Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~Monday night Mayhem was probably one of the most upsetting nights in the whole career of Rage. Not only was he forced to wrestle his wife in a cage match, but when his wife was viciously attacked, he couldn't be there to make the safe. As Mayhem draw to a close...everyone stood in silent as Rage is seen holding his unconscious wife Cameron in his arms as he wouldn't let anyone go near her. He then carries her to the back and disappears. The camera opens to the Johnson's manor the next day. Rage had called for some of the best medical doctors in the world to come to his manor to take care of his wife. After the doctors had assurred him that his wife will be alright, he walks over to her bedside. He gets down on the floor as he strokes her hair and the camera can see tears running down his cheeks.~


Oh baby...I wish I could trade places with you right now. You just don't know how I feel at this very moment...seeing you laying there...the pain you are going through and yet..I can't do anything about it...I should have been there to save you last night Cameron...I should have! I didn't even know what happened til after I saw the titantron..remember how I promise that I'll always be there for you baby? Well..I am not going to go back on those words! And I swear...your sister...is going to regret...RE..GRET...ever doing this to you...The hell I am going to put her and her little bas**** husband through is going to be so SICK...everyone will be in shock! You know that I don't care much about myself as long as you and my son are fine. I could care less about me...I don't care if I get stabbed...shot...or busted wide open...as long as I can prevent you from harm...I would risk anything...even if I have to sacrifice my own life..I would have! But for now baby...just rest and get better...I got a score to settle...

~Rage hears the door open as his sister Alyssa walks in along with Carmen. They go over to the bed and stand beside their brother as he gets back to his feet.~


Alyssa and Carmen, I need you two to stay here and watch Cameron for me okay? Just make sure she stays in bed and that nothing else happens to her..I got something I need to take care of.


Tony, are you sure about this? I don't want you to end up getting hurt as well. And I am sure Cammie doesn't want that either..


Hurt? I am beyond hurt right now...Can you imagine how I felt when Jenna had my wife attacked? Nobody..could feel how I felt! Nobody!! She wants to hurt my love ones...well...its time for me to show them just exactly WHO..THE..HEll...I....AM!!!

~With that said, Rage leans over and gives his wife a kiss on the forehead as he walks out of the room while his two sisters take a seat beside the bed. The camera opens to the parking garage. It shows the Hunters' limo making its way around the corner as it is going to park in the reserved GM position when suddenly a truck runs into the side of the limo. The fans start to cheer as they see Rage as the driver. He continues to ram the truck into the side of the limo. He finally stops after the side of the limo is bended inward. He then jumps out of the truck and goes and punches through the window, but unfortunately, nobody is inside. Rage appears to be furious as he takes out his anger on the driver and beats him to a bloody mess. He then goes to the truck and takes out a sledgehammer as he storms inside the building. He is seen walking toward Jenna's office as he uses the sledgehammer to knock the door down. Nobody is inside as he makes his way back out. He sees a large man, and in an instant, Rage attacks the big man from behind. He pummels the big man from behind with the sledgehammer several times to the back of his head as blood pours out. He then picks him up and F5 him through a glass window. Securities are seen trying to calm Rage down, but one by one he disposes of them as well. They were all left a bloody and mangled mess in the back. Rage finally stops and walks off toward the arena.~

::::Jim Ross::::

Good God almighty!! King, did you just see that? Rage is totally out of control! Someone needs to calm him down or something..I have never seen this man like this before..

::::Jerry the King::::

The man is on an emotional rollercoaster right now. Someone should definitely go and calm him down though, but who? I am not going to risk my life..thats for sure! Right now..I am fearing for the safetly of the GM of Mayhem and the Hunters! I knew Jenna went a little too far after what she did to Cameron on Mayhem...now she got a sadistic and out of control Rage on the loose..

~The lights dim as "What They Gonna Do" by Lil Scrappy hits as Rage makes his way out from behind the the curtains with his t-shirt torn and blood dripping from his hands.~

~He slides into the ring and Lillian quickly hands him a mic before running off.The fans start to chant "Main Event" before he finally puts the mic to his mouth as intensity appears to be pouring from out of his body.~


Jenna...Jenna...I know you can hear me from which ever hellhole you are hiding at! I want you to listen to me and I want you to listen to me very carefully! Did you think you have won after you had my wife attacked on Mayhem?! Did you?!! But you did do something though..and that is awakened the darkside in me...and right now..I will not be stopped until you and your precious new family taste...my WRATH!! Jenna...since you hurt the one that I love the most...I guess its only fitting that I cripple your husband!! When I break his spine on Blood Lust...then you will know how it feels to see a loved one in pain...But it is not just that right now! You see..I am going to bloody and bust up anyone I see back there! I don't give a damn who it is! It doesn't matter whether its the locker room...the corridor...the parking lot...if I see someone, I will beat them into a bloody mess! I have already left a bloody trail back there..but you know what? I am far..far...from being done! You see Jenna...you could have done anything to me...but you had to attack my wife huh? Alright...just remember...you were the one that chose this path...not me! You started this mess...so now..I am going to finish this mess! I want to see the look on your face when your husband is laying in a hospital bed in a coma..and couldn't wake up...I want to see that sorrow and agony in you! How would that make you feel Jenna? Would you like that? Well..whether you like it or not..its going to happen! And its going to happen in the worse way!!

And you Fury..you thought it was fun striking me with that steel chain, right? Well..you know what? Go right ahead..keep on hitting me with that chain..but be sure to kill me with it this time..cuz I ain't stopping Friday night!! If I get the chance to kill you...I will! I'll make it look like a f***ing accident! I don't care...I will have no remorse for my actions...no guilt...no conscience....Yes..it was your wife who came up with the attack...but you...you prevented me from saving my wife...It was because of you I couldn't go over to save her...and for that..I will take that sledgehammer and smashes your throat with it!! Then I am going to take it and continue to smash it on your head..over..and over..and over..and over again until your skull cracks! I want to see your brain ooze out from the inside..Fury..bottomline is this..you and your wife are on my hitlist..And I am going hunting...Everyone else..get the hell out of my way..otherwise..Don't..BLAME...ME!!

~With that said, Rage gets out of the ring and with a cold look on his face makes his way to the back as the show goes to a commercial break.~

~Scene fades~ ::