Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~The camera opens to the backstage where the camera is showing Rage beating the hell out of somebody backstage. Rage isn't stoping as the referees are trying to get him off the other person. Finally, they got him off that person as Rage shoves everyone out of his way as he walks toward the entrance way. Moments later...the lights dim as "What They Gonna Do" by Lil Jon and Lil Scrappy hits as he makes his way down the ramp as the fans begin to cheer.~

(Jim Ross)

What on earth was that all about? We just say Rage beating the hell out somebody backstage. We don't know who it is, but its somebody! It seems like Rage is just beating the hell out of anyone that ticks him off and its quite scary.

(Jerry the King)

What are you talking about JR? The man is obviously trying to carry momentum into the match next week between himself, Jamie Conwell, and the World Champion Ric Thunder. Rage and Jamie can't stand Ric Thunder, so it could get interesting Tuesday night.

~Rage gets on the ring apron and lowers his head. Moments later, he raises his arms as cold mists shoot up from below. He then gives the fans the cold glare as they chant his name. He gets in the ring as Lillian hands him a mic.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

I went to No Mercy inside the Hell in the Cell match and I had a minor setback! Ric Thunder yet again pulled another fluke! *fans boo* Ric gets more lucky in the ring than he is with woman, huh? *fans laugh* Yeah, I guess he gotta have something, he ain't got nothing else! Now then, did I hear you right Ric? You actually believed that you are a legend? Even calling yourself a legend just spit in the face of all the greats that were in this business! You ain't worth sh** in my eyes! Understand that little BOY!! You will never earn my respect! All you have from me is my personal intentions to bring you down!! *fans cheer* You see, this time around, I ain't the target, you are!! The bulleye is back on your gap tooth looking ass!! Don't you find that to be quite fun? Now that everyone is coming after you now! You don't know who, or when, or how it will happen, but it will happen to you! You are a wanted man Ric! And NO, its not the women, and its not the guys...its what lays on your shoulder...the BWF World Heavyweight Championship!! That is what it is all about!! Last week on Raw, Jamie and myself did exactly what we said we would do! We put two wannabes back in their place! I thought that Death was going to get fired up by my words, but instead, he came up soft much like Ric Thunder! Like I said Death, I did what I did for one reason, and that was to light that fire underneath your ass! You haven't one much around here and it was time for you to step up! It was time for you to make a name for yourself, and you can't do it by sitting on your ass all day long! And this goes out to all the superstars in the back! If you want a title shot, you need to make your voice heard loud and clear! And that is by beating the hell out of the champion whenever you see him! Beat him down to within an inch of his life, before letting him know that he is next!! Its just how things are! Ric just has to get used to it! Which I am sure he is already used to getting his ass whupped! Ric is too worried about things that doesn't concern him! Don't worry about other things Ric, worry about making out of Taboo Tuesday in one piece! Can you do that? Are you sure? There won't be anyone there to help you!! I can gurantee you that your little Kliq, ain't worth a cent! I dare your little boys to come to the ring, I will have something waiting for them!! *fant cheer* If they want to find out what it is, I'll show it to them when they walk down the ramp, but I can promise you one thing, they ain't making it back up the ramp by themselves! Thats for damn sure! You call yourself the showcase? B**** please, you are more like the nutcase!! You are a fool to think that you are ever better than me! I will do anything to get that gold back where it belongs! Your well being and your health...I don't give a damn what happens! Oh yeah, I will put you out of this business just for that gold! Its what I am all about!! That gold is my way of life!That title means more to me than you will ever know! I have my own personal reasons for that title! And its not because of money....I got enough! More than you will ever have! More women? I have a beautiful and amazing wife. I am all good! You are the only thing that is disrespectful to that title! You are the pathetic little runt that is making that title lose its prestige! And you think that Jamie and I are going to team up against you? You can think what you want, but when I am in the ring, its all about the Main Event, and its all about my ambition to get back my posssession!!

Your beliefs are quite hysterical! You actually think that your stable is the best in this business? Who are you kidding?! I guess that Hell in the Cell match did cause you some brain damage! If you don't know by now, the Stratus Faction is the elite stable around here!! *fans cheer* And the Johnsons are taking over the wrestling business!! *fans start to chant "Johnsons"* At Taboo Tuesday, we will dominate like no others have or will ever do!! You need to understand something! I don't care if you think you are the best, the bottom line is this, you will never be this good! Your stable will never be this good! Kane and Stevie Blaze are just plain pathetic! Well..the big red machine is nothing more than the Big Red Retard!! And since Stevie is your brother.....enough said there! *grins* And you want to talk about them actually beating Evolution? Ric Flair is a sixteen time World Champion! *fans go WOOOOO* Exactly! The man is the true icon and legend in this business! You are nothing more than a hype! Just another chump trying to be someone that he is not! You are living in a dream, your own little fanstasy world! You are not yet ready for the real world! And you are damn sure NOT ready for next Tuesday night!! Its going to be MY night!! Your time is up Ric next Tuesday and there ain't a thing you or your buddies can do about it!!

(~Main Event~Rage)

So where does that leave Jamie Conwell? Its real simple, the man and I have no personal issues. We are both striving to get the richest prize in this business. But one thing is clear, and I'll make it crystal clear. When we are in the ring, everything is out the window! Friendship, respect, whatever else are all gone! There will not be any feelings in that match! I am just going to do what I do best and whether I have to pin Ric or you Jamie to get the title, I will! *fans cheer* A win is a win, no matter what! And I plan on becoming the World Champion for the ninth time! Don't get me wrong, Jamie is one hell of a competitor and the man does have the whole package, but its not just Jamie against Ric, otherwise my money would be on Jamie. I am in the match as well! The Main Event will be in the same ring as you Jamie and Ric! When I am there, its a whole different ballgame! Jamie, I know how sick you are of Ric, and you know what? So am I! I am tired of each and every week hearing him rant on and on about how great he is, when he isn't! Jamie, I know how much that first title reign would mean to you! You know damn well that it would be like winning the Super Bowl, or the World Series, or the NBA Finals! But better of course! I know the same feeling! But just like you, my passion for that title is still there and it will be there for the title for a very long time! Once you had held that title in your hands, you will always come back for it again! Althought we are cool Jamie, there is one thing that I don't agree with you. You said that it was your time. Well, I don't agree with that saying at all. You see, you may be one hell of a wrestler and everything, but that doesn't intimidate me though! I have been in the ring with all sorts of wrestlers. And I still remained strong! I still stand above the rest! I don't mind facing you one on one after one of us wins that title! Then we can raise the level again. But of course that will have to wait till after the match. Thats why Jamie, I am giving you a personal challenge! Lets see who is going to not only win the World title, but see who can beat the living hell out of Ric in the best way possible! *grins* You up for it? Jamie, but with everything aside, just because I don't hate you, that doesn't mean I will go easy on you in the match! I am driven to get the title around my waist as well. *fans cheer* The fans know that I am the greatest World Champion here in BWF! This ring belongs to me! Ric's punk ass will belong to me next Tuesday night and after the smoke is cleared and the dust has settled. You will be looking at the new World Champion....ME!!

Ric, I bet you are a little nervous right now aren't you? You are getting a little worried that nobody what you do, it won't be enough to save your little title at Taboo Tuesday! Well, you are right! You won't be able to save your title! Thats right, you will only have been champion for just a small couple of weeks, how sad, huh? Do you think that I am going to play nice next Tuesday night? I am going to do whatever I can to take that title back! A win is a win! And I'll do whatever it takes for me to win! It boils down to who wants it the most and its simple, its me! I am the one who wants it the baddest! You and Jamie don't want that title as much as I do! And what can you do to stop me Ric? That is the one question that you don't have an answer for! You may think you do, but you don't! You don't know how to stop me from running you over like a big fat speed bump! You don't know how to stop me no matter what you do! Face it Ric, I am coming for your pathetic career and my World title and there ain't a damn thing you can do to stop me!! Its going to be my night! Its going to my show yet again as I become the World Champion again to show you that you can never out do me! You will never keep me down! I'll always rise to the occassion yet again and walk out Taboo Tuesday with the world title in my hands! But it seems like you are thinking too much about Jason Kraus and Vengeance. The last time I checked, they are not in the World title match with you, Jamie and I are! We are the ones that you need to worry about, not them! Thats your problem, you are always sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!! Thats why you always have someone ready to walk up to you and just start beating your ass! You already know that you are the target of everyone backstage, why do you keep aggravating people? You want to get injured that badly? Well, if you like, I'll be more than happy to come to the ring and break your leg in several places in our title match! How does that sound? And you know that broken bones will never heal back to one hundred percent, right? So yeah, your leg is going to be a tremendous target! It definitely has a bull-eye on it. And I won't lie to you, your leg will be in my cross-fire! It will be a place that I will concentrate on and if you are not smart enough to give up when you have the chance, I'll break your leg! *fans start to cheer loudly for Rage* I'll put you in the wheelchair Ric! How does that sound? You like the idea of you being in a wheelchair? At least now, you can park your car closer to the building right? *grins* For every annoying little remark you have made about me, I am going to make you eat it! I am going to make you regret ever saying the retarded things that you did!! I love this business more than you do. Do you even know what love is when you say "I love you" to just about everyone you come to contact with. Just don't say it to either me or Jamie. Keep those feelings to yourself! See, I grow up in this business! There ain't nothing I won't do for it! There has been nothing that I haven't done for it as well! I eat, sleep, and live this business! Its what I am! I am everything that I said that I am and I am living proof of what I said! You can put me in the ring with anyone, anyone, and I'll still come out with the victory! It doesn't matter big or small, they will all fall! Thats just how it works! I have no fears! The only person I fear is the man upstairs! Thats it. Anyone here in this world, I don't give a damn! But you see Ric, I am also here to prove a point! I am going into Taboo Tuesday to let you see just how cruel and sadistic I can be! I want you to look into my eyes as I take your leg and break it again! I want to see that pain on your face as I start to stomp on it! And even if your leg doesn't get broken, I'll still bring the pain! Not even Jamie can stop me from annilating you once and for all! So talk all you want about me... you have yet to see the real me...and I promise you, you won't like it!!

Jamie, I know that you are looking forward to beating the holy crap out of Ric. *grins* I wouldn't blame ya! I too want to make him suffer for running his mouth too damn much! But wait, there is more though. I hope you don't forget about me. I ain't a pushover like Ric is. Compare to Ric, everyone is a megastar! Everyone is a living legend around here! So don't confuse me with that prick Ric! I am way out of his league and I know damn well that you will have problems with me in the ring than with that loser! I am just there to whup his ass and take the title home. And if someone is to get in my way, then I will have to take care of that as well! Its nothing personal between you and I, just business! It is just business that the title is what I am seeking and I will do whatever I need to in order to walk out of the match with the title! Blood or no blood, doesn't matter to me! I have bled before and I am sure it won't be the last time. But you see, I am looking forward to it! I am looking forward to the carnage in the ring and the epic battle it is going to be! Its game time and its put up or shut up time! I'll prove it again why...I am the Main Event and without me..THERE...IS....NO....SHOW!!! *fans start to chant "Main Event"*

~Rage's theme music hits again as he still have that serious look on his face as he gets out the ring and makes his way to the back after tearing off his shirt and throwing it into the crowd.~

~Scene fades~ ::