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The scene opens up backstage in Dayton, Ohio, as nWn is just mere minutes away from putting on a big house show! Backstage, Steve Da Stunner makes the camera crew stop, as he has a few choices words for Bret Hart tonight.

Steve Da Stunner- Hey Bret! It's not gonna be too long from now, when you and me step in the ring. So everyone wants to know my thoughts on the "great" Bret Hart huh? Well honestly, what's so great about you?

I mean, you haven't wrestled in such a long time you probably only remember a couple of moves. And I guess that nickname you apply to yourself The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be, is just that. A gimmick.

All in all, I know I have the upper hand in this match. I'm everything your not. I'm young, brash, bold, cocky, and unlike you, I have no doubt in my mind I can beat anyone here in the nWn. It's all just a matter of time til I'm on top!

Ask everybody in the locker room. Don't any of 'em want anything to do with me. Shit, it's getting harder and harder to get a match, cause no one wants to be the next victim of Da Stunner. You got Triple H claiming he da baddest, and you got Jarrett saying he's The King Of The Mountain! But neither want a match with Da Stunner. Because they know there chances of coming out on top is slim to none.

I mean really Bret. Instead of worrying about Sun Dubbie, your need to be preparing for Da Stunner. Don't get me wrong. Dubbie is a formidable opponent. But that's later on. You and me, it's right now! And I'm gonna show you and the whole nWn why u aint nuttin but a washed up old greasy haired has been. And why Da Stunner is the face of the future!

Come on, look at me! I can rap, I can style, and in da ring I can make it wild! You aint got shit on me, and thats just your reality Bret! Prepare to be on your back and looking up at the lights! Just another victim of Da Stunner!

A production assistant walks up to Da Stunner, and tells him it's almost match time. Steve just looks at her stupid and tells her never to interupt him again!

Steve Da Stunner- Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, Bret, tonight will be just like every other night for Da Stunner Man! I get my hand raised in victory, and I walk out the arena with another fat paycheck, and I move one step further up the ladder to becoming an nWn Champion. And like I said, learn to love it! Cause you can't stop me! See you in a bit Bret! You will be Stunned! And yes..... this has been another Stunn Ya Ass Production!

Da Stunner then pushes the camera out of his way and heads back to his locker room! The house show is just minutes awat from starting, and Da Stunner looks to be unstoppable! Stay tuned!