Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~The camera opens to the back where Rage is seen talking to his wife Jayda. The two are talking among themselves before getting up and walking toward the ring. The fans are getting a little quiet after the last jobber competition in the ring, they are on their feet as "Numb" by Linkin Park hits as Jayda is seen walking out beside her husband Rage. Rage stops at the top of the ramp and poses as well does Jayda. Jayda walks on beside her husband as he makes his way down the ramp.~

:::Jerry the King:::

JR, did you see Jayda? She is looking so very hot tonight!

::::Jim Ross::::

Alright King, put your tongue back in your mouth. You know damn well that Rage would break your neck for even looking at his wife wrong!

:::Jerry the King:::

Yeah, but Jayda is worth it though..She is just so damn hot!

~Jim Ross rolls his eyes as Rage helps his wife get in the ring before stepping onto the ring apron. He lowers his head as his wife Jayda is standing before him. She poses as he raises both of his arms as cold mists shoot up from below him. He then gives a cold glare before getting in the ring. He poses on the second turnbuckle as Jayda goes and gets him a mic. The fans quiet down as Jayda hands her husband the mic after a kiss as well.~


I guess everyone here knows exactly who I am, right?!~Fans start to chant "Main Event"~ And you better bet your ass that I am here in VWF! And what better way to start off my career here than going up against a former Hardcore and Crusierweight Champion in Eric Dayton. See Eric, I am all about championships..Just take a look at my career. Beating you would just be a stepping stone to where I am heading here in VWF. Greatness..thats what I am all about Eric. No matter where I go..I always end up at the top of the mountain. Thats where I belong Eric. I notice that you lost your title to Michael Kae a couple of weeks ago. See, you are already in a slump of late and going up against me isn't going to help you in any way. I am not a rookie like some of these new fishes entering the ocean. I am the dominant shark that has been here since day number one. I am just at a different sea right now, but I am more deadly than ever. My legacy is far from being over and before its all said and done, VWF will know my name. VWF will see me as their true World Heavyweight Champion. Are you going to be big enough to handle the onslaught that I am going to bring to you at Full House? I was trained by the best that this wrestling world had to offer and my abilities are unmatched...by anyone!

See Eric Dayton, I have technical skills from greats like Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin, to powerhouses like Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Undertaker. I also have daredevil like abilities from greats HBK Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam. I have ever single area covered. There is no match I ever go into without being prepared. I am ready for anything at anytime. Thats why I am a living legend. There will never be anyone better than me. You can name anyone in this federation..I would defeat anyone of them in any type of match at anytime. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, or even how fat or skinny they are...it doesn't make a difference to me. I will still walk out as the victor and continue on until finally that World Heavyweight Championship is in my hands. Trust me folks, soon enough, that piece of gold will be in my hands or around my waist. I know that the champion would beg to differ, but soon enough, he will realize that even himself can't stop the inevitable and that strap will be coming home with me whether he likes it or not. I was born to be champion...its in my blood! Just ask anyone that had ever faced me in a match...they will tell you just exactly how dominant I get in the ring. Once the bell rings...its ON! Nothing else matters except for one thing and that is to have my arm raised in victory. I know how much you want to win this match Eric..Lets face it..you have been on quite the losing streak lately and you haven't been quite yourself haven't you? Yeah..losing does that to people. I never have to worry about this because I don't lose. I am not a loser..I am a winner! Just look at me. I have one of the most successful careers in wrestling history. Name a championship that I haven't won...None! Name me someone that I would be afraid to step into the ring with. I am the most intimidated person to face because my ring abilities are just too much for the jobbers around here. Who in the right mind would want to face me? If you guys thought that my brother Destruction is something....You guys haven't seen anything yet until Full House. I expect to be respected..And if I don't get it..I'll beat it out of ya. Its simple as that. See..I am a legend in this business. And I will continue my legacy here. Eric Dayton, you are going to be the first man here to learn exactly why you will never face anyone else like me. You will soon realize that this match right here is more than you will ever bargain for. See, this match here will determine your physical capabilities for future matches. Nobody...and I mean NOBODY ever is the same after I get done with them. And I am sorry to have to be the one to inform you that I am using you as a statement to everyone in the back. This is to all my foes and others in the back...Rage is here and things are about to change...Attempt to get in my way if you must...but all will be over when I say its over! Are you ready for that sort of brutality Eric? I know that you are used to wrestling people inferior to you..but thats okay. This is going to be a big step for you. Just take it slow and who knows? You might even learn something after this match is all said and done. You just have to get one thing through your little head. I am the Main Event and without me...THERE...IS.....NO.....SHOW!!

~Rage smirks before handing the mic to his wife as she kisses him before putting it to her mouth.~

::::Jayda Starr::::

My husband will be victorious at Full House and I am going to see to it that he wins with ease. And like my husband, I am not afraid of any competition and I will go toe to toe with anyone at anytime. I am more than just looks...and I am not afraid of anybody in the back...females or males..It doesn't make a difference to me. I was trained by some of the best in the world as well as from my husband. You guys get the point, don't you? I am the first and only dominant woman here in VWF! Just look around...there are none that are even close to being in my league! I am ready to teach you little girls just exactly how to be a real woman! The Women's Champion or anyone else for that matter wants a piece of the Starr Attraction...well...I'll be more than happy to put you in your place! My husband and I are about to show everyone exactly what greatness is...

~Rage and Jayda poses in the middle of the ring as "Numb" by Linkin Park hits as the fans give them a nice pop. Rage then helps his wife out of the ring and exits the ring himself as the couple make their way up the ramp and to the back as the scene fades.~

~Scene fades~ ::