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sports and video games

hey this is my first web page. My website is all about sports and video games i will update this page everday and if u guys want me to put any thing on my website then just e-mail me at my address which is My website will talk about diablo 2 and halo and all sorts of xbox games and sports like the stats of teams and their records. The links i have on here are for games and cheats. I will also update u on hunting if any of u are hunters! i also play football for jv this year since i will be a sophmore next year.

Now i am going to talk about diablo 2 stats the best stats for the druid people are 5 points to Lyncanthropy, 5 points to Werewolf, 4 points to raven, 2 points to hunger, 1 point to shockwave, 4 points to spirit wolf, 2 points to feral rage, 5 oints to oak sage, 4 points to carrion vine, 5 points to artic blast, 5 points to cyclone armor and the rest of the points are for the other skills u want to use. now for u people who play with druids like to summon and being a wolf most of the time these skills will be great for u guys. 10 points to lyncanthropy, 10 points to werewolf, 4 points to raven, 10 points to spirit wolf, 10 points to feral rage, and the rest of the points go to skills of your choice.

now for the assassin. 10points to attack traps, 10 points to claw mastery, 1 point to shadow warroir, 10 points to cloak of shadows, 10 points to blade sheild, 2-3 points to cobra strike, 2-3 points to dragon claw, 2 points to weapons block, 1 point to dragon flight. now the alternate assassin skills are these. 20 points to shadow warroir/master, 2 points to burst of speed, 10 points to claw mastery, 20 points to mind blast, 1 point to cos/tiger strike/cobra strike/dragon claw.

now i am going to give u the specail stuff u get when u get full set of armor. Man this shit is tight at least some of it is. Civerb's Vestments is +300% damagevs undead,+25%lighting resist,+15% fire resist. For the Hsarus' defense-Attacker takes damage of 5, +5 to maximum damage, cannot be frozen, +25% Resist lighting.For Clegalw's brace-+100 defense, 6% mana steal, 35% to crusing blow, increased attack speed. For Iratha's finery-+50 defense, +20 to resist all, +10 to max fire resist, +10 to max cold resist, +10 to max lighting resist, +10 to poison resist, +15 to dexterity, faster run/walk speed. Isenhart's armory-+10 to dexterity, 5% steal life, +10% resist all, +35% bonus to attack rating, +30% to blocking, faster run/walk speed, +10 to strength. Vidala's Rig-freezes target, piercing attack, +10 to strength, +15 to dexterity, +75 to attack rating, +15-25 cold damage. milabrega's regalia- +2 to paladin skills, 10% to mana steal, +15% resist poison, 8% life steal, +200 to attack rating. Cathan's traps-magic damage reduced by 3, +25% resist all, fast cast rate, +20 to mana, +60 to attack ratingh, +15-20 fire damage, +25% resist lightning.

i am in school right now and i am not even supposed to be doing this my school is really gay i hate it, but i have to go if i want a good job u know. i hope all u turkey hunters out there applied for a turkey permit because i sure did. Dude don't u think that this winter is super gay i mean come on all the snow just keeps melting and coming back snowboarding sucks major right now where i am located. I will finish with the set items for diablo 2 after school. i haven't really been updating everday like i said i have been kind of busy lately. well i have to go i will post the rest up at around 4:30. i promise.

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