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Thanks for taking the time to read the RoH rules.

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  • This eFed is based off of the actual independend promotion Ring of Honor and will follow many of the same guidelines as they do.

  • The owner of RoH eFed is Michael Shane.

  • RoH eFed accepts only real wrestlers. It is preferred that members are primarily talent you would see in the independent circuit, not just RoH, but we will accept WWE and TNA talent as well.

  • You may join RoH eFed as as many wrestlers as you would like, as long as you can keep up with every single one of them. If the amount you have seems to cause a problem, you may be asked to drop some.

  • Roleplaying takes place on our Forums in the specified board. Other discussions, such as OOC, will take place on the Forums as well. The Forums link is on the main page. You are required to register for the forums before posting.

  • After you have sent in your application, please give the RoH eFed staff time to look over your email and sample roleplay. You MUST include the sample roleplay, though it does not have to be with the person you are applying as.

  • Titles are: World Heavyweight, Pure Title, and Tag Team.

    The World Heavyweight Title is the top belt in RoH. Only the top of the crop can battle for the World Heavyweight Title.

    The Pure Title is all about the Pure style of wrestling but the rules for Pure Wrestling Title matches are different. The rules are simple: 1) Each man only gets three rope breaks to stop a pin or submission. Once he uses all those rope breaks the ropes are legal and in play. 2) No closed fist punching to the face. 3) There will be a 20 count on the floor. Pure wrestling means competition at its purest in all styles of wrestling!!!

    The Tag Team Titles are simply your everyday tag belts.

  • Contenders will be gathered based on their performance after each event. A Contenders Ring will be placed on the main page. Everything you do for the next event, from the time the last event ended and until the upcoming one takes place, will be taken into consideration. Roleplaying, segments, angle discussions, idea submission, plus much more will all be taken into consideration when deciding your placement in the contenders ring. A panel of judges will vote and decide who gets what spot in the contenders ring. Currently, there is only one judge, RoH owner Michael Shane. If you would like to be on the panel of judges, contact us:

  • Events will not take place weekly as in most feds. Events will be spread out in tour fashion, with event dates being announced on the website as they are decided. Events will usually be no more than 2 weeks apart, and no less than 1 week apart.

  • When roleplaying, do not use another person's character without their permission.

  • Try to be as creative as possible when roleplaying. You will be judged on how well you roleplay, not the design of your roleplay. However, appearance does count for some of your score, such as spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, as well as whether or not it is easy on the eyes/easy to read. In other words, don't put purple text over a dark green background. That wouldn't be very easy on the eyes.

  • Nothing else but have fun! To join, click here.