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Why Do Girls Like Ballbusting?
by sf182

The question everyone wants to know, but no one seems to be able to answer. Well, the time has come to answer it. The answer is simple: women enjoy overpowering men, dominating them if you will. Domination over men gives women a sense of power over the usually stronger male. This cruel and unusual power over men leads to pleasure for women, both mentally and sometimes physically. Men are finally at our mercy for a change, and it is time for some revenge.

When a woman has total power over a man, she can do anything she wants to him, so why not go for his most sensitive target? The balls are actually an extremely easy target for women. They hang down right between his legs, in perfect position for a swift kick, knee, punch, or even squeeze. Defense of the balls is nearly impossible for an unexpecting male. Although I have obviously never experienced it, from what I understand testicular pain is the worst pain imaginable. Being unable to experience this extreme pain we cause gives all the more power to women. We have the power to cause men pain that is completely unimaginable to us.

Ballbusting is one of the few advantages that women have over men in today's society. Men are usually much more powerful than their female counterparts, both physically and socially. However, men have one fatal flaw: balls. Women have the unique ability to render a man completely helpless in a matter of seconds with one shot between his legs. My fellow females, use this power to your advantage. Trust me, you will enjoy it.