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~ The journey to the World Heavyweight Championship is now...just about done...after eight warriors started this tournment....only two is left! The battle ground has been will be determined at Judgement Day. The ever so lovable Vengeance will go face to face with his brother-in-law Rage. And..not just the title is at stake....the powers may be shifted as well...for if Rage wins...Trish will give up her powers to Stephanie for a week and if Vengeance wins...Stephanie will have to do the same thing. BWF may never be the same again after this Sunday...who will be left?....thats the question.... ~

~The camera opens to the arena as everyone is awaiting the arrival of BWF superstars. Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler are ready at the announce table.~

(Jim Ross)

Good evening folks and welcome to BWF Heat..we are just less than a week away from our first pay-per-view...Judgement Day!! We have five blockbuster matches!! We have a family feud as Stephanie and Kurt Angle will take on Shane and Torrie Wilson in a intergender tag team match! This all started when Shane decided to have Torrie as his girlfriend. Stephanie hates that idea so badly...she had Team Angle and Kurt attack Shane and Torrie last week...thus making this tag match!! And Kane will have his debut match against the nWo Wolfpac member....Blaze!! This should be a very interesting match! Also..the up and coming superstar Zach Pain will go one on one with the very talented....Charlie Haas!

(Jerry the King Lawler)

And don't forget...Iron Bull and Maverick will face Test and Albert and you know Trish will be there as well...and its for the BWF Tag Team Championship!! Which side will Trish be on? Test and Albert...or her ex boyfriend Bull? Or..she can just be fair and choose my side instead...*laughs* Uh..if Vengeance is listening...I am just joking around...speaking of Vengeance...he will be in the main event as he is taking on the ever so dangerous Rage!! There is a reason why he is called the "Trained Assassin"....and why he is called...the "Main Event"!! He must prove it once again this Sunday!! Will the Main Event establish himself as the all time great as he becomes the seven times World Champion...or will the future of this business Vengeance bring it all and upset the trained assassin....this is going to go down as one of the best matches ever...I have a feeling..its going to be something we will never forget..and with both Trish and Stephanie's future on the line....these two men will literally destroy each other! And.. ~

~Before he can finish...."Bounce Back" by Juvenile hits as Rage makes his way down the ramp. He gets on the ring apron. As he gives the fans the cold glare....cold mists shoot up from the ground as it covers his entire body...he raises both of his fist as it clears...he smirks before tearing off his show off his chiseled body!~

(~Main Event~Rage)

I guess the stage for Judgement Day is set huh? Everyone from all over the place are coming at me..asking me...will I be able to get number seven around my waist?! be honest with you people..this should of never been a question! You idiots should ask if Vengeance is going to survive the match! You see...what he is failing to realize is..I am the best in this business!! I have proven it to the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin....The Rock....Ice...and even to Blaze...that I am everything I said I am..and MORE! Thats why I was hand picked by Stephanie for her stable *fans boo* She knows just what kind of a force I am!! Vengeance is nothing more than a pretty boy...thats all he is...he is just a little short of being the champion material!! Maybe when I retire kid...*smirks* I have won so many titles in my career...I am not even worried about this match...why should I? Vengeance is nothing in my eyes...he hasn't prove anything except that he is nothing more than a mushy little punk!! You better check your emotions before entering the ring this Sunday...for any sign of weakness will mark a quick end for you!! You see..I am the final evolution of this business!! I am better than any kind of evolution!! And I am especially better than you!! For if you think I am going got another thing coming!! And as for your little girlfriend Trish..*fans cheer* You better keep a look out for her...cuz my wife...the most beautiful diva here in BWF will make sure Trish will never wrestle or do anything again!! *fans boo* You see...she...

~Rage was caught off as "Mezmerized" by Ja Rule and Ashanti hits as pyros are going off at the top of the stage as Vengeance makes a surprise appearance...much to the delight of the fans..~

(~Lady Killer~Vengeance)

Who the hell you think YOU ARE?!!~gets in Rage's face as the two are nose to nose~ I told you before...I don't want to hear Trish's name coming from you mouth!! You think your wife can beat my Trish huh? I guess you must of taught her well...since her best move is to sneak up behind someone and attack them from behind like a p***y...just....LIKE....YOU!! You want to talk about how you are the best? You know what? You are WERE the best..keyword there...WAS! You see..time have are no longer wrestling people of the past..who have to come to the ring in are now facing the new breed of athletes...and most are taking on the "Natural Born....Thriller"!! *fans cheer* I thrill the fans when I am in the ring..and I thrill Trish outside the ring...*smiles* I am the true star around here...but I am not just all talk...I am going to prove it to on taking that World title!! I will mark my spot in this business and if I have to go through!!

(~Main Event~Rage)

You think you can actually beat me?! This is kinda see..I have beaten chumps like you from the are nothing more than the opening match!! Thats all you are good for!! You are not at my level and you will never be at my level...and what you say again? You are going to do something if I say Trish again...well...Tri...*Vengeance hits a huge haymaker that knocks Rage out the ring as Vengeance stares down with a sick look in his eyes.*

~Rage tries to walk away..but Vengeance jumps over the top rope with a plancha onto Rage on the outside. Now both men are beating the hell out of one another. Vengeance takes the ring bell and smashes it across the face of Rage...busting him wide open.~

(Jim Ross)

Rage is now busted wide open King! Wait a minute...he seems to be even more enraged now! What a low blow by Rage? Now he is smashing Vengeance face on that barricade. He just threw him over the barricade...No...Don't do that.....Good GOD!!

(Jerry the King)

Now both men are bleeding profusely..this is gotta stop...they are still going at it...this war for the BWF World title have made both men go off the deep end! I don't think Staples Center can hold their intensity level...

~As securities are breaking up that mess...Christian is seen trying to get a job here in BWF...suddenly...the cage lowers as Countdown is seen standing on top of it. He leaps off it and onto Christian. ~

~Next...he rubs Christian face back and forth all over the cage as Christian is bleeding profusely.~

~Countdown signals the end as he puts Christian in his "Sub-Zero" submission move...Christian passes out cuz of the pain.~

(~Ice Man~Countdown)

You idiots probably want to know why I just put this pathetic little bastard out of commission...*evil smirk* Its simple...I am giving Shane McMahon a message...this limp body in the ring will be Torrie and your end at Judgement Day! *fans boo* You will learn to NOT cross the boss!! You will learn that the "Ice Man" means business and when you mess with Stephanie...well...I am the problem solver...and this pesty little problem she is having with your rodent...Torrie...I'll make sure it will be exterminated!! You should of listened to your sister Shane!! You know she is right! You had to be will pay for your decision!!

Kurt Angle!! I am telling you this right may be the partner of Stephanie...I will still be ring side!! I wish I can trust you Kurt..but lets face are like two sandwiches short of a got a few loose screws!! You are not that smart!!*fans cheer* You keep making mistakes and mistakes...but you can't afford any mistakes this Sunday when Stephanie is on the line you understand me!! I will not have anything happen to her cuz of your stupidity! And if you screw up in the match...I'll be there to make sure your fate is going to be just like Shane and Torrie's fate..and believe me...its not..going to be pretty!!~

~"Numb"by Linkin Park hits as Countdown have a sick smirk on his face as he exits the ring.~

(Jim Ross)

What does this means for Shane and Torrie? Are they in danger? How will they react to the comments made by Countdown?! Although he isn't on the card..Countdown says he will make an appearance....Judgement Day is going to be a blockbuster event...hope to see you all there...good night everyone!!

*Scene fades to black*