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Welcome to the shawn michaels page

name:Shawn michaels
d.o.b: 17/03/1965
home town:sanantonio texas
marital status: married 1 child
Wrestling titles:awa tag champion
                         wwe tag champion
                         wwe intercontinental
                         wwe european champ
                         wwe champion
                         wwe raw heavy weight
Shawn michaels,the heart break kid,the show stopper,the main event,
the icon,the best wrestler in history trained in a tin shed out side sanantonio texas with the legendary hosie latherio stsarted his wrestling career in 1984 in the awa then moved to the nwa when he formed a tag team with marty jennety.they won the awa tag championship in 1987.
Then they moved to the wwf but never won the wwf tag championship.
in late 1991 the friendship ends and so does the team shawn michaels super kicked martey jannety through a glass window at the show the barber shop with brutus the barber beefcake.This skyrocketed shawns career winning the i.c championship 3 times the wwe tag championship 3 times the wwf europen championship 1 time and the wwf heavy weight championship 4 times making him the first tripple crown champion.
until 1998 when in a match shawn pretty much broke his back retring him.
he made a few appereances in the wwe as commisioner and as the offical spokes person for the wwe.
while shawn was not wrestling he found christianaty and has made it a integeral part of his life.
with his wife and son he took some well desirved time off.
then in late 2002 shawn returned to the wwe as the newest member of the nwo with kevin nash.
he said he would never wrestle again.
the nwo thing didnt last very long it was to worn out and to wcw (YUCK)
WRONG. the showstopper is back wrestling again and has won the wwe championship and put all his critics to rest he is still the showstopper.the main event, and he is better than ever.
shawn is the best there is best there was and best there ever will be.
long live shawn michaels.
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