Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~The scene opens to the arena just one day after the fallout of Taboo Tuesday. The new European Champion Vengeance is in the ring as he has a title defense. After a long and brutal match, Vengeance hits his "Pain Killer" and gets the pinfall as the fans are cheering the roof off the building as Vengeance celebrates as he poses on the second turnbuckle. Then "Throw It Up" by Lil Jon and Pastor Troy hits as Rage and his siblings along Innocence make their way to the ring as Rage seems to be clapping for a job well done by Vengeance.~

(Jim Ross)

Wow, this is something that I didn't expect at all. And with the problems that Innocence and Trish have been having, one must thought that the other Johnsons would be getting ready to fight it out..but this is nice. Hopefully, Trish will be here soon to see this.

(Jerry the King)

Yeah, that is something. And who knows...maybe I can see Trish and Innocence kiss and make up..HAHA!

~Jim Ross gives him a look as Faith, Rogue and Innocence gives Vengeance a hug. Then Destruction has Vengeance on his shoulder as they continue the celebrating.~

~As Vengeance is holding his title up high, he looks down as Rage's expression changes suddenly as he gives Vengeance a thumbs down.~

~Vengeance looks down and gets distracted as he didn't see Rogue and Faith each on a top turnbuckle as they hit him with a dropkick. Vengeance hits the mat hard as Destruction starts to punch his head, busting him wide open.~

(Jim Ross)

What the hell is this?! No! They can't do that to Vengeance! What did he ever do to them? This is sick! They must of known that Trish was coming to the arena late and they took advantage of Vengeance. And look King, they are just beating the hell out of him. Rogue and Faith just hit a double team manuever on him and he doesn't know where he is. Now Destruction lifts him up as he holds him up for his wife as she blasts him with a very hard superkick. Now Destruction signals for his "Final Destination" as he sets Vengeance up for his vicious powerbomb.~

(Jim Ross)

Enough is enough King! They are tearing him apart! How can they do this? Now they are each taking turns hitting their finishers on a steel chair. Damn it! Come on, somebody stop this! This is just too much!

(Jerry the King)

And how do you think anybody is going to stop this? I can't stop this and don't think I will go up there. This is just the Johnsons letting Trish know that they stick up for each other and what a message they are sending our president right now through her husband! And now look...Rage wants to hit a pedigree on that steel chair...enough is enough Rage!

(Jim Ross)

We have just witnessed the execution of our European Champion Vengeance. I wonder what is going to be the repercussions of this after Trish finds out..

(~Main Event~Rage)

Its a shame Vengeance, it really is! This is just something that you as well as others need to know, when you miss with one Johnson, you mess with the entire family! And this is just the beginning of the Revolution! The mood is about to change...

(Jim Ross)

I don't know what to say right now King..I am shocked! And now they are celebrating in the ring and it seems like Innocence got the mic..


You see Trish, you want to take away my husband and my tag team titles and wants us to compete for them again when we rightfully had them won? You thought we weren't going to have an answer to it? Look at your husband now....not so cute now huh? *grins* Just remember Trish, you started this war, we are just going to FINISH it!

~Just then Rayne's theme music hits as Rayne runs down the ramp and spears Faith down.~

~But Innocence and Rogue jumps Rayne from behind as they make quick work out of her, before Faith gets up and kicks her upside her temple, knocking her down before allowing Rogue and Innocence to get the finishing touches on Rayne.~

(Jim Ross)

What a heinous attack we just witnessed?! But what will Trish have to say when she gets here? Its obvious that there will be a heavy price to pay for this and the Johnsons are going to be in trouble!

~The scene fades with the Johnsons leaving the ring as Rayne is seen holding her sides in pain as Vengeance is still a bloody mess in the middle of the ring.~

~Scene fades~ ::