The Toughest Tramp Around

The EWE fans are waiting for something to happen when all of a sudden Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls hits over the PA system and images of a gorgeous girl cover the titon tron. Some fans begin to cheer already, just by the girls looks. The girl on the titon tron comes out from behind the curtians wearing black booty shorts and a black shirt that is cut off under the chest, showing off her abs. The shirt has one sleeve over the left shoulder and across the chest says 'Savannah' in silver cursive. She is also wearing strappy, black heels. She begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring the fans seeking high fives before stepping into the ring slowly between the middle and bottem rop, the camera man makes sure to get a shot of her butt as she enters the ring. She stands in the middle of the ring for a minute before grabbing a mic from a stagehand and starts talking.

~<3~The Toughest Tramp Around~<3~

Alright, people, the EWE finally has some talent! Then again, looking around at you hicks, I don't think you deserve someone as talented and hot as me to be gracing your presence!*Fans begin to boo and she smirks egotystically*Right, whatever, I've dealt with people as jealous as you my whole life. Anyway, now, I realise when you look at me, you think 'whore' well, you're wrong. I'm a slut, a tramp... but I don't need the money. Trust me, I've got plenty. I have more money in my wallet than any of you filthy rednecks will see in a lifetime! Therefore, I get only who I want, not only who wants me, because, hell, that would be everybody. But that's not why I'm out here, I am out here to issue an open challenge to anybody- man or woman- who thinks that they actually have what it takes to beat me in a match. And I am talking any kind of match- Hell in a Cell, Ladder, Bra and Panties... Hell, I'll even do a bikini contest and win that, too. Basically what I'm saying is that I will beat anybody, anywhere, in any type of match. So anybody who has the guts to face me, bring it on!

The fans begin to boo again and Savannah laughs before dropping the mic and leaving the ring, heading back to her lockerroom.

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