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ROH has a goal to present wrestling as a sport, not sports entertainment. In order to achieve this goal, ROH is based on the Code Of Honor, which is made up of five Laws Of Honor. These five Laws Of Honor are intended to promote sportsmanship, respect and honor inside the wrestling ring. The Laws Of Honor will allow ROH competitors to produce the most athletic matches possible. These are the sacred rules that will define Ring Of Honor's product. The Laws Of Honor are:

-Competitors must shake hands before and after their match.

-No interfering in matches or having others interfere on your behalf.

-No harming a referee or causing others to harm an official.

-No sneak attacks.

-If you are disqualified in your match, you have broken The Code Of Honor

However, some matches are not about respect, honor and sportsmanship. Some matches are about settling a heated issue. Some bouts are about hatred and just trying to hurt you adversary. As the issues in Ring Of Honor get more intense, ROH will present more gimmick matches centered on blood feuds. The Code Of Honor will not apply to these matches. Any bout labeled as a grudge match or with a violent stipulation will not be expected to adhere to the Code Of Honor.

The Code Of Honor will still apply to all other matches to insure only the best in ring action with clear winners and losers.