Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~The war here in GEW is just beginning..Some may think that they have the battle won..but nothing is for certain these days. And with the huge GEW pay-per-view Origins around the corner, who knows what will happen..but one thing is for sure...A new era is about to start here...and nobody will be able to stop it..~

~The scene opens to the backstage as Rage is seen talking to his brother-in-law Fury.~


Look Josh..this match on Sunday will be for the GEW Tag Team Championship. I've been at this spot countless times. I am a five time World Tag Team Champion. Therefore..I got the experience. You just make sure that you hold your end and we will do just fine..


You don't have anything to worry about, alright? I am not going to let my wife down..thats for damn sure! And I am sure you don't want to let Cameron down, right? I'll be damned if I let Jenna down..especially to some nobodies like Tony Boulder and Sean Todd..Who the hell are they again? Are they suppose to be somebody? Anyways..I just want to let you know..As long as you watch my back..I got yours. We got this match in the bag!


You damn right that we got this match in the bag! But here is the big picture...We have a chance to establish one of the most powerful and dangerous tag team here in GEW this Sunday night. Everyone knows that there isn't a single solid tag team here in GEW, but we can change that. Think of all the great tag teams in the past..The Dudleys...The Hardys...Edge and Christian...The Hart Foundation...The Harlem Heat...and so many more..We have the opportunity to put ourselves in the history books..But do not go into this match taking it easy on the opponents. I want you to go out there and give them the beating of their lives! I am getting a little tired of people taking me lightly! I am an eight time...EIGHT TIME..World Champion! And these boys in the back think they are better than me! I'll break them all down one by one so that they will know exactly who is the Main Event!


Is that right? If you're the main event..then I guess I am the Show Stopper then, right? ~Grins~But take it easy, alright. Look..why don't we go out there and give our opponent a piece of our mind and see what they can do to stop us..which I doubt they can do anything..but still..I want to get this over with so I can get back to my wife..I got something special planned and I am not letting two has beens waste my time!

~The two then walks off as the camera fades into the arena..Moments later..the lights dim as "New York" by Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss hits as Fury makes his way out first as he gets the fans on their feet as Rage poses on the rampway.~

:::Veronica Caine:::

Well Bobby, this is a very pleasant surprise as we have two of the hottest superstars here in GEW! They have a huge tag team title match this Sunday night against Tony Boulder and Sean Todd. I think we could be looking at the new tag team champions in the ring..

~While Fury poses on the second turnbuckle. Rage gets on the ring apron. Rage lowers his head as mists shoot up from the floor below as he raises both of his arms while Fury raises his chain on the second buckle as the other three turnbuckle explodes with pyros as the fans cheer. Rage then gets a mic as he looks to be very intense.~

:::~Main Event~Rage:::

As everyone may know by now..we have a huge pay-per-view this Sunday night..GEW presents..Origins! Of course, the boss doesn't know championship material when he sees it right in front of him..thats why he didn't book me in a World title match. Is this some sort of a sick joke?! Who the hell do you got here that is better than me? There is nobody..nobody..dead or alive that can go toe to toe with me! I make and I break careers! Thats what I do. I don't give a damn what I have to do to my opponents as long as I come out as the victor! I am sure most of the board of directors doesn't like my tactics..but you know what? They can all go to hell! Nobody tells me what to do! I do what I want...when I want! And if you don't like it..Oh well! It is not like any of ya can do something about it to stop me! Sean Todd..How the hell did you deserve a title shot is still beyond me? What have you done in your pathetic career other than losing most of your matches?! You are not even close to being in my league! But since I am as great as I say I am..I am going to do you a huge favor at Origins. I am going to finish off your career once and for all..that way..you can still enjoy your little retirement from now on. That way, your family can stop the embarrassment of watching you getting your ass kicked week after week after week. Hell..even I am tired of watching you getting your ass whupped. Its too sad..really..thats why I am going to make it your last time here! This is a place for legends in the making, not chumps in the making. I know you may believe that you deserve a title shot, but you are dumber than I thought if you do. I am telling you this..You will never get any gold around your waist as long as either one of us are in the same match as you! This is going to it Sean...The beginning of the end is finally here for you...

Of course Sean isn't the only ridiculous fool in this match. His tag team partner doesn't seem to have any common sense as well. You don't know who the hell you are talking about, but yet..you were running your mouth about how you are going to make us your victims. Little boy, you ain't going to do a damn thing, but get your ass whupped this Sunday! I don't care what you have been sniffing and nor do I care! But, you need to realize that you are in a fight that you can't win. I am the one that is going to make damn sure that you are going to lose more than the match. Just because you have been frustrated both inside and outside the ring..That doesn't mean you are going to take it out on us. I am an eight time World Champion little B****! What have you done in your career? Nothing..just like your partner. So tell me something..How the hell do you expect to beat us? This isn't your fantasy world where you can finally lose your virginity. This isn't your dreams about finally going for someone of the opposite sex! This is reality and the truth is...you will meet your maker this Sunday night!

~The fans cheer as Rage hands the mic over to Fury.~


Your true dominant team is finally here and we are going to win the titles right in the country from down under! Sydney is going to bear witness to the crowning of the new GEW Tag Team Champions and who better than Rage and myself? Both of us have been tag champions before, but with separate partners. But only an idiot would bet on the other team against us. Both Rage and myself are former World Champions as well. How can anyone beat us..? And look at our competition...Sean Todd and Tony Boulder...The only thing they are good at is losing and they are going to continue their losing streak this Sunday when we beat them to become the greatest tag team ever in the history of GEW! Now Sean..I know you are thinking that this is going to be your big break and you are finally going to get that monkey off your back. But you know what? Your monkey is still on your back and his name is Tony Boulder! Hes the biggest pile of monkey crap I've seen in a long ass time! So Sean, I hope you are ready to add another loss to your career because the champs..ARE..HERE!!

As for you Tony Boulder, I don't know what really to say to a low life like yourself. You are a piece of sh** that believes that putting a woman down makes you feel better about yourself. I know exactly what to do to a scum like yourself! You are going to get exactly whats coming for your sorry ass when I get done with you! I ain't no boy MOTHER******!! But you will be my ***** by the end of the night! Thats for damn sure! I will give you something you deserve and that is a beating of your lifetime. See, I am sick of your whining and complaining! And after I get done with you, the fans won't have to hear your sorry ass anymore! We are going to settle this in the ring like man, if you can finally grow some balls..that is! Even though that is going to be hard for a loser like yourself. Everyone knows that you can't beat someone with my caliber of talent and compared to Rage...you mind as well go back to your day job! This is the new era here and we are about to show you fools how it is suppose to be done around here. Tony, I am sure you are going to come out here and run your mouth again..but why bother? You should just accept defeat. You are only delaying the inevitable. Face it..you are not going to become the tag team or any other champion around here. Rage and I will walk out as your new GEW Tag Team Champions..History is going to be made and nothing or nobody is going to stop us! Get ready GEW...because those straps are about to be ours!

~The fans cheer as Rage and Fury poses for the fans as their music hits.~

~Scene fades~ ::