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Legend Killer!
The Legend Killer


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--[[ The Scene opens up inside of a Home, the camera just zooms around looking in the room and everyone in the area donít know what to think and all of a sudden the camera sees 2 people on the couch talking, the camera gets closer and itís Randy Orton and Batista Mom --]]!

|| Legend Killer|| Thank you for having this interview with me!

|| Batista Mom|| no problem Randy!

|| Legend Killer|| if you donít mind, Iím just going to ask you some questions.

|| Batista Mom|| Ok!

|| Legend Killer|| How was Batista when he was growing up?

|| Batista Mom|| He was like any other Kid growing up, but for some weird reason, he didnít like playin with other kids, just by himself, he was weird I donít know how to explain it!

|| Legend Killer|| what about his teenage years?

|| Batista Mom|| it got a little better, but he didnít like girls intíl he was 17 years old! But when he got out of High School, that when he changed, he wasnít my little boy anymore, he was a new person!

|| Legend Killer|| what do you Mean? A new person?

|| Batista Mom|| He just stayed in his room and worked out for 2 straight years, he came out of his room and eat and to take showers and talk, but he never left the house!

|| Legend Killer|| Batista is weird, that is some weird SHIT!!!

|| Batista Mom|| Please donít talk about my son like that, only I can do that!

|| Legend Killer|| you think thatís bad, you havenít seen nothing yet, I guess you didnít know, but your baby boy has a 3 on 1 match @ smack down against evolution and you canít bet your sorry ass that he aint gonna win, Cause just look who he is facin, the Game, EWF IC champion, 14-time WCW champion Ric Flair and me; 1 half of the tag champ and the 1 and only Legend Killer! So Batista, you better come home and see your mom for the last time, cuz when evolution is done with you, nothing will be the same about you, and itís only a matter of time before Triple H gets his shot at the world title and just to inform you come smack down, I have a little surprise for you!

--[[ Orton starts to laugh as the camera cuts to a commercial break--]] --[[EWF Comes back from Commercial break and fades backstage were Batista and Ric Flair just ran into each other--]]

|| Batista || what are you looking at Flair?

|| Ric Flair|| || Batista ||Cause for Once, I wanna hold a title, instead of being in the shadow of evolution and Triple H.

|| Ric Flair|| is this what itís about being in Triple H shadow?

|| Batista || Thatís part of it! I just want to be my own person right now, and be EWF Champion!

|| Ric Flair|| I donít think you know that on Smack down you have a match?

|| Batista || against who? Rock? Triple H? Orton? Jena? Who?

|| Ric Flair|| Evolution! Three on 1!

|| Batista || are you serious?

|| Ric Flair|| Yep!

|| Batista || Thatís real Funny Flair! I canít wait intíl smack down, cuz Evolution has pisses off the wrong person, to come to me like everything is all nice and shit! I saw all your out there earlier and I just saw Randy Orton doing a interview with my Mom, so at Smack down, Iím going into there hoping to end Evolution, so good luck to all 3 of you jackasses cuz your all going to need it! As for right now, you better get out my face, for you wonít make it to smack down!

|| Ric Flair|| we will see who gets the last Laugh at Smac down! Whoo whoo whoo!!!!

--[[EWF cuts to a commercial break--]]