Previously on big brother, the thirteen houseguests entered the house and discovered the first twists of the season. One being that half of the houseguests are WWE superstars, wrestlers sent into the house by Vince McMahon. The other twist being that unbeknown to the initial eight houseguests there were five hidden houseguests; the five hidden houseguests had some history with the other houseguests. They were friends, enemies, or someone with unfinished business with the eight other houseguests. After moving into the house, the initial eight houseguests got right to task, with the Head of Household competition, with John winning the coveted position as HOH. The rest of the houseguests were then revealed and soon after they were set to take part in the first food competition of the summer. The houseguests set out to load themselves as well as a weeks worth of groceries into a brand new Cadillac Escalade. Little did the houseguests realize they would also be competing in the first luxury competition. The houseguests were told that the last person to leave the car would win the escalade. When we left the houseguests there were four women left vying for the car, while others were forming an alliance to take over the house.

The feed goes back to the car where Victoria, Toni, and Brooke sat waiting each other out, Victoria and Toni still arguing, Brooke on the verge of going insane listening to the two of them bicker.

Brooke: You guys should really just chill, you know that arguing like that is only going to draw attention to yourselves and people will see that you just bring chaos into the house and want you out.

Victoria: Theyíd want her out, cause sheís so loud and annoying.

Toni: Well you know its going to be two of nominated, and if all goes right you little girl will be packing your bags.

Victoria: me? Why would they vote me out of the house? Youíre the one that is supposedly the BIG competition. Theyíd want your big ass out of the house, so that they can get their competition out of the house.

Brooke: You threw the HOH competition didnít you? You purposely didnít even attempt to answer any of the questions as to make yourself look like a weaker player so that people will keep you around.

Victoria: Why would you say that? Maybe I couldnít think of the answers as quickly as the rest of you. Did you ever think of that?

Toni: You little rat, you made it so that I purposely wouldnít win HOH. I could kill you, but Iím just going to let the house see what a tricky little player you are and theyíll make sure youíre out of the house before you know what hit you.

Brooke: The odds of you not knowing one of those questions

Victoria: **interrupting** I knew some of the answers just I wasnít the first one to know them. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Meanwhile Maria had finished her cigarette and headed back into the house, she walks past the weight room where she over hears Ashlee talking to Randy and Carlito, and decides to eavesdrop

Ashlee: You know, Iím a huge fan. And in fact Randy Iím a Missouri girl myself. Granite isnít too far from St. Louis just over the bridge.

Randy: Huge is right **Randy says under his breathe**

Carlito overhears Randyís comment and starts to laugh uncontrollably. Ashlee stops talking, the guys werenít really listening anyways so, looking upset.

Ashlee: Whatís so funny?

Carlito: Nothing, you know what why donít I leave the two of you alone, Iím going to go check out how the luxury competition is going.

Carlito walks out of the room while Randy shoots him a donít leave me alone with this girl look. As Carlito turns the corner he runs into Maria who was standing there listening to their conversation.

Maria: Sorry I didnít mean to

Carlito: No problem.

Carlito continues his way to the backyard and Maria deciding it was too risky to continue eavesdropping makes her way to the bedroom.

Upstairs Dave leaves the HOH room and sits down next to Audra and joins Tammi and Audraís conversation.

Tammi: Itís just so weird being in here ya know?

Audra: Why cause thereís wrestlers or cause Ashlee?

Tammi: Both I suppose.

Batista: So what is the deal with you and Ashlee

Audra and Tammi hadnít noticed Batista join them and jumped startled at his joining their conversation.

Tammi: Long story I donít really feel like talking about it. Iím going to go see if JohnÖ Tammi trails out mumbling something or other as she gets up and heads to the HOH room. She knocks on the door and John walks over opening the door for her.

John: Come on in. My HOH room is your HOH room.**John says ushering Tammi into the HOH room and onto one of the chairs** What can I help you with today?

Tammi: I was wonderingÖ

John: if you could make a secret alliance between just the two of us? ** John said smirking** Because if thatís what you were thinking you must be a mind reader because I was pondering the same thing.

Tammi: Actually I was wondering if Audra could use your bed since youíll be sleeping in the HOH room this week, cause she got stuck with one of the cots.

John: Sure Audra can use my bed and Dave can use yours. That way everyone in our alliance has a comfortable bed and doesnít have to sleep on a cot.

Tammi: My bed? Then where am I supposed to sleep? And NO I will not share my bed with Batista!

John: I wasnít even thinking of you sharing your bed with Dave. No, youíll share this **he said patting the California King that he was sitting on** with me. After all we will be in a secret alliance together.

Tammi: If I shared a bed with you, it would be obvious we held an alliance together.

John: Not if I play it off to the others that its just a showmance.

Tammi: You know more about this game than youíre letting on. You used a Will term of showmance. How do I know that youíre not really playing me the way Will played everyone?

John: Why would I play you?

Tammi: Why wouldnít you? How do I know that Iím supposed to trust you I just met you.

John: Did I turn on Shawn Michaels when we had to tag against Randy and Edge before Michaels was supposed to face me for my title?

Tammi: No, even though RandEdge made it seem that way.

John: So see you can trust me.

Tammi: That was scripted, this isnít.

John: Trust me, it will be me and you in the final two.

Tammi looks at John trying to decide if she should trust him.

John: What do I have to do to make you trust me?

The feed switches to Hunter and Edge each laying in their beds Hunter on his back looking at the ceiling while Edge lay on his stomach looking at the mural on the wall of the bedroom. The mural was of Wrestlemania XX at Madison Square Garden.

Hunter: Do you think we can trust Dave? I mean he didnít seem all that enthused about having the girls in our alliance.

Edge: I donít trust him as far as I can throw him. I say that after the five girls go, Dave is out next.

Hunter: Me too. I wonder what the other guys think?

Randy: Ughhhh **he walks into the room and plops down onto Tammiís bed which is next to the wall** I just got cornered in the weight room talking to Mark Henry

Edge: Mark Henry?

Randy: You know whatís her faceÖ. The fat chick

Hunter: you mean Ashlee.

Randy: Yeah yeah yeah whatever. And Mark Henry was going on and on. She was trying to convince me that we need to get Tammi evicted.

Edge: Tammi? Whyíd she say Tammi?

Randy: I dunno I wasnít really listening. Something about being two-faced and shit about how you canít trust her.

Hunter: Well what do you think guys?

Edge: I think that someone knows her days in the house are numbered

Randy: I think Mark Henry is full of shit, I mean sheís probably just jealous cause Tammiís not an ugly fat ass like her. Next sheíll be saying the same thing about Audra and Brooke.

The feed switches to the backyard. Inside the Escalade the ladies are still bickering, one would think theyíd be tired by now.

Toni: Why donít you just admit that you threw the competition?

Victoria: WHY donít YOU just admit youíre a loudmouth and that youíre throwing around accusations cause youíre scared that youíre going to be evicted from the house.

Brooke: Why donít you both just shut up!

Victoria: Whatís her problem? **Victoria says looking at Brooke as if sheís crazy for that sudden outburst**

Brooke: Whatís my problem is that the two of you are driving me up the wall with your arguing. Victoria admit it you threw the HOH competition, Toni realize this your personality is a bit strong. AND THE BOTH OF YOU ARE LOUDMOUTHS!

Victoria: Ehh I really donít need the car this bad to sit here and be harassed by the two of you. **Victoria storms out of the car **

Toni: Heh good job at getting the little girl to leave I guess that just leaves you and me. The cameras jump to the diary room where Ashlee sits.

Ashlee: This is so frustrating I just spent the last fifteen minutes pretty much talking to a wall. I swear Randy Orton must have had one too many kicks to the head, because the man is brain dead. I was trying to show him how evil Tammi is and how he should help me get her evicted, but all he did is sit there. I swear if I ever get onto the writing staff for the WWE Iím going to make Randyís life a living hell.

The cameras follow Victoria as she storms into the house, Audra spots her as she slams the sliding glass door shut.

Audra: Victoria just came in, she seems a bit upset. I think Iíll go see whatís wrong.

Batista: Just donít give her any clues that sheís going to be put up for nominations.

Audra: I know

Audra heads downstairs and finds Victoria grabbing a soda and a bag of chips from the kitchen and plops down on the couch in the living room.

Audra: what happened Poof?

Victoria: UGH! Toni is such a bitch. Just because we lost at the HOH competition sheís saying that I threw it because I didnít answer any of the questions.

Audra: You two are really rubbing each other the wrong way huh?

Victoria: Yeah well not to worry because Iím sure by next week sheíll be out of the house and we can start to have fun. For I swear she makes this house unbearable. Iím sure others will agree. You agree with me donít you poof?

Audra: I donít really know her, so its too early to say.

Victoria: I wish Patrick was here too. Then it would be so much fun. I donít know how Iím going to spend the entire summer without him.

Audra: With this crazy house I donít think this summer will be boring. Come on Poof we can have fun without Patrick.

Tammi walks down from the spiral stairwell and into the living room and sits next to Audra.

Tammi: Guess what?

Audra: I dunno. What?

Tammi: You how you got stuck with that awful cot, and how Cena is like sleeping in the HOH room.

Audra: Yeah. So?

Tammi: So.. no one is going to be sleeping in his nice bed in the bedroom with Hunter , Edge, and myself right?

Audra: Right.

Tammi: Wrong! You are! I asked him if he minded if you sleep there for the week. So weíll be roomies for the week.

Audra: Oh cool! I have to go thank John for letting me sleep in his bed. I wasnít looking forward to having to sleep on that cot. It looked hard as a rock.

Audra runs upstairs to the HOH room and knock on the door, John opens the door.

John: Hey come on in. Whats up?

Audra: I just wanted to thank you for letting me use your bed.

John: Itís no problem. Unless you want to come share this baby with me **John says motioning to the large bed**

Audra: Itís okay. The bed downstairs will be fine.

Cut to Randy sitting in the diary room

Randy: This is pretty sweet, Iím safe from eviction this week. Got myself in a powerful alliance. Not to mention there is some pretty sweet eye candy in this house. Brookeís got a body on her, Mariaís booty and Audraís rack. Ha nice big brother thank you for hooking it up. Just wish you couldíve done without Mark Henry wannabe Ashlee and the Chyna wannabe Toni. But soon enough those skanks with be outta here.

Back outside in the car Toni and Brooke are sitting not talking to one another.

Toni:**Toni breaks the awkward silence** What are you going to do for me if I let you and your kid have the car?

Brooke: Huh?

Toni: Youíre going to have to make it worth my while for me to give up the car to you.

Brooke: Umm how about if youíre on the chopping block and I have the veto within the next four weeks that Iíll use it to save you.

Toni: Add that if you get HOH in those four weeks that you wonít nominate me too and we have a deal.

Brooke: Deal.

Toni and Brooke shake hands and Toni gets out of the car making Brooke the winner. Brooke also gets out of the car and then runs into the house towards the bathroom. As Toni and Brooke both enter the house the rest of the houseguests wonder which of them had won the car.

Carlito: So who won?

Toni: Brooke did, I let her have it. Her and her kid need it more than I do.

Tammi: Awww Toni that was sweet of you.

Victoria: Whatever you probably just gave up.

Toni: Sure.. and thatís why Brookes the one in the bathroom and Iím here just chilling. I could have gone for longer but sheís a single mom. She needs all that she can get.

John and Audra come downstairs, while Brooke comes into the living followed by Randy, Edge, and Hunter. The living room is now filled with most of the houseguests except for Maria, Ashlee, and Dave.

Edge: Good so weíre all finally back in the house. Now why donít we all get to know each other a little better with a good old fashion game of spin the bottle truth or dare.

Brooke: We donít have a bottle.

Edge runs into the kitchen and looks around and pulls out a bottle of beer. He brings it back into the living room.

Edge: Now as I was saying spin the bottle truth or dare. Someone go get the others and bring their asses into the living.

Brooke goes off to get Batista who was working out in the weight room. Carlito runs towards the St. Slaughter room to go get Ashlee, while Toni goes and gets Maria. Soon everyone returns and is sitting around the table. Chairs from the kitchen were moved into the living room so that the coffee table was completely surrounded on all sides. Edge places the now empty bottle of beer on the coffee table and gives it a spin. It lands on Brooke, he smirks and leans across the table and kisses Brooke, she blushes.

Edge: So Brooke truth or dare?

Brooke: Truth

Edge: Would you hook up with anyone in the house?

Brooke: Possibly, it depends on if I click with anyone.

Brooke reaches over and spins the bottle, round and round it goes till it lands on Edge, he winks at her and leans in to kiss her.

Brooke: heehee now thatís odd youíd think he fixed it to land on him or something. So Edge Truth or Dare.

Edge: Iíll tell you anything you wanna know

Brooke: Are you planning on hooking up with people in the house?

Edge: if the opportunity arises.

Edge spins the bottle again and it lands on Ashlee, he gives a weak smile as she eagerly leans in and kisses him. As they break apart a wide Cheshire cat like grin spreads across Ashleeís face.

Edge: Truth or Dare

Ashlee: Truth

Edge: Are you really Mark Henry?

Ashlee: No **Ashlee looks at Edge as if heís crazy, but else where the WORLD is laughing, especially Edgeís number three fan in England , as well as Tammi and Randy hold back their laughter here in the big brother house**

Ashlee upset that Edge asked her that spins the bottle and is happy to see that it lands on Hunter. Ashlee and Hunter kiss briefly Hunter pulling away.

Ashlee: Truth or Dare

Hunter: Dare

Ashlee: I dare you to get me a job with the WWE

Victoria: Thatís stupid how would be even know if he really does it cause we cant talk to the outside world till after weíre evicted.

Hunter: Whatever turn over **Hunter spins the bottle and it lands on Tammi he leans in and kisses her** Truth or Dare?

Tammi: Truth

Hunter: Would you ever have sex while in the house with all the cameras watching?

Tammi: I Ö Hi Grandma **Tammi says blushing turning towards a camera mounted on the wall that was recording this little game**

Toni: Oh my God you slut youíd do it.

Randy: wait what, all she said was hi Grandma.

Toni: Yeah well the guy that did it in the house sent a shout out to his Grandma after doing it.

Tammi: No I didnít mean that I Ö I donít knowÖ IÖ

Edge: If youíd like to have live sex on tv, I can help you with that Iím a pro you may know.

John: No more like youíre a pro at screwing up live sex on tv

Edge: Thatís only because you came and ruined everything.

Tammi: I didnít say that I wanted to have live sex on tv. That would be so embarrassing all of those smarks watching not to mention all of the other internet viewers. I would die.

Ashlee: Tammiís such a tease getting everyone all excited and then being BORING.

Tammi tries to change the subject by spinning the bottle it lands on Edge and he leans in and kisses her.

Edge: Mmm you sure you donít wanna try that live sex?

Tammi: Hehee truth or dare?

Edge: Dare **he said looking mischievious**

Tammi: Ummm I dare you to streak making sure to touch each of the corners of the backyard.

Edge walks out to the backyard as everyone follows him. Once outside he strips down and starts running touching all four corners as the girls scream cheering him on, the guys laughing. Randy grabs Edgeís clothes and tosses them into the pool. Edge runs back just as Randy tosses the clothes into the pool and pushes Randy into the pool. The guys get out of the pool dripping wet. Everyone heads back into the house. Edge throws on some shorts and Randy changes into a new shirt and shorts. Upon his arrival Edge spins the bottle and it lands in between Maria and John, not wanting to kiss John Edge leans in and kisses Maria.

Edge: Truth or Dare Maria?

Maria: Truth

Edge: Who do feel is your biggest threat here in the big brother house?

Maria: I think that John might be my biggest threat here, after all he showed in the HOH competition that heís not only strong physically but he is also mentally.

Maria answers the question and then spins the bottle. It lands on Carlito and quickly kisses him.

Maria: Truth or Dare

Carlito: Dare

Maria: I dare you to give ummmm **Looks to see whoís sitting next to Carlito** Victoria a lap dance.

Carlito stands up and starts to give Victoria a lap dance as the guys make porno music noises. After a while Carlito stops and spins the bottle and it lands on Brooke. They kiss and Carlito asks her truth or dare, Brooke decides on a dare this time. Carlito dares her to down as much Tabasco sauce as she could in thirty seconds. Brooke starts drinking the Tabasco sauce as everyone else counts down. After finishing she starts chugging milk and then spins the bottle it lands on Edge whom she had already kissed twice. They kissed and she asked him truth or dare. He accepted her dare and she dared him dump his soda on mariaís head. Edge shrugged and dumped his soda on Maria, then spun the bottle. It landed on Brooke, who kissed Edge yet again this time a bit longer. She told him to ask her a question.

Edge: Brooke, how do you like kissing the Rated R superstar.

Brooke: itís alright, I think youíre enjoying it more than I am to tell the truth.

With that Brooke spins the bottle and it lands on Randy whoís smile spread a mile wide and leaned in for a kiss.

Brooke: Truth or dare?

Randy: Truth

Brooke: Who would you most like to spoon with in the house?

Randy: You

Randy spins the bottle and is disappointed that it didnít land on Brooke but Toni who was sitting next to her, they kiss.

Randy: Truth or Dare?

Toni: Truth

Randy: who do you think is going to be evicted this week?

Toni: I think Victoria should and will be evicted because sheís annoying and is a stronger player than she is letting on. She threw the HOH competition and is trying to seem weak to stay in the game.

Victoria: Whatever Toni, youre just saying that because youíre trying to get them to evict me when they should be evicting you!

Edge: all right all right the game is starting to turn sour and its starting to get late. Why donít we all just head to bed. Brooke come on you come with me.

Everyone disperses and starts heading to their bedrooms. Inside the Madison Square Garden Room Hunter, Edge, and Tammi start digging through their stuff for their pajamas. Edge grabs his pajamas as well as his shampoo and other toiletries and heads towards the bathroom to shower. Hunter and Tammi each had pulled out their pajamas.

Hunter: Uh did you want me to leave while you change?

Tammi: Its okaes.. Iím just gonna face this wall and how about you face that wall and we can just say when its alright for the other to look sound good.

Hunter: Heh its not like you havenít seen me in barely anything before.

Tammi: True **Tammi says as she starts to change** those tights donít leave much to the imagination

Hunter: Though Iím sure by the end of the summer weíll be so used to each other we could strip down and not even notice.

Tammi: Yeah itís not that big of a deal right. I mean its like weíd be wearing as much clothing as we would if we were in a swim suit.

Hunter turns around to see that Tammi is talking towards the wall wearing just her bra and panties folding up the jeans and shirt she was wearing and then pulls a black spaghetti strap nightgown over her head. He stands there watching as Edge walks back in towel drying his hair.

Edge: Is this a public show or am I interrupting something?

Tammi: Huh? **Tammi turns around to see what Edge is talking about**

Edge: Nothing. Did anyone happen to bring a hairdryer? I assumed that there would be one in the house and didnít pack one.

Tammi digs through her stuff and pulls out a hairdryer handing it to Edge.

Edge: thanks. Hey whereís Audra, I thought she was going to sleep in johnís bed.

Tammi: Yeah I donít know. I guess sheís changing in the other room and then is coming to bed.

The house goes to bed as the last scene of the night is of Randy stepping out of the shower and changing to go to bed. Picking up the next morning with Maria in the kitchen making breakfast, as others wake up she offers to make them breakfast as well. Soon Maria, Hunter, Dave, Toni, and Audra are sitting eating breakfast. Thereís a scream in the house, the feed switches over to the MSG room.

Tammi: Oh my god what are you doing in my bed?

Randy: Mmm good morning.

Edge: what happened? **Tammiís scream had awoken Edge from his slumber**

Tammi: I woke up and he was spooned up against me and well **Tammi raises her eyebrows and then her eyeís buldge**

Randy: what? Mmmm **Randy says as he sits up and stretches**

Edge: Dude you have a little pup tent going there.

Tammi: Okaes maybe this is a dream. I mean come on what is the likelihood of Randy Orton being in the same bed as me.

Randy pinches Tammi

Tammi: Ouch! Hey what was that for?

Randy: to show you that this isnít a dream. But you dream about me in your bed huh? **a cocky grin spreads across Randyís face**

Tammi: Why are you in my bed? **Tammi says averting the question**

Randy: What were you doing dreaming about me? **Randy says not giving up**

Tammi: Why didnít you sleep in your own bed?

Randy: The bed looked empty to me, and to my surprise snuggled up to the wall was a warm body to spoon with. Not to mention this bed is much bigger and more comfortable than that small bunk bed.

Tammi: It wasnít empty! I was in it!

Randy: I assumed that it was cenaís bed and since he was upstairs that I would be able to sleep in it.

Tammi: No thatís Johnís bed. **Tammi said point to the bed against the other wall** And he said that Audra could sleep in it so that she wouldnít have to endure the cot.

Back in the kitchen

Audra: Do you think we should check to see if everything is alright?

Hunter: I think Tammi just woke up to find the visitor in her bed.

Dave: What do you mean?

Hunter: Randy snuck into Tammiís bed last night. Iím pretty sure she was asleep when he did, seeing as sheís a fan I didnít think anything of it. I guess I was wrong.

Maria: Well of course who wouldnít be scared waking up with some stranger in your bed.

Toni: Heís not a stranger, she admitted she was a fan of his. He probably just thought she was one of those fans.

Dave: She doesnít seem like one of those fans, look she said she didnít want to hook up in the house when we were playing truth or dare, I think Randyís just being a jerk.

Tammi, Edge, and Randy walk into the kitchen. Randy only wearing boxers, while Edge is wearing pajama pants and a wife beater.

Randy: So whatís for breakfast?

Tammi: MorningÖ

Hunter: Everything okay?

Edge: Yeah

Hunter: I wasnít talking to you, I was talking to tammi.

Tammi: yeah just startled to find Randy in bed with me.

Tammi helps herself to a cup of coffee while Edge pours himself a bowl of cereal. Randy is still sitting at the table waiting for someone to make him breakfast, when Victoria and Ashlee walk into the kitchen.

Audra: Morning poof how did you sleep?

Victoria: Horrible, Carlito snores so loud.

Ashlee: well at least you didnít have to sleep on a tiny hard as a rock cot.

Maria: Well at least you two didnít get the shock of a lifetime like poor Tammi.

Victoria: Why what happened?

Tammi: NothingÖ

Randy: You know you should feel lucky Tammi, not every woman in America can wake up to find such a stud in their bed, millions of girls would kill to have been in your place.

Tammi: I didnít say that it was a bad thing.

John: Whatís a bad thing?

John had just come down from the HOH room and joined the others in the kitchen. As Carlito and Brooke walk through the living room they stop and stare at the plasma screen.

Carlito: Hey guys did anyone else notice that the plasma now reads Nominations today?

Maria: No I didnít notice it.

Batista: Either did I

John: That doesnít give me too much time.

Tammi: Thatís why most people donít want to be HOH cause there isnít much reason to nominate people.

Audra: Tammi doesnít want to be HOH cause that would mean sheíd have to make a decision.

Tammi: Hey heeheee Just cause I donít want to make decisions doesnít mean that I donít want to be HOH. More like Iíll be like Audraaaaaaaaaaa who should I chooooose.

Brooke: I donít get it?

Victoria: Tammiís indecisive. Itís a miracle if she picks something.

John: Well I guess after breakfast one by one you guys can come up to the HOH room and plead your cases. And note I do accept bribes **John says as he opens a pop tart**

After breakfast John is seen sitting upstairs in the HOH room with Tammi. Batista, Maria, Brooke, carlito, Audra, Toni, Victoria, Hunter and Edge have already talked with John about what they think should happen.

John: So how long do you think we should sit in here pretending to talk about who should be nominated.

Tammi: I think we should actually talk about the nominations and what will happen with the veto.

John: Oh the others didnít feel it needed to be talked about anymore.

Tammi: So what did you all talk about then?

John: Well Edge was telling me about the little surprise you had this morning and Dave, well he continued to try and convince me to be in a tighter alliance with him. Speaking of alliances have you given any more thought about me and you in the final two?

Tammi: I told you Iíd think about it. But what reasons are you going to give for nominating Toni and Victoria?

John: I donít know Iíll make something upÖ any ideas? What would you say?

Tammi: If I were you Iíd say. Toni Victoria the reason why I nominated the two of you is not only are you both strong competitors but also because of the tension you bring into the house. Although the two of you barely meet twenty four hours ago you have been bickering nonstop since you met. I think it is best for the house if one of you left so that things will be more peaceful and harmonious. It is in no way a personal attack for neither of you have done anything towards me, it is a strategically move that Iím considering what is best for the house.

John: Great can you say that again? But slowerÖ now to find a piece of paper..

Tammi: what order are you going to put the keys?

John: I donít know yet? What do you want to be first?

Tammi: Preferably somewhere in the middle.. if Iím last Iíd be sweating bullets. Though from what I heard from Audra Ashlee is sure that Iím in an alliance with you guysÖ to throw her off it would be kinda good to put me lastÖ

John: alright so you want to be last then.

Tammi: If veto is used maybe instead of having Brooke go up as the pawn I should. It would look as if Iím not involved with you.

John: If you want, we know we have the votes, so either way.

Tammi: Okaes. Well I think Iíve plead my case. **Tammi says getting up walking towards the door**

John: Before you send in the next person tell me, if you were to choose anyone in the house to spoon with who would it be?

Tammi: Wouldnít you like to know

Tammi exits the HOH room and sends Randy in, Randy enters the HOH room and takes a seat propping his feet up on another chair.

Randy: So Vic and Toni right?

John: Yeah, you wanna know what Tammi threw out there if the veto is used.

Randy: Sure what?

John: that she go up as a pawn instead of Brooke.

Randy: why?

John: Because Ashlee told all the girls in the car that Tammiís in an alliance with us. We need make sure they stop thinking we have an all male alliance that includes Tammi.

Randy: Do they know audraís in on it too?

John: No just TammiÖ let it be known to the other guys we need to pick fights and argue with each other. But not before the nomination ceremony, cause my reason for nominating Toni and Victoria is their constant fighting.

Randy: Alright will do.

John: So you spooned with Tammi, I thought you were into Brooke.

Randy: I thought I was getting into your empty bed, when I felt her warm body I decided not to leave and spoon with her, she didnít wake up or push me away so **Randy shrugs** yeah. But oh that screaming of hers woke me up. I guess she was startled by my morning wood. Why you interested?

John: No, no. I just thought you were into Brooke.

Randy: I am yet Iím not. I mean sheís smoking but she has a kid. Iím thinking Audra might be a little better.

John: Alright its almost time for the nomination ceremony get down there and send up Mark Henry.

Randy: Alright. But hey put my key in first yeah?

John: Weíll seeÖ

Randy exits the HOH room and goes down stairs, upon seeing Randy descend the stairs Ashlee starts up the stairs in a hurry to talk to John. She had purposely wanted to be the last one to talk to him, so that her words were the last he heard before putting the keys in the nomination box. Ashlee enters the HOH room and instead of sitting on one of the chairs opposite the bed, she climbs on the bed next to John.

John: So why should you not be nominated. Oh wait I forgot youíre one of the five I cant nominated. So then I guess its just who you think should be nominated.

Ashlee: I think Tammi and Toni should be nominated. Toni should be nominated because sheís been on her fair share of reality tv shows and knows how to work people not to mention by looking at her its plain to see that she has the physical ability to win challenges. Tammi should be nominated because sheís a liar. Sheís a backstabber and canít be trusted. Not to mention she said so herself sheís a fan of the show, so she knows how the game works and is probably trying to plot some master plan on sneaking into the finals. Sheís not the nice quiet girl she makes herself out to be. Sheís a slut and a whore. She needs to be not only nominated for eviction but evicted from the house.

John: Okay Ashlee thank you for your imput Iíll take everything you said into consideration.

Ashlee exits the HOH room as does John. The cameras show John pulling the keys out of the memory wall looking at each houseguestsís picture as he pulls their key out of the memory wall. Next it shows John upstairs in the HOH room placing the keys into the nomination box. The shot then goes to John in the diary room

John: It wasnít that tough choosing who to nominate for eviction, after all five people were given immunity the first week and seeing as Iím in an alliance with most of the others that just leaves three people and well two of those three people have been drawing too much attention to themselves.

The cameras show the houseguests sitting around the kitchen table, john walks in carrying the nomination box and places it on the lazy susan.

John: Welcome to the first nomination ceremony. I as HOH will pull out the first key and tell that person they are safe and then that person will pull out the next key and so on till the last key is pulled out. If you do not receive your key you have been nominated for eviction. So lets start this out **John pulls out the first key** Mark Henry.. I mean Ashlee you are safe

John places the key on the lazy susan in front of him and spins it till the key is in front of Ashlee she picks up the key and places it around her neck and pulls out the next key

Ashlee: Randy you are safe.

Ashlee hands Randy his key for he was sitting right next to her. Randy places his key around his neck and pulls out the next key.

Randy: Maria you are safe.

Maria: Thank you **Maria says as she takes her key from Randy and places it around her neck before pulling out the next key** Dave you are safe.

Maria places the key down and spins it around till it is in front of Batista. He then pulls out the next key

Dave: Audra youíre safe.

Dave hands Audra her key and they both on their keys. Audra then pulls out the next key which is the start of the keys of those who were not given immunity.

Audra: Hunter you are safe.

Hunter takes his key putting it on as he pulls out a key

Hunter: Brooke youíre safe.

Brooke: Oh thank you! **she quickly puts her key on and pulls out the next key**Edge you are safe.

Edge takes his key placing it around his neck and pulls out the second to last key.

Edge: Carlito man youíre safe

Carlito: That was not cool making Carlito wait this long!

Carlito places his key around his neck as Tammi, Victoria, and Toni sit staring at the last key. Carlito slowly pulls the last key out the T is visible on the key which makes Victoria sink back into her chair enraged.

Carlito: **carlito quickly jerks the key out the rest of the way and reads the name** Tammi you are safe.

Tammi takes her key from Carlito, as John stands.

John: Toni Victoria as you can see I have nominated the two of you. It is nothing personal, it was purely strategical. The two of you have been nominated for the good of the house, since you two have entered the house you have been at each otherís throats fighting. You would have thought that you were enemies sent in here instead of strangers. But the tension you two are building in the house is not the only reason I have nominated you, it is also because I believe the two of you to be strong competitors. So that adjorns the nomination ceremony, everyone with a key can go hang it up on the wall.

John picks up the nomination box and carries it away, as everyone goes to hug Toni and Victoria. The feeds switch to Victoria in the diary room.

Victoria: I am not going to let this nomination get me down. I am going to win the power of veto and get myself off the chopping block, and go on to win HOH next week. They are not going to get me out of the house that easily.

Big Brother Announcer: John has nominated Victoria and Toni for eviction tune in Tuesday to find out who will win the power of veto and how that will effect Johnís nominations.

The credits start to play as the houseguests continue to comfort Toni and Victoria. Audra Victoria and Tammi are seen sitting in the backyard with Carlito and Edge all trying to calm Victoria down. Ashlee is seen trying to convince Toni that she can help her stay in the game. While Randy and Dave start to fight as the show comes to an end.