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Stephanie - The Billion Dollar Princess

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  • Hey everyone and welcome to the Stephanie McMahon Helmsley Shrine! This site contains pictures of the Billion Dollar Princess and News about her, as well as a Message Board and a lil chatroom =)


    Damn, its been long since I last updated here! Lol this will really sound stupid but the reason I havent was cause quite some time my hotmail account got hacked, and cause it has the pass on and everything I thought the person who had hacked had changed this pass. Anyway I was on angelfire last night trying out my old passes turned out that it was still my password, just I had forgotten it :p Talk about Stooooopid!! Anywayz as I was saying about the site yea I just got on but I dont think I really need to do a lot to it, just delete the odd pictures which aint working and add a few more little bits a pieces on. Im actually working on a new layout for the webby, cause my brothers got a new computer I would use to make my layouts on that but hes got a new one now and hes leant the disk with the layout making program to his mate so might be a lil while yet! This one I just quickly used from my old rps, the picture in the middle is shit I know lol but I only got paint on this computer to make it on cause its mashed and dont install anything! Pah! Well thats about it really so enjoy!


  • Finally, my brother has his new computer, only just made this new layout picture and yes i know my old picture had Helmsley spelt wrong... my mistake. Anyways aint got that long so hope ya all have a merry crimbo.

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