Carmella DeCesare // The EBWF Women’s Champion

The EBWF Recap: Graceful, Delightful, Intelligent, Stunning, SEXY… all adjectives to describe the sassy Carmella DeCesare. Last Monday on Raw is War… EBWF Women’s Champion Carmella DeCesare went up against the Rookie Diva Michelle McCool. It was only obvious and logical that the Playboy Goddess had the match in the bag. Carmella is experienced and seems to be showing no mercy to her competitors, especially those who she feels has absolutely no chance in succeeding the wrestling industry. So what’s next for this luscious beauty queen? At Armageddon, the beautiful Carmella will put her EBWF Women’s Championship Title in the line for the very first time. And her opponent? It’s none other than Stephanie McMahon. We are all aware of Carmella and Stephanie’s relationship and encounters in the past. They have been feisty and full of tension. These two divas, both different in character and style will definitely give the EBWF fans one hell of a match to watch. The day has finally come where finally Carmella has something that Stephanie McMahon desires, but you can bet you pretty little self that she’s not letting go of that EBWF Women’s Championship Title for a very long time. So if Stephy wants to take Carmella’s Women’s Title, she had better bring every drop of energy in her little body because when it comes to Carmella, she does NOT play around. So let’s get it on because at Armageddon, only one chick can walk out as the EBWF Women’s Champion and that’s gonna be Carmella Danielle DeCesare ya heard!

Date: December 17, 2005
Place: Miss. Diva Headquarters!
Scene Number: One – The Fashion Line – Miss. Diva, Ooh La La Carmella!!

Picture This: The EBWF cameras open into a room full of stylish cloths and outfits that have colors ranging from black to light pink. Carmella DeCesare appears to be located in the middle of the room sitting on top of a table with her legs crossed and looking at the clothing hung up. She has on a pair of black jeans and a sleeveless turtleneck with white winter boots on. Carmella is looking carefully at the clothes, when all of a sudden her assistant quietly walks into the room and taps her on the shoulders from behind. Carmella jumps and turns around only to find her assistant behind her.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Damn it Audrey! Why must you scare the living daylights out of me! I did not hire you to scare my shitless. Can’t you see that I am in the middle of creating my line of clothing? I gotta work on The Ooh La La Carmella line of fashion before the fashion show and it’s extremely important alright? I promised people that this line of clothing will actually be worthy of wearing of people of all ages and I plan to keep my promise.

”La Assistant De DeCesare” Audrey: I am so sorry Miss. DeCesare. I know you have been a busy woman this week but you have a special guest who says he must see you as soon as he can who is sitting in the waiting area.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I wasn’t informed that I had a special guest earlier this week. Could you kindly be a doll and tell him or her to come back later? You and I both know that the opening fashion show for my line of artwork is exactly next week. I cannot afford distractions.

”La Assistant De DeCesare” Audrey: I promise you that this special guest will give our company really good publicity. I think you should give him a shot. Come on!

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Alright, fine. If it will keep you from scaring me later on the day, you can invite this guest of mine to come in. What do I have to lose right? Bring him in as quickly as you can so I can get this over with.

”La Assistant De DeCesare” Audrey: Finally! You have decided to listen to me for once! I will be right back in a flash!

Picture This: Audrey tip toes and walks towards the door and exits the room. In a few minutes, Audrey comes in with a reporter from the Seventeen magazine! Once the report walks into the room, he looks at Carmella and ends up staring at her! Carmella smiles at the reporter and walks towards him and her assistant who is by the door.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well hello and welcome to Miss. Diva, Ooh La La Carmella, the home of all designs fit to wear. I’m Carmella DeCesare the CEO of this company.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Oh my. You are seriously more gorgeous in person than on television. It’s an honor to meet you. My name is Craig and I work for Seventeen Magazine. The Editor-in-Chief of the magazine wanted me to interview you and your new fashion line that is coming out soon. It will most likely be our cover story for next month’s issue.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well that is awesome! Don’t take this offensively, but I did not expect a male to say he works for the Seventeen Magazine. I was kind of expecting a girl since I use to read Seventeen when I was a teenager and growing up. It’s such a popular magazine for girls everywhere you know.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: I get that a lot so don’t feel that you are being offensive. But you gotta admit; it is nice to have the opinion of a male for a girlie magazine like this one. Plus, the Editor-in-Chief hand picked me for this story. It was probably due to the fact that many of the female staff for the Seventeen magazine are just a tad intimated by a beauty like yourself.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Thank you. That is really sweet for you to say. Why don’t we have a sit over there and talk about what you want to know about my fashion line shall we?

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Absolutely. I’ll follow your lead.

”La Assistant De DeCesare” Audrey: And I will be located at the front desk. Ciao people!

Picture This: Audrey leaves the room and then Carmella and Craig walks towards the middle of the room, where they both sit on top of the desk where Carmella sat earlier. Carmella crosses her legs while sitting on the table and Craig gets out his notepad and his pen and looks around the room taking a few notes about the designer clothing that he sees.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: So do you see anything that has caught your eye yet?

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Yeah, that white bubble jacket in the corner. Tell me about that.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: That is actually one of the very first articles of clothing I designed through the whole time. As you can see, we are in the season of winter and people, especially the young and the sexy like to rock bubble jackets. So, I created this bubble jacket for the young Carmella Divas in the making. I love how I made two small front pockets on the jacket. So now, when it’s cold and what not, girls can carry their cellular phone, and lip gloss in those pockets!

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Now that’s creativity. So what made you decide to create and manage your own fashion line?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well first and foremost, many young viewers know me as the Playboy Cover Girl as well as the EBWF Women’s Champion in the sports entertainment industry. I apologize for not carrying my Women’s Championship Title with me today to show you my lovely piece of gold. Actually Audrey is taking good care of my precious baby. A lot of young viewers, especially girls like the outfits that I wear but many of them probably cannot afford it because no one is really made of gold. Therefore, I wanted to create my own clothing line with my funky and freshness and sell them at prices that won’t break anyone’s piggy banks. As you can see I am totally for the people.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: That is very interesting. I think you are the very first celebrity superstar to actually say that.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well, when you have so many young girl who admire your status in the beautified world, you kind of get the drive to want to do something special for them. I want it to be known that I am different from the other girls in the wrestling and Playboy industry. I like to bring out a comfortable vibe, not a vibe that is cocky and bitchy. Hence, why I am one of the most hated and envied chicks in both EBWF and back at the Playboy mansion.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: How do you get inspiration to create the designs that youdo?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: It’s simple. Every piece of clothing article that you see hung up before you shows you a piece of my personality. Take that black knee-length skirt with a slit on the side for example. That skirt is basically saying, hey I can look pretty casual and sexy at the same time. Underneath it, you see my a few different styles of stilettos that I came up with. First and foremost, I love stilettos. They make females a goddess, plus well, I look good in them. As you can see, these stilettos you see before you are designed in such a way that you cannot find them anywhere else. Once the ladies put on pair of Carmella stilettos, they know they have stolen the spotlight from anyone and everyone.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: What are some events you have planned for the introduction of your fashion line to the public?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Next week, I will be hosting a fashion show where a few of my most classy pieces of articles of clothing will be up for bidding. All the money raised will be donated in a new project that my company and I are working on. By next year, Miss Diva, Ooh La La Carmella’s fashion line is looking to give out a full tuition scholarship to young girls in hopes of becoming a lovely diva. Furthermore, some of my closest Playboy Bunny friends will be wearing my clothing line and we are going to do a run way for those that will be attending the fashion show. If you like, I will give you two tickets so you and a guest can attend my very first fashion show of the year.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: That would be phat! I’ll thank you advanced then.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: It’s no problem. As you can see, I am working very hard and diligently to make this happen. I promised my fans that a banging fashion line will be coming out and that is exactly what I am going to deliver in about a week. I would never dream about disappointing my fans.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Aside from your newest project, I am sure you are a busy woman in the other aspects of your career. Is there anything special or a significant event coming up that you will take part in?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well as always, the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation has a monthly pay-per-view. This month the pay-per-view is called Armageddon. As the New EBWF Women’s Champion, it is my line of duty to defend my EBWF Women’s Championship Title. This event will also take place a little later tonight.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: So is it safe to say that you are a bit nervous about that?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Absolutely, positively NOT! Come on now. Let’s think about this for a moment. I have worked hard to get to where I am now in the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation. Every week, I prepare myself to bring entertainment and joy to the lives of my fans. Now, I am almost certain that the Carmelicious fans will be cheering me on tonight. So what if this is my very first time defending my EBWF Women’s Championship Title? I’m going to make sure that I defend MY EBWF Women’s Championship successfully. I haven’t disappointed my fans just yet, nor do I feel like disappointing them by losing the EBWF Women’s Championship Title.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: So exactly who is the unlucky girl that will be facing you tonight?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Her name is Stephanie McMahon. I am sure you have heard of her from one person or another.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: No, not really. If the young Seventeen readers are not interested in her, we do not ever feature her in the magazine nor do the staff read up about her.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well then, I will briefly describe her and tell you some facts about her so you can understand my opponent for tonight better. First and foremost, Stephanie and I have a very long past. From the day I signed the contract with the EBWF owners, she been out to get me. This is probably because unlike the other ladies in the company, I do not get scared of rich bitches like her. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand rich and snobby girls like Stephanie McMahon. She flashes money like it’s a condom at a house party. Stephanie and I have encountered one another in the ring before on numerous occasions. This is the first time where we are in the ring together and the EBWF Women’s Championship Title is put on the line. I’ve beaten Stephanie on a few occasions; therefore I am not nervous about wrestling her in the ring. As long as I keep my cool and make absolutely no mistakes, it will be fine. After all Stephanie is not as focused as me. She can be easily distracted so to speak. Therefore, I am really not worried.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Your spirit and confidence really brightens up the room. Well, thank you for the lovely talk. I will definitely write as much as I can about you and your newest project in next month’s issue of Seventeen. I am sure many teenage girls will purchase your sexy designer clothing. If you ever start to make men clothing, let me know. I want to be pimped by Carmella, if you know what I mean.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Yes I do. Thank you for taking the time and your interest in the Miss. Diva, Ooh La La Carmella fashion line.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Oh and one more thing before I leave. May I get your contact information incase I need some more information for the featured article or even if I ever want to invite you out for some coffee or something.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Absolutely. Here is my card. –Carmella slips her hand in her back pocket and takes out her business card.- This is my business with my email address and cellular phone number. Feel free to contact me love.

”The Seventeen Magazine Reporter” Craig: Catch you later sexy.

Picture This: Carmella and Craig shakes hands with each other and Carmella gives Craig, the reporter a goodbye kiss on the cheek. He smiles at her and his cheeks begin to turn pink, indicating that he was blushing. He slowly walks backwards to the door looking at Carmella and almost bumped into the wall. He takes on last look at her and then leaves the room. The EBWF cameras slowly begins to fade.

Date: December 17, 2005
Place: THe EBWF Arena
Scene Number: Two – One Hell Of An Encounter!

Picture This: It is late in the afternoon. Carmella DeCesare has just entered the EBWF arena for the day in preparation for her match later on tonight. As Carmella enters the EBWF arena, she walks into the lobby area of the arena. She walks over to the counter and checks herself in for the night. After Carmella checks in, she turns around has the intention of walking into the direction of the employee backstage area that is on the other side of the arena. Just as Carmella turns around, a person to the left bumps into her. Carmella turns around and sees Michelle McCool.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: You have got to be kidding me? Why the hell did you just bump into me? I would think after our encounter on Monday that you would be hiding in the bushes. Why are you here tonight?

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: No offense Miss. Diva, but you are really hostile sometimes. Why wouldn’t I be here tonight? Like you, I too have a match for Armageddon. I haven’t done anything to you but get placed into a match with you on Raw. So how about cutting me some slack tonight.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Okay, we will do things your way. I’ll be kind, but don’t take my kindness as a weakness. Girls like you I can practically see right through. Therefore, don’t mess with me or you will be sorry.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: Don’t you worry Carmella. I know about the other divas around here and what they say about you. In my opinion, I just think they are jealous of you. And let’s think about this. You and I are actually better off becoming friends. You and I had our first wrestling big break through the same competition and I never thought there were any hard feelings between us. Maybe there was some hard feelings between Christy Hemme and us, but never us.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Maybe you have a point there for a change. So who are you facing tonight at Armageddon?

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: Christy Hemme, and you?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Speaking of the devil. –Carmella lets out a chuckle.- I got the feisty old bitch Stephanie McMahon.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: I am not sure who has it worst. Is me facing that dork Christy Hemme or you facing daddy’s little brat worst.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I would say it is about a tie. Good luck in your match with Christy Hemme. I mean, yeah she sucks as a wrestler. We both figured that out during the Diva Search Competition, but she can throw a few punches when she gets mad. I do suggest you work out for a few minutes in the weight training room just to prep yourself before your match with Christy Hemme.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: I’m not worried though. I think it’s going to be really easy actually. Plus it is the first match to start off Armageddon.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Since it is the first match, I am sure you do not want to pull a muscle. You should definitely just work your arms a little bit. You can just power punch the crap out of Christy and win the match then don’t you think?

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: That’s not a bad idea. I’ll take you up on your advice. And what about you and your match with Stephanie McMahon?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: If I had to predict, my match is going to be a breeze. It’s Stephanie McMahon we are talking about. She is so predictable that it is going to hurt my wrestling ability.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: Since you are the Women’s Champion and this is for the EBWF Women’s Championship Title, you might have your work cut out for you. Besides, Stephanie is known to be a sneaky human being. I’m sure she is going to come up with a plan to steal that EBWF Women’s Championship Title from under your nose even if the referee do raise your hand in victory.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that when I win the match, Stephanie McMahon is going to try her hardest to somehow take my Women’s Championship Title even if the Championship Title is not hers.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: That’s a McMahon for you.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Yeah, you are right. But it doesn’t matter. Stephanie is not Women’s Champion material. If she tries to outwrestle me, I will come back and get her in any way possible. I am a very brilliant individual that has the goal of not losing to a stuck up bitch anytime soon.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: Now that’s some inspiration for us divas who want a piece of that action in EBWF.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I’m sure you are going to make a name for yourself in this line of business. But I shall warn you now. If you come near my EBWF Women’s Championship Title or ever get a match with me and my Women’s Championship Title is on the line, I am not going to be the Miss. Nicey Nice person you see now. I do not play around when it comes to wrestling in the ring and the EBWF Women’s Championship. I feel I have earned and deserve the EBWF Women’s Championship Title and unless someone proves me wrong, I plan on staying the Women’s Champion.

”The Rookie Diva” Michelle McCool: Well if we ever meet in a match again, I promise I’ll give you a better match than last time on Raw.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Good and I am holding you to your word. Anyway, I must get going. I got to prepare myself for tonight. I know it’s gonna be hectic, plus I want to enter the ring with the heifer Stephanie McMahon with a clear mind. Ciao!

Picture This: Carmella blows a kiss to Michelle McCool and walks pass her. She makes her way pass a few employees that work in the arena. The EBWF cameras show a few seconds of Carmella walking in the lobby because fading away slowly.

Date: December 17, 2005
Place: The EBWF Ring w/the Carmella Fans
Scene Number: Three – Move Over Honey, Carmella’s Got This!

Picture This: "I’m Sprung" by Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain begins blasting on the EBWF PA System! The EBWF fans are going wild when this entrance theme song is blazin' through the arena. The arena turns pitch black, as a bright white spotlight begins to travel quickly on the top ramp where the EBWF superstars and divas come out to the ring. In a few seconds, bright pink and white lights begin to flicker towards the direction of the top ramp. The gorgeous brunette beauty Carmella DeCesare strut her stuff while walking slowly onto the top ramp as the spotlight is set straight on her. The lovely diva is wearing as seen wearing a tan knee-length skirt with a white lacey sleeve-lee blouse. As the spotlight hits her, natural colored make-up is seen applied on her face. She has her hair straighten with honey brown and light red highlights and has her hair parted in the center. The EBWF fans also see Carmella wearing a pair of white stilettos, with a matching handbag, along with a Playboy necklace and charm bracelet. And to show off her newest accomplishment in the EBWF, Carmella has her EBWF Women’s Championship Title placed on her right shoulder. The Playboy Goddess appears on the top ramp blowing a kiss into the crowd as she poses for a few moments.

”EBWF’s Singing Latina” Lilian Garcia
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation! It is my pleasure to introduce to you a this lovely diva standing before you tonight. From Avon Lake, Ohio, she is the 2004 Playmate of the Year, the Diva Search Runner-Up and The EBWF Women’s Champion! Please welcome... Miss. Carmella Danielle DeCesare!!

Picture This: Carmella walks down the ramp looking at the EBWF crowd. She takes her sweet time and walks up the steel steps. Carmella walks up the steel steps; holds the ropes down for herself and enters the ring, walking toward the center of the ring. The Playmate takes her EBWF Women’s Championship Title off her shoulders raises it highly in the air and then smiles at the EBWF Fans. Carmella looks toward the direction of Lilian Garcia and then Lilian proceeds to walk towards the direction of Carmella. Lilian gives Carmella a microphone, and once Carmella has possession of the microphone, Carmella raises Lilian and her arms in the air. In a few moments, Lilian begins to walk towards the ropes of the ring. Carmella winks at Lilian then pauses for a few seconds for the crowd to settle down and begins to put the microphone in front of her glossy, cherry lips to speak.

"The EBWF Women’s Champion" Carmella DeCesare
After becoming the Extreme Best Wrestler Federation’s Women’s Champion for just a little over one week, it is to my understanding that time is not a Women’s Champion’s best friend. It just feels like last night, my arm was raised in victory by an EBWF official referee wearing the white and black stripped shirt and I was announced by Lilian Garcia that I was Your New Women’s Champion. As time continues ticking I am scheduled in a match courtesy of Wes and Tony Ikeda as always, where I am confident that I will defend my precious EBWF Women’s Championship Title successfully for the very first time in front of billions of fans nationwide. Most people, especially you lovelies sitting before me tonight are probably nervous for me. It’s good that you guys are nervous because I’m not. Someone’s gotta be nervous before a huge event taking place tonight right? I am almost positive that you, my fans are nervous because I have not yet defended the Women’s Championship Title yet and that the divas in EBWF are finding new ways every day to take me down. I don’t blame them though. If I was unsuccessful around here and looked as messed up as some of these divas around here, I would try to take down the most perfect chick around too. I mean, it is true. I am the only diva in this business right about now that is the Women’s Champion and has never defended the title against anyone yet. I have even started getting this feeling that I am going to do a lot of defending of the EBWF Women’s Championship Title because I do not plan on losing my Women’s Championship Title for a very long time. On top of that, I am sure that all of my opponents I will have to encounter when I defend my Women’s Championship Title would have been the EBWF Women’s Champion at some point of their career in this company. Unfortunately for the suckers who are former Women’s Champions, none of you scare me at all. I don’t get scared by the boogie man often so I sure as hell won’t be scared by any low lives who think they can be a better Women’s Champion than me.

You see, after Monday night on Raw is War where I went up against Michelle McCool in a one-on-one divas match, I am convinced that no one could possible defeat me at this point. By the way, I didn’t mean to beat the crap out of you Michelle, but you were just someone who was too stupid to grasp the concept that I do not play around. I was born to entertain Carmella Lovers and you were just in the way. I’m sure many of you tonight are probably saying and thinking to yourselves how can Carmella be so sure of herself? Nothing is guaranteed in life right? Well, to be honest, Michelle McCool can be looked upon as a tough challenge to some extreme extend. You see to my surprise, even country farm girls can wrestle better than many of the divas around here who have made wrestling their whole life. That’s not only sad and pathetic, but it also makes girls like me look awfully bad. Michelle McCool is a new diva, which means that she has the upper hand in studying my wrestling moves as well as asking and gossiping around to find out as much dirt as me. I on the other hand did not have the chance to research up on the newbie. After all, where the hell was I suppose to get research on Michelle McCool? On a local farm? I don’t think so. Now with that all said and done, I still came out on top which was of course without a doubt in my mind. Not to mention my match with Michelle McCool was a warm-up match in preparation for my first match where I will be defending my EBWF Women’s Championship Title. To have the feeling of knowing that I can kick butt against old and new divas just tends to boost up my confidence more. At this point I feel like the Queen of the EBWF Female Division. And why wouldn’t I feel this way? The ideal Queen of the EBWF Female Division should have all of the following qualities. Clever, drop dead gorgeous, stylish, unique and different from the other divas backstage. Now with the exception of me, no one else fits that description. I’m sure by now you all are wondering why I have spoken so freely and loudly about the ideal Women’s Champion. It so happen that I am being put to the test.

Tonight during the EBWF’s Pay-Per-View Armageddon, I will put my Women’s Championship Title on the line against the spoiled brat Steph-HOE-nie McMahon. Now since I have always been a sincere person to myself and to my dearest Carmelicous fans, I must say, I did not expect to have Stephanie McMahon, the Billion Dollar Moron become the very first little girl that earns a title match with me. Then of all stipulations, there become the stipulation of me having to defend my EBWF Women’s Championship Title against this McMahon bozo was bizarre and even uncalled for. Since when did Stephanie McMahon earn an EBWF Women’s Championship Title match around here and I had become unaware of it? No one even gave me the heads up as a matter of fact. I walk into my locker room like the diva that I am and I get told that Stephanie McMahon is my opponent and my Women’s Title is up for grabs. Just because Stephanie have decided to make bitching, moaning and groaning a hobby backstage of all the live production does not mean Wes Ikeda or Tony Ikeda should give in to her wicked ways. But I gotta say, Stephanie, you really must tell me this and be real. What did you do this time to have the bosses eating out of your palms? Better yet, what did you do to have the bosses around here to have them just hand you an EBWF Women’s Championship Title match? Knowing you, I am sure you blacked mail both Wes Ikeda and Tony Ikeda for them to have decided to make you my first challenger for the EBWF Women’s Championship Title. Did you accidentally throw Lita into Wes’ ace and Torrie Wilson into Tony’s face? Because if you did, not only are you so messed up in doing so but you sure as hell deserve a butt kicking by me. Or was it what I like to believe, how much fake green money did you have to bribe them each with? Goodness, money does grow on trees for you don’t it? You pass out money like its Dutch. Whatever floats your boat little one. One of these days, you are going to be flat broke and living in a cardboard box on the streets of Greenwich, Connecticut and when that time comes, I will have had the last laugh. Or was it that you decided to give our bosses some sexual pleasures before the start of a major pay-per-view. I’m sure by now you know what people think and say about you. You are like a one minute whore. You just keep giving, giving and give some more. Well unfortunately for your evil soul, there is not enough money in the world nor is there enough men for you to sleep with out there that can change your fate tonight. Whatever you decided to do to both Wes and Tony Ikeda to get them to give you a Championship Match was a suicidal attempt. You are NOT walking away from this very ring with my EBWF Women’s Championship Title and that is final! I don’t give a rat’s ass who you are and how many silly times you have become the Women’s Champion yourself in the past. You are old and useless news. And yes, you are old. You have been here forever and you are still trying to act like you are the youngest new thing to hit EBWF. HA! I don’t think so missy. Back then, where you were in the prime time of your career, the female division sucked. It sucked because I wasn’t made apart of the roster yet. So yeah, that just kept you having easy attempts of being the Women’s Champion for a little while. But then again, Torrie Wilson, the Queen of Barbie Dolls in the EBWF beat your ass for the Women’s Championship Title. Now that’s extremely embarrassing on your part. Some Blondie little Britney Spears wanna-be beat your ass for the Women’s Championship Title. Nothing is more humiliating than to have a blonde that can’t think for herself win the title from you. Then, the red hair freak Lita became the EBWF Women’s Champion for quite some time, which means that you did not have what it takes to be the top diva in this line of business. And after that, it has become my time to shine and I am not sharing the spotlight with you. We don’t share anything in the Playboy industry and I will be damned if I started to share now. Stephy let it be known that no one cares about you, your career or about your future aspirations. I mean, there is not one match you have had in this arena that I can say is EBWF material. You do absolutely nothing special, but the same old bitch slapping and hair pulling. Who have you scared with hair pulling and some sissy slapping to the arms and face? NO ONE! You are played out from top to bottom. You of all people do not deserve to be in huge matches like the one you are scheduled for tonight. Now I am going to be straight up with you. I don’t do all that hair pulling, cat scratching or bitch slapping. I will straight up put you in a headlock or two, give you a few DDTs, damage that face of yours and make sure I deliver the Bada Bing, Bada Boom because of your lack of wrestling skills. This match between you and me tonight will be used as a wake up call. You are really pathetic Stephanie and sometimes I really cannot help but laugh at your misfortunes. As you can see now that money does not buy happiness nor does it buy you a spot at being number one in EBWF. Now I know you have never really put thought into this, but you should really consider these two options. First and foremost since your wrestling performances in the ring are extremely pitiful, you should really try putting your money into some use and hire a professional trainer or something. Put your money in wrestling boot camp even. That way, when you get a match like the one you will have with me tonight, you will be ready and be up for the challenge. The second alternative is to just hang up your wrestling boots. You are old and you are one of the weakest competitors in the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation. Stop being a disgrace to yourself, to the female division and to the fans. It is okay to admit that you stink and that wrestling is not for you. Yes, wrestling worked for your grandfather Vincent McMahon Senior and your father Vince McMahon, who by the way is the biggest man whore on the face of the earth, but I guess it’s like father, like daughter. Not everything in social runs in the family. You should be more like your brother and take absolutely no part in wrestling out in the open public.

And I’m going to keep it real with you. I cannot stand your appearance, the nasty, dirty looks you give to people and your cocky attitude. Your attitude is just so damn stanky! Girl, you are in a need of an emergency attitude adjustment. Not only do you have a disgusting attitude and horrible appearance that would even give hyenas and wolves nightmares, but you are also a drama queen. Everything must evolve about Stephanie McMahon. If it doesn’t than the world will stop spinning and orbiting right? Well that’s the biggest bullshit theory ever! Furthermore, rich and flat chest bitches like you need to learn that by grilling ladies like me with all the curves in the right places will get you no where. You can’t blame me for what my momma gave me honey. It’s just that you were not as lucky as me and you grew up with a flat chest and a flat ass. That would explain your implant surgery a few years ago. Oh, you didn’t think I would bring that up right? Well, no darn bad, I just did. Now are you going to cry? Are you going to send your father, mother and brother on me now? Boo hoo. Get over yourself and quit thinking and acting like you are a damn princess. That whole princess act only lasts when you are still a little child. You have entered the world with adults so get with the program! You think you own this joint here when in reality you are looked upon more like a servant. People like me do not give a damn how much money you have. You act and look like a servant. You have all this money from the trust funds of your old and wrinkled father Vince McMahon, but I don’t understand how you still manage to look like a homeless bum. I mean, I might not have the same of amount of money as you coming into my household, but at least I show that I have dignity by dressing nice. You dress like an old woman and I am sorry sweetie, but business suits are just so overrated. Business suits were out since the 90s. The fresh, hip-hop look is what is in nowadays. You’re about a decade behind. So yeah, who cares if you are one of the richest people walking around here, you still look like a nobody. On top of that, you are always thinking this world that we live on evolve around you and that the show cannot go on without you. Please bitch. These fans bring tickets and come to EBWF events to see me. Not you. The show cannot go on without ME. I am the EBWF Women’s Champion. I am the woman that is going to take the EBWF female division to the next level because I’m oh so cool like that. Plus, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that I can raise the bar for the other divas that I work with. And you? You couldn’t even manage to keep your relationship with David Flair in order. All like mushy bullshit you and David Flair are coming up with is becoming extremely sick and twisted. I do think you should seriously consider being a nun and live a simple life. Love and relationship just isn’t for you. You don’t have the drive or dedication. After all, I have never met a street whore that could keep a relationship. You should have just stayed with Triple H when you had the chance and if you would have stopped acting like the spoiled, annoying and arrogant bitch that you are than you would have never gotten yourself in some of the jams that you are in now. You see, you have so much against you that proves that you just are not EBWF Women’s Champion material and that you are not ready to take on the mass responsibility there are being the Women’s Champion. But don’t take my word for it. –Carmella pauses and looks at Lilian Garcia’s direction.- Lilian, why don’t you come over to the middle of the ring for a minute love. –Lilian looks confused but walks towards the direction of Carmella.- Here is my question and I want you to answer truthfully alright? Based on what you know, would you rather have Stephanie McMahon, who has brutally insulted you and brutally attacked you because she was jealous of your beauty and singing talent as the New EBWF Women’s Champion or would you rather have me retain the Women’s Championship Title and still am the EBWF Women’s Champion? -Carmella hands Lilian the microphone and Lilian begins to speak.- Well, Carmella, I would have to say I want you to stay the EBWF Women’s Champion. Now in all honesty, I don’t think my opinion counts for that much, but I am winning to place a bet that many other people feel the same. Therefore, I am going to ask the fans tonight to judge. So fans, if you want Stephanie McMahon as the Women’s Champion, make some noise. –A few claps are heard throughout the arena, but heavy booing was heard throughout the whole arena.- Just like I thought. Alright, now if you want Carmella to still be the EBWF Women’s Champion, make some noise! -The fans go wild for Carmella. Fans are clapping hard and whistling non-stop. Lilian smiles into the crowd and begins to speak again. There you have it Carmella, the fans have spoken baby! -Lilian gives Carmella back the microphone and walks back to the corner of the ring. Carmella placed the microphone near her cheery lips and begins to speak again.- As Lilian said it, the fans have spoken. Now you my fans are the reason for my success. I do not normally speak for people but for tonight, it is to my understanding that I can. You are not ready to meet the standards of independence that an Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation’s Women’s Champion should have. So since you are not ready to be the Women’s Champion that I can be, why should I cheat myself and give you any lead way or any chance of taking what belongs to me away from me? As the Women’s Champion around here you must have the look, the talent and the whole package. The appearance, we have established earlier that you do not have that. The talent? Well, we also established that you don’t have that either. As for the total package, you can forget about it. Furthermore, I am not anti-social like you. Your snobby ass attitude is what is making you such a disgusting person. You have this attitude where you look down on people just because they are not republicans and are not as rich as you. Well I am sorry to break the little news to you, but the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of people in families that do not earn the income you have, but that does not make them any less than you.

Now the holidays are coming up really, really soon. You should try to be a kind soul and I would appreciate it if you learned to shut the FUCK up! Also, do learn that you stink as a person and that you need to suck it up when it comes to criticisms. I know how you love to take what people suggest you fix about your personality and just throw it out the window. You are not Miss. Perfect, so stop thinking that you are. People like me have little to no patience for people like you because we cannot stand your damn screechy voice. I can sense the presence of your squeaky voice from anywhere. You should become aware that your damn voice makes people’s ear drum hurt in the worst way possible. You are a plague Stephanie, a plague that no one can seem to get rid of. –Carmella pauses for a few second- I am sure you expect me to be finished calling you out right? Well, you could not have been more wrong. I am going to cover all bases with you tonight. I know a sneaky bitch when I see one and you Stephanie are one sneaky ass bitch. I know for a fact that you ass envies me and you envy with every drop of energy in your body. Hence why you hate me so much. Last time we met in the ring was in a Triple Threat Match where it was Carmella DeCesare against Stephanie McMahon against Maria. I of course got the win and instead of congratulating me on the win being happy that the best damn diva in this business today kicked ass, you decided it was in your line of duty to make as many excuses as you possibly could to justify why you lost the match. Now I am actually in a foul mood tonight because I did not expect you to be the person I must defend my EBWF Women’s Championship Title against plus I am extremely tired from my busy schedule. I am going to just beat the crap out of you for fifteen minutes maximum and then just pin you for the win. The odds are pretty much stacked against you and there is absolutely one hundred certainty that Lilian Garcia will be saying the following tonight. “And Still Your EBWF Women’s Champion… Carmella DeCesare!” It is exactly just as simple as that, if not even simpler. So get ready little one to be disappointed. You are going down and that’s just how it is going to be. Your Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation Women’s Champion has spoken. Can YOU handle that?

Picture This: "I’m Sprung" by Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain is blasting on the EBWF PA System once again and as pink and white lights flicker above the ring. Carmella drops the microphone besides her. She then smiles into the crowd and blows a kiss into the crowd. She raises her EBWF Women’s Championship Title highly in the air once again as a bright spotlight is on her. She leaves the ring and proceeds to walk up the ramp and then back to her personal locker room.

Date: December 17, 2005
Place: EBWF Backstage Area
Scene Number: Four – Michael Cole and Carmella Having A Heart To Heart For A Change!

Picture This: After making a public appearance in front of the EBWF fans, Carmella goes backstage and walks into the EBWF superstar lounge. Carmella walks over to the couch and takes a seat on the couch. She looks at the coffee exactly in front of the coffee table. On top of the coffee table, and see the schedule and line up of Armageddon. Carmella eyes the list and out of no where Michael Cole sits down right next to her on the couch.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: So I see someone is trying to get a sneak peak of tonight’s show aren’t we my love?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I don’t need a sneak peak of Armageddon Michael. I know who is involved in the pay-per-view and I don’t want to sound self-absorbed but I really only care about my match tonight and no one else. And besides, everyone involved in Armageddon are in the weight training room preparing for their matches. So let me ask you a question Michael. You seem to always catch up with me during a huge event happening around here. Are you stalking me?

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: I wouldn’t call it stalking. I rather call it just meeting each other monthly. If everyone that has a match tonight is in the weight lifting room training, why are you just sitting here?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Because I have trained enough for a whole week basically. And plus, I am a girlie girl. I don’t want to get really buff for no reason. I am not like other divas here, so I do not wish to look like a man.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: Working out does not turn you into a man over night. It takes time and it’s not like you live, breathe and sleep in the weight room. You will be fine.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I’m fine right about now too. So am I going to get some time to myself or are you going to bother me all night up until my match begins?

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: You know I am always here to give you some moral support. I saw you in the ring earlier and boy do you look tense. You feeling okay? It looks like little old Stephanie McMahon got you all worked up.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Let’s just say that Stephanie McMahon knows how to push people’s buttons, especially my buttons. I cannot recall a time where Stephanie and I faced each other in a match and she didn’t open her big, fat, smelly mouth and flapped her gums about me. It guess irritating you know. Since she has that really high pitched voice, it is really hard not to get annoyed. Her presence just gets you down and all gloomy for the night. I can’t wait until my match with her is over. I just want to knock some sense into that hallow head of hers and call it a night.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: Do not get yourself overworked for nothing. You are the EBWF Women’s Champion. Although I am an interviewer and I am not supposed to be biased, I sense that you can hold on to the EBWF Women’s Championship Title for a long time. You are a focused women with a lot of sugar and spice.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: And how long exactly did it take you to figure that out huh? Actually thanks for the compliments. They mean a lot, especially since you are the most handsome guy that has the job of interviewing the EBWF superstars and divas.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: You are a very sassy sweet talker. No wonder there are so many guys out there who would die to be your man.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Is that why I also have girls dying to see me fail and fall flat on my face horribly too?

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: It’s just jealousy and it is all part of the game.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: That is why I like the quotation “Don’t hate the game, hate the player.” I’ll be okay though. I know how to play the diva game around here very well. I learned after having so many matches with the same girls over and over again. To a certain extent, I am really bored with the match I will be having tonight against Stephanie McMahon. I have had to face her like a gazillion times. It just feels so repetitive at times. I mean, I am excited in defending my EBWF Women’s Championship Title for the very first time because it is going to help me shine and show everyone my capabilities in the ring, but still. Facing the daddy’s little brat is a horrible thing to do. I cannot picture anyone in their right mind that would want to wrestle Stephanie McMahon. She is constantly complaining and always has an excuse for her failures.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: My suggestion would be coming up with a way to shut her pothole completely. Don’t wrestle the same way you would in other matches. Introduce Stephanie to a new style of wrestling and see if she can handle the heat.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: You are absolutely right. I do not know why I didn’t think of that earlier.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: That is because I am not a wrestler myself and I am able to see the big picture outside the box. That is why you should always talk to me. I know things that other people don’t know and I can see things other people cannot see, Try having our conversation with Jonathan Coachman and see what you come up with. I guarantee you that so called smooth-talker will try to get into your pants.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: My pantalones are off limits so he can try but he will not be successful. And you better watch out. I might just get Jonathan Coachman to try to get in YOUR pants!

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: Ah, no. Get the hell outta here! I don’t swing that way.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I sense someone is feeling a little uncomfortable and is getting some anxiety.

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: You know damn well you would to with an image in your head of Jonathan Coachman. That is not a pretty site. Now how about we cut all this chitty-chat and we go get ourselves a snack or two before Armageddon starts and we both become occupied with non-sense.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Just understand that we are going to get a snack, or you are getting a snack and I am getting a bottle of water. This is in no way a date or some sort. Comprende?

”Mr. Cutie” Michael Cole: I do not understand Spanish so let’s just go without all of your talk.

Picture This: Carmella gets up fro the couch and Michael Cole follows by getting off the couch too. Carmella tries to stop Michael Cole from getting up from the couch. She presses down on Michael Cole’s shoulders playfully. The EBWF cameras begins to fade away, not catching any more playful behavior by Carmella and Michael Cole.