitch start to form on his mouth as he starts to snicker at bit. He grabs a bottle of pills from his suit jacket and pops one of the white saving graces into his mouth. He calms down for a moment and puts his glasses back on.

Jon Stewart: I are there...Why don't you come on out?

???: Why should I?

Jon Stewart: Oh...I know you're worried about me to. Being back in this position means I have to take a role in what you need me to do. Rest assured. I'm not missing the game as much as to not let me do my prior commitments. So tell are things going on your end?

???: They go. Aren't you overusing those damn things?

Jon looks down at the pill bottle. He smiles as he looks over towards the man as he walks into the room. The man with long blonde hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Blue eyes. About the same height and weight as Stewart. Slightly tanned skin like's he's enjoyed a tropical climate. The white suit with a black button up shirt. He sits down across from Stewart and scowls for a moment.

Jon Stewart: Oh...I'm well within my prescription. Yourself?

???: No worries about me...I upgraded.

Jon Stewart: Heh. So tell me...what brings you out here?

???: The man up top. He isn't to happy right now. Progress on the project is not going as he wanted. Needless to say I'm a bit concerned as well.

Jon Stewart: Just you? Or the whole collective?

???: Hmph. You know. You should really be careful. You got people poking around here you should deal with.

Jon Stewart: You know as well as I do that if I didn't give Trent Steel a contract that he would have shown up on every show and start taking people's kneecaps for trophies. After know him better than we all do don't you?

???: My past associations aside it has people concerned that you are to close to this issue.

Jon Stewart: That so...

???: What are you plans for him?

Jon Stewart: My plans for Trent Steel. Just so happens a tag team dropped out. Milenko decided to book him with Mac Bane...

???: Isn't he an old member of your former roster?

Jon Stewart: Indeed...Keep your enemies together as a unit and all that.

???: Trent's an enemy now?

Jon Stewart: Since when has he ever been truly an ally to us?

???: Tread carefully.

Jon Stewart: Or what? You've been out of the game even longer than I honestly think that you are going to do anything to stop me. I just have to say the right thing to snap you back into place if I need to...

The blonde haired man reaches into his pocket. Stewart doesn't even blink as he hands him another pill bottle. Jon opens this one and puts one of the pills on his desk. Instead of white. It's black.

???: You have our permission...

Jon Stewart: Ohhhh...Does that mean I also get to...

???: It was either that or I make my move. It's not ready yet. You aren't ready yet. Whatever what you need to do...and not a damn thing more.

Jon picks up the black pill and puts it back in the bottle as he grins at the blonde haired man.

Baltimore, Maryland

We fade in on Trent Steel hitting a speed bag. Trent has his long black hair pulled back, missing his corpse paint, shirtless, wearing black pants and some boots. His taped up hands keep hitting the bag in a rhythm of punch after punch. We see as he punches the massive amounts of scars on his arms, face, and upper body. Barbwire marks, cut marks, burn marks, and a few bullet holes. The man's body tells a story of violence. We pan back to see a younger man with short black hair, watching Trent. We hear a car pull up and the younger man walks outside. We see a man in his early twenties with bleached hair walking towards this younger man. We see the back of the younger man's white jacket which says“Savior” on the back, white pants, and white shoes. The twenty something year old man is wearing a pair of black oakleys with blue lenses, black sleveless t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots.

Justin Zane: Well...looks like they'll let any pile of shit in here.

“Savior”: Good to see you to Justin. Howse the training going?

Justin Zane: Who Chloe? Why do you care Sebastian?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Hey...I know you don't like me but...

Justin Zane: You're right. I don't. No. I'm heading out on another flight, he's got problems...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Yeah I know. He's got...

Justin Zane: Fuck Carnage you god damn idiot. I'm talking about Rambo here pulling his one man army bullshit!

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Oh please. That place is child's play compared to...

Justin Zane: Shut up dickless.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: This is the part where if you weren't shacking up with my aunt that I would tell you your girlfriend would beg to differ.

Justin Zane: You wanna go shitstain?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Oh hell yeah! Come on you retired ass fucker! I'll snap you like a god damn slim jim!

Before the two can come to blows we see a chair flying towards both of them. They duck and whirl around to see Trent Steel. He flips them off and goes back to the gym.

Justin Zane: I think I'll wait till he's done training.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Good plan.

Justin sighs and walks past Sebastian towards the vending machine and grabs himself a gatorade. Sebastian watches Justin for a moment before breaking the silence.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Look. I'm sorry.

Justin Zane: About what? Putting a fucking nail thru my hands a year ago?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Look. I admit...I may have crossed a line when I did that.

Justin Zane: Do you know how hard it is to learn how to reuse your hand after that? If not for Trent...I'd probably still not be able to use my hands. You fucking shot nails with a nailgun thru my hand into a concrete wall. Fuck. You.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: I...

Justin Zane: Or are you trying to apologize to me for what you did to DJ?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: ...

Justin Zane: You know. Fuck it. You wanna do this. Tracy says I should bury the hatchet with you, but I can't. Do you have any idea what you put Trent thru? Do you have any idea what the fuck you did to our family! That man adopted me when I was fifteen years old. He helped me become a better person. He raised me. He gave a shit about me. He trained me. I became the youngest world champion at the time because of his training and his belief in me, and you...his own fucking nephew. He gives you everything. He's your fucking godfather...and you hold a god damn grudge over his head that he had nothing to do with...and you take me tried to take his kids out...and worst of took the one decent friend he had...and you broke his fucking spine in front of him. Why the fuck shouldn't I put you in the god damn dirt.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel:...Because I have to live with that. And you love watching me suffer. There isn't a day that goes by since I came to terms with what happened. Justin Zane: Terms? Fucking bastard...I'll give you terms. My dick slapping your fucking face for all god damn eternity you fucking god damn bastard! I'm gonna handcuff your hands behind your knee's, keep your ass up in the air, get some god damn honey. Slather up your asshole and sic a fucking fuckton of fireants towards you just to watch you squirm in fucking agony!...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: You definitely picked up Trent's vernacular.

Justin Zane: Fuck you. Bitch. The only reason I don't fucking beat your ass is because he told me not to. Out of respect for him and your family I don't...but you got a hell of a lot of fucking miles to walk thru glass and lava before I fucking ever trust your ass again.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: I deserve that...

Justin Zane: deserve death. I don't know why he's doing this for you...or for that...that damn mask I swear. It's cursed.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: I know. I wore it.

Justin Zane: Suits you. Fucking burlap mask full of psychological problems. You know. I get why he created it, but what I don't understand is all of you that wore it. We got Trent wearing it to redeem himself. DJ wore it because he lost his damn mind for a while. You wore it to get revenge on Trent. Stewart...that guy...that guy gives me the creeps. Whose the other one?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Stewart scares all of us. You aren't alone in that.

Justin Zane: Bast...whose the one in CWF. The guy that all of this is for.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: You don't know?

Justin Zane: You think Trent tells me half of this shit? I've been retired to damn long to keep up with his alternate persona. Seriously. Who is it?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: I don't know. You think Stewart knows?

Justin Zane: I doubt it. I already called her voicemail but...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Miranda?

Justin Zane: The girl Trent adopted before he had his kids. She ended up hooking up with Stewart back when he was Ataxia in SFT and then later in Boardwalk. I thought you knew this shit.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: I didn't know about Stewart until a few months ago dude. Miranda...I don't remember seeing her at any of the...

Justin Zane: Wait...I knew something and you didn't? Wait DJ helped train Stewart right?

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Well he helped train me...Trent and DJ trained us both I guess.

Justin Zane: Then that means DJ knows who it is...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: We could just ask him...

Justin Zane: DJ's been gone for months thou. He fucking vanished. His fiance's fucking worried man.

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: I wouldn't know. She tended to not want to talk to me after everything that happened.

Justin Zane: You paralyzed him. I don't think he's gonna be forgiving as much...

“Savior” Sebastian Steel: Yeah...

Justin Zane: I fucking hate being left out of these things don't you?

“Savior”Sebastian Steel: That we can agree on. So why do you think he's sticking his neck out for this kid?

Justin Zane: When has Trent Steel ever needed a reason to go looking for a fight?

“Savior”Sebastian Steel: Lately...I've only seen him get this upset over DJ and whoever this guy is...he's damn important to a lot of people.

Justin looks over at Sebastian. He bites his tongue for a second and then walks over to him.

Justin Zane: Look. You serious about helping now?

“Savior”Sebastian Steel: Yeah...

Justin Zane: Then keep me posted. If he starts slipping back into old habits. No one is going to be safe.

The two former enemies shake on that as we pan back to see Trent Steel still in the gym. He walks over to a footlocker and pulls out a black box labeled “The Reaper”. Trent sighs and smiles.

Trent Steel: I's time...I leave my mark on this place...Hello old friend...

So I apparently have a tag team match this week. Mac Bane...

I know the name. I know the reputation. I know exactly what I am getting myself into, and I know exactly who we're dealing with if things get out of line. I can respect why you are here. I can understand why you are here. I'm a parent myself, but there are two things you need to know.

First of all. In that ring. I don't care if he's your kid...He gets in my way...I'm putting him in a hurt locker!

Second of know my reputation. I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to make nice. I'm here to destroy this god damn place...I'm here to save my boy to. I'm a responsible parent. However. I do have to say this to you...Aren't you a little bit failing as one?

I mean. I look at your kid's little buddies. I've warned him. I let him know. He still wants to play his fucking games and he's going to get burned. I did what I could. Now if we face him. Don't worry...I'll make it painless for the both of you.

I'll just fracture his arm to put him out of the way...consider it professional courtesy. Speaking of courtesy thou...

Hello Duce! Howse your head?!

Don't worry. I'm coming back for your ass. I've got something to spit out here to let everyone fucking know something. Let me ask you all a god damn question. A very simple damn question. You do know this is a tournament right? Because just like every fucking week you bitches got god damn tunnel vision. This is all about one thing. Winning those tag team titles, and to do do win everything...I gotta go thru multiple teams.

This is the part where we should all be intimidated right? EHHHH!!! Wrong!

You people couldn't intimidate anyone even if you were cosplaying Dale Earnhart...

Too soon? Joke's a dead one? So are your careers after I am fucking done. So who the fuck do we have first on the chop? Well I can tell you one god damn team that doesn't have a fucking prayer from Team “Too Old For This Shit”. Bloodsport Inc.


I thought naming shit after bad JCVD movies went out before Britney went Sinead O'Conner?

What the fuck is this shit? Bloodsport Inc. Am I suppose to be scared? Am I suppose to be intimidated? Am I suppose to give two fucks who these little bitches are? Hell no. I might even let Mac do all the light work on this shit because it's fucking about as important as anything else. This is bad booking at it's finest. You know...what CWF is known for.

This is the part where I should say that I should take these fuckers seriously, but they are trying to use CWF to put their federation over. How fucking desperate do they have to be to be here? I mean have you see the talent roster here. If Silas Atoria can get a god damn job here...everyone's fucking good to work here apparently. I wouldn't be surprised if Bloodsport Inc. was two midgets in wheelchairs at this point with the sheer amount of talent flowing thru this dumpster fire of a shitstorm.

So now that we got he light work done let's look at what else we could be facing. VENOM. Christ. I'm having flashbacks to the nineties that aren't being induced by psychotropics. Oh! It's an ancronym. They're trying to be edgy...Jesus tap dancing Christ on a skin flute this is lamer than a broken leg festival. I mean seriously. What the fuck is this shit? Do you guys not even screen talent or do you just throw people on here and hope shit wor...wait...The Andersons worked here. All my questions have been fucking answered. Where's the god damn tylenol. I've got a bender headache without the party from the sheer fucking stupidity of this fuckery.

Ohhh and the shits just keep on flowing like the after party at a taco bell bathroom...Harbingers of Death...OH...HOD! They are some real HOD Stuff I'd wager! It's trailer park tuesday with Autumn and Silas. Will they? Won't they? Who gives a fuck? Nobody! I'd say this was pathetic, but it makes perfect sense to me that someone would be this fucking stupid. I mean just look at these fucking assholes. One second they fight. The next second they're a team. Flip a coin because no one cares either god damn way. Do us all a favor and both jump in a fucking woodchipper.

The Forsaken...Ohhh...I should feel bad about beating up the special kids, but these two are actually somewhat of a threat. Having teamed with Dorian last week, and my adopted ward training his daughter I should feel a little aprhensive here, but I always have a few tricks up my sleeve. Mainly knowing that you got a fresh faced little hero bitch that is going to try and slay the bad guys. I got scars older than this little bitch so I'm going to smack him down with just by god damn one gray pub hair at this point. Game over. Konami Code entered. Infinite Life Combo on my ass, and you got the face of Al Gore on your head Zacky bitch.

High Score goes to the old man who knows how to eight bit bitch.

Then we got The Entourage, The Hostile Takeover, KC3 and Maestro, Elijah and Omega,The Highwaymen, and The Smoking Bitches...

Why the fuck should I fucking care? The Entourage is dead in the water because their meal ticket is in the ICU which is where all the Rishels belong, KC3 I already whipped his bitch ass, Maestro of what? Picking an grinning. You got a face like Deliverance, but I aint Ned Beatty. Elijah and Omega come out of retirement and...why should we care? Where the fuck were you when your friends needed you? Pulling a Jarvis King. Fuck you both and I hope you all die in a god damn car fire with your fucking lite goth dot come fan fiction bullshit secret society shit. We got a pornstar wrestler...and Harley Fucking Hodge! Oh...What an Ace in the asshole these two are. Fuck you both, but you'll probably put that video out next month when you both return since the average CWF fan has a two week memory. Hostile Takeover isn't going anywhere because if I know Jimmy he's going to be to focused on if Jon is gonna whip his dick out or something to be focused because it's about his speed. cosplayers are only out to get laid so why should I fucking worry about this Dragoncon reject? That just leaves Freddie “Got No” Style and Ducebag...I would say I am intimidated, but you boys had to cheat to get out of losing last time and I put the fear of me into your punk ass bitch self Duce.

No worries...I'm gonna make sure you get your mark made on this industry...

All of you figure it out yet?...You're all my fucking targets...and I aim to maim! LET THE MAYHEM BEGIN!!