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OCW SHOWDOWN Results Sunday, April 25, 2004 Deadline: 5:00 p.m. est. Savannah Civic Center Savannah, Georgia (The scene opens up to a panoramic view of the Jam-packed Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia. As the graphics for the Sunday Showdown show flashes in & out of view, we see clips of last weeks show. First we see the Prez going for a Super Kick on stalker but misses an hits darkknight. Then we see Headhunter laying down for Havoc, and the Prez Super Kicking Headhunter. And finally we see Blade smacking Mayhem over the head with a Chain Saw, and Mayhem chaseing Baleog The Fierce an Stalker. The scene then pans back into the Civic Center an on the announcers table, were RJ an Dean are setting.) RJ: Here we are with another exciting edition of OCW Sunday Showdown. If you're looking for intensified tag team action, you got it this week right here on Showdown. Dean: Thats right RJ, our main event is gonna be action packed. Stalker & Heatwave will go face to face with Baleog The Fierce & Mayhem. RJ: What a tag team that is, I personally dont think that Baleog can trust Mayhem. Dean: Trust is the key, if they wanna get the win in this main event. A win here tonight would really help out alot for someones ego, going into BRAVE NEW WORLD next Saturday. (Scene cuts to Heatwave arriveing to the Savannah Civic Center, He is wearing his orange Jackett an blue jeans. Don Homes follows him, he is wearing a black suit an a black Cowboy hat. Both Homes & Heatwave head into there locker room.) RJ: Heatwave is here, an he looks like he is ready for some action. Dean: Did you see Don Homes cowboy hat, almost as good as yours RJ. RJ: Yeah, but we all know that I'm the only one in the OCW that can style an profile in a cowboy hat. Dean: Haha Haha, Style an Profile? you never even get out of this chair here. ~RU READY by Randy Savage cues up an out comes Prez Michael on the stage. He has on a grey armonie suit, and a pair of black sunglasses. He walks down to the ring an climbs in. He walks around the ring taking in all the fans cheers.~ RJ: Well, looks like the Prez is gonna start things off tonight. Dean: look at that suit RJ, he must have paid out the Yin Yang for that. ~The Prez demands a mic, an the ring announcer hands him her mic.~ Prez: Hello Savannah! ~Crowd Cheers~ Prez: Are you ready for the big main event tag match tonight. I hope you are, cause this match is gonna be one hell of a match. But thats not why I'm out here, I'm out here because theres gonna be a Title match tonight!! RJ: Title match? no one said anything about a title match tonight. Dean: Oh my god, we are gonna have a Heavyweight Champion tonight? Prez: I was sitting in the back, watching some reruns of this weeks House Shows. And I saw a promo that Blade cut for his match with Johnny Payne. ~Crowd Cheers when they hear Johnny Paynes name~ Prez: Blade made me think, I got two more titles other than the Heavyweight title. And we have had 3 shows since the opening of OCW. But we have never had a title match. RJ: thats true, no titles have been on the line. Prez: So tonight, in our opening match. Blade will face Johnny Payne.......... ~Crowd Cheers for Johnny Payne~ Prez: I said Johnny Payne... ~Crowd goes Crazy again~ Prez: In a OCW ladder match..... ~Crowd Cheers for the ladder match~ Prez: Witht the OCW Outlaw Championship hanging above the ring. However.......since the Outlaw title is a Hardcore type title. We are gonna add alittle spice to this Ladder match. We are gonna have some Tables.........and Chairs. ~Crowd Chants TLC.......TLC...~ Prez: Yes, thats right. We are gonna have a TLC ladder match for the OCW Outlaw Chamionship. So, Blade, Payne. I wish you good luck, an may the true Champion win. ~RU READY plays again as Prez Michael heads to the back.~ RJ: A TLC Ladder match!! Tonight Dean: What a night its turning out to be. RJ: Well guess what time it is Dean Dean: What time is it. RJ: Its time for the TLC Ladder match, its up next. ~COMMERCIAL BREAK~ (Show comes back from the break, and we see a split screen. On one side of the screen we see Blade heading from his locker room towards the entrance way, an on the other side we see Johnny Payne coming out of his loacker room, he tapes his hands up an heads to the entrance way.) RJ: Its time for the Ladder Match Dean: This is gonna be great. OUTLAW CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE MATCH OCW TLC LADDER MATCH BLADE VS JOHNNY PAYNE ~LET THE BODYS HIT THE FLOOR by Drowning Pool cues up an out comes Blade, He is wearing his red tights an has a Table in his arms. He slides the table into the ring, an places it in the corner.~ Ring Announcer: From Brooklyn, NY weighing in at 260 pounds an standing 6'9......................BLADE! RJ: where did he get that table? Dean: Its hard to tell. ~BOMB SHELL by Powerman 5000 cues up an Johnny Payne pops up from the entrance way with some fire works flying, he flips around a bit, playing to the crowd. He then runs to the ring an slides in. He jumps up on the turnbuckles an plays to the crowd some more.~ Ring Announcer: From Tampa Bay, Fl weighing in at 180 pounds an standing 5'5......................JOHNNY PAYNE! RJ: A real mis-match here, look at the size differentance here. Dean: Payne dont even come up to Blades waste does he? ~~BELL SOUNDS~~ RJ: This ones under way. Dean: This is the debut match for Johnny Payne, and its a OCW Outlaw Title Match. RJ: Blade has the leverage advantage….as they go to lock up... Dean:They lock up, and Blade is able to back Johnny Payne up into the corner. The referee asks for a clean break. Will we get one? NO! Blade drives his knee into the midsection of Johnny Payne! And catches him with a hard forearm… RJ: Blade pulls Johnny out of the corner and sends him into the ropes. Payne comes off the ropes as Blade goes for a clothesline, but Payne ducks under! Payne comes off the other side…flying cross body! Knocking him down! Dean: Johnny Payne gets back up onto his feet, and Blade is quickly up to his feet as well. Payne charges, but Blade drops down and Johnny Payne goes over. He comes off the ropes and WOAH HO HO!! Blade caught him with a hard clothesline! Knocking Johnny Payne down to the canvas quick and hard! RJ: Blade pulls Johnny up…hard forearm to the chest area. He kicks Johnny in the midsection…hooking him….high vertical suplex…and drops him down to the canvas hard! Dean: Blade gets up and pulls Johnny Payne up with him. Forearm shot….and a hard uppercut almost knocks Payne back against the ropes. Blade charges at Johnny, but Johnny gets out of the way…drop toe hold and sends Blade crashing down! Throat first against the middle rope! RJ: Johnny Payne hits the ropes an spins trough the middle rope catching Blade right in the face sending him floping back into the middle of the ring. Dean: Johnny Payne is on the apron, hes waiting on blade to get to his feet. Payne spring boards up onto the ropes an flys towards Blade. RJ: Blade catches him on his shoulders, POWER BOMB. That one back fired there. Payne might wanna think about the high flying moves before he does them. Dean: Blade is heading to the outside, looks like hes getting a Chair. Blade gets a chair an slides back into the ring. He waits on Johnny Payne to get to his feet. He he connects to the side of Johnny Paynes head. RJ: WHAM BAM thank you mam. Johnny Payne is out. Blade sit up the table, he scoops Payne up an lays him on the table. He notices that Paynes out cold......looks like hes gonna try an take off Johnny Paynes MASK Dean: Hes untieing his mask, we are gonna see who Johnny Payne is. Wait......No Payne kicks blade in the head, blade flys back into the corner. RJ: Johnny Payne puts blade on the top rope. Top Rope Hurricarana, Blade just went crashing trought the table. Dean: Oh My, that had to hurt like hell. Payne has spotted the Chair that blade brought into the ring. He pits it up an............wait he just droped it. Hes leaving the ring. RJ: Hes going for the ladder, He slides the Ladder in an sets it up. He picks up the chair an climbs to the top, he waits on blade to get up. Dean: Whats he doing.........Oh Shit....Payne flys off the Ladder with the Chair in front of his feet. He smashes the Chair into the face of Blade. RJ: There goes blood flying. Blade hits in the turn buckle, his face is covered in blood. Johnny Payne throws the chair to blade, Blade catches it. OH MY.......Payne hits another dropkick. Dean: Blade falls to his knees, Looks like Payne is choppin him down. Payne bounces off the ropes an dropkicks Blade in the kisser. RJ: Payne is heading up top, is he gonna get the Belt? Dean: NO........He does a Moonsault off the top landing on Blade. Thats gotta do it. RJ: He is heading up top again, this time he pulls down the OCW Outlaw Championship. ~~BELL SOUNDS~~ Ring Announcers: Here is your winner an First Ever OCW OUTLAW CHAMPION...........JOHNNY PAYNE!!!! RJ: He did it, he has won the OCW Outlaw Championship.........In his debut match. Oh My God. Dean: That is one tough cookie there, Payne has proved the entire Roster wrong........No one thought he could win aganist Blade......But he did.....And he won the OCW Outlaw title while doing it. RJ: What a night for that guy, he deserves this. ~Scene fades to the back, to the Commishs Jet. Stalker an the Commish is standing outside the Jet. As if they both arrived together.~ Commish: You ready for your match? Stalker: Yeah, but the real question is Heatwave ready? Commish: I think Heatwave is gonna be alright, He has wrestled for 5 years. Thats a long time, I think he will keep his end of the deal. Stalker: Ok cool, I'm gonna head inside to my locker room. Commish: I'm gonn head to the ring. ~Scene fades back inside the Civic Center, Havoc wonders to the ring. He climbs in and chases the Ring annpouncer around the ring.~ RJ: Whats Havoc doing anyway. Dean: Looks like hes got alittle thing for our Ring Announcer Dibbie Dawn. ~As Havoc continues to chase the Ring annoucer around the ring "HIGH WAY TO HELL" by AC/DC cues up, Commish Stan Storm walks out onto stage. He heads to the ring as the fans boo, he heads into the ring. Havoc runs by him a couple times, chaseing the Ring Announcer.~ Commish: Havoc, what the hell are you doing. Get the hell out of my ring. ~Havoc don't listen an keeps on chaseing.~ Commish: Either leave my ring now, Or I will make you leave. And thats a promise. ~Havoc runs by Commish again, The Commish grabs him by the neck~ Commish: I told you to stop it ass hole, an get the hell out of my ring. ~Havoc slides out of the ring an heads to the back.~ Commish: Now that the OCW's local retard is outta the way. I got a few things on my mind, and I want to address them. First thing that really burnt my chops, was when I was on my way here to the Civic center on my jet. I was watching the show on my tv, And I saw that the Prez came out an changed the Blade vs Payne match. He made it a Title match. That really pissed me off, what has Johnny Payne did in this fed to deserve that title? RJ: I think he proved to every one that he deserved that title, but thats my opion. Commish: He don't deserve the title, I dont care if he beat Blade or he beat Stalker........It makes no differance to me. He's to young, an he hasn't even wrestled enough to win anything. But I'm gonna look over this, cause tonight is my big night. Nothing can screw with me tonight. RJ: Whats he talking about. Dean: I have no clue. Commish: Now the second thing I want to address. I have been sitting around watching the OCW so called BLOOM over the past 3 weeks. And this Saturday is the OCW's First PPV. BRAVE NEW WORLD. Yeah thats all great and all, but the Brave New World starts tonight. Tonight Stan Storms Brave New World will begin. The Prez has had his 3 weeks of fame, An Now its Stan Storms turn. I gonna put my 40% to use, Theres gonna be alot of changes going on around here. ~RU READY by Randy Savage cues up an the prez comes walking down to the ring, he climbs into the ring and gets face to chest with the OCW Commish.~ RJ: OH My, they are stareing eachother down. Dean: This could get outta hand. Prez: Stan, I know that your thinking. I know what you got up your sleave. But I can't do much about it, However I'm so confident that tonights not your night, that I will be willing to put anything on the line in the main event. I Know that Baleog & Mayhem will destory the team of stalker & Heatwave. Commish: Anything? How about this. How about you put 10% of your power on the line, makeing it even. 50-50. If my team of Stalker & Heatwave wins. I get 10% of your 60%. Prez: Ok....Ok. Thats a deal. But what do I get if Baleog & Mayhem wins? Commish: Well, what do you want. I will put anything on the line aswell. Prez: If your team wins, you get 10% of my 60%. But when...not if...but when my Team wins. You leave the OCW. get lost. Commish: Ok...Ok its a deal. But you better beleave one thing Michael, at the end of tonight. Its gonna be 50-50. And I plan on useing every inch of my power to destory you. ~HIGH WAY TO HELL by AC/DC cues up and Commis Stan Storm leaves the ring heading to the back. The Prez follows behind after Storm gets to the back.~ RJ: Well that sure makes the Main Event more exciting. Dean: Yeah, but if Stan Storm's team wins and he gets 50% of the company........That........That will make him co-Prez with the Prez. RJ: Hey, your right. I never tought about that. HAVOC VS CHRIS CANNON ~CRAZY TRAIN by Ozzy plays as Havoc comes downt to the ring, he slides in an runs to the turnbuckles. He plays to the crowd, the crowd seems to love him.~ Ring Announcer: From Alberta, Canada weighing in at 220 an standing at 6'1............HAVOC! ~NUMB by Linkin Park cues up an the Civic Center gets dark, the lights go pale purple. Chris Cannon comes walking to the ring in his Trench coat with his pale white paint an black striks on his face. He climbs into the ring an stares trough Havoc.~ Ring Announcer: From Parts Unknown weighing in at 200 pounds standing at 6'4..................Chris Cannon. RJ: Cannon kicks Havoc in the chest with a football punt style kick and a knee lift, almost knocking him back out of the ring. Nice one… Dean: Havoc tries to regain his composure…but Cannon kicks him in the stomach, stands back and clothesline him, sending him down hard to the mat. RJ: Cannon with a nice standing dropkick that knocks Havoc into the ropes. He comes off and Cannon with a back elbow, and a second clothesline, knocking him down. He clamps on a choke hold Dean: This match is big for Cannon…so, yes, it is important and he’s going to do whatever he can to win! Cannon lets go of the chokehold. Cannon pulls Havoc up and sends him into the ropes… RJ: Cannon catches Havoc with a swinging neckbreaker, sending him down to the canvas. Cannon with a lateral press…one….two…kickout! Sloppy ass cover. Cannon pulls Havoc up. Forearm to the side of Havoc’s head… Dean: Cannon grabs Havoc by the hair, pulling him up. He sends him into the ropes. Cannon comes off…and Cannon with a fist to the midsection! Cannon hooks Havoc…lifting him up…front layout suplex! And he splats him on his stomach… RJ: Cannon back up…he comes off the ropes…legdrop to the back of Havoc’s head! He turns Havoc over…covering him. One…two…th-kickout! Dean: Both men get up…but Cannon catches Havoc, scooping him up and executing a nice shoulder breaker! Cannon sends Havoc into the ropes, but Havoc hooks the ropes and heads to the outside. He wants a time out, well, there’s no time outs in wrestling! RJ: Cannon walks over to the ropes, he reaches down over an grabs Havoc by the hair, He pulls him up onto the apron. Cannon hooks Havoc with a choke slam type of move an slams him inside. He pulls him out to the middle of the ring an then heads up top to the top rope. This could be it, Shooting Star Press into a leg drop.........OH MY...OH MY Dean: He calls that the FLYING FURY............ and it looks like he is gonna go for the cover. the ref counts.....1..........2........3. RJ: He did it, just like Johnny Payne...he has won his first debut match. Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..........Chris Cannon. Dean: What a night for these young Stars. ~BOMB SHELL by Powerman 5000 cues up an Johnny Payne comes out on stage an walks to the ring. He is wearing a white cut off t-shirt an a white mask. He has his Outlaw Title around his shoulder. He slides in an takes the mic from the ring announcer.~ Payne: I just came out here to say Congrats on your win man, That was very impressive. Almost as impressive s mine. almost. ~Cannon takes the mic from Paynes hand.~ Cannon: Thanks for the Congrats, but no thanks. I work alone. So maybe you should get to steping punk. ~Payne starts out of the ring, but right when he gets on the apron Cannon speaks again.~ Cannon: Hold Up.....wait just a sec.....I see that you got that belt on your shoulder, you want to show it off to the fans here in Savannah. Well, seeing as how next week is Brave New World. Why don't you give me a shot at that title. What do you say, prove to me that you are a true Outlaw. ~Cannon tosses Payne the Mic.~ Payne: Ok, your on. At the PPV. Its gonna be you and on one. But how about the up the stakes, how about we do this in a Iron Man Outlaw Rules Match? If ya like that......JUST NOD YA FREAKIN HEAD. ~Cannon shakes his head showing that hes all for it. Then Paynes music hits an he leaves the ring.~ RJ: Well we just saw that the OUTLAW title will be on the line this week on PPV. Should be a great match. Dean: Iron Man Outlaw Rules Match, sounds good to me. ~scene cuts to the back an we see Heatwave in his locker room, there is a knock at the door an Heatwave gets up an opens the door. Stalker is standing in the door, he walks in an sits down.~ Stalker: You ready to win tonight? Heatwave: Thats what I do best. Stalker: Well, you better be ready. Mayhem an no joke. He will beat our ass if your not ready. Heatwave: Let me tell you a couple things pale face, I have been wrestling for 5 years. I was wrestleing when you was playing hop scotch with your friend Mayhem. I think I can take care of myself, you just better make sure you can take care of yourself. Cause I know Baleog from other federations, an he won't go down to a EASY PEASY Pysco Bomb. Stalker: Hell, I got that took care of. Just know this, if you cause me to lose tonight, I will make your life a living hell. Heatwave: Go ahead try it, I'm the Flagship Playa....without me....this fed is dog shit. Hey.....IF IT WASN"T TURE. I WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU SO...... ~Scene fades back to the announcers~ RJ: Alittle disagreement there, can these to hold it together? Dean: I don't know. RJ: Well they better if they wanna win. ~Scene fades to show Baleog The Fierce getting ready for action, then behind him we see Mayhem start up a Chainsaw. Baleog turns around an yells at him~ Baleog: Would you please shut the hell up with that thing, thats all you have did for the last hour is play with that damn Chainsaw. Mayhem: I'm getting it ready, you never know when I might need to cut SOMETHING? Baleog: Stay the hell away from me, I'm trying to get ready for our match. Mayhem: You don't even need to go out there, I can take them both. Baleog: Thats it, your breath stinks an them clothes your wearing REAKS. I'm going to somewhere else where I can get ready. ~Mayhem takes his hand an covers his mouth an breaths on it.~ Mayhem: Smells like rotten eggs....Oh well who gives a shit. I got a match to prepare for. ~Mayhem sharpens his Chainsaw blade as the scene cuts back to the ring.~ RJ: Man, this main event might just turn into a 4 man battle royal. Dean: Yeah, then the commish an Prez would be pissed. TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT HEATWAVE & STALKER VS MAYHEM & BALEOG THE FIERCE ~The Halloween Theme plays as Stalker come towards the ring, the crowd boos an chants you SUCK as he slides into the ring.~ Ring Announcer: From Haddonfield, Illinois Weighing in at 200 pounds an Standing 6'6 .............Stalker ~ SHOOT ME AGAIN by Metallica cues up as the arena flashs orange an red, Heatwave steps out from behind the curtin. He is wearing his red & white tights an has on his Orange Jacket. He slides into the ring an removes his jacket, The crowd also boos Heatwave.~ Ring Announcer: From Hurley, Va weighing in at 200 pounds an standing at 6'1............Heatwave ~SHOW CHEMICAL by finger 11 plays as we hear a Chainsaw start up, Mayhem comes running to the ring an slides in, he runs around the ring with the chain saw high in the air.~ Ring Announcer: From Somewhere in Texas weighing in at 320 pounds an standing 7'0. ...............Mayhem ~"Mountains Of Might" By Immortal cues up as Baleog the Fierce steps out onto the stage, he waves his frence flag to the delight of the fans. he then heads to the ring an slides in.~ Ring Announcer: From Oslo, Norway weighing in at 256 pounds an standing 6'9............Baleog The Fierce RJ: This should be a good main event if they can keep these teams together. Dean: I sure hope they can. RJ: It looks like Stalker and Baleog are going to start the match… Dean: They lock up and Stalker gets him with a standing side headlock…cranking on the head…. RJ: Baleog catches him in the midsection with an elbow…and tries to shove him off into the ropes, but Stalker holds on by grabbing ahold of the hair. Baleog catches him with another elbow to the midsection. A third one loosens the hold….Baleog shoves Stalker off into the ropes… Dean: He comes off…they collide and Baleog goes flying backwards and down to the canvas. RJ: Baleog gets back up onto his feet. Stalker charges at him, but Baleog ducks down. Stalker off the ropes. Baleog tries to hiptoss him, but Stalker blocks it…and clotheslines Baleog down! Dean: Stalker waits for him to get up…and clothesline him down once more! RJ: Stalker pulls him over to the corner and makes the quick tag to Heatwave. Heatwave in…and kicks Baleog in the ribs as Stalker held him wide open. Heatwave in…and there’s an armdrag takedown onto Baleog... Dean: You know, as Heatwave keeps that armbar on Baleog…those two look a little bit alike… RJ: You think so? Dean: They look like, in a certain light and direction and side, that they could be twins… RJ: Oh, well, maybe. Baleog works to get back up onto his feet. Heatwave keeps holding onto the arm…but Baleog kicks him in the midsection…and that breaks the armbar. Baleog with a dropkick, knocks Heat back… Dean: Baleog tries to hiptoss Heatwave over, but once again, Baleog gets blocked! And Heatwave turns it into a backslide! One…tw-kickout! RJ: Both men are up….Baleog tries for a shot, but Heat blocks and gets one in on Baleog! This time, it’s Heatwave with a dropkick knocking Baleog back into the WRONG corner! Dean: Heatwave tags Stalker back into the match. They send him out of the corner and into the ropes with a double irish whip! He comes off…DOUBLE clothesline! RJ: Stalker takes over…pulling Baleog up and bodyslamming him! Dean: Baleog gets up, slower this time. Stalker is right their, though. Forearm. And now Stalker sends him to the ropes….but Baleog baseball slides between his legs! He’s up…comes off the far ropes and dropkicks Stalker down. both men are down. Stalker gets to his feet first an trys for the PYSCO BOMB. But Baleog slides out of it an trys to tag Mayhem. RJ: Mayhem reaches out for the tag but Stalker pulls baleog's foot an keeps him out of range. Stalker suplexs Baleog down an now he makes another tag to Heatwave. Dean: Taging alot, thats a good idea. RJ: Heatwave in.....Heatwave sends Baleog into the ropes an catches him with a spinebuster. Heatwave then flips Mayhem off. Heatwave goes for the HEAT SHOOTER but don't get it as Baleog uses his feet an shoves Heatwave into his own corner. Baleog makes the tag to mayhem. Dean: Mayhem is now in, first time in the entire match. Mayhem has just brought that Chainsaw into the ring. He is helping his partner to his corner. RJ: Heatwave runs to hit Mayhem with a high leg clotheline.....but he missed an the ref just took a hell of a clothesline. Dean: The Ref is down.......The Ref is Down. Baleog has came in the ring, an so has stalker its gonn be a tornado tag, theres no ref to keep this thing together. RJ: Mayhem has that Chainsaw in his hands, this could get ugly. put the kids to bed. Dean: Mayhem an Baleog are talking about witch one is gonna attack first. an so are Heat & Stalker. RJ: Baleog takes off.........NO! DAMN IT NO!.....Mayhem just busted Baleog over the head with the rear of the Chainsaw......NO! Dean: Stalker reaches out a handshake......Stalker an Mayhem shake hands. Heatwave is locking in the HEAT SHOOTER on Baleog. RJ: He's got it locked in tight to.....Baleog is out cold. He ant gonna tap...Let it go...its over the man can't tap damn it. Dean: This is sicking to me, OH Wait the ref is up.....He sees the HEAT SHOOTER locked in....He rasies Baleog's arm......Once......Twice......a Thrid time.....NO!...Its over. RJ: Those damn ass holes has won this match. Ring Announcer: Here is your winners via submission..............Heatwave & Stalker. RJ: Stalker Mayhem an Heatwave are all celerbrateing in that ring. Like they have on the SUPE BOWL. Dean: This just makes me sick. ~HIGHWAY TO HELL cues up an the Commish Stan Storm heads to the ring, he climbs in an shakes each mans hand. He has a couple shirts in his hand. He takes the mic.~ Commish: Looks like I'm a 50% owner of this company now Prez. Looks like My boys did the job. Looks like theres a new possy in town. Now, that I have 50% of this damn company...I think its time the SUPER STARS get seperated from the wimps.....I think its time the TRUE talent gets to be in the Spot light. ~Crowd boos an throws trash into the ring~ Commish: Thats why, Starting now. P.O.W is gonna rule the OCW for many years to come. The P.O.W stands for PRO OUTLAW WRESTLING. An we are all about Punishment......And as you can see Talent. ~The Commish hands out the T-shirts with the P.O.W logo on it. Each member puts on the t-shirt.~ Commish: Next week is a PPV so called Brave New World.........Thats where P.O.W will clean up, we will take all the titles...and rule the OCW. Baleog.......You have just witnessed the BRAVE NEW you like our world? ~Scene fades as the show goes off the air.~