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To the right is the entire Ring of Honor roster. It includes behind-the-scenes staff with contacts, strictly on-camera staff such as reporters, the singles roster and tag team roster. Information will be provided for the wrestlers, but if you see any information that isn't listed for a certain wrestler or if you see information that is incorrect, please notify the owner.

Some credit goes to Obsessed With Wrestling for bio information. Thanks!

Name: Michael Shane
Position: Owner
Alignment: Neutral
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Height & Weight: 6' - 221 lbs
Trained by: Shawn Michaels, Rudy Gonzalez, Paul Diamond
Finishing Move: Sweet Shane Music (Superkick), Picture-Perfect (Flying) Elbow, Fisherman's DDT
Favorite Moves: Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Turnbuckle Smash, Elevated Bow-and-Arrow Hold, Springboard Corkscrew Attack Suicida, Topè Con Hilo


Name: "Phenomenal" AJ Styles
Alignment: Face
Theme Music: "I Am"
Hometown: Gainesville, GA
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 202 lbs
Trained by: NCW Training School, Rick Michaels
Finishing Move: The Styles Clash, Super Styles Clash
Favorite Moves: The Spiral Tap, Shooting Styles Press, Running Snap Swinging Neckbreaker, Flying Squirrel, Spinning Crescent Kick, Enziguri, Springboard Forearm smash, Stalling Brainbuster, German Face Bust, Starmaker (Side Backdrop Driver), Sickle Hold, Quebrada into Inverted DDT, Running Corner Backflip Dropkick, Styles Suplex Special, Kip Up Hurricanrana, Spinning Clothesline, Spine Breaker, Thrust Kick, Cliffhanger(Crucifix into DDT), No Hands Sommersault Plancha, Superman(Springboard 450), Crash and Burn(with Air Paris), Backbreaker into Gutbuster, Rebound Dropkick, Suplex Lift to Neckbreaker, Running Sommersault Senton, Low Roundhouse Kick, Pele Kick

Name: BG James
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Height & Weight: 6'2" - 236lbs
Trained by:
Finishing Move: Pumphandle Drop
Favorite Moves: Shake, Rattle & Roll, Crazy Kneedrop, Piledriver, Powerbomb
Tag Team Partner: Ron Killings or Konnan
Stable: 3 Live Kru w/Ron Killings and Konnan

Name: Chris Benoit
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Now residing in Atlanta, GA
Height & Weight: 5'11" - 220lbs
Trained by: Stu Hart
Finishing Move: Crippler Crossface, The Sharpshooter
Favorite Moves: Rolling German Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Diving Headbutt, Snap Suplex, Open Hand Chop, Release German Suplex, Bridging German Suplex, Hooking Clothesline, Super Powerbomb, Wild Bomb, Topè, Backdrop Suplex, Gutwrench Suplex, Super Tombstone Piledriver

Name: "Wildcat" Chris Harris
Alignment: Face
Theme Music: "Guilty"
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Height & Weight: 6'3" - 232 lbs
Trained by:
Finishing Move: The Death Sentence w/Storm, The Catatonic (Spinning Rock Bottom)
Favorite Moves: The Bulldog, The Cat Attack, Delayed Vertical Suplex, Flying Leg Drop, Lariat, Sharpshooter, Spear
Tag Team Partner: James Storm as America's Most Wanted

Name: "Cowboy" James Storm
Alignment: Face
Theme Music: "Guilty"
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 229 lbs
Trained by: Wolfie D aka Slash
Finishing Move: The Death Sentence w/Harris, The Eight Second Ride
Favorite Moves: The Swinging Noose, Sharpshooter, Spear, Superkick
Tag Team Partner: Chris Harris as America's Most Wanted

Name: Konnan
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Mexico
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 250 lbs
Trained by: Rey Mysterio Sr, Negro Casas, Super Astro
Finishing Move: Tequila Sunrise
Favorite Moves: Rolling Thunder Lariat, DDT, Zip Lock, 187, K-Factor(X-Factor)
Tag Team Partner: Ron Killings or BG James
Stable: 3 Live Kru w/Ron Killings and BG James
Official Website:

Name: "Legend Killer" Randy Orton
Theme Music: "Take What's Mine"
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Height & Weight: 6'5 - 265 lbs
Trained by: OVW Wrestling School
Finishing Move: R.K.O. (modified Diamond Cutter)
Favorite Moves: Full Nelson slam, Wheelbarrow German suplex, Crossbody from Top Rope, Overdrive/O-Zone, European Uppercut, Inverted Headlock Backbreaker, Body Scissors with Chinlock, Falling Clothesline, Dropkick, DDT

Name: Raven
Alignment: Heel
Theme Music:
Hometown: The Bowery
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 237 lbs
Trained by: Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory, Jake Roberts
Finishing Move: Raven Effect DDT
Favorite Moves: Russian Leg Sweep, Irish Whip to Corner into Clothesline, The Bulldog Drop Toe Hold Into Standing Chair, Hardcore weapons to the head, Spinning Falling Clothesline, Thrust Kick, Knee Lift

Name: Ron "The Truth" Killings
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 230 lbs
Trained by: Manny Fernandez
Finishing Move: The Consequence (Kneeling Muscle Buster), The Truth Conviction (Sitout Gordbuster), Hang Time - The 450 splash
Favorite Moves: Running Axe/Scissors Kick, Truth or Consequences (Stunner), Falcon Arrow, The Flying Jalapeño, Inverted Russian Leg Sweep, Over Shoulder Powerslam, The Hurricanrana, Flying Head Scissors, Jumping Side Kick
Tag Team Partner: BG James or Konnan
Stable: 3 Live Kru w/BG James and Konnan

Name: Shaggy 2 Dope
Alignment: Face
Theme Music: "What Is A Juggalo" by ICP
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Height & Weight: ?'?" - ??? lbs.
Trained By:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:

Name: Shawn Michaels
Alignment: Face
Theme Music: "Sexy Boy"
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 225 lbs
Trained by: Jose Lothario
Finishing Move: Sweet Chin Music (Superkick)
Favorite Moves: Flying Moonsault Attack, Figure Four Leglock, Inverted Atomic Drop, Running Forearm Attack, Pescado, Elbow Drop, Belly to Back Suplex, Teardrop Suplex, Dropkick.

Name: "The Game" Triple H
Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: "The Game" by Motorhead
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Height & Weight: 6'4 - 270lbs
Trained by: Killer Kowalski
Finishing Move: The Pedigree
Favorite Moves: Inverted Indian Deathlock, Knee to Face, Running neckbreaker, Running Knee Smash, DDT, Spinning Spinebuster, Sleeper Hold, Abdominal Stretch, Knee Drop, Figure Four Leg Lock, Mounted Punches, Hooking Clothesline, Blatant Choke

Name: Trish Stratus
Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: "Time to Rock and Roll"
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Height & Weight: 5'4, 125 lbs
Trained by: Ron Hutchison
Finishing Move: Stratusfaction
Favorite Moves: Chick Kick, Running Bulldog, Matrix Evasion, Stratusphere, Lou Thesz Press, Spinebuster, Victory Roll, Spear


Name: 3Live Kru
Members: Pairing of any 3LK member- BG James, Konnan, Ron Killings
Alignment: Face

Name: America's Most Wanted
Members: Chris Harris & James Storm
Alignment: Face
Theme Music: "Guilty"
Finisher: Death Sentence
Favorite Moves: Electric Chairdrop/Bulldog Combo