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The Contender's Ring will determine the elite on the card and the challengers to the titles. There will be no order of the athletes in the Contender's Ring.

Instead, anyone in the Contender's Ring will be considered eligible for a World or Pure Title shot. It will be considered prestigious to make the Contender's Ring. It will be considered an accomplishment to achieve Contender's Ring status. It will be considered more of an accomplishment to remain in the Contender's Ring. Those in the Contender's Ring will be determined by a vote by the ROH staff after every show similar to Hall Of Fame voting in various sports including Major League Baseball and publications like The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

At the moment, with nobody else on the ROH staff, ROH Owner Michael Shane will be the sole decision maker for The Contender's Ring. Once more staff is acquired, the following will be used when deciding who is placed in The Contender's Ring:
A wrestler must be named on a 75% of the ballots in order to make it into the Contender's Ring. Voting will take place after every show. Voting criteria includes:

  • Recent win/loss record.
  • Quality of opposition.
  • Quality of competiveness [Roleplaying].
  • Strategy submission.
  • Segment submission.
  • Overall activity.

The Contender's Ring will be updated after every ROH event and will be announced on the main page of the ROH eFed website.