Carmella DeCesare // The EBWF Womenís Champion

The EBWF Recap: And it just does not get better than this. Last Sunday night on Survivor Series, Carmella DeCesare battled it out with Lita and Torrie Wilson for the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federationís Womenís Championship Title. It came as no surprise that at the end of the night, Carmella DeCesare is the New EBWF Womenís Champion, defeating all odds and divas in her way. It took one night, one dream, and one focused diva to change the atmosphere in the wrestling industry. This Sunday night on Raw is War; Carmella with her EBWF Womenís Championship Title will go one-on-one with the newest edition to the female roster, Michelle McCool. Of course, Carmella and Michelle McCool are no strangers. Both divas have once battled it in the Diva Search competition. So be prepared as Carmella has her first match as the EBWF Womenís Champion and its guaranteed that she is not going to upset her fans and pull off a win against Michelle McCool.

Date: December 11, 2005
Place: The EBWF Ring w/the Carmella Fans
Scene Number: One Ė Iím Not Cocky, Iím Just The Womenís Champion!

Picture This: "Iím Sprung" by Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain begins blasting on the EBWF PA System! The EBWF fans are going wild when this new entrance song is blazin' through the arena. The arena turns pitch black, as a bright white spotlight begins to travel quickly on the top ramp where the EBWF superstars and divas come out to the ring. In a few seconds, bright pink and white lights begin to flicker towards the direction of the top ramp. The gorgeous brunette beauty Carmella DeCesare walks slowly onto the top ramp as the spotlight is set straight on her. The lovely diva is wearing as seen wearing a white jean mini skirt with a black tank top that has the EBWF logo in the center along with some natural colored make-up on her face. She has her hair straighten with honey brown and light red highlights and has her hair parted in the center. The EBWF fans also see Carmella wearing a pair of pastel pink stilettos, with a matching handbag, along with a Playboy necklace and charm bracelet. And to show off her newest accomplishment in the EBWF, Carmella has her EBWF Womenís Championship Title placed on her right shoulder. The Playboy Goddess appears on the top ramp blowing a kiss into the crowd as she poses for a few moments.

ĒEBWFís Singing LatinaĒ Lilian Garcia
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation! It is my pleasure to introduce to you a True EBWF Diva. From Avon Lake, Ohio, she is the 2004 Playmate of the Year, the Diva Search Runner-Up and The New EBWF Womenís Champion! Please welcome... Miss. Carmella Danielle DeCesare!!

Picture This: Carmella walks down the ramp looking at the EBWF crowd. She takes her time and walks up the steel steps. Carmella walks up the steel steps; holds the ropes down for herself and enters the ring, walking toward the center of the ring. The Playmate takes her EBWF Womenís Championship Title off her shoulders raises it highly in the air and then smiles at the EBWF Fans. Carmella looks toward the direction of Lilian Garcia and then Lilian proceeds to walk towards the direction of Carmella. Lilian gives Carmella a microphone, and once Carmella has possession of the microphone, Carmella raises Lilian and her arms in the air. In a few moments, Lilian begins to walk towards the ropes of the ring. Carmella winks at Lilian then pauses for a few seconds for the crowd to settle down and begins to put the microphone in front of her glossy, cherry lips to speak.

"The Sizzliní Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare
Oh baby! I just love my career in the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation! My career has taken off so much in such a short amount of time. And itís true, I enjoy and love every minute of it. Thatís right, eat your little hearts out, I am truly the Number One diva in EBWF. You know I would never expect to be such a hot asset in the Extreme Best Wrestlerís Federation as I am right now. My ultimate highlight is of course was before my Survivor Series match, stating to both The Former EBWF Womenís Champion Lita and The Useless Blondie Torrie Wilson that I was going to indeed become the Next Womenís Champion and as by the looks of it tonight, I sure did keep my end of the promise. It was a good feeling to be able to beat Lita and Torrie Wilson and now to represent the ladies of this industry and you, the fans. But do not worry ladies and gentlemen; I did not come out here tonight to rub it in Lita or Torrie Wilsonís faces that I am now the EBWF Womenís Champion. Wait, who the hell am I kidding? Of course I want to gloat. Who wouldnít? I mean both Lita and Torrie Wilson spoke so much crap the other night that it is hard for me not to throw this in their faces. And like I always say. If you talk smack, you should definitely own up to it and deliver some smack rather than get owned at your own game. It was great owning Lita and Torrie Wilson in the ring last Sunday. So how does it feel Lita to become the FORMER Womenís Champion now? Does it hurt? Is it a low blow? Does it belittle you? Awww poor baby. Lita, you have absolutely nothing anymore. But donít worry Lita, you will have your chance one day to get at me and try to get MY EBWF Womenís Championship Title back in the distant future. The rebel that you say you are will try to find a way to take the Womenís Champion Title away from me. Oh and donít be so hard on your brother Shannon. He doesnít deserve that have such a bitch as a sister. As for Torrie Wilson, you can try to take My Womenís Championship Title away but youíll just get another ass beating courtesy of me, Carmella DeCesare. Because biatch, you just canít handle me in and out of the ring. So keep flapping your gums. When I get the chance to stoop to your level of intelligence I will be sure to youíre your ass.

Now, earlier today I was informed that I have a singleís match with a rookie in this company by the name of Michelle McCool. What the hell is that all about? I am the EBWF Womenís Champion for crying out loud and I have to wrestle a new diva in the female division? On top of that, I have to wrestle this country farm girl after she wrestled Maria earlier? Now that is what I call outrageous and a reckless action on both Wes and Tony Ikedaís part. But I wonít bitch about it. Life is unfair and surely is a bitch and then you die. I gotta admit though. For me to wrestle some lame girl with a last name ďMcCoolĒ is insane. Now Michelle, although you are a new diva who just signed the dotted lines with the EBWF, you should at least be trying to make a name for yourself. From what I heard backstage earlier today, you had a simple one-on-one match with Maria Kanelli on Smackdown the other night. I would expect you to pin Maria considering almost every diva around here has beaten her one time or another in their career, but you didnít. When it came time for your match and for you to show the whole wrestling industry that the fans are not wasting their precious and hard working money on buying priceless tickets to our broadcast shows, you messed up. On top of that, your match with Maria was your ticket to actually show the whole world that you are actually a fine diva and once again, you messed up. Maria is by far the easiest target in this business industry today. I, myself have beaten her in a heartbeat. So what does that tell you? It shows that you are not really to rock and roll with me, Carmella DeCesare in this very ring. It tells you that if you try to step into my zone, I will break your bones and destroy your career before you even get a chance to make a career for yourself. Now I am actually all for the new divas that come into the EBWF. I canít stand the divas around here who think just because they have been here for a lifetime that they can step all over the new divas. I find the old hags in the female division such as Stephanie McMahon, Torrie Wilson and especially Lita to be jealous of the rookies. They all envy the rookie girls because hey, we are the sexiest, the brightest and we have the passion for the wrestling like no other. I mean, I have been hated on by almost all of the veterans of this company and they hate me more when I beat their asses in the ring. You should have smarten up before entering the ring with Maria and taken me the Womenís Champion as your role model in beating your opponents. Hell and on top of all that, there was a time not long ago when I was a rookie in this industry and to a certain extent I still classify myself a one of the rookie divas so for you to mess up during your first match, you give us all a bad name. I mean, I even won my debut match in the EBWF. It takes a lot of effort and energy for someone to lose their debut match considering the bosses of EBWF will always give rookies an easy opponent. I truly hope your wrestling skills have improved because if they havenít you are in deep trouble.

I am going to be honest with you Michelle. Although you and I have never been in the ring together, but we will be soon, I can already predict that you are an easy target for those divas that get pissed off easily and need a scapegoat or just a punching bag. I mean, even during the Diva Search Competition we both participated in, you disappointed me. Although I did not win the competition, at least I made it to the very last round and that is what counts the most. If I know my facts about that competition, you were the fourth diva to be eliminated out of twelve divas. That makes you look pathetic, worthless and of course it illustrates that you are no match for me. If you ask me, what you should do is take that cowboy hat ass of yours and go back to the south. Besides, you are a married fool. Donít you think you should be staying home, waiting on your husband hand and foot than try compete with me? This industry is not a place for old folks to try to build a career for themselves because for the last twenty years of their lives, they couldnít make a living for themselves and their family. And no, I am not mean or rude. I just like to speak the truth and yes, the truth hurt. It always has and it always will. Now since I am a respected Womenís Champion and individual, I am going to get you a few pointers about wrestling. We are not on a barn; therefore, you may NOT bring any farming equipment with you to the ring. Secondly, make sure you wash your dirty little chubby hands before coming into this very ring with her later tonight. I donít want to wrestle you while you have the smell of goat and chicken in your hands. Remember, we will have a match very soon. A match involves wrestling. It is not the time to have the urge of milking cows to make ends meet. Third of all, with all that said about you and your country ways, you need to get a new and improved wardrobe. I mean, you are not even from the real south such as Louisiana, Alabama and ATL also known as Atlanta. You are from Florida. How in heavens name did you come up with what you wear to the ring? That old fashion cowboy hat and farm boys is so like five decades ago. The least you can do is put on some jeans and a pair of timberland boots if you like boots or something. Goodness, you make all the EBWF superstars and divas look so poor. Oh and that sweet personality characteristic trait you got going on is not going to help you at all in this business industry. We all are cruel individuals with the hopes and dreams of beating the crap out of you in the wrestling ring and receiving a bigger paycheck than you at the end of the year. Lastly, do some praying in your spare time and some hoping that you can overcome your biggest obstacle yet in this industry and that is me. I am the EBWF Womenís Champion, and since this is my very first match as the Womenís Champion in this company, I do not plan on losing this match nor do I ever plan on losing any match I have with you. I would like to be known as the chick that tends to keep her losing strike around here to the minimum. After all, losing is not in my nature. Losing however, seems to be in your nature so we will keep it that way.

Furthermore, I am going to prove to you since it seems like you are the only diva in this arena right now that does not know the real Carmella DeCesare that I am not just yet another pin up doll. I am not just the Playboy Bunny from Ohio who can have other bitch step all over me. I got this strong gut feeling that you my dear will lose to me tonight and decide that wrestling is not for you. I mean losing twice in a row does do that to a person. Losing matches makes you the loser lose all confidence in yourself. Either way, I do wish you the best of luck tonight because I am not going to take it easy on you just because you are new to the ring. I will treat you like any other person in this very ring with me. And do not look at it as a punishment or a beating for a true diva. Look at a lesson that teach and help you improve your rusty wrestling skills. Look at it as a wake up call. After all, you should have known that coming into the EBWF family does come with a price. And if you are in the female division, that price is a warm welcome that has translated into a booty kicking from me. Get ready because Iím ruthless and aggressive. I will make you cry and break you in half. After all, Iím The EBWF Womenís Champion and I rock everyoneís world!

Picture This: "Iím Sprung" by Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain is blasting on the EBWF PA System once again and as pink and white lights flicker above the ring. Carmella drops the microphone besides her. She then smiles into the crowd and blows a kiss into the crowd. She raises her EBWF Womenís Championship Title highly in the air once again as a bright spotlight is on her. She leaves the ring and proceeds to walk up the ramp and then back to her personal locker room.