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TV Guide (December 2001)

Raw Magazine (November 2001) Wrestlemania X-8 Promo from Raw Magazine (November 2001)

The Cable Guide (November 2001) Courtesy of EyesofaChamption.cjb.net

UK WWF Posterbook (October 2001)< The Wrestler (January 2002)

GamePro Magazine (September 2001) WWF Magazine (September 2001) PSM: Playstation Magazine (September 2001)

Rampage Magazine WWF Superstars PosterBook

Ebony (July 2001) The Wrestler (September Issue)

Rolling Stone(June 2001) Jet Magazine(May 2001)

Entertainment Weekly(May 2001)

Direct Guide(April 2001)

Raw Magazine(March 2001)

WWF Magazine (March 2001)

WOW Magazine (March 2001)

The Wrestler presents Greats of the Game....

Inside Wrestling..