Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~Fades into a picture of a cute brunette and her daughter giggling backstage as they are sipping sodas.Just around the corner of the corridor, the camera shows a muscular long hair man walking past crews and equipments before opening the door to the same locker room.The little girl runs up and hugs this man.~

Trishelle: Daddy!

Rage: Trishelle...sweetie...*picks her up and kisses her forehead* How are you today?

Trishelle: Great, Mommy got my ears pierced today.

~Missy stands up smiling and walks to Rage and kisses him.~

Rage: It looks really pretty...*smiles* And how is my beautiful wife today? *kisses Missy on the lips*

Missy: Tired. Oh by the way, I got some news for you. *Trishelle giggles, knowing what it is* I went to see doctor Meadows.

Trishelle: Mommy is gonna have another baby.

Rage: Really? *smiles as he kisses his wife passionately*

~Trishelle covers her mouth.~

Missy: Yes, so all the throwing up isn't because I am sick. We are gonna have a baby *shows Rage the sonogram*

Rage: I can't believe it...we are going to have another little miracle...it doesn't get any better than this..

Missy: It could. Trishelle, tell Daddy what you did today in school.

Trishelle: I got on the superior honor roll.

Rage: Daddy is so proud of you Trishelle...I'll tell you what...You just tell daddy what you want, and daddy is going to get it for you, alright sweetheart?

Trishelle: *thinks* Hmmmm what do I want. I don't want anything. I have what I want, a baby brother or sister on the way and my mommy and daddy back together.

Rage: You are so adorable...just like your mommie. So what are you two doing here in the arena today?

Missy: To tell you the good news and to see you. We do miss you.

Rage: Awww, I miss you two as well. I just thought you two would have more fun at the house, than at this boring arena.

Missy: We always find fun Sweety, you know that. Besides I wanted to show Trishelle where we work.

Rage: Thats good. How do you like this visit so far Trishelle?

Trishelle: I loved it.

~Trishelle jumps down and grabs a t-shirt.

Trishelle: Look Daddy * has all her favorite wresters signatures on there even PWA President Candy James*

Rage: Thats great sweety. I am glad you are having fun. *smiles*

~In walks Trishelles nanny Tasha to pick her up for gymnastics.~

Tasha: Hey guys. Trishelle, it is time for gymnastics.

Trishelle: All right, I love you Mommy. I love you Daddy. I'll see you later.

Rage: Have fun sweetheart..

~Missy smiles and gives Trishelle a hug and a kiss and Trishelle leaves and Missy licks her lips.~

Missy: Finally a moment to ourselves.

Rage: Yeah...sounds good huh? *grins*

Missy: Yes it does. * Smiles and wrapping her legs aroung him*

~He nods his head as he kisses her lips seductively and runs a hand through her hair.~

Missy: *Giggles* You know I missed this while we were seperated.

Rage: I missed it too..but lets not talk about it..lets just enjoy the better times now...*grins*

Missy: I agree. *licks her lips smiling* I can't believe we aren't married for a month and we have another little one on the way.

Rage: What can I say baby? All those all nighters really made it easier huh? *smirks*

Missy: *laughs* Well what can I say? You got me hooked to you.

Rage: They don't call me the Main Event for nothing..you know? *grins*

Missy: *laughs really hard and her stomach hurts* Owwwww don't make me laugh so hard.

Rage: I am sorry babe...*rubs her stomach and then kisses her stomach*

Missy: *giggles* Baby you know I am ticklish.

~Missy sits down going through her purse.~

Missy: *smirks* Baby I'll meet you at the house. I got a surprise waiting for you.

Rage: You sure that you don't want me to go with you right now?

Missy: Yeah I got to set it up.

~Missy smiles and kisses Rage goodbye and walks out of the locker room, leaving Rage to wonder and fades to black. Fades back into a picture of Missy cooking and dancing around to LaLa by Ashee Simpson. Soon, Rage is at the door as he searches for his key to come inside the house. Missy smirks and sets the table and pours some non-acoholic champagn and giggles as she contiunes to dance around to the song as she puts roses on the table. Rage soon walks inside the house with a bouquet of long stem red roses as he calls for his wife. Missy smiles, turning off the radio and she walks over to Rage.~

Missy: *kisses him* Welcome home dear.

Rage: Glad to be home...*hands her the flowers*

~Missy smiles and puts the roses in a vase and walks back with the glass of non-acholic champagn.~

Rage: Whats all this for babe?

Missy: For our first night alone in so many years.

Rage: Where is Trishelle?

Missy: Trishelle is spending the night at her friend Ashley's house cause Ashley is having a slumber party for her birthday.

~Missy smiles walking over to the table smiling. Rage grins before following his wife to the table. Missy sits down smiling.~

Missy: So how was your day sweety?

Rage: It was alright. I just went to get some training done, that was it. I just wanted to come home as soon as I could..

Missy: That was good. I basically did alot of cleaning and I talked to a designer to set up for the new baby's room.

Rage: You need to take it easy, you know?

~Missy eats a bit of the salad and some of the fettichini alferdo.~

Missy: I know, but you know it won't get done if I don't do it.

Rage: Let me take care of it, okay? I just don't want you to put so much pressure on you..

Missy: Ok. I also have a surprise for you upstairs.

Rage: Upstairs?

Missy: Yes, upstairs.. so finish your dinner.

~Rage smiles before finishing his dinner.~

Rage: It was great baby...so whats going on?

~Missy sips the last bit of her Non-acholic wine and She smirks not saying anything and runs up the stairs locking the bedroom door to change.~

Rage: You okay babe?

Missy: *screams* Yes, come in *as she finishes lighting the candles*

~Rage slowly makes his way up the stairs and opens the door.~

Rage:Wow....you are looking...very...very...sexy..

Missy: Thank you * she plays with the roses on the bed*

~Rage grins as he takes off his shirt to show off his muscles.~

Missy: *licks her lips* God you are so sexy. I have no clue what you see in me.

Rage: I see a very sexy and gorgeous woman..thats what I see..

~Missy smiles and pulls Rage toward her and kisses him.He pulls her in for longer kiss as he has his hands around her.Missy pulls him on the bed and she turns out the lights and there are shadows on the walls and fades to black.~

~Scene fades~ ::