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The scene opens up backstage at nWn Beakdown, live in Knoville, Tennessee, as nWn is just mere minutes away from hitting the air waves. Backstage, Steve Da Stunner makes the camera crew stop, as he has a few choices words for The Rock tonight.

Steve Da Stunner- Hey Rocky. We got a big match tonight boy, and as I told you last week, my offer is still good. The guy with the highest bid can pay me off, and enjoy a great Battlecade PPV. But I think your probably too stupid to do this the easy way. But tonight, in our match, I'm gonna make sure you learn a lesson in my part of the hood. And that's Da Stunner isn't one to fuck around with. I got a short song for you, a little rap, a little something or anotha for ya. It goes like this.......

Rock, tonight we fight inside the ring, but your gonna be on ya back lookin up at the face of the king, Da Stunna's gonna be victorious and there aint a thing, you can do but walk away knowing I run this scene, You gonna learn what it's like to be on the losing end, cause there aint no way in hell tonight you'll win, You gonna learn going up against me is a sin, so watch ya back, cuz i sting like the hurricane wind.

I'll see you tonight Rock. Oh yeah. The offer is still on the table. If you wanna be champ, pay the price for it. Let's see what ya got boy!