The scene opens as Julie Chen stands in front of the big bay window that overlooks a yard and a house. In front of the house stands eight people all carrying duffle bags with their names on it.

Julie: Welcome to Big Brother eight. I知 Julie Chen and I値l be your host throughout this summer long competition. This year like years prior we have some major twist planned out. For you know in the big brother house to expect the unexpected, no one is ever safe. For the first time in the history of big brother half of the housemates will be celebrities. They are professional wrestlers lent to us by the WWE. Come let痴 let our houseguests into the house right now.

The feed switches to one that is panning across the four men and four women standing on the steps of the big brother house.

Julie: (over an intercom) Hello Houseguests.

Group: Hi Julie

Julie: Houseguests you will be let into the house in two groups of three and the last group being of two. You will have two minutes to find a bed and sit on that bed claiming it as yours for the rest of your stay at the big brother house, and then the next group will enter the house. Houseguests are you ready for a summer of twists and turns at every corner?

Group: Yeah!

Julie: Okay, we have randomly selected the first three people to enter the big brother house to be Brooke, Tammi, and John.

A tall volumcious brunette picks up a duffle bag that is at her feet and scurries into the house. After her a petite raven haired girl follows; while bringing up the rear is a tall muscular brunette wearing camouflage cargo shorts and a black shirt. The three of them drop their bags by the door so not to be weighed down as they run through the house looking for the best beds. The petite raven haired girl is the first to decide on a bed, choosing a room with four full sized beds. The brunette man quickly also chooses a bed in the same room. While choosing a more semiprivate room, a room which had two twin beds was the last of the houseguests in the first group. While the cameras are returning to the stairs outside the house.

Julie: (over an intercom) The next three houseguests to enter the big brother house will be Toni, Edge, and Hunter.

The next three houseguests enter the house, and see how the first three houseguests had dumped their bags by the door so that they could move about the house more swiftly in search of a room, and decided to do the same. Chucking their bags creating a pile by the door, the two blonde men heading off in one direction while the tall muscular blonde woman made her way on her own. The two men found the room with the raven haired girl and the brunette man to be satisfactory claiming the last two beds in that room. The blonde woman runs through the house trying to decide if she wants to join the brunette girl or take one of the other two rooms. She finally decides to join the brunette. And once again the cameras go to the front of the house.

Julie: (over an intercom) And finally Victoria and Carlito you may enter the house.

The last two house guests enter the house and decide to hold onto their duffle bags and walk through the house trying to find an empty room. To their surprise they find two rooms completely empty. One room has three army cots set up, while the other had two sets of bunk beds. They both end up picking the room with the bunk beds.

Julie: (over an intercom in the house) Now that you致e all picked out your rooms make yourself at home; get to know each other and I値l get back to you in a bit.

The houseguests leave their rooms and return to the front door and gather their duffle bags and take them into their rooms. As they all gather at the front door the larger of the blonde men makes a suggestion to the other houseguests.

Hunter: why don稚 we all unpack later and meet up in the living room and introduce ourselves.

The houseguests all throw their duffle bags into the rooms they had chosen and head back to the living room.

Hunter: well I guess I値l start things off. My name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, I知 38 and from Greenwich Connecticut.

The brunette male in the cargo fatigues is up next.

John: I知 John, a 30 year old from West Newbury Massachusetts. I have four brothers and am the first rapping wrestler in the WWE.

Brooke: My name is Brooke, I知 24 and hail from Tuscan Arizona. I知 a single mother of the cutest little one year old boy named Chase.

After the brunette beauty said her piece, the muscular blonde stands up and walks to the center of the room.

Toni: Some of you may recognize me from shows such as Paradise Hotel and Love Cruise Maiden Voyage. I知 a 33 year old bartender from Chicago Illinois, and will probably be your biggest competition here so beware.

Carlito: That痴 not cool, heh. The name is Carlito Caribbean Cool from San Juan Puerto Rico. I知 the 28 year old host of Carlito痴 Cabana and the star of the WWE.

Edge: I知 the Rated R Superstar Edge, I知 33 years old and am originally from Toronto Ontario but now reside in Tampa Florida.

Victoria: I知 Victoria a project manager specialist for Boeing, from Cerritos California, and I知 22 years old.

Tammi: I guess that leaves me my name is Tammi. I知 a 22 year old student from Artesia California, I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher. And well I do recognize Toni, cause I知 a reality TV junkie, and I also recognize all of you guys cause I enjoy watching wrestling as well, and oddly enough I know Victoria.

Julie: (over an intercom) Houseguests now that you have gotten to know each other a little I知 sure you are all wondering why there are extra beds in the house. The twists this season is that there are five houseguests sequestered upstairs.

Upstairs in a room in the big brother house sequestered sits two large men and three women. The room they are sitting in contains two large couches and a big screen television. The houseguests sit and watch on the big screen as the big brother logo fades away and Julie appears on the screen.

Julie: Hello houseguests. Among the eight houseguests downstairs, there are five people who you know. It may be a friend, a rival, or someone you have unfinished business with, but you will be spending the summer with this person.

The screen then changes to a feed of what is going on downstairs.

Audra: Oh there痴 my best friend! And my other friend!

Batista: I guess Edge is my rival seeing as he made it so that as long as he痴 champion I couldn稚 be champion.

Maria: I think I see my unfinished business that looks like my half sister Brooke. We haven稚 talked in over a year. What about you two? See a friend, rival, or unfinished business?

Randy: Lets see I have unfinished business with Cena, I want his title. Edge after he turned on me could be considered my rival and friends I don稚 see any friends down there

Batista: How about you? *he says turning the stout woman on his right* Who do you see?

Meanwhile downstairs the eight houseguests are left wondering who is upstairs.

Tammi: I hope its my bestest, cause she loves wrestling and for the two of us to spend the summer with wrestlers would be like a dream come true.

Toni: I hope its not that ass Dave from Paradise Hotel, cause that would be awful to be stuck with him all summer.

Edge: Well the WWE must be sending in more wrestlers lets see who else could they have chosen lets just hope its not Umaga or the Great Khali

John: Or Orton, his ego is so huge that it would take up the entire house.

Julie: (over an intercom) Houseguests, the five hidden houseguests are now watching your every movement just to let you know. But please prepare for the first Head of Household competition.

Hunter: What痴 the head of household?

Tammi: It痴 the person that ultimately holds the power of the house in their hands. Its up to the HOH to nominate two fellow houseguests up for nomination. Not to mention they get cool perks such as their own room with a private bathroom, a letter from home, and other little things in their room.

Carlito: Well then I will be this Head of Household.

Brooke: Julie said there is going to be a competition to determine the Head of Household.

Toni: Besides if anyone is going to be HOH its me.

Tammi: I知 just not looking forward to the food competitions. I mean I知 fine with whatever we win, but to be on PB&J or slop would be miserable.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Toni: What did you think this was like the real world? You池e not going to be living the plush life here. *Toni said snidely*

Julie: (over an intercom)Houseguests, will you please report to the backyard to begin the first head of household competition.

The eight houseguests walk out to the backyard to see four treadmills set up

Julie: Houseguests you will be competing in treadmills of terror. In pairs, one of you will jog on the treadmill there are eight different speeds the other will be answering questions. The first person to answer the question will have the speed of the other teams treadmills increase, but if they answer incorrectly only the speed of their team痴 treadmill will increase. The pair to have their team on the treadmill wins.

The houseguests scurry to form pairs Hunter grabbing Tammi, Brooke and Carlito forming a pair, and John nodding over to Edge in agreement that they壇 work together. Leaving Toni there standing looking over at Victoria. The groups then decide which of the pairs would be answering the questions and which would be running on the treadmills. It was decided that Hunter, Carlito, Toni, and John would be running on the treadmills, so they took their places each on one of the four treadmills. Tammi, Brooke, Victoria, and John stood in front of the treadmills.

Julie: (Over an intercom) This talkshow host once starred in the movie hairspray.

Tammi: Ricki Lake

Julie: That is correct. Carlito, Toni, and Edge your treadmills will now increase one speed level. The next question is which band bared all on MTV in their music video What痴 my age again.

Brooke: Blink 182!

Julie: Correct, increase the speed on Hunter, Toni, and Edge痴 treadmills. On the sitcom Friends which of Ross痴 wives left him for someone else?

John: Carol!

Julie: Correct. Toni, Hunter, and Carlito increase the speed. Which artist recorded the lyric, 的知 like Moses with the mic as my staff/Layin down them Ten Commandments?

John: Kid Rock

Julie: John is on a roll, Toni, Hunter, and Carlito increase the speed yet again. So Edge is on speed 3, Hunter and Carlito are on speed 4 while Toni is on Speed 5. Red, Kitty, and Fez appear on what television show?

Just then Toni falls off of her treadmill

Julie: Toni and Victoria are out of the competition.

Tammi: That 70s show

Julie: Edge and Carlito increase your speeds. What are the names of the seven dwarfs?

John: Happy, Grumpy, Dopey , Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, and Sleepy.

Julie: Good, Hunter and Carlito once again increase your speed.

Just then Carlito stumbles and falls off of the treadmill

Julie: Brooke and Carlito you致e been eliminated from the competition. Two teams remain, Tammi and Hunter and John and Edge. What Playboy model played the role of Lisa, the Tool-Time girl, on Home Improvement?

John: Pamela Anderson

Julie: Correct, Hunter increase your speed. Edge痴 speed is now 4 while Hunter is speed 6. What celebrity was the victim of a now infamous wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl?

John: Janet Jackson

Julie: Correct, Hunter moves up to speed 7. which superhero is mentioned in or and image of this superhero is seen in every episode of the sitcom Seinfeld?

John: Superman

Julie: John is on a roll, and now Hunter moves up to the highest level.

As the treadmill increases speed Hunter痴 old injury, for years ago he had torn his quadriceps in a wrestling match, acted up causing Hunter to stumble and fall.

Julie: The winner of Treadmill Terror is Edge and John. And now we turn to our five hidden houseguests leaving it up to them .

The cameras go to the five sequestered houseguests upstairs in the big brother house, who are sitting watching the HOH competition

Ashlee: I think Edge should be Head of Household he did the most strenuous work.

Maria: But John had the harder job, he had to answer the questions.

Audra: I think John should win.

Randy: Edge

Batista: I guess I知 the tie breaker. John should be HOH.

The houseguests are filing back in from the backyard and sit back down on the couches in the living room.

Julie: (over an intercom) The five hidden houseguests not being able to participate in the Head of Household competition for the first time ever in the history of Big Brother will be safe from eviction and those houseguests have chosen John to be Head of Household. For some, this will be a summer of sleeping with your enemy. For others, the five hidden houseguests may help, or hinder, the houseguests' game play, but it is up to you to decide what the effect will be.

Edge: Heh I wonder who those bozos are that thought that John should be HOH over me?

Hunter: I don稚 know, maybe some scorned ex, Julie did say that this will be the summer of sleeping with your enemy.

Carlito: Maybe its one of your two ex wives Edge, or heck it could be Matt Hardy

Brooke: Who痴 Matt Hardy? Edge do you play for both teams?

Tammi: Matt Hardy is another wrestler, Edge just so happened to steal Matt痴 girlfriend Lita.

While the houseguests discuss the possibilities of who the hidden houseguests might be the five hidden houseguests are told that they can now go downstairs. As the hidden houseguests descend the spiral staircase down to the living room the other houseguests are shocked by who they see. Brooke looks as if she is about to cry, while John and Edge roll their eyes at the sight of Randy. Both Tammi and Victoria are excited to see Audra. As Ashlee brings up the rear she catches Tammi痴 eye and suddenly Tammi痴 excitement turns to shock. The hidden houseguests start to introduce themselves

Batista: Hi I知 Dave Batista, 38 from Washington DC.

Randy: Randy the legend killer Orton痴 the name third generation superstar at the tender age of 27 hailing from St Louis Missouri.

Maria: it痴 nice to meet you all, my name is Maria and I知 an aerobics instructor from Yuma Arizona. I知 30 years old and a married mother of two.

Audra: I知 Audra, and I知 22 years old from Cerritos California.

Ashlee: I知 Ashlee a waitress from Granite City Illinois.

John: **whispers to Tammi** hey what痴 wrong?

Tammi: The hidden houseguests I know two of them. One is my best friend, the other is a bitch who hates me.

John: Well not to worry **he says placing an arm around Tammi痴 shoulder** I doubt anyone would cause drama seeing as how we値l be having to live in such close quarters together.

Tammi: Well let痴 hope so. But frankly I知 not so sure Ashlee痴 not up to stirring up a little trouble. And to think that she痴 guaranteed another week here.

John: Don稚 worry let痴 get through this week.

Randy: **Walks up to John and Tammi** So Cena, what are you doing whispering over here in the corner?

John: Nothing at all

Randy: So yours was one of the faces that fell when we walked I知 guessing you must be the fat chick痴 either enemy or unfinished business

John: What makes you say that?

Randy: When we were all sharing who we spotted downstairs and that heifer wouldn稚 share if she recognized anyone. So tell me what did el gordo do to you? Try and eat you?

Tammi: **smirks** heehee no its just some stupid drama.

Audra: Hi Tammi Tammi: Sweetie! **Tammi says hugging Audra**

Audra: Isn稚 this great we get to spend the entire summer with them.

Tammi: I知 sure you were enjoying being upstairs with Tista

Randy: Tista hahaha

Tammi: Heehee sweetie did Victoria tell you who she痴 rooming with?

Audra: No, why who痴 she rooming with?

Tammi: heehee only the coolest person in the house.

Audra: No way! Carlito heheehe OoOoOoo that痴 funny. And who are you rooming with?

Tammi: Cena, Edge, and Triple H. OOoo shouldn稚 you guys be getting your beds.

Just as I said that Randy pushes through the crowd towards the bed rooms. Randy scores one of the bunk beds. Maria squeezes past Ashlee throwing herself onto the other bunk. Batista, Audra, and Ashlee walk into the room with the three cots and take in what will be their bedroom for the summer. Batista looks down at the cot and wonders how he will ever sleep comfortably on that little thing. The others return to their respective bedroom and start to unpack.

Tammi: John you shouldn稚 unpack. You won HOH. You値l get to spend the week upstairs in your own private room. With your own bathroom. **sigh**

Edge: what痴 with that dreamy sigh over a bathroom?

Tammi: Have you seen the bathroom? When you池e showering anyone can practically walk over and take a peak. It値l be absolutely mortifying and embarrassing.

John: Well how about this, as long as I知 HOH you can use that private bathroom, and I promise not to peak either.

Tammi: Really? John: yeah sure, its no big deal.

Tammi: Oh THANK YOU! **I say throwing my arms around him** Edge: How about a little lovin over here too.

John: Naw this one is mine, you can have Toni or Ashlee

Hunter: She was my partner

Tammi: You guys are too funny.

Julie: (Over an intercom) John can you please go to the diary room?

John leaves the room, while the others continue to unpack.

Tammi: I wonder when the first food competition is going to be?

Hunter: Yeah has anyone checked out the fridge?

Edge: No, I wonder if its empty.

Hunter: Maybe they値l let us go the first week with free food

Tammi: That壇 be nice

John enters the diary room and takes a seat on a monitor across from the overfilled easy chair is Julie Chen.

Julie: On the table next to the chair you are sitting in is a box will you open that box.

John opens the box to reveal a key on a string.

Julie: That is the key to the HOH bedroom, the only room in the house that can be locked. So why don稚 you go check out your new room upstairs.

John: Thanks Julie

John exits the diary room to find everyone had gathered in the living room waiting to find out why John was called into the diary room

Toni: So what happened? Why were you called into the diary room?

John: To give me the key to my new room. Come on lets go check it out.

John heads up the spiral staircase as everyone follows. John unlocks the door and walks into his HOH bedroom. The room is filled with pictures of his family and friends, a giant portrait of John hangs on the wall opposite of the bed. Laying across the California King sized bed is what looks to be a spinner belt but in the place of the WWE logo is the big brother logo.

Brooke: Oh look how cool a big brother championship belt! **Brooke said picking up the title looking at it**

Carlito: Look a mini bar fully stocked

Edge: And look at this basket full of chips, beef jerky

John: Stop looting my stuff! **John says as he grabs the beer Carlito was about to open from him and the beef jerky Edge was about to eat**

Tammi: **To Audra** Look at all these cool pictures with the other wrestlers! Its like awwww

Audra: Hello look who are you going to spend the summer with

Tammi: Yeah that痴 if I知 not evicted. You池e lucky you池e safe this week I could be nominated and out the door.

Audra: Why would you be nominated?

Tammi: I dunno, maybe John could see me as a threat for winning cause I致e followed the other big brother seasons. I know Ashlee will probably make a campaign to get me out of the house.

Audra: Ashlee is thee Ashlee? No wonder she didn稚 say who she was here for.

Tammi: Come on lets go check out the bathroom. In years past it痴 been awesome.

Everyone explores the HOH room taking in the great sites. Tammi and Audra are looking at the giant hot tub looking bathtub when Randy walks up behind the two of them.

Randy: How about when I知 HOH the three of us come and enjoy this bad boy?

Audra: heehee whatever you say **Audra said giving him a are you crazy look**

Tammi: If I知 still here.

Randy: What are you talking about of course you値l be here.

Tammi: I知 not guaranteed safety like you guys are this week.

Randy: Yeah but you and John seemed chummy when the two of you were whispering when we came downstairs.

Tammi: He was just being nice. You don稚 know he could still nominate me, or heck he could even backdoor me, by nominating two people one gets taken off because the power of veto and he puts me up and I知 gone.

Randy: You think too much you know that. Come on pretty ladies lets see if John will share some of that loot he has.

Julie: (over an intercom) Will everyone please report to the backyard immediately.

The houseguests all exit the HOH bedroom heading downstairs towards the backyard. Within the hour the treadmills had been removed and now in the middle of the basketball court sat a Cadillac Escalade and a tables full of food.

Julie: (over an intercom) Your mission is to fill the grocery bags with as much groceries as you can. Then you have to stuff yourselves as well as all of your groceries for the week into the Escalade and stay there for a minute. You will have four minutes to get as many groceries and yourselves in the Escalade. Ready houseguests?

Houseguests: Yeah!

Julie: (over an intercom) Then time starts NOW!

The houseguests scramble over to the tables and grab the paper grocery bags and start filling them with groceries. They stuff everything that was on the tables into the bags, somethings barely staying in the bags as they run over to the escalade. They start to pile in sitting on each other stuffing groceries in any empty space, the time is ticking down to the last ten seconds as the last door to the Escalade closes with everyone squished in.

Julie: (Over an intercom) Now that each of you and your groceries are in the car let the countdown begin.

The minute ticks down and a buzzer goes off, just as the houseguests were about to pile out of the car Julie comes on over the intercom again.

Julie: Houseguests you may not want to get out of the car just yet. The last person to exit the car will get to keep it, the only rules are that you can稚 sleep, smoke, or take a bathroom break.

John: Well I don稚 need another car I知 out.

Randy: Me either

Hunter: I知 going to go relax on the comfortable couch inside

Tammi: it痴 getting claustrophobic in here and we need to get this food inside the house.

Edge: Well I think I知 gonna leave you ladies to fight it out for the car.

Carlito: Hey! That is not cool! Carlito is no lady! **Carlito says quickly getting out of the car**

Hunter: I guess Davina over there needs to stay and try to win, seeing as how he sucks so bad in the ring and is always getting injured.

Batista: No, I知 heading out of the car right now

The guys and I head into the house carrying all of the groceries. I start to unpack the groceries as Carlito helps.

Hunter: So John who are you going to nominate for eviction?

John: Why don稚 we form a little alliance, get rid of the girls

Tammi: You do realize a girl is within earshot. I can hear what you guys are saying.

Edge: **edge walks over and puts his arm around Tammi taking the eggs from her and putting them back down on the counter** Not to worry you can be an honorary member of this all male alliance.

Randy: I知 in, so once we get rid of the girls its every man for himself?

Batista: Deal

Carlito: Sounds Cool to me, and I know cool.

John: Hunter? Tammi? You two in?

Hunter: Sure why not.

Tammi: One condition.

Edge: Yeah sure whenever we池e Head of Household you can use the private bathroom huh guys?

The rest of the guys nod their heads in agreement.

Tammi: Thanks but that痴 not what I was thinking.

Batista: Then what do you want? **Batista says a bit irritated at having to have a condition for Tammi to be apart of what obviously would be a powerful alliance.**

Tammi: Audra, we keep her in the house as long as possible.

Carlito: Why do you care when she leaves the house, don稚 you want to win?

Hunter: Are you stupid that痴 the best friend she was talking about it being great to spend the summer with. It痴 a deal.

Randy: So are you in or what?

Tammi: yeah.

John: Good now who should we nominate? We need to decide before any of the girls give up on the car?

Back outside in the backyard the girls sit in the Escalade.

Toni: You girls should just give up now, because I知 going to win this car.

Victoria: You mean like how you were going to be HOH

Toni: That痴 your fault! You couldn稚 even answer one single question right. If you did your half than maybe I could have stood a chance at outlasting those men. So I壇 be quiet if I were you little girl

Brooke: will the two of you stop bickering. Besides Toni, I知 not leaving so easily. My little boy and I could really use this car.

Maria: You have a little boy?

Brooke: So I wonder what the guys are doing in the house? **Brooke says ignoring Maria痴 question**

Victoria: Yeah and I wonder why Tammi gave up so easily.

Audra: Probably to be near Randy and John. She probably wants to spend as much time with them as possible cause she thinks she痴 going to be the first person evicted.

Maria: they池e probably forming alliances in there. We should form a girl alliance.

Toni: who says that I need to be in alliance with the lot of you, especially that loudmouth?


Brooke: Toni痴 right **Brooke says looking at Maria** Who says that we壇 even want to be in an alliance with you.

Maria: well at least Audra Ashlee and myself are guaranteed another week, and if the guys are making an alliance inside that means that well odds are one of you girls are going home.

Ashlee: John is Head of household, and he痴 probably in there strategizing with the guys and Tammi. That痴 why she probably got out of the car, that sneaky little snake in the grass. I say we unite and try and get her out of the house. Look I bet she痴 trying to brainwash the guys into getting rid of us right now. In fact I知 going to take one for the team and give up on the car and go in and run interference so that she doesn稚 get too far. But not before the six of us agree to an alliance

Brooke: No way

Toni: I don稚 care if I知 not safe this week, there is no way that I will be in some crappy alliance.

Audra: I知 out I have to go to the bathroom. **Audra says opening the passenger side door and exiting the car and heads into the house**

Ashlee: Come on girls, we致e got to show the guys that we池e smarter than them and that we can be organized as they are. We need to put aside our differences, that way we can win this game. Those guys don稚 need the million dollars. The only way we can succeed is if we ban together.

Maria: Ashlee is right we need to look out for one another to ensure that we all stay.

Toni: There is no way that I知 going to be in an alliance with that

Brooke: Toni stop, just ignore them.

Inside the house all of the groceries had been put away, Tammi and the men of the house sat in the lounge upstairs that had a window over looking the backyard.

Hunter: so the only people that we are able to nominate this week is Brooke, Toni, and Victoria.

Edge: I say we put up Brooke and Victoria.

Randy: But Brooke is hotter than the other two lets keep her.

Carlito: I say we get rid of Toni.

Tammi was looking out of the window watching the Escalade, she spots Audra get out of the car and head towards the house.

Tammi: Audra痴 gotten out, she痴 heading into the house.

Audra enters the house and heads straight to the bathroom.

Hunter: Well quick then before she comes up here, there wont be another opportunity for the seven of us to be alone together to discuss this.

Tammi: Since you致e all agreed that you would keep Audra in as long as possible why not just let her join our alliance, then we can continue this discussion till the next girl comes in.

John: she痴 right, we might as well. Tammi go down and get her.

Tammi goes downstairs just as Audra was walking out of the bathroom.

Tammi: Come on sweetie lets go upstairs, the guys are waiting

Audra: waiting?

Tammi: yeah we池e discussing who we think John should nominate for eviction.

Audra and Tammi head upstairs and join the men.

Hunter: so its settled we nominate Victoria and Toni, if by chance one of them gets the power of veto and Brooke goes up.

Randy: But Brooke stays right?

Edge: Yes Brooke stays. Then we work our hardest for one of us to get HOH and eliminate little ms piggy.

Tammi: I guess everything was decided while I went to go get Audra?

John: well this week there isn稚 much we can decide seeing as half of the girls are untouchable due to them being hidden during the HOH competition.

Hunter: But what we still haven稚 decided is who goes if the nominations stay as is.

Audra sits there looking lost, Batista notices this.

Batista: Oh sorry, we haven稚 caught you up **Batista says to Audra** We致e formed an alliance, Tammi and you are a part of it. We致e agreed to weed out the girls one by one and then its every man for himself. Since two out of the five girls were given immunity that only leaves three girls

Randy: Yeah yeah she was here when we said its gonna be Toni and Victoria. Now we decide who should go home if the veto doesn稚 get used.

John: I say its too early to say which one goes, but as the week progresses after nominations and everything we decide.

Tammi: Toni looks scarier. From the other shows she痴 been on a fierce competitor. But Victoria is smart, and she痴 competitive, she plays to win. Remember that game of pirates life Audra?

Audra: That痴 true, she gets scarily competitive taking things way too seriously.

Edge: The door is opening to the Escalade someone痴 getting out, we better spread out throughout the house not to look suspicious.

Edge and Hunter hurry downstairs into their bedroom. John and Batista head to the HOH room, while Carlito and Randy head downstairs to the weight room. Audra and Tammi continue to sit in the lounge as Maria comes into the house and goes into her bedroom and walks back out to the backyard and lights up a cigarette.

John: what do you want?

Batista: To see if you realize that having an alliance with over half the house isn稚 the wisest thing to do.

John: You池e trying to give me advice about what the wisest thing to do in this game is. If you didn稚 want to be apart of this alliance you didn稚 have to agree to be in it.

Batista: that痴 not what I知 saying, what I知 saying is that we might want to make a smaller alliance, like say ensures that the two of us are in the final two.

John: Let me think about it. It痴 still early in the game.

Back in the car the ladies are still bickering

Ashlee: will you guys shut your big mouths you池e giving me a migraine

Toni: Don稚 tell me what to do little girl.

Victoria: See I told you youre a big mouth!

The shows credits start to play as you see the girls continuing to argue in the car and then turns to Julie Chen back in the studio.

Julie: Tune in again on Thursday night to find out who will win the Escalade, as to see who will be the first two houseguests nominated for eviction from the big brother house. And remember you can watch the houseguests twenty-four seven on the live webcast at Till then goodnight.