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The American Peoples Champions

The A.P.C
The Rock - Kurt Angle The camera pans around the sold out arena showing the thousands and thousands of Wrestling fans on the edge of their seats, they are all excited about what may be coming up and then the lights go out in the arena and the crowd go silent...
What’s happening here King?

Well, I don’t know JR!
Then some familiar music hits the P.A System, The Rocks music fills the arena and the crowd erupt with cheers and chants as The Rock and Kurt Angle walks out from behind the curtain onto the top of the ramp

The two men then start walking down the ramp, the crowd still cheering for The APC...

They both jump up onto the apron and get into the ring as they are then handed microphones and one of them begins to talk

{The Rock}
Finally… The Rock… Has come back… To the SWE!


{The Rock}
Now I know a lot of you are surprised to see myself and Kurt Angle here standing in an SWE ring, but you see… To lose superstars such as Kurt Angle… Such as The Rock… To lose such superstars… Would be truly catastrophic to the company… In this case, the SWE! So that is why we couldn’t do that to this federation so we are back! And we are back better than ever! So Evolution… you laughed when we left… We will see who is laughing now that we are back!!!!

{Kurt Angle}
We understand that the next opportunity for a match is next Saturday night, and we are eager to get back into action here so I am issuing a challenge to anyone out there who thinks they can handle an Olympic Champion! Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to go one on one with the great one, eh Rock?!

The two men laugh at what Kurt said
{The Rock}
So The Rock has one thing to say and The Rock wants everyone to listen carefully… Like I said we are back and we mean business here! Anyone gets in our way… Anyone tries to deny us becoming the most dominant force in the SWE, will find out that we are THE most dominant force in the SWE and nobody can stop us so The Rock says this… Just bring it!
The Rock and Kurt Angle leave the ring and head for their locker room