The Hot and Sizzlin' Carmella Danielle DeCesare...

The EBWF Recap: The last SmackDown to be presented by the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation was one that was entertaining and expected. The fans expected to see some action not only from the male division since after all, the ladies of EBWF put on a show themselves. Who could possibly forget the Triple Threat Match made by Wes and Tony Ikeda? Carmella DeCesare, Stephanie McMahon and Maria all came face to face in the wrestling ring to prove who is at the top of their game. So yeah, there was a lot of smack talk from everyone, but let the truth be told that Carmella DeCesare spoke the truth and did not let her fans down. The Playboy Goddess delivered an ass whooping to Stephanie McMahon and Maria and was enjoying every single minute of it too. So there you have it, your SmackDown recap! Enough with the past and onto the future. Carmella DeCesare has been granted yet again another EBWF Women's Championship Title Shot by her bosses. This time, instead of just wrestling Lita, the Current EBWF Women's Champion on her own, it will be a three way elimination match. This Sunday, you will see Carmella DeCesare vs. Lita vs. a new challenger Torrie Wilson. The tension and friction will be high since Carmella cannot stand any of these divas and you can bet that Carmella is not looking for another lost anytime soon. Get get to rumble because only the strong will survive and the weak will perish. Ready? Let's get it on!

Date: November 26, 2005
Place: The Tyra Banks Show!
Scene Number: One – You Just Can’t Get Enough Of Carmella!

Picture This: The EBWF cameras take you, the fans all the way to Los Angeles, California for a new taping of the Tyra Banks Show. This week on the Tyra Banks Show, the host Miss. Super Model herself has a very special guest. After months of negotiating and working with this special guest and her schedule, finally she willing is making an appearance as a girl with a passion, a dream, a career and a story. So let’s get ready to ramble. The lights and camera are dimmed onto the stage on the Tyra Banks Show studio. There are four comfortable big chairs in the middle of the stage and a large audience clapping their hands and stomping their feet for the show to begin. Just then, the Tyra Banks Show theme song called “Just For Today” begins playing. Tyra, dressed in dark blue jeans and a white Playboy Bunny baby-tee and a pair of cute black boots comes out to the center of the stage with a microphone and takes a bow in front of all her fans and audience. She waits for the audience to quiet down and with the microphone in her hand, she begins to speak.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Good afternoon to my listeners at home and to my wonderful audience! Welcome to a new episode of the Tyra Banks Show! Today is one of those days where I went a long way to get a special guest to appear on my show! Here, everyone take a close look at my baby-tee. Camera man, let’s get a close up of my t-shirt please. –The cameras zoom into Tyra’s baby-tee and then zooms back out.- This here is an authentic Playboy T-Shirt I got from my special guest. Don’t you just love this shirt? I know I do. So without further interruptions, ladies and more ladies… please welcome my guest on my show, Miss. Carmella DeCesare!

Picture This: Carmella, dressed in a pair of denim jeans, a white tank and a beige blazer with a pair of brown boots and a beige handbag comes walking out from backstage. She slowly makes her way to the center of the stage and shakes the hand of Tyra. Both ladies then give each other a kiss on the cheek and take a seat on the big comfortable seating chairs.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Carmella, I am so happy to see you nowadays and to see you finally on my show! I know after my show you are going to have to travel for a couple of hours on an airplane so I will try not to tire you out. It’s been quite a journey working with your agents to get you to appear on my show. Goodness, you truly are a superstar girl!

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Thanks Tyra. I know I’ve been so busy with everything lately. Ever since my wrestling career has taken off, I am trying and working hard to juggle being a wrestling diva and a Playboy Goddess. I mean, there are talented girls out there that would give anything to have half the fame I have right now and I’m making sure no one takes my spotlight.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: In my sisterhood book, no one can steal your spotlight. You have truly earned it. So tell the audience out there who don’t really know you outside from the Playboy and wrestling industry what you are all about.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well, as I told you over a cup of cappuccino sometime last week and by the way, L.A. has amazing fresh vanilla cappuccino. Everyone should definitely try some at a local café. –Carmella chuckles.- But like I told you over my cup of fluffy cappuccino, I’m just an average brunette girl from Ohio. I was given some fantastic opportunities in my lifetime and I took high executive people up on their offers. In a short matter of time, I ended up on the cover of numerous editions of Playboy magazines and even became the Playmate of the Year Baby! Even though it seemed like I accomplished a lot, I still wasn’t satisfied yet. I got really into wrestling since I began to watch it on television weekly. I got a contract with the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation and boom; I became a new addition to their female roster. And here I am now on the Tyra Banks show telling my story to the world.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: There’s a summary for you. Well Carmella, today, we are going to have two average Los Angeles residents with problems who need you assistance in their love life. But before we bring them out, tell us about your love life. Who has captured the heart of Ms. Ohio?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: In my lifetime, many guys have tried to capture my heart but have failed. Many guys out there love to flirt with me and have those one time flings with me just to get recognized in public I guess. I’m not really into that one night stand type of relationship. What I can say however is that my busy schedule has really made me put my love life aside. I’m young, beautiful, brilliant and an independent woman. Men will only tie down a woman of my talent.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Well damn Car. You sure did put me in check. Well let’s bring out my first guest for you Carmella. Ladies, and Carmella, please welcome from Los Angeles, our home girl Jessica!

Picture This: Tyra and Carmella get up from their seats to welcome Jessica. Jessica walks out from backstage and walks towards the direction of the host of the show and Carmella. She looks shocked to see Carmella up close and personal. She shakes the hand of Carmella and then Tyra and all three ladies takes a seat on the chairs provided on stage.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Welcome Jessica to the show! How are you feeling sitting right next to Carmella DeCesare?

”Los Angeles’ Finest” Jessica”: I’m so excited! Like oh my god, it’s really Carmella DeCesare! I am such a fan and now to have the opportunity to talk to you one on one is an amazing feeling. I’m really speechless and will probably go on a tangent sometime soon!

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: And Carmella, how does it feel to hear that from a true Carmella fan?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: On my part, it’s an honor. It’s really is. I mean, when you are sitting next to those who admire you talent, your determination in the business world, it’s really difficult to act all bitchy if you feel me.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: I definitely feel you on everything. So Jessie, tell Carmella, the audience and myself your love situation.

”Los Angeles’ Finest” Jessica”: Well, it’s a really complex situation. I have made many mistakes in my lifetime when it comes to dating the quote “right” unquote men. I normally falls for the jerks or those who makes babies and don’t take care of them. I finally meet a really wonderful and sweet man in Los Angeles and I find myself really lucky since it’s really hard to find someone decent around here. He’s awesome, but he once had a Canadian girlfriend who he was with for about a year or so. We were really good friends who started to get intimate. He began to tell me he has strong feelings for me and I felt the strong feelings too. So we ended up almost hooking up until I found out that he was still with his girlfriend! That ticked me off so bad. Words cannot explain my anger and frustration. Now he has reentered my life and said he’s really ready for a commitment with me and that he broke up with his girlfriend because of me. I don’t want to make the same mistakes are I once did. What should I do?

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Carmella… that is all you babe!

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well, let’s be real here shall we? Jessica, I’m sorry to say this but someone has to say it. This lover boy of yours played you to the fullest and to me, it’s disgusting. No matter how many times he says that he is no longer with his girlfriend, he will most likely go back and forth between you and his girlfriend. Men like him are liars, cheaters and a sorry excuse for a male human being. No matter how much you may like him, I’m going to tell you to end things with him now. It’s okay to be his friend since no one can really get enough friends, but to go beyond a friendship is basically like inviting evil into your life. You don’t need drama or anymore frustration. We get enough frustration during our PMS time of the month. We don’t need men to piss us off too. And for the record, can you tell me why this guy has to get a Canadian girlfriend? Us American chicks aren’t good enough for him or something? This guy sounds as hallow as a dumbbell. Baby girl, you are better off with men that go strictly for Americans!

Picture This: The audience on the Tyra Banks Show begins clapping loudly to the end of Carmella’s statement.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Amen sista! Now that’s what I am talking about. Being real without being extremely mean! Since you are on a roll Carmella, I’m going to also bring out my second guest right now! Ladies, Carmella and Jessica, please welcome from San Francisco, California… Lourie-Ann!

Picture This: Tyra and Carmella get up from their seats once again to welcome Lourie-Ann. Lourie-Ann walks out from backstage and walks towards the direction of Tyra and Carmella. She shakes the hand of Carmella and then Tyra and all three ladies takes a seat on the chairs provided on stage.

”Puttin’ The “L” In Her Name” Lourie-Ann”: Thank you Tyra for having me on the show. It’s a pleasure to be on the show today and be one of the girls to share a stage with Miss. Carmella.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: You are definitely welcome girl. I know you got a story, so go on and tell it like it is!

”Puttin’ The “L” In Her Name” Lourie-Ann”: Before I start, I just wanted to say Carmella, I am in love with your blazer. It’s hot and smokin’!

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Thank you love. I got it from Bloomingdales. It’s a great and friendly place to shop. The air conditioning is always blasting in that store. To top it all off, salespersons are always waiting on you hand and foot.

”Puttin’ The “L” In Her Name” Lourie-Ann”: Cool. I might go there and try a few outfits on myself sometime in the near future. And my situation is there is like this one guy that is always on my case. On the real, he is always bothering me about how if he was my man he would treat me right and what not. To be honest, he’s about ten years older than me. I don’t even care about the fact that he has money. He is way too old for me. By the time I retire, he’ll probably be dead already. I am always in relationships with men and once I break up with one, he tells me how if I was his girlfriend he would treat me so well that I would not have to break up with him or find another man. Also, he is always flirting with me and to be honest, I don’t like men of old age flattering with me. He’s a good friend, but not my type. How do I tell him this in a gentle and kind sense?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I’m going to be really honest with you on this. There is no way in hell for you to be nice to him. It is just not happening. This guy sounds like a really creepy and weird man by the way. All I can tell you is you really gotta break it down slow for him. Tell him that because he is old and a friend, you will never date him. You would also like him to please stop talking non-sense and how he would like to have a relationship with you. Tell him to drink some coffee and stop holding onto a dream that will never in this lifetime turn into a reality. And don’t look at yourself as being mean. You are not mean. You are just being real and being real sometimes requires you to tell things like it is. Personally though, it is better to be mean than nice in your situation. You do not want to lead the guy on and you sure as hell don’t want to get yourself into a jam.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: And tell him again that you are down with being his friend, but not any type of relationship beyond friendship.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Yeah, what Tyra said!

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Thank you Carmella for the lovely advice that you gave these two ladies. I’m sure they will find it of good use. Now since we still have some time left over, I’m going to ask you one more question.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Go ahead. Shoot!

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: I’m sure everyone here today and the viewers at home would like to know what you are currently up to and what you will be doing when you leave the Tyra Banks Studio.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh, well that is very simple. Earlier before, I mentioned briefly about my wrestling career. I have been given a very huge opportunity once again by my bosses to go against the Women’s Champion and a rookie Playboy Girl Torrie Wilson for a chance to become the Next Women’s Champion in the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation, the company I am currently involved in.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: And how is the Queen of Playboy preparing for her big break? I am assuming this is going to be a big break for you.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I don’t think it is going to be my big break. It sure is a huge opportunity for me to gain more respect from my fellow co-workers and the wrestling fans, but my break was actually winning my very first match when I entered EBWF. And I’ll give you this. The current Women’s Champion is one tough chick. She can really kick butt if she wanted to or am not too occupied with being a big bitch. I mean she’s been the Women’s Champion for quite some time now so she’s gotta be somewhat good. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t beat her and steal her fame and Women’s Championship Title Belt. When it comes to wrestling, I show absolutely no mercy. As for my other opponent Torrie Wilson… well she is an extremely easy target. As some if not a handful of you know that Torrie Wilson was featured once in Playboy magazine. Because of this, she thinks she is a big star. What load of crap that really is. I guess you can say Torrie and I had always gotten ourselves in unfinished drama and business. I am hoping to end the drama and madness between the both of us this Sunday. After all, Torrie is nothing but dead weight and once I become the Women’s Champion, I do not wish to associate myself with dead weight. That is just not how I operate.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Woot! I feel the heat. You are on a roll girl. Don’t lose your spicy flavor. And once you become the Women’s Champion, you better come back on my show and show off your lovely gold belt.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh most definitely.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Aright, now before you leave, let’s play a little verbal word game. I know quite a bit about wrestling myself. I know, I know. It’s quite surprising isn’t it? Well I watched the last SmackDown and Raw before today so I know my wrestling. I will give you a phrase or some key words and you tell me your thoughts on what I say. So my first phrase is… The Women’s Championship Title Belt.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: A piece of luxury that I will win after Sunday day.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Survivor Series.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: The pay-per-view show that I will be on for the chance to become the Women’s Champion.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Extreme Best Wrestler’s Federation.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: The wrestling company I am proud to say I am a part of.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Lita.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: A dirty redhead traitor park whore that is going to be put in her place and sent back to the traitor park dump first class once I am done with her.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Torrie Wilson.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: A cheap girl that tries too hard to be me, the young and successful Playboy Bunny. Also, a very jealous human being because she knows I get much for publicity for being on the cover of Playboy magazine than she ever will.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: And finally, Carmella DeCesare.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Diligent, Driven, Gorgeous, Confident and The Next EBWF Women’s Champion!

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: And that’s a wrap! Thank you girls and ladies of all ages for viewing the Tyra Banks Show! Join me tomorrow for another fantastic show!

Picture This: The Tyra Banks Show theme music “Just For Today” begins to play once again. The audience are seen standing up applauding Tyra and her guest star Carmella. Tyra, Carmella and the guests Jessica and Lourie-Ann all get up from their seats and starts dancing on stage. Carmella blows a few kisses into the audience. The cameras begin to fade to black slowly.

Date: November 26, 2005
Place: Backstage Area of the Tyra Banks Show
Scene Number: Two – Here’s A Sneak Peak... Carmella vs. Lita!

Picture This: Carmella DeCesare makes her way backstage with Tyra Banks for some cappuccino and white chocolate chip cookies when all of a sudden, the bodyguards Tyra Banks hired for her show tries to stop a certain person from entering backstage where all the guests are mingling. Carmella and Tyra make their way to the door to see who the guards are blocking from the entrance. Carmella turns her head and sees none other than the EBWF Women’s Champion Lita getting refused backstage to the Tyra Banks Show. Carmella looks at Tyra and laughs at herself. Tyra then taps on of the guards in the shoulders.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Hey guards. Let that cool lady in. She is with me so don’t give her any more hard time.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: You know I must say Tyra, of all the surprises you gave me on your show today, the last surprise I thought I would ever get from you is bringing Lita backstage.

“Miss. Diva” Tyra Banks: Well actually Carmella, your friend and co-worker Lita coming backstage was 100% my idea because I wanted to meet her before beforehand. Lita will be on my show that will be aired next week. I am having a fashion event next week and was hoping that Lita would donate some of her punk outfits for a charitable cause. After all, there are many types of people out there reppin’ different styles of clothing. So be nice.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well you should have picked a day to see Lita where I won’t be in the area. I don’t know if you are aware of this but seeing Lita this Sunday on Survivor Series is more than enough for me. Anyway, Lita, make sure you stay the hell out of my way in front of all these people and you and I might not get into a fist fight. Got It?

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: -Lita raised her eyebrow- Oh I’m sorry. Did you say something? Cause all I was hearing is bitch.... bitch.... bitch.... blah, blah, blah. –Lita then turned her attention on Tyra Banks- Hey Tyra, it’s so nice to see you. You’re looking beautiful as always. I’m so excited about the show and I was very happy when you told me that it was all for a charitable cause. Maybe some day, you can collaborate with A.D.O.R.E. –Lita then smiled sweetly-

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: You are just full of bull today aren't you. Drop the innocent act for a change won't you? And to think, I wasn't even rude to you but of course it's obvious that in life, you just can't be polite to a no good drama queen. On top of it all, charitable and your name does not fit correctly in the same sentence. You are an evil little witch and soon enough the public and the thousands of viewers at home will see you for psycho bitch that you are!

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: -Lita tried hard not to laugh, even going as far as covering her mouth but chuckles were still coming out- Oh.... my.... now, that’s not a very nice way to talk to your co-workers. If you would clean out your ears and listen to what I actually said, you would realize that I didn’t insult you. I merely said your complaining is bordering on bitching but of course you had to get nasty. That’s what girls like you tend to do now isn’t it?

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: You even chuckle like a witch. Scary thing right there. I don't like to be nice to my co-workers, especially co-workers that I have to wrestle tomorrow. What you find is a mere statement, I find as an insult. And yeah, I like to be a little nasty here and there, it's a part of life. You of all people should know being nice gets you no where. With everyone trying to gun your ass down, you should know that by now.

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: -Lita rolled her eyes* Do you ever stop talking cause I’m still not hearing what your saying. I came here and you were instantly on the defensive. I don’t give a crap if you’re not happy that I’m here ‘cause I didn’t come here to exchange words with you. I came here because I was invited. Funny that you call me a witch ehh? Last time I checked being the EBWF Women’s Champion, being married to the hottest guy in the wrestling industry, having a brother who is the lead singer of a break through band, being in the Hall of Fame, completely altering Women’s wrestling and being a sexy, individual independent women has not been things witches do. So, why don’t you find a little better material to use against me cause the crap your spouting off does not make any sense and it just makes you look down right stupid.

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: Well since you have such a hard time hearing things coming out of my mouth, I will break it down for you slower and easier. I could care less that you were invited here. It seems like they are inviting just about anyone around here anyway to show diversity. And it's really nice that you just gave our your whole life story which of course I am not at all interested in but if you must, who am I to stop your freedom of boredom. But as for being sexy and independent, I must beg to differ. I mean your definition of sexy of course makes no sense. You are not Playboy material so the word sexy is out of the equation. As for independent? You have a man to take care of you. How independent can you be? As for being the EBWF Women's Champion, oh believe me sweetie, that is all going to chance really soon. That shiny gold belt you have around your waist is going to be mine soon. And that's just how it’s going to go.

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: -Lita smiled cutely- Oh well if your going to put it that way. *she began to pretend to unbuckle a non-existing Championship belt. She was being sarcastic but still spoke in a sweet voice* Do you want it? ‘Cause since I’m apparently not independent, I will just have my husband, you know your boss, buy me a new one! Carmella look, I don’t have time for this okay? Just get out of my way. I have things to do and important people to see. Go bother someone else with your hollow threats and idiotic rambling. You know I don’t understand why you think that the definition for sexy means Playboy. You want to know something. Wes Ikeda turns down offer after offer that Playboy sends his way to have me photographed. I’m one of their most highly sought after Divas to get photographed. The only reason I don’t accept the offers is because I want women to realize that that is not what defines sexy and beauty. Sadly, you are just one of the manipulated ones that have bought into the lies of society. Now get out of my way. I’m tired of wasting my breath on you.

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: Why don't you make me get out of your way bitch? I'm getting tired myself standing before you listening to you say "get out of my way" over and over and over again. And you know something, I don't give a damn that your little hubby wubby being my boss. If he's so mighty and powerful I dare him to even fire me from his company! And you know something, you like the word independence don't you? So why don't we associate the word with your brother Shannon Moore shall we? Yes, Shannon Moore, the one person besides your precious husband that I am so sure you hold dearly. I'll have you know that Shannon and I got a little close earlier. I've been acknowledging the existence of one person that you are related to and to be honest, you really should watch your back and get a tighter grip on that relationship you have with your brother. I wouldn't want that precious relationship of brother and sister love to fall a part.

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: -Lita was stunned* Sha... shan ....Shannon? Like Shannon Moore? Like my brother Shannon? Wait, what do you mean you and him got a little close? *Memories of Candice swarmed in her mind and she leaned against the wall a little shaken up. No, her brother wouldn’t befriend her enemy not after what had happened last time. This couldn’t be* You’re lying. I know you are. Shannon's been in Cameron. Why the hell would you have been there to begin with?

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: Full of questions I see? Awww... poor little Lita is absorbing the electric shock I just have her I assume. Has it finally dawn to you that Shannon is a friendly person to get close to? And hello? Why wouldn't I be in Cameron? After all, I did have to sit in the Delta Airline's first class section of the airplane to get to Los Angeles for six hours. And don't you worry your pretty little head off as to why I was there. The bottom line was I was there and has a very close encounter with your brother.... and I do mean really close.... catching my drift?

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: You know what? I don’t give a shit what the hell you were doing with him. -Lita had been so proud of herself up to that point cause she hadn’t said one single cuss word but now she was boiling mad and had snapped.- That doesn’t change the fact that your not going to get your hands on MY fucking title!

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: Ouch! -Carmella does a sweet Lita impression- Ohh... that was really harsh for you to say. Does my cleverness upset you? I mean, just a few moments ago, you were talking about being all nice and giddy towards each other. Did I hit a soft spot? Well if you don't care for what I was going there then you wouldn't be interested in my lovely photograph now would you? -Carmella reaches into her back pocket and gets out a smaller-sized version of the picture she took with Shannon Moore. Look what I got here. A lovely get to together with your brother and I'm lovin' it. And as for not getting my hands on your Women's Championship Title, I'm going to tell you what they teach little kiddos. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. -Carmella looks at Lita with an evil smirk on her face-

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: -Lita snatched the photograph and stared at it. She couldn’t believe what she saw. That was indeed her brother with his arms around Carmella and their cheeks were pressed together with big smiles- HOW DARE HE! Argh! -Lita put the picture in her pants pocket and then glared at Carmella- I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I know your type. You most likely just made this picture someway or another. -Lita looked at Tyra who was just taking everything in- You know what Tyra? I’m leaving. I lost my desire for fashion shows. -she then suddenly swung around and slapped Carmella right in the face* And that’s for you.... you little weasel bitch!

"The Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare: -Carmella grabs her cheek and smiles at Lita.- So here we go, this is a little preview of Survivor Series isn't it? The picture is complimentary from me to you since I have multiple copies. Before you know it, I'm going to wallpaper the whole EBWF arena with that photograph! And bitch, just for that slap, you ain't going no where! -Carmella pushes Tyra out the way, and then grabs Lita by the hair. She bangs Lita's head and bangs her head on the cement wall.- Don't anyone tell you not to fuck with a ghetto bitch? And yeah, I'm a bitch, but guess what? At least I am not SOMEBODY'S BITCH. -Carmella forcefully holds onto Lita's hair and bangs her head into the wall a few more times.- So who the hell is the bitch now Lita?

“The Fierce Redhead” Lita: SHUT THE FUCK UP! -Lita kicks Carmella in the stomach and then speared her. They were on the floor and Lita got on top of her and began to nail big left and right sucker punches to Carmella’s face- YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ME YOU LITTLE SLUTY WHORE!

Picture This: Carmella in return grabs Lita by the arms and both ladies fall into the coffee table. The hair grabbing is let go, and Lita slowly gets up from the coffee table fall. Once Lita has gotten up onto her feet, Carmella follows and slowly tries to get up from her fall. While Carmella is still down, Lita kicks Carmella in the knees causing her to fall yet again. As Carmella is down, Lita kicks her in the ribs a few times. Lita tries one more time to kick Carmella in the rubs, but Carmella gets a hold on Lita's foot. After watching both of these divas fight in this vicious massacre, two bodyguards grabs a hold of Lita and two other bodyguards helps Carmella up. As the bodyguards are holding Lita back, she is trying to break free to once again involve herself in a continued fight with Carmella. Carmella holds onto another coffee table adjacent to her. She gets a hold of a pitcher of ice tea and manages to break free from the bodyguards trying to hold her down. She spills the pitcher of ice tea on top of Lita's head! Lita tries to kick Carmella once again but Carmella quickly moves out the way and the bodyguards get a hold of her.

Date: November 26, 2005
Place: The Airport
Scene Number: Three – The Airport... What a Hassle!

Picture This: Carmella is holding a LV bag that has a few of her necessity to travel from one place to another. She checks in at the airline front desk. Afterwards, Carmella waits patiently in line to pass the security check. She puts her LV bag through the bag check. Just when it was her turn to walk through metal detectors, the security guard stops her and takes out a pen and a notepad.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Good heavens! Yet another one of those autographs sessions? You do know that you are cutting into my rest time don’t you? I have been through a few things and issues myself today so why don’t you cut me some slack?

“The Airport Security Guard” John: Look ma’am. I just want an autograph from you. You are one of my favorite celebrities.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: How about you air mail that pen and notebook first class to Carmella DeCesare’s Fan Club and I’ll make sure I give you my autograph free of charge? I’ll even ship you a free coupon for a dozen donut at Dunkin’ Donuts. And no I am not trying to be a smart ass.

“The Airport Security Guard” John: What is the difference of signing an autograph now and signing an autograph later?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Right now, I’m a tired gal. Later on, I won’t be as tired. Isn’t that just obvious or is it just me?

“The Airport Security Guard” John: Forget that I ever ask for your autograph then.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Alright, alright. I give in. I’m just going to sign my name. I’m not going to write anything more than my name.

“The Airport Security Guard” John: That is just fine by me.

Picture This: Carmella scribbles her name on the notepad and hands it back to the security guard. She walks through the metal detector and sets off the metal detector.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Damn it! I can’t stand these dumb metal detectors.

“The Airport Security Guard” John: You’re the one setting them off and you are standing here saying you can’t stand them? Funny and ironic statement don’t you think?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Has it ever occur to you that for a minimum paying worker, you sure as hell talk way too much. Its men with mouths like you that end up working the metal detectors on passengers for the rest of their lives!

“The Airport Security Guard” John: Why don’t you just kiss my fat ass then Princess?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Ewww… gross. The sight of you just makes me want to vomit. I’m getting the hell out of here right this instant!

Picture This: Carmella walks quickly away from the metal detector and walks over to the bag check area and gets her LV bag. She walks quickly away from the security guard and takes a seat at the waiting area for her flight. As Carmella is waiting for her flight to arrive in Los Angeles, California, she takes out a magazine that was stored neatly in her LV bag and begins to read it for the next twenty five minutes. After twenty five minutes, an announcement on the PA system that says the following message is heard. Attention all passengers, Flight 401 has been delayed for another hour or so. Please visit local restaurants, fast food places and gift shops to help the time elapse.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I swear, this has got to be the worst trip I have ever taken across the United States. But I have to admit though. Being on the Tyra Banks show was definitely a highlight of my whole trip. Having a confrontation with Lita however was not what I call fun. Damn, I’m still pissed from that slap that evil witch gave me. That nasty whore is going to get it. Even if it means I gotta break up her happy marriage with the big boss or even screwing up her relationship with her brother Shannon. Well, actually Lita is getting to rocky starts with her brother. I mean after all, even her brother’s friend Corbin wishes and hopes that I beat her ass come Sunday night. It’s interesting to see how people get when they crave Carmella.

Picture This: Just then as Carmella was thinking to herself, a gift shop across from her caught her eye. She closed the magazine and placed it neatly back into her LV bag. She then zippered the bag and got up from her seat. Slowly, but surely, Carmella made her way into the gift shop. Once Carmella was in the gift shop, she walked towards the end of the store. She sets her eyes on a mini replica of the EBWF Women’s Champion Title Belt.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Excuse me! Can someone help me in this store.

Picture This: Suddenly, a salesperson that works in the store comes running from the front of the store to the end of the store where Carmella is located. He straightens out his suit and then in a loud and clear tone, he begins to speak.

“The Man in Black” Justin: Good late afternoon madam. How may I help you and make your shopping experience in this gift shop at the airport a valuable and not time consuming one?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: What is with this airport and the word madam? Don’t you people think that we, the customers are going to get tired of hearing you men address us the way you do? Okay, whatever. Be a doll and bring down the mini replica of the Women’s Championship Title down from the shelf.

Picture This: The salesperson does exactly what Carmella orders him to do. He slowly extends his arms to the shelf and grabs a hold of the Women’s Championship Title Belt. Once he gets a hold of the title, he gives it to Carmella.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: I cannot believe this fake piece of metal is known to an average person as the Women’s Championship Title. But you know what; this heavy piece of rusty metal will be a perfect gift for that man whore Lita when she loses the real Women’s Championship Title belt. But for a cheap whore like herself, this shall do. And if anything, if the nasty whore doesn’t want another present from yours truly, I’m sure Torrie Wilson won’t mind it too much.

“The Man in Black” Justin: I’m sure your friends will be thrilled with the present you picked out for them.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Please, excuse yourself. The names Lita and Torrie Wilson are names of people that are far from being my friends. Both these two little people are cheap, poor, and dress and act as if they came straight out of the alley dumpster. I don’t associate myself with dirty kittens like that.

“The Man in Black” Justin: The name Lita sounds like a decent name.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: You know something, when I say the name Lita; it sounds pretty decent to a shit load of people. Lita is a conceited and manipulative individual. She has her head so far up her ass that even she doesn’t know how disgusting she really is to people. When I think of the name Lita and the person with the name, it makes my blood boil. Hell, I want to get back at her for all the cheap kicks and slaps she did to me during our little confrontation.

“The Man in Black” Justin: Oh damn…

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh damn is right but save your little oh damn for when I truly beat the crap out of her. I don’t take kicks and slaps lightly. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get disqualified for beating her to the point where she has severe injuries. But I guess that’s what she will have to accept in war with Carmella Sunday night. You do know what I mean right?

“The Man in Black” Justin: Ugh… Not exactly…

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Sunday night… Survivor Series… You even have big posters pinned up all over this airport. You don’t look informed at all….

“The Man in Black” Justin: Oh those posters… I know about those posters. I didn’t know what you meant. I’ve see your face on those posters and a Blondie in the background.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh you mean Barbie doll Torrie Wilson? That skank is not in me league. I am extremely insulted actually to have yet another encounter with her so soon. I know all of Torrie’s weaknesses. Her biggest weakness is the fact that she does not know how to handle pressure and a few kicks to the head. I cannot imagine Torrie Wilson outwrestling me ever again. And I am almost quite certain that I have shut this bitch up on numerous occasions. But hey, I’m a woman of action. Talk is extremely cheap and not my style. But anyway, give me two replica Women’s Championship Title belts. I’ll give one each to my losing opponents’ tomorrow night. It’s the least I can do when those bitches loses to the best darn looking diva anyone has ever laid eyes on.

“The Man in Black” Justin: That ma’am I must agree with.

Picture This: Carmella smiles at the salesperson and gives him her VISA platinum credit card. The salesperson wraps the presents nicely in tissue paper and places each title belt in a separate paper bag. After Carmella little “shopping spree”, she walks back to the waiting area and waits for a few minutes before boarding her delayed flight.

Date: November 26, 2005
Place: The EBWF Arena
Scene Number: Four – Fashion/Make-Up Tips For Torrie Wilson!

Picture This:Once Carmella arrives back to the EBWF headquarters where Survivor Series will take place, the brunette beauty queen makes a grand entrance slowly into the EBWF arena. Once she enters the arena, Carmella walks down the hallways holding her sniff neck. As she continues to walk down the hallway, she stops right in front of a make-up artist applying make-up to an unfamiliar face to the EBWF backstage area. Carmella folds her arms in front of her and taps her foot on the ground a few times to get the attention of the make-up artist and the person she is applying make-up to.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: Oh hey Carmella. I didn’t even see you there.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: First of all, who the hell are you? Secondly, do not talk to me like you know me ‘cause sweetie you know nothing about me.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: My apologies. I’m Rebecca, a newly hired make-up artist for the divas in EBWF. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally. I do admire your great skin.

Picture This: Rebecca extends her hand out to shake Carmella’s hand. Carmella hesitates at first, but then extends her hand out and looks as if she was going to shake Rebecca’s hand. Just when the two ladies were going to shake hands, Carmella takes her hand and runs it through her soft brown hair. To Rebecca’s surprise, she was fooled by the Playboy princess.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Yeah... I’m THE Carmella DeCesare and I don’t shake hands with girls who have absolutely no idea how to apply on make-up onto people or themselves.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: Pardon me but I got a degree in cosmetics and make-up in college. I think I know what I am doing.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh really now? Is that so? It really doesn't show that you spent four years of your life learning about make-up and good looks. Well I guess you will be of good use for little girls such as Torrie Wilson.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: Torrie Wilson? Oh I’ve heard about her. She seems like a nice person.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Yeah, only to the naïve and those who can’t get any friends. You are in the same boat as Torrie. You both need some fashion and even make-up tips from moi.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: I don’t think I need tips, but let’s here what types of tips you got for someone like Torrie Wilson since I might have to apply make-up on her face later on the night.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Wow, if you are seriously going to apply some make-up on Torrie then you are going to need a really mean concealer to cover all faults and the bruises I will surely give her tomorrow night.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: I said I might be helping her with her appearance later. It is not definite.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well if you are make sure you apply tons and ton of concealer on that girl. She needs it.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: Then what?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Apply a dark blush to her cheeks. Torrie has such a pale face that it makes people vomit when they see her. Use a red shade of blush and just apply it to her cheeks non-stop.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: If I apply too much blush on one person, she will look like a clown.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: And your point is? Gosh, clowns looks better than Torrie! I mean at least clowns have a fairly equal amount of make-up applied to their faces. Torrie on the other hand... I don't know what you would call a silly girl like her when she applies on make-up. Maybe the words cheap whore best suits her. But do go right ahead and OD with the blush. She’ll scare less people afterwards.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: And what about eyeliner?

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Eyeliner? Personally, I believe after the black eye I will give her, applying the eyeliner will only make the black eye more visible. Hmm… on second though, yeah, do apply a thick line of eyeliner to the poor girl. At least then something about her will be visible.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: You can be such a funny diva when you talk about make-up.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: And make sure you don’t apply any type of lipstick or lip gloss on Torrie. Rumor has it that she likes to eat lip gloss. If you don’t want to be mistaken as the girl that steals lip gloss from the company, I would hide all types of lip gloss from Torrie.

”The Talented Make-Up Girl” Rebecca: Thanks for the concern. I’ll make sure I take that bit of advice.

“The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: And since I am such a dazzling person, make sure you tell Torrie that if she does not want the whole world to see that she gained some weight since her last appearance with me in the ring, then tell her to put on as much dark clothing as she possibly can. No one wants her to disgrace the company name anymore. I’m a concerned employee that just wants the best for the company I chose to be a part of. I am also very well aware that not everyone can have the Carmella DeCesare body. After all, there is a reason why I am the only diva named Playmate of the Year. Ugly and fat divas should really try to hide themselves as much as possible. Torrie is primary the reason why I make this statement. But don’t worry. I’m going to put her in her place very soon and I’m gonna feel good doing it too! Have fun with your make-up adventures. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll apply some make-up on you, cuz girl we all need to be Carmella-ified!

Picture This: Carmella waves her right hand at Rebecca and then continues to walk through the hallway. Just when Carmella takes a few steps away from the make-up area, she turns around and throws a lip gloss at Rebecca who quickly catches it before the lip gloss hits her in the eye. Carmella smiles and then turns back around and walks through the quiet hallway once again.

Date: November 26, 2005
Place: The EBWF Ring w/the Carmella Fans
Scene Number: Five – It’s Gonna Get Hot... It’s Gonna Get Heavy!

Picture This: "I’m Sprung" by Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain begins blasting on the EBWF PA System! The EBWF fans are going wild when this new entrance song is blazin' through the arena. The arena turns pitch black, as a bright white spotlight begins to travel on the top ramp where the EBWF superstars and divas come out from. In a few seconds, bright pink and white lights begin to flicker towards the direction of the top ramp. The gorgeous brunette beauty Carmella DeCesare walks slowly onto the top ramp as the spotlight is set straight on her. The lovely diva is wearing as seen wearing a light blue denim jean skirt and a white sleeveless top with a pink playboy bunny in the center of the tank along with some natural colored make-up on her face. She has her hair straighten with honey brown and light red highlights and has her hair parted in the center. The EBWF fans also see Carmella wearing a pair of pastel pink stilettos, with a matching handbag, along with a Playboy necklace and charm bracelet. The Playboy Goddess appears on the top ramp blowing a kiss into the crowd as she poses for a few moments.

”EBWF’s Singing Latina” Lilian Garcia
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation! It is my pleasure to introduce to you a True EBWF Diva. She is the 2004 Playmate of the Year, the Diva Search Runner-Up and One Really Ghetto Chick! Please welcome... Miss. Carmella Danielle DeCesare!!

Picture This: Carmella walks down the ramp looking at the EBWF crowd. She takes her time and walks up the steel steps. Carmella walks up the steel steps; holds the ropes down for herself and enters the ring, walking toward the center of the ring. The Playmate raises her arms highly in the air and then smiles at the EBWF Fans. Carmella looks toward the direction of Lilian Garcia and then Lilian proceeds to walk towards the direction of Carmella. Lilian gives Carmella a microphone, and once Carmella has possession of the microphone, Carmella raises Lilian and her arms in the air. In a few moments, Lilian begins to walk towards the ropes of the ring. Carmella winks at Lilian then pauses for a few seconds for the crowd to settle down and begins to put the microphone in front of her glossy, cherry lips to speak.

"The Sizzlin’ Playboy Goddess" Carmella DeCesare
You know, just when people thought I had finally hit rock bottom, I surprised them all by once again getting back into the game and going straight to the top. I will let it be known that I am probably one of the, if not THE most hated diva in this business industry and I love every minute of it. The publicity I get for getting hated on is unbelievable. I know that the reason why I am hated on by other divas such as Stephanie McMahon, Maria, Trish Stratus and so on because they cannot be me nor compare to me in any way, shape or form possible. The rest of the divas are just normal people who try to put on a good show for the EBWF fans. Unlike me, I don’t need to try so hard that I am killing myself to give a good performance to my fans. It comes naturally and that is what the hatred is all about. After all, it is clearly known that I also get all the boys and men drooling over me daily. That’s just how it is and there isn’t one person that can ever change that fact. Oh don’t I sound cocky right about now? You’re damn right I am cocky. I have every reason to be too! Shoot, just look at me!

Last week on SmackDown before I started getting a wrapped up busy schedule, I participated in a Triple Threat Match with none other than Stephanie McMahon and Maria as my opponents. Now if I remember correctly, Stephanie McMahon, also known as the town whore said she was going to be on top of the world and I quote “beat me in the match.” Yeah, we all saw the success Stephy Pooh Bear had with trying to out wrestle someone totally out of her league. You’re feeling stupid now don’t you? Your fate in this business Stephy is already set. You are nothing but wasted space backstage on your part. It’s in just a matter of time that I weed out the weaklings in the back. You see the way I see things, it doesn’t matter how much crap you say now a days Stephanie. It’s all just a load of bull crap. But from a perfect diva to a filthy rich bitch, try not to take what I say about you to heart as I know you did last time. Your loud mouth and disorganized comments from last time proved that I pissed off a McMahon. Just swallow your pride and realize that your time of superstardom is done. You have lost the flavor and there is absolutely no way on this earth that you will ever get your groove back. After all, this place is no place for a spoiled rich brat like yourself. Our last encounter in the ring is a perfect example of money cannot buy you a win against the Playboy Goddess. You should really be more like Maria. This rookie lost badly to me and she has kept her mouth shut since the day she lost to me. Maria is scared and she isn’t afraid to prove it which saves her from another deadly ass kicking. Try that and make I’ll spare your pathetic career the next time I enter the ring with your sorry ass again.

Sunday night on Survivor Series, I, Carmella Danielle DeCesare have received another chance to redeem myself in front of my bosses Wes and Tony Ikeda, my male and female co-workers and my fans of course. I will go head to head in a match with the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation’s Women’s Champion Lita again, but this time in a Three-Way Elimination Match with another opponent known to you all as Torrie Wilson. Carmella DeCesare against Lita against Torrie Wilson is one match that will be making headlines this week don’t you think? -The EBWF Fans Begins To Cheer- I do not wish to sound cocky and what not but I just have this feeling that no matter what the costs and consequences are, during Sunday night, I am going to deliver one hell of a show and capture the EBWF Women’s Championship Title. After all the Women's title is just screaming out my name. It's saying to me... Carmella, beat Lita senseless and capture the title. Carmella, beat the crap out of Torrie and don't let her get close to the Women's Title. And no, you morons, I am not crazy. You are though if you don't think I'll be walking away out of this ring at Survivor Series as the EBWF Women's Champion. To be honest, I believe that one lost to Lita for the EBWF Women’s Championship is enough to last my whole career. I hate losing so I’m making sure it does not happen again… especially not losing to Lita and/or Torrie Wilson. So I guess losing is not going to be an option during my match with those two chumps.

Now Lita, I am not a sore loser. I am actually a very well respected individual who have worked hard to get this far. Therefore I will let it be known that you did very well in defeating me the last time we stepped foot in the ring together. I guess that means, one point for me for whooping your behind the first time we had a match together and one point for you for beating me the very last time we entered the ring together. It's even and come Sunday night, that match will be the tie breaker. Also, I am sure you will be thrilled to know that I want to have the upper hand when it comes to you. I mean you retained the EBWF Women’s Championship Title and that’s what really counts in this stage of the game right? But that is as far of a compliment you will ever receive from me. Furthermore, I hate to burst your little air filled bubble but I am here and ready to gun you down. Let me introduce to you my philosophy on you Lita. You are a walking target. You even have a red dot pinned to your body indicating to the divas of this company that you are a target. I’m gonna get you one way or another and I’m gonna get you good. After all, I am not going to go down without going down from a brawl. I’ve proven myself to you before that I am not just another pretty face in this line of business. Yeah, I’ve been in Playboy numerous times, so what? I have proven to you and many of the other EBWF divas that I am serious about wrestling when I need to be. I am somebody and I always mean business. There are so many perks that you received in your career that most people believe you did not deserve. Hell, you would be the last person to ever deserve the EBWF Women’s Championship Title. How could someone with absolutely no class and life by the rules of the Stone Ages be so well known is beyond my knowledge. Your talk of independent and breaking free of the cycle of the woman having to look upon the man for her needs and wants is absolutely ridiculous and stupid. I would like to introduce the word hypocrite to you. How independent are you when I mention the name Shannon Moore and you get all shook up. Besides, you are too caught up with your brother’s personal affairs. I’m sure you would like to know once again that earlier before; I met up with your brother Shannon Moore. I expected your brother to be an ass, like you but he wasn’t. It’s pretty hard to tell that you two are actually siblings. I mean unlike you Shannon actually deserves to be an EBWF Champion. And you? We both know that you are not true champion material. We put your name underneath the title so we can’t say the Women’s Title is vacant. I’m sure by now you should know that Shannon and I are on good and speaking terms. And no. No matter what you try to do, you ain’t gonna change that. Don’t think about having him assist you in our match or fill his head with useless thoughts either. It’s not going to work. Not now, not ever. Shannon is a grown ass man and he does not need to answer to a no good druggie look-alike like you. And I’m sure by now, you are probably either sitting or standing backstage outraged by the fact that your brother and I have had some close contact with each other, but you know what I don’t really give a crap. Don’t let that anger and surprise look upon your face make you lose concentration on our match though. After all, I know you didn’t think you were going to be the Women’s Champion forever now did you? Remember this Lita. You are a veteran in this fast and furious game. Your old age and wrinkles is not a match for me, the young and the restless. I have the heart, the drive and the blood thirst desire to take you down and make sure you can’t get back up even if you tried hard. The young and the beautiful are catching up to you and I am ready to take the spotlight right from underneath you. And don’t think I forgot our little encounter earlier before during the backstage area of the Tyra Banks Show. Every kick you made to me is going to be a kick I return to you in this very ring. I am what is known to be H.B.G.C. Hard Body Ghetto Chick. I don’t play, especially after you tried to take me down. You are lucky I let you sucker punch me but I guarantee you that after this moment, there will be no more Miss. Nice Carmella. And just so we are crystal clear, this feud between you and I am not finished until I say it’s over! If you thought our feud was over, you have another thing coming to ya. And coming this Sunday, your ass is grass! The Lita Era will be doomed! And oh no; it’s not a threat. It’s just a guaranteed promise!

From one Playboy bunny to another, you really need to lighten up. And for my amusement, I am going to introduce to you two key words. Those key words are the prey and predator. You are the prey and I am the predator and I’m gonna get you and take you down. After all, it's wrestling talks and the bullshit will walk. Fists and kicks will be flying this Sunday night once we all step foot into the ring together. The weakling or weaklings will be taken out of the ring really quick. The stronger ones will possibly survive a little longer but I, Carmella DeCesare am the strongest. As far as my knowledge, the strongest of them all will be the last one left standing. So say a little prayer for yourselves because I’m ready to rock and roll in this ring. I’m going to take out both Lita and Torrie Wilson alive in the middle of this ring. After all, I have the ultimate desire to be the Next EBWF Women’s Champion and I am going to make sure this time around I accomplish my goal!

Picture This: "I’m Sprung" by Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain is blasting on the EBWF PA System once again and as pink and white lights flicker above the ring. Carmella drops the microphone besides her. She then smiles into the crowd and blows a kiss into the crowd. She raises her arms highly in the air once again as a bright spotlight is on her. She leaves the ring and proceeds to walk up the ramp and then back to her personal locker room.

Date: November 26, 2005
Place: The EBWF Arena; Backstage
Scene Number: Six – Gloating Is Carmella Speciality!

Picture This: After Carmella DeCesare’s in-ring appearance, the lovely diva quietly makes her way backstage by the television big screen. She stands a few feet away from the big screen and is getting ready for one of her opponents to come out to the ring and bash her. Carmella stands with her hands and on her hips and unexpectedly the cutie himself Josh Matthews taps Carmella. In a shock surprise, Carmella jumps and turns around to see Josh Matthews.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh Josh. Thank goodness it is you and not some creepy old man. You scared me half to death for a moment.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: -Josh laughs to himself- Sorry there sweetness. Didn’t mean to frighten you there. I thought you would have felt my presence from behind. Silly me. But anyway, how’s it hanging with you? I haven’t seen you around the arena in quite some time.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh, that’s because I have been busy. I just came back from a “business” trip to Los Angeles. It was such a long flight and what not. I was just going to be lazy and actually go back to my hotel room and just rest until tomorrow night, but I thought to myself that if I did that, I would be disappointing the fans. Plus, I was not going to let Lita and Torrie Wilson bash the hell out of me and my presence is no where to be found.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: It’s funny how you just jumped into talking about Lita and Torrie Wilson.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Yeah well, even on a business trip I have to see Lita’s ugly face. As for Torrie’s plastic looks, they are all over the billboards that are advertising our match tonight. I can’t believe the marketing advertisement industries decided to put my face next to a fake plastic Blondie’s face. It is such an insult on my part.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: They are just trying to get more people to pay for the pay-per0view tomorrow night. How are you feeling about getting another EBWF Women’s Championship Title shot so soon?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: In a way, I was and still am a bit surprised. But then again, if Wes and Tony Ikeda decided to give me another chance, they must believe that I have potential and I have what it takes to turn this female division around. I gotta admit. I am very lucky to have such great bosses and no I am not trying to suck up. I don’t have reason to suck up actually. And on top of it all, it is not in my nature to suck up. It’s normally people like you that suck up to me.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: People like me eh…

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh, I am just teasing Josh. Don’t take it personal. I am just trying to have some fun before my huge match that is coming up. People around here are always so up-tight. Lighten up! Gosh, it’s a good thing I am a part of the EBWF family. I tend to lighten up the mood around here.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: I can see that. Anyway, let’s talk a bit more about your match that will take place that Survivor Series.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well I’ll start off by answering one of your millions of questions Josh. First and foremost, I do not fell intimated by two old gals that I will have to outwrestle for the chance of a lifetime and that is to be the EBWF Women’s Champion. I am well aware that Lita is a long time diva in this business industry. Some say she has paved the road for young and talented girls like me, but in all honestly, let’s get real. Lita is not all that she and other people make her out to be. I love to beg to differ about her paving the road for young talents like myself. I paved the road for myself. No one held a gun at me and said “Carmella, you must go into the wrestling business.” I was the one who made the decision as to join the EBWF team. And on top of it all, I worked my pretty ass off to get to the point that I am today. No one gave me anything on a silver platter nor will anyone ever give me anything on a silver platter. Lita is a strong competitor but I can see from recent studies that her talent is weakening. I have found Lita’s weak spot and that’s basically her family. When you mention the name Shannon Moore… don, don, don… Lita begins to feel uncomfortable and gets extremely defensive. Much props goes out to Shannon for having that power over his sister. Even I don’t have that kind of power over anyone.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: So how does Torrie Wilson tie in with being old.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Good heavens. That name Torrie Wilson irks me to death. Damn, I should really publish a book about Torrie Wilson, but unfortunately there isn’t enough paper in the world for me to write about what a lying and goodie too shoes that bitch really is. Oh, I’m Torrie Wilson and tonight I am going to wear something I stole from a homeless lady and call the outfit from Pinky’s Closet. I swear the name Pinky sounds like something a mouse would wear. –Carmella chuckles.- Oh please. The problem with Torrie Wilson is the fact that she is too wrapped up with dumb shit. She is trying to save her dignity and talk down upon those who have been in Playboy, but she was a former Playboy reject herself. What kind of bullshit is that my dear?

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: Well I don’t know…

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: It’s strictly Torrie Wilson’s type of bullshit. I am so sick of Torrie Wilson and her big mouth. I mean, let’s not forget the fact that her breath is kicking when she speaks but half the crap that she tries to fill the EBWF fans’ head with is useless trash talk. She’s on that same good shit that Lita is always on. “I am an EBWF diva and I must be independent.” I’m surprised that we don’t have viewers suing our asses off left and right. And you know what; I’m going to point out the similarities of Torrie Wilson and Lita.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: What similarities are we talking about here?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Both these “independent” soldiers just so happened to have to sleep with the bosses to make their way to the top. Is that what old bitches have to do these days? If it is then I am most definitely going to quit this business and this line of work before I hit the age thirty. And no matter how much both Lita and Torrie Wilson want to deny it; they are both gold diggers with absolutely no talent what so ever, but hey. If they can satisfy the big boss, why wouldn’t he keep them around? Are you feeling my drift?

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: You are just tearing both Lita and Torrie Wilson up tonight aren’t you?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Oh please. I was just warming up! I am far from down. My only thing with Lita is she is a deaf bitch. I mean, you gotta act and talk extremely slow with that chick. There is like absolutely no way around her deafness. And you know what, from all the ass kickings she has received in her lifetime, I am not surprised that she has such a lost of hearing. Not to mention, if you take a good look at Lita up close and personal as I have had to on numerous occasions unwillingly might I add, Lita looks really handicapped. Lita is the prime example of why scientists believe human beings are in such close relations with apes, gorillas and monkeys. She has all the features of an ape and I bet you if she was to see a banana in your hand, she’ll go nuts and wild to eat it. I’ll be bringing a couple of bananas with me to the ring tomorrow night just to try to simmer Lita down when I need to.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: -Josh cannot help himself but laugh to himself.-

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: As for Torrie Wilson? Oh man. I have so much shit to say about Torrie Wilson that is will probably take all day and all night long. This bitch is straight up tripping if I was to summarize her. Torrie has the nerve to make me sound uneducated and unprofessional with those gap teeth of hers. Just because I am different from the other divas this business has ever seen, I am known as the bitch. Oh well. I am not here to please no one. I am different and I am unique. The bottom line still remains that I am not going to let anyone walk all over me. I am a true survivor. And unlike Torrie, I do not need to listen to every word that comes out of my opponents’ mouth to try coming up with play out comments in the middle of the ring. All this Carmella said this; Carmella said that from Torrie’s mouth in the past has really gotten on my damn nerve. It’s truly like bitch, if I didn’t come out here and tell you what I truly think of you, then you would have absolutely nothing to say about me right? To top it all off and I know this is going to sound mean coming from me and really arrogant of me but I just do not give a damn. Torrie loves to flap her gums about being voted as EBWF’s favorite diva and have earned so many titles on being such a top diva in this business but you know something. That is in the past and she was only the “top diva” back then because I wasn’t in EBWF. The fact of the matter is people would choose to see me any day and would choose me over Torrie just about during any time. And I know Torrie loves to exercise her right to talk a load of trash about me, but all that trash talk is due to jealous. So from Carmella to Torrie, exercise your right to fall back. Relax and chill the hell out. You are nothing in this business industry and its best that you stop hating for no reason.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: I don’t know what it is, but all the divas around here are just hating on you these days.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: It’s all due to jealousy. Bitches are jealous of me. Once I stepped foot into this business, I know I was going to have problems. I saw how these hungry and dirty girls were looking at me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are plotting to destroy me somehow as we speak. But you know what, it’s all good. Because when it is all said and done, I know that these divas will not and have not broken me into pieces just yet. I’m holding on and I will keep holding on.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: I see that you are a strong person and I am sure nothing and no one will get in your way.

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: Well thank you Michael. Your support means a lot to me. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the public. I, Carmella DeCesare will be coming out with a fashion line. That’s right. I have been working with some high executive producers in the New York City area and they love my style, my attitude and my outlook on life. And I will be working on a fashion line known as “Miss. Diva!” with the byline of “Ooh La La Carmella” coming REAL soon. Be on the look out.

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: Is it a fashion line only for females?

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: At first yes, but I am working on making some sexy suits and clothing gear for the male population as well. So I guess I do have a lot to gloat about right!

“The EBWF Cutie Pie” Josh Matthews”: You got it!

”The Playboy Goddess” Carmella DeCesare: ‘Cause I just got it like that!

Picture This: Carmella DeCesare and Josh Matthews laughs at Carmella’s last comment. Then, Josh is seen whispering something in Carmella’s ear and she nods. They are both then seen walking away from the backstage area. The EBWF cameras begins to slowly fade away.