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full effect wrestling

                  jacey north

kevin northcutt




Click Here to e-mail Full Effect Wrestling
 with any questions you may have.  If you are a wrestler looking
for work, all our talent is handled through the talent
relations dept. and any emails submitted by wrestlers
looking for work are immediately deleted.

FEW is pleased to announce the additions of
Terry Bryant, and Kevin Northcutt (pictured lower left)

to the roster.  They will join the FEW Superstar roster including
Jacey North (pictured left), Steve Anthony, Bronco Bob,
and many more.

Updates about the initial LIVE!  events in Texas
will released soon. Superstars appearing on the event
include "Prince of Pain" Joe Kane, John Allen,
Jordan Espinoza and more!.  Full Effect Wrestling's
 talent department is also in talks with stars of NWA TNA
Updates of that will come as soon as we know them.

Singles: (Top Five)

1.  Jacey North

2.  Mustang Mike

3. Steve Anthony

4.  Joe Kane

5.  Minotaur

Tag-Team: (Top Three)

1.  The Mikes (Mustang Mike & Psycho Mike)

2.  The Browns (Jeff & Jerry Brown)
3.  Jacey North & Joe Kane

Kevin Northcutt               Mustang Mike

Jacey North                    Psycho Mike
Terry Bryant                    John Allen
Steve Anthony                Vanguard
Jordan Espinoza             Cajun Kid
Jeff Brown                      Minotaur
Jerry Brown                     Joe Kane