Two men already fall.

Now I get two more, and I have to carry someone.

Let's clarify something here. I don't hate Dorian, Shadow, or Zach. They're just a non factor. I know for a fact that they didn't have anything to do with the kid's disappearance. Matter of fact. I kind of pity them. However, not for the reason you think.

Shadow's lost someone he loves...I can relate. Back in the day, I thought I had lost the love of my life. They took her from me...and every federation...every wrestler...every fight...couldn't fill the hole. I watched how Tax changed that for him. How he curved that path for Shadow.

A young kid with potential who doesn't know any better. That use to be me a long time ago. No one saved me when they needed to. No one cared. I saw that with Ataxia stepping in. Trying to help. I saw what he did for Zach.

Then there is you...

My partner.

Plucked from your own devices. You know there is something you and I have in common. We're both parents. Trying to be the best examples for our kids. My ex-wife let's me see them, but they also know to not do as I have done. I'm not the best person in the world Dorian, but I can tell a lot about a man by the way he tries to be a parent.

You fail. You suck at it. You slip up. You keep fucking up.

But you keep trying.

That's the best any of us can do when trying to raise another human being when we can barely take care of ourselves. That's pretty much where our similarities end. You see you drink and it's a crutch. That's changed in the past few years. For two reasons.

One is that I have grown beyond thinking in terms of fair play. I've grown to realize that you either have to get past my best or you don't get a chance to even have a run at life in this business.

The second one is I haven't lost my god damn temper in a long ass time...and it just so happens two of the people directly responsible for what happened to my boy...Have officially got me slightly perturbed.

No worries Dorian...I'm fighting this one sober...It'll be more than enough to break some glass...

“So this is it then?”I ask Stewart as I look up at him in his office. The fucker is just sitting there adjusting things so meticulously on his desk. He waves me off. Satisfied as he handed me the plans a few moments ago for the gravesite from last month's pay per view. “Thanks.”

“You aren't going to find anything in there. I searched everything. That was suppose to be airtight, just as he designed it.”

“Would you have not left you a way out if you were in your position?”

“I was in his position, and you are right I would have...but...”I cut my eyes at him and he sighs. “Look. I don't like this as much as you do, but he did have plenty of ways to get out of that match and he didn't take it. He wanted to go out. Let him stay buried.”

“They didn't find anything when they dug it up.”

“Sleight of hand is what you taught him and myself, but I couldn't find anything Trent. I'd tell you if I did.”


“You think I want to be back here doing this? You think I want to take over this place? No. I was retired. I was happy. I was out of this god damn game, but I might as well make the best of it...or is this because he asked me to do it instead of you.”

“He knew I'd burn this place to the ground.”

“No...he was worried you might abandon what you love. Which is what you have done. Tell is Carnage doing?”

“None of your damn business.”

“I can make it my business. After all...if we were to invade...”Stewart is holding his throat after I throat punch him as I dashed across the room in less than a second. He glares at me. He stumbles and grabs the water pitcher in the room and pours a cup. He drinks. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his pill bottle. After a moment, from taking the pill, he's calm...he's rational...he's good. “...You best leave.”

“You so much as threaten...”

“I don't threaten. You know that. I was merely making a suggestion to remind you of something. That temper of yours has cost you so much over the course of your life. Don't fuck up here...or I will send you back there without your answers. Now get the fuck out...”

I leave...but not before I notice something about my red gloved “friend”. He's taking more and more of those. I can tell because he's only suppose to take one a day. That bottle was full his first night. It's almost empty. If he loses it...we're all fucked.

Freddie Styles is probably someone that I should be afraid of right? The one with the most to prove because he's a fucking little bitch in real life who can barely tie his fucking shoelaces than wrestle halfway decent.

Mr. Ballgame eh? Well it's good to know whose playing with Duce's hackeysack. Tell you give him the good toungewash or are you cocerned about the pub guzzling you're doing? Inquiring minds don't give a fuck because no one gives a good god damn about your pathetic whiny punk ass bitch dick licking face.

Remember kids...if you can't say something nice...stand next to me...I'll show you how it's done.

I do love that you at least seem to know how to do a few moves. Gives me hope that maybe I'll actually have some god damn competition for once in CWF, but nope...After watching your tapes I figured out exactly why you and Duce are a tag team. make a shitty wrestler.

It's not your fault. You think you're talented. It's like a certain president thinking what he is doing is just doesn't add up. There is your election day humor kids. Now fuck off. Speaking of fucking off...weren't you some bad ass double champion like a week ago and you lost to Zach. He surprised you right?

The surprise was he had talent...and you didn't have a trick up your sleeve for once.

Now. Far be it for me to talk shit about someone being underhanded. I wrote the god damn book on it, but you guys...I mean the sheer stupidity of all of this is just confounding. Not that you guys won titles. Winning a title in professional wrestling is like catching herpes in a whore house. Someone's going to go home with a surprise they'll regret in the morning every god damn time.

My favorite thing about tag team champions that they think that they are a unit. Now. Dorian and I. We have the whole single parent thing, but that's all we have in common. He's an angry beast of a man...and I'm an angry man who will tear you apart piece by fucking piece just because I fucking enjoy it. I'm like Hannibal at a fucking fat camp...I'm here to feast.

But you know all about feasting. You and your boy decided to play around with two people's lives. I are you holding up after the mind games Ataxia played on you? Did that cause you to lose to Zach? That fear of the unknown he put into you?

Don't worry...I'm not going to make you afraid of the dark.

I'm going to make you fear every fucking thing. Because behind every fucking corner, in the bright light of day and the dark of night...I'm coming for your ass!

And I aim to do what your god damn parents should have done and beat you half to death to make you learn your lesson. You see Ataxia is soft. Ataxia is the living embodiment of my good nature. That nice person I always wanted to be. Slightly twisted, but enjoys get me unmasked.

Tell me...did you ever really wonder if it was the mask that beat you or the actual wrestler. Well. You are going to find out the hard way now. By the time I am done you'll be digging up every fucking graveyard trying to find his ass just to make sure I don't even walk your damn way again!

You don't know how good you had it. He respected you. He thought you had potential. He saw something in you...and you attacked a woman. You put her in the hospital. Then you tried to hurt my boy not realizing something.

The mask protected you all.

He did everything for all of you.

Without him when Rish got kidnapped who would have kept this place going? Not Jarvis fucking King that's for god damn sure! What about you Shit Said Fred?

What the fuck have you done?

You won a title here, a title there, but did you ever fucking stand out?! You can hate on “The Foresaken” all you fucking want, but you can know who each one of them is. Without your extra belt you and Duce are interchangeable like a god damn cheap ass battery. Just gotta find which end is the positive, but neither of you are positive.

But do please go ahead and insult me! Go ahead! Say something mother fucker! Gonna make fun of Dorian? What you got?! He's a drunk! So? He's a bad parent? So was your parents with your fucking abilities to misfunction as a god damn adult! What else you got? He hangs out with freaks? You think Jarvis is some clean cut mother fucker? You think Duce isn't kinky? Come on bitch! Come at me! Go ahead! Tell 'em how I was the smallest one in my family! Tell 'em how when I was nine years old I shot a man and killed him! Tell 'em all how my mind is still fucked from that! Talk shit about Carnage! Go ahead! If you don't care why you gonna say something? Because that little federation down there...scares you. Because that takes away something from you. An audience. Because without that your dumb ass will be where you belong.

On your knees sucking off crackheads like you a hoover on high...

Talk shit about me and know one fucking thing...

I'm gonna give you what you wanted! You asked for this Freddie Loser...You wanted a world without Ataxia. It's a brand new day...and there is hell to pay! By the way...Mr. Ballgame...

Get ready to be deflated by a two drunk shitty parents who are going to show you what your parents never gave you...attention...with our fists! Don't'll still be able to do your real job...being Jarvis King's fucking cheerleader!

“Let's play a game.”I say as I cut on the light to a room with pegboards all over the walls. On these pegboards are pictures of everyone in CWF. Lines of red yard go from picture to picture for links. “Let's see whose playing the who done it game!”

“Let's start with who we know didn't do anything. Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash are clear. Jim because he wouldn't hurt a fly, and Mike because he can't even shit without assistance. Referee's are out. Danny B is out because of the pure shock. Shadow is out...but what about Dorian. It's not lie that he wasn't always on Ataxia's side. Could this be another scheme? No. I doubt it.”

I keep looking over and over each picture. Each person from Azreal to Autumn Raven has a reason to hate Ataxia. I even think it might be Elisha at some point. What could have driven him to do this? It all points to Mia. I look at the photo I have of them both together. I looked into her. He knew I did. I know a lot about her past. Some stuff I don't even know that she's told him or not. I keep that to myself. She was hurt. Broken. Life a wreck. Then he comes in. Always the hero. Always trying to do the right thing. Always trying to not be me. It brings a tear to my eye. I look at them together and something catches my eye. It's the Hostile Takeover. In that photo of those three. One is looking right thru me. Loki.

“Hmm...this one...this one is just as crazy as we are...This isn't good...”I look around at everyone. This is my board. This is my game. This is my hitlist. These are my casualties...

This is war

Now this mother fucker right here got a look in his eyes like he wants to do something. Like he's angry at me. Like he's got something to prove. You're right. You do. Because out of all of your little circlejerk...we all know who the biscuit is.

Tired of being double dutch ruddered?

That's fine. Because I can tell from just looking at you that you got the whole son of a superstar thing. You got this look of “I can't believe I'm here”, and trust us...we are all thinking the same god damn thing because the reality of your fucking god damn ability to be able to walk to ring and not have shit in your shorts amazes us with how god damn stupid your ass is!

That and we need fucking subtitles.

At least you're still more verbally pleasing than Silas Atoria, but that's like saying sandpaper toilet paper doesn't chafe. A uncomfortable lie.

Just like you being a champion. have a belt. You've had the belts. You been defending the belts, but you aren't content? I wonder why?

Oh...right...cause you think you actually earned it. You think you're something. You think that you should get respected! You think that you should be praised! That you are the future of this

Because if the future is a bitch like you who beats up a woman and thinks he's going to tear up the mental state of probably the best person I know...

Oh son...I'm going to enjoy ripping you a new asshole in your chest.

What's funny. Is much like many people in can't take what you dish out. You attacked someone's loved one, and the moment that you feel that yours is start freaking the fuck out! I bet you're even gonna keep her away from the shows from here on out. What's the matter? You scared of the boogeyman?

Don't like it when you're the victim of something that foul?

Now see me...If I was going to do what you did. I'd make sure I had no one I gave a fuck about before I did it. The kid knew that. The kid set you up to teach you a lesson...and I bet you didn't even pick up on that, but I got a feeling that I know what's going to make you learn finally.


You see. I don't care about CWF. I could care less if this dumpster fire stays open for one more god damn moment, but you do. You care. That's your weakness. I mean. I could pick apart many things about you, from your lackluster promo skills to your family's ability to not learn how to wrestle. I mean just look at what you do “well” in the ring. You use your knees. That's pretty much it. So all I have to do really is break your god damn kneecaps and you're finished.

It's nice to see someone using the “Keep it stupid, simple” approach to pro wrestling.

But I don't need to, because you care about this place. I've already went thru two of the competitors here with very little trouble, but what happens when I beat the so called “best tag team”? I mean Freddie can at least claim that he can do something, but you haven't been significant since you lost to...wait who did you lose to? Who did you beat for that? Who gives a fuck? I sure as hell don't.

I'd rather kill myself than win a title here.

Because there is no challenge in keeping this place going. The only reason it's lasted so long is someone just like you cared more than you could possibly imagine. He came back for this?! He found happiness. Instead of earning what you wanted the right way you decided to partner up with Jace and Jarvis...The Sadler and Waldorf of pro wrestling if you will.

Except those two muppets are actually competent.

Tell me...deep you actually think you're going to get away with it?

No worries thou. This week you're going to get something that you've never gotten before. A real wrestling lesson. If I have my way it'll be your last, but that's the old me talking.

I want you to survive.

So you can watch as I kill this damn place...because it's what you wanted.

And it's what you all deserve.