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NAW-TNA New Age Wrestling Total Nonspot Action/UcW Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Monday Night Matchs well take place at the The RBC Center in North Carlina

Womens World Tag Team Title Match

Faith & Lita vs Natilly & Athiena

Single Match

"The Josh" Josh Woodrum vs Amzanig Bule

NAW S Division Tag Team Titles

The Lost Cause & Jhonny Pyro Vs.Blaze Amd Super Nova

Hell in a Cell match

Robyn Golphin Vs. The Hitman

Singles Match

Lo Kai vs Tony Sanders

Main Event

Singles Match (Non Title)

Demon W/Faith vs T 20 W/ Anthiena

NAW Champion: Angleus

NAW World Ultimate Champion:Craven

NAW S Division Champion: Red Star

NAW U.S. Champion: Iceman

NAW Women's Champion: Trish Wilson

NAW Hardcore Champion: The Hitman

NAW Eroupean Champion: Wuying Ren

NAW World Tag Champions: Eastsiderz

NAW Women Tag Champions: Faith & Lita

NAW Middleweight Champion:Johnny Pyro

Thrusday Night Matchs well take place at the The Staple Center in Los Angeles,CA

Middleweight Championship Match

Johnny Pyro Vs Kid Lash

Single Match

Alxe Skipper Vs The Lost Cause

Singles Match

"The Josh" Josh Woodrum Vs. Amazing Bule

Hardcore Tag Team Match

Robyn Golphin and Trish Wilson Vs. The Hitman and Lita

Hardcore Match

Weapon X Vs. Tony Sanders

Triple Threat Hardcore Match For The NAW Eroupean championship

Wuying Ren Vs. James Jarrett Vs. Angleus

Table Match

Jay Z Vs. A-Bomb

NAW Hardcore Tag Team Championship Match

Worlds Most Wanted Vs. D.T.P

Hell in the Cell Match For The NAW World Ultimate Championship

Craven Vs. A.J Styles

March 30,2003 at the Joe Louse Arena In Detroit,MI

Tag Team Match

Trpile X Vs Hardcore Icons

S Division Tag Team Championship Match

Blaze And Super Nova Vs D.T.P

Single Match

Alton Lee Vs A.J. Stlyes

Single Match

Goldeny LocksVs Faith

S Division Championship Match

Red Star Vs Tony Sanders

Tag Team Match

Worlds Most Wanted Vs Roc-A-Fella Records

NAW Women's Championship Match

Angel Vs Lita

Uinted States Championship Match

Iceman Vs Deathpool

Hell In The Cell Match For The NAW Hardcore Chmapionship

The Hitman Vs Robyn Golphin

NAW World UltimateChampionship Match

Craven Vs Rod"The Truth"Killings

Main Event Match

Triple threat NAW World Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Angleus Vs T 20 Vs Demon