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PKA turns his back and begins to untie the rope that is over the glass. It was a mistake, though, as Moraless then comes charging toward PKA from the ring, and baseball slides directly into his back. PKA is pushed forward, head first into the trashcan's side, and then backward, his head hitting the ring apron as he falls to the floor.

Mike: "PKA made a big mistake by turning his back on Moraless, there."

Jay: "I think he knows that by now, Mike!"

Moraless stands up, using the ropes for leverage. He holds on to the top rope as he watches PKA get to his fet. PKA stands and turns around. Moraless goes to vault himself over the top rope, but PKA catches this and moves out of the way. Moraless is able to stop himself in time. PKA points up at Moraless, then points to his own head and taps it with a smile on his face.

Jay Stevens laughs.

Jay: "PKA saw that Moraless had something in mind and moved out of the way, now he's shoving it in Moraless' face!"

Moraless slides out of the ring though, and begins chasing PKA around the ring. PKA hops over the ring steps, with Moraless in tow. PKA makes a turn around the ring and slides in, Moraless directly behind him. With both in the ring now, Moraless lunges for PKA with both hands, but PKA manages to elude Moraless, ducking and turning before leaping upward and driving both feet in to the spine of his opponent with a dropkick. The crowd cheer as Moraless is sent stumbling forward into the near right turnbuckle, but this only acts as a catalyst for his anger as he turns and snarls at his challenger, rapidly pacing back toward him. PKA is again one step quicker than Moraless, flooring his charging opponent with a drop toehold.

Mike: "Wise tactics for the smaller of two small men, there by PKA!"

The crowd show their approval with a brief cheer as PKA follows his takedown with a quick attempt at applying a half crab, but Moraless' strength enables him to shove it off, after which he gets back to his feet. Moraless isn't stationary for long though as, surprisingly, PKA runs for him. Moraless see's him coming out of the corner of his eye and swiftly swings his arm trying to catch his opponent with a clothesline...

PKA ducks!

The spectators again cheer as Moraless is once again eluded, he then rather gormlessly turns only to be pelted in the head with a spinning kick from PKA, but doesn't fall down, instead he merely staggers, dropping to one knee, but maintaining his balance to the best of his abilities. PKA knows he must do more to take Moraless down. He approaches, but Moraless was playing possum, as he drops PKA with a jaw breaker followed by a quickly executed DDT! PKA holds his head in pain as Moraless quickly gets to his feet. He does not go for the cover, though.

Mike: "Where's Moraless going?"

Jay: "Well, from here, I'd say he's going to get a weapon!"

Moraless is indeed on his way toward the weapons, the very weapons PKA brought to the ring. He exits the ring and hops down on the floor. He unties the two ropes, one over the glass and the other over the trashcan. He pulls out a kendo stick. PKA is to his feet now, and isn't quite sure of Moraless' actions up to now. He reaches over the top rope, to pull Moraless up, but Moraless catches him off guard with a whack to the head from the kendo stick! PKA, taking his second hard hit to the head in the past minute, barely hangs on to the top rope in order to keep his balance. Moraless climbs up on the apron and whacks PKA in the head once more, this time the shot is too much for PKA to hold on to the rope and he falls on his back in the ring. PKA holds his head, as Moraless tosses the kendo stick in the ring and jumps off the apron to look through the weapons again.

Jay: "Poor PKA! He brought the weapons to the ring and now he is the one taking the beating from them!"

Mike: "That is a risk he took, and now he is paying for it!"

Moraless picks up the piece of glass and looks at it, examing it. He considers what to do, and decides to place it just under the ropes near the turnbckles. He grabs the trashcan and tosses it in the ring, and a lead pipe falls out from inside of it. PKA begins to stir, and Moraless notices so he enters the ring under the bottom ropes. He reaches down and pulls PKA up by his hair and knees him in his midsection.


A knife edge chop from Moraless sends the crowd into a Ric Flair "woo" moment. Another chop follows, and then yet another, backing PKA into the corner. Moraless picks PKA up and sets him on the top buckle. Moraless grabs the trashcan and places it close to the corner at which PKA sits atop. He then climbs up the buckle and attempts at a suplex. Moraless hooks PKA's arm over his shoulder, but PKA fights back with jabs to his chest and ribs. Moraless loses his footing and his feet touch he mat. PKA blocks a punch and delivers one of his own, one that connects. He then kicks Moraless back with his foot.. PKA gains his balance and flips of the second buckle, grabbing Moraless by his head and bringing him down on top of the trashcan with a neckbreaker!

Mike: "PKA with a Blockbuster on Moraless!"

Jay: "On to the trashcan!"

The fans cheer for PKA as he managed to pull off an offensive move there. PKA covers Moraless..



Kick out!

PKA isn't shocked though, that Moraless kicked out. He doesn't stand up, but rather slides his way to the ropes and rolls under. PKA retrieves two steel folded chairs and slides one into the ring. He gets up on the apron and tosse the other chair on top of Moraless, the chair landing on his head and slightly remaining there. PKA then leaps up onto the top rope and springboards off and comes down with a legdrop!

Mike: "PKA didn't quite get that chair on Moraless' head like I think he wanted, but the springboard legdrop still had to be effecive!"

Jay: "We'll see! Cover!"

Mike: "One.. Two.."

Kick out!

PKA picks up Moraless. Irish whip into the ropes.. PKA tries for a superkick but Moraless ducks it, kicks PKA in his gut, lifts him up in a vertical suplex but drops him with a brainbuster! Moraless covers!



Kick out!

Jay: "Moraless with a devastating brainbuster there! But it wasn't enough to put PKA away."

Moraless picks PKA up and delivers a knee to his gut followed by a chop to his chest. He backs PKA into the rope, then delivers an irish whip, sending PKA running. PKA bounces off the ropes and comes back, and Moraless looks to backdrop PKA over the ropes, but PKA grabs onto the top rope and pulls himself onto the apron. He spins Moraless around and pulls his neck down over the top rope! PKA gets back up on the apron and looks on as Moraless backs up, holding his throat. PKA jumps on the top rope and springs off for a crossbody, but Moraless kicks him in his gut and delivers a T-Bone suplex, PKA laning hard on his head.

Mike: "Oh my! PKA didn't land very well!"

Jay: "Moraless has been working on PKA's head for most of the match, and that couldn't had helped PKA's aching head any!"

Moraless makes his way to the near corner and gets on the apron. He then climbs up the turnbuckle, and perches up top. PKA gets to his feet, clutching his head in pain, and Moraless comes off the top with a missle dropkick! PKA falls to the mat after being nailed hard in his chest with two boots. Moraless crawls into the cover.

Jay: "That's it!"


Jay: "Two!"

Kick out!

Mike: "I guess it wasn't it! PKA isn't done with yet."

Moraless looks around the ring and spots the next weapon he wants to use. He grabs the lead pipe and holds it in the air, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. He picks PKA up, and swings! PKA ducks and kicks Moraless in his gut, causing him to drop the lead pipe. PKA lifts Moraless for a suplex but drops him forward onto the top rope, by his stomach. PKA gets out on the apron adjacent to Moraless' and springboards off the top rope, into the ring, and spins his body sideways enough to grab Moraless by his head and drive him into the mat with a DDT!

Mike: "What an innovative move by 'Grade A' PKA."

PKA doesn't cover him. He instead grabs the two chairs and sets them up in front of each other near the furthest turnbuckle. He then grabs the piece of glass and lays it across the seats, and pulls the hairs away from each other so there is nothing under the glass. He grins as he looks down at Moraless, then the glass. He picks Moraless up and kicks him in his gut, immediately setting him up for a powerbomb so it seems, in the direction of the glass-lined chairs!

Jay: "This does not look good for Moraless!"

Mike: "No kidding, what is wrong with PKA?!"

Jay: "I don't think that matters.. what will matter is what will be wrong with Moraless after he takes that crash landing!"

Moraless does not allow PKA to continue, as he lifts PKA up ala the Alabamaslam and places him on top of the turnbuckle. A slap to PKA's chest buys Moraless time. Moraless glances back at the chairs, right behind him, and looks up at PKA. He then climbs up the turnbuckle.

Mike: "Wait, now Moraless has some evil intentions!"

PKA punches him though, and Moraless is back on the mat. PKA hops down, and lifts Moraless onto the turnbuckle. He slaps Moraless hard across his chest, payback for the slap from his opponent moments ago.

Jay: "Well.. now PKA is in control!"

PKA climbs up the turnbuckle and he forces Moraless to stand as well, on the top rope! Moraless headbutts PKA though and places his head between his legs.. then lifts PKA into the air for a powerbomb!


But PKA doesn't fall directly back, he swings his body toward the ringside area with a hurricanrana that sends Moraless flipping onto the flatbed cart which had five flourescent lightbulbs on it! The glass shatters. The cart shakes. The crowd goes crazy, as does the commentary.

Mike: "Oh my God! What a move!"

Jay: "PKA, he just executed a hurricanrana to Moraless, sending him onto all of those flourescent bulbs on top of that flatbed! I .. I'm speechless!"

The crowd chants: "HOLY SHIT..HOLY SHIT..HOLY SHIT!"

PKA is kneeling on the apron, his left hand on the top rope, his right on the turnbuckle, with his head down. He looks back at Moraless who's back is covered in blood and shards of glass. PKA stands up and looks out at the crowd as they go wild. PKA shouts: "I'm far from done!"

With that, he gets to the middle of the apron and executes an asai moonsault onto Moraless! One of the front wheels falls off of the cart with the impact and both men are sent to the floor, PKA sliding off first and Moraless slightly over him. PKA grabs his side in pain and pulls out pieces of glass, the blood beginning to flow out of him now but not nearly as bad. The crowd continues thir chant:


Mike: "That was just insane!!"

Jay: "No kidding!"

PKA pushes Moraless' body over, back on the mat, and covers him. PKA yells at the referee to get out here and count.

Mike: "I guess with PKA's rules, that means falls count anywhere?"

Jay: "I know just as much as you do.. same goes for the referee!"

The ref gets out of the ring and drops to the floor, trying to avoid the glass. He counts:




NO!!! Kick out!!!

PKA looks shocked. He looks up and whispers, "Oh shit.."

PKA picks another piece of glass out of his side as he stands up and picks, or drags, Moraless from the warground. PKA moves slowly, but is able to bring Moraless up and roll him into the ring. PKA slides in and makes another cover..



Mike: "Kick out!"

The crowd gasps as Moraless is some how able to kickout once more. With his opponent face down on the mat, clutching his back, PKA sees an opportunity to finish this match once and for all, doing what he so badly wants to do, establish himself a 'dominant' figure in this wrestling organization. PKA smiles before bending down to Moraless, who's arms he pulls behind his back, locking in a full nelson while he's still down. Then, he pulls…

PKA uses maybe his last bit of strength to lift Moraless off the mat, and looks to continue through for a dragon suplex!!!


Moraless flips back and escapes the hold in mid-air!!

Dropkick to the knee!!

Mike: "Simply amazing!"

Wise tactics from Moraless bring his opponent down to one knee, giving him much needed time to retain his strength, and energy. Moraless knows he can't afford not to take his opportunities though, and doesn't take as much time as perhaps necessary to recuperate, instead launching an offensive on PKA, rolling over his shoulders… Taking his legs from under him..Sleeper!! Moraless brings the smaller PKA down to the mat with ease.

The crowd join in cheering both men on, provoking them as best they can, trying to build more hype. Soon enough PKA does find it in himself to get to one knee, and then two…

The volume of the viewers rises, Moraless squeezing as tight as he can, but it's not enough. PKA is soon halfway to his feet. Yet tighter Moraless clutches his arms...

PKA doesn't weaken.

Jay: "He's up!"

The fans roar as PKA becomes vertical.. poises his arm to begin trying to elbow Hashi's ribs. Moraless brings him down though.. driving him face first into the mat while still applying the sleeper. The camera gets a shot of Moraless' bloodied back.

Mike: "Wow, look at Moraless' back. It's covered in blood from that hard fall earlier."

Jay: "But he's fighting through the pain, Mike! And he's in control!"

Moraless decides to release and go for the pinfall attempt.. he covers.

Mike: "One!"

Jay: "Two!"

Crowd: Three!

But PKA kicks out! PKA is the quicker of the two to get up, but Moraless does also rise, only to be floored again by a well-executed leg trip from PKA. PKA drops a quick elbow but Moraless moves out of the way and gets to his feet. Moraless grabs PKA as he gets back to his feet but PKA slaps his arms away and kicks him in his gut.. P-Krusher!

Jay: "An inverted DDT from PKA! Moraless landed right on his head!"

Mike: "That's the original P-Krusher.. PKA's signature finishing maneuver!"

PKA drapes his left arm over the body of this enough to pick up the win?




Kick out!

Mike: "Moraless kicks out of the P-Krusher!"

Jay: "This is intense!"

PKA lays there, wondering what he must do next. He stands up and has a look on his face as if something just came back to him.. as if he remembered something. He picks up the trashcan and reaches inside, barely able to stick his arm in because of the dent. He struggles, but pulls out .. barb wire!

Jay: "Hey, look at that! Something that didn't fall out of the trashcan!"

PKA smiles, barb wire in his hands. Moraless begins rising to his feet and PKA wraps the barb wire around his right fist then rams it into the forehead of Moraless! Moraless smartly brings his left arm up and low blows PKA, sending him to the mat. Moraless grabs his head, and looks at his hands which are now bloody from the blood on his forehead. He reaches over and pulls the barb wire off of PKA's hands, then grabs it with both hands and rakes it across PKA's forehead! The blood oozes out of PKA's head as Moraless continues to move the barb wire across the flesh!

Jay: "This is brutal!"

Moraless stands up and kicks PKA in his side, making him face down. Moraless straightens out the barb wire, and then whips PKA over his back with it! PKA's back begins to bleed instantly. The crowd gasps as Moraless angrily continues to whip his opponent violently with the barb wire, his back tearing up with each sharp slash. Finally, Moraless is finished, but not entirely, as he steps over PKA and begins pulling his head back, with the barb wire around his throat! PKA screams and gasps for air as Moraless pulls back as hard as he can. Moraless even places his righ knee on the back of PKA for added leverage.

Mike: "Moraless is going to kill PKA!"

Jay: "I don't think he would really care!"

Moraless finally pulls back and tosses the barb wire down to the mat. He rolls PKA over, and we see his throat has been badly cut. Moraless covers..




Mike: "Somehow, PKA kicked out!"

Moraless stands up and gets in the referee's face, wondering how in the hell he didn't get the three count! PKA slowly sits up while Moraless argues with the referee. PKA is.. smiling?!

Mike: "Look at PKA! He's smiling!"

Jay: "I've heard crazy stuff about that kid! He loves pain, obviously!"

**********ALTERNATE ENDING 1- PKA WINS********** Moraless continues to argue, as PKA rises. Moraless turns around and.. WHAM! Moraless with a hard kick to the gut of PKA! He yells at PKA, "GET DOWN!" and laughs. He then places PKA between his legs for the Cradle Piledriver.. but PKA grabs Moraless' right arm and spins out of it.. but Moraless pulls PKA in for a Northern Lights Suplex.. but it was not to be! As the move is executed, PKA flips through and Moraless ands on his head in DDT fashion, and lands right on the glass set up between the two chairs! PKA's body also crashes through one of the chairs!

Mike: "What the hell?!"

Jay: "P-Krusher III through the glass and chairs!"

PKA has an arm draped over Moraless' body..





The bell sounds, and "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace hits the PA System. The crowd cheers and chants: "HOLY SHIT..HOLY SHIT..HOLY SHIT" one last time in this match. The referee raises PKA's arm, but he has not enough strength to even stand at this time. Moraless is bleeding badly now from his head area, and PKA is bleeding from his rib/back area, from landing on the glass with the move he just pulled off. Paramedics rush out to check on these two DWO superstars and to clear away the glass and help these two. **********ALTERNATE ENDING 2- MORALESS WINS********** Moraless continues to argue, as PKA rises. Moraless turns around and.. WHAM! PKA nails Moraless wit a superkick, sending him stumbling back into a corner, barely missing the chairs that have been set up in their same position and location for most of the match. PKA walks past them and approaches Moraless, who then kicks PKA low and hops up on the top buckle. He brings PKA inward and grabs him around his waist. Moraless pulls PKA up and sets him up in the cradle piledriver position..

Mike: "Oh no.."

Moraless then leaps off of the turnbuckle and sends PKA and himself crashing through the glass and chairs with Suicidal Tendencies!!


Moraless and PKA both lay on their backs, but Moraless is the only one moving! He finds enough energy to drape his body over PKA's..





Moraless is victorious!

Mike: "And Moraless wins it!"

Jay: "What a match, what a move by Moraless!"

Glass is all over the ring, and PKA is bleeding badly from the head. The referee raises Moraless' arm while he still lays on top of PKA. Paramedics rush to the ring to check on these two stars and clear the ring.