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{The New HBK - Shawn Micheals }
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|8-X-7| The World Wrestling Federation's first Pay-Per-View, Bad Blood, puts Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event against five other men, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, and John Cena, all fighting for the world heavyweight championship in a hell i nthe cell match which should be a very exciting one!

Scene 1 - 6:00 pm - Austin Bumps into Michael Cole

Stone Cold exits his locker room and begins walking through the halls. He turns a corner and runs into Michael Cole...

'Michael Cole' Hey Steve! How are ya!

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' Goddamn you fuckin idiot, what are you thinkin runnin into Stone Cold like that? im tellin ya Cole if ya ever do anything like that again ill drop you on the floor quicker than u can lick my nuts!

'Michael Cole' I am very sorry Steve, very sorry, it will never happen again i PROMISE, but now that i am right here with you mind if i ask you for a few comments on your huge up coming match??

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' sure whatever, but Cole just make it quick Stone Cold doesnt have time to waste when he is trying to become the world champion!

’Michael Cole’ alright, Steve, well you have to be pretty worried of the chances going into the match. I mean your stepping into that cell with FIVE other superstars from the world wrestling federation. You are gunna have to be pretty lucky do walk out of that cell alive with that title around your waste!

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' God Damn Cole, are you trying to get me mad? are you trying to put me down and say i cant win this title? i dont care if there is five guys in the ring or if there is twenty guys in the ring. the bottom line is that stone cold can kick all their asses because im just that damn good! Stone COld Steve Austin is the best thign that ever happened to this federation, and I am gonna prove that by shoving by fist down each and everyone of their throats...and when its all said and done, STone Cold will walk out of that cell WITH THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

’Michael Cole’ Well alright, Steve it sounds like you are really confident about winning that title, and well Steve you just remember i want you too win it! but another question. You are going up against five extremely great wrestlers here in this match, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Joh nCena, and The Nature Boy Ric do you think you'll match up against that talent!

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' Oh My Cole, thank you for lettin me know you want me to win...while your at it ya wanna suck my D*CK too!? you stupid suck-up. And as for how do i match up against the greats?? well lewt me tell yo usomething about them, John Cena?? what does that strike in your mind?? ill tell you, "who is this guy?" thats what i asked myself, he has accomplished nothing near the great milestones that the rattlesnake has! he is a nobody and shouldnt even be in this match! and for the second wonderman i nthis match, the senior citizen! the DEAD BOY RIC FLAIR! the man is sooo old he is gonna drop dead before the match! Ric, wasnt your prime time back when i was in diapers?? i believe soo your soo old you could be my grandfather for damn sake! and then we have the WHINING CRYBABY Y2J....Chris Jerico, the man will probably lose the match and start crying, and after i deliver a Stunner on his ass he will be crying to his mommy for weeks! Now we move onto the people that have actually accomplished somethign in their lifetimes...One of them was actually a good friend of mine at one time, but i was also friends with Vince McMahon so god damn i musta been DRUNK! cuz there is no way Tripel H will ever be on my side recked his chance to be with the best damn superstar in the world, and Hunter, in that cell ITS MY GAME, and you'll be playing it! because when i knock your smelly ass OUT and eliminate you from the cell, you'll be crying for a rematch, and it will be against me CUZ IM GONNA BE THE CHAMPION!! Now The Rock, the rock should just listen for a sec..."rock, my buddy Rocky, STCK TO THE MOVIES!" because your career between these ropes is over, and there is no way your gonna be winning anything when you step into the ring with the rattlesnake AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE, BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!

Austin throws down the microphone then puches past Michael Cole and begins to walk away...

The scene fades away…

Scene 2 - 6:25 pm - Austin has a run in with the boss!

On his way back from his chat with Michael Cole, Stone Cold sees Vince walking...

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' Where are you headed??

’Vince’ Its none of your damn buisness...dont you have a main event to get ready for??

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' Yea, the hell in the cell...with five other do realize that that title is as good as mine right now....soo all your doing by adding guys to the match is wasting my time by just having to beat more jackasses in that cell!

’Vince’ You keep thinkin that Steve, but i think that your gonna have some problems! hahahah there no way your gonna come out with that title...

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' (SCSA gets right in Vinces face) I am gonna wi nthat match, i am gonna win that title, I am gonna be the World Heavyweight Champion, and there is NOTHING you can do now to stop me!

Stone Cold gives Vince one more dirty look before he walks into his locker room...

The scene fades away……

Scene 3 - 6:45 pm - Austin Makes a Ring Appearence

Austin makes his way to the ring enterance and his theme hits the arena's speakers! Everyone then stands up and begins to chear and chant for Stone COld Steve Austin! as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring..

'Stone Cold Steve Austin' I decided to come out here and talk for you people...WHAT? heard me, I am out here to talk about my hug upcoming match at Bad Blood, and let me be the first to tell you there will be ALOT of blood in that damn cell after i get through with some of those pieces of shit. I cant wait until i am able to get innto that cell because when they lock that cell, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!! (AUSTIN! AUSTIN!) and as most of you know when all hell is breaking loose, thats when im at my best. There aint no man back there that is as tough as the rattle snake and thats just a damn fact! and after the hell in the cell, when Stone Cold steve Austin leaves the World Heavyweight Champion that will then show everyone how damn tough i am...after i win my title, you will truly be able to see a damn good champion, and you will never see that damn good champion lose, and thats because Austin 3:16 is gonna whoop every single ass out there and will never lose that damn title! Now when i enter that cell a can of whoop ass will be opened on FIVE mens ass, The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, Ric Flair, and Chris Jericho...let me tell you that out of them zero out of five are a threat! and thats because Stone Cold is gonna whoop their cans all aroound the ring until he decides to stop, and I am just warning any of you that decide to TRY and fight the rattlesnake, if you touch me, consider you ass HUNTED, and when i hunt your ass down you gonna be sorry that you tried to do the impossible because AUSTIN 3:16 WILL GET YOUR ASS!! Now alot of people are questioning to abilities of Stone Cold, and all I think is what the hell are you thinking?? I am in my f*ckin prime and the best man in the buisness, and all you people backstage have to ask is "how do oyu think your gonna win" well ill tell oyu how im gonna win, im gonna WIN! (AUSTIN AUSTIN!) Stone Cold Steve Austin is the World Heavyweight Champion....or soon will be...but there is not one man back there that can hang with the rattlesnake...not one man....and bad always comes to the people that try to beat Stone Cold because the bottomline is if you mess with me ill drop your ass with a Stunner and you wont be awake for days! Rock, Hunter, Chris, John, Ric, you guys want the same thing, but we arent all gonna get it, but Stone Cold WILL get it, and kick all your asses while doing it AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE....BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SOOO!!!

Austin pulls out a beer and begins too chug it down...he then tosses the microphone out of the ring and exits the ringside and walks backstage...

The scene fades away………