Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~Dynasty is standing over Rage's body as Raw comes to a close. How will Rage react to that attack that was not just on him, but on his sister as well? Everyone knows that Rage will strike...but when....and how? Rage has an opportunity to gain a measurement of revenge this Friday night as he teams with Pyro and Death in a six man tag team match against the Dynasty. Will Rage be emotionally ready for this fight?... ~

~The camera opens to BWF Smackdown as the Dynasty is getting ready to come out to the ring to address their match for Raw. As the commentator and event securities stand in the ring, "What they gonna do" by Lil Jon hits as Rage makes his way out dressed in his shirt and black sweats. Nobody is expecting him to come out as they have a concern look on their face. Rage stands on the ring apron as he gives them his cold glare as the fans cheer.. ~

~ Rage then leaps off the ropes and clothlines the event securties as the commentator takes off running. Rage starts to beat the hell out of everyone as nobody seems to be able to beat the World Champion down. He then gets out the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer from underneath as the cheers grew even louder. Rage has obviously snapped. He then starts to beat the securties with the sledgehammer as he watches them cough up blood. He then grabs a mic as he looks at the ramp.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

Sorry to crash your little party in the ring, but the Dynasty ain't celebrating sh*t just yet!! *fans cheer* You may think that you have won the war...but the war has just started.... You see....you fools have no idea what demons you b****es are messing with! I have no conscience when it comes to ho**** punks like the Dynasty! Nobody attacks me and get away with me! And...nobody messes with my family and lives to tell about it!! If you and your homies want a blood bath...consider it DONE! I will not hesitate to end your three b****es in the ring tomorrow night! The payback will start on Raw, but it won't finish just yet! You see, I got a taste for blood this week and I will bleed the Dynasty from the ring to the arena floors to the back room to the parking lot! Lets say....its going to be very messsy!! *fans cheer loudly* I will not allow the Dynasty to live another day! They don't belong here and its time for me to take out the trash!! *fans chant Main Event*

Three pieces of trash...damn...thats really something ain't it?! Oh well...and guess whos the annoying piece of sh*t?! Thats right....Ecko!!*fans boo* The same man who turned his back on everyone just because he couldn't step up to the plate and retain his title! What a little crybaby?! Just because you lost, does that mean you had to run to your mommies Blaze and Damon?! Are they going to kiss you and make it all better? Sick bas****s!! Ecko...just because you suck more cock than Damon West, that doesn't mean you can steal my catch phrases! Without Dynasty, there is no BWF? *fans boo* I BEG TO DIFFER!! Without Trish and Stephanie, then there is no BWF! You stupid son of a B****!! Learn the respect the game...mother******!! Who the hell do you think you are? This isn't WFS!! This isn't Ecko's show...and certainly, this isn't the Dynasty's show either!! This is BWF's show! And the World title says...its also MY SHOW!! *fans erupt in cheers* I will teach you the word respect! You see, you are in the wrong hood now boy!! When you mess with this hood...there ain't no returns! There ain't no mercy!! And of course....you will be on your back...BUT not the way you were last night with both Blaze and Damon!! This isn't one of your home videos!! *fans laugh* Ecko...you say I stole your title? Was it your title in the first place?! I don't think so!! This has been mine title since day number one!! Actually, it was stolen from me, but like the man that I am, I won it back by making the thieves bleed like a couple of pigs!! While you and Ric were a blood mess in the ring, I was given back my World title! Where it belong! You want to cripple me? If I had a nickel for everytime some pathetic little punk made that threat to me....I'd be a millionare.....whoa...wait a minute...I am a Millionare! And it is because of punks like you! Your little threats don't mean sh*t to me! I can care less what you think or what you say.....let me speak it in your language! Knuck if you BUCK!! You feel me?! *fans cheer* I've beaten your ass before and beating your ass again won't be a problem at all!! But...you shouldn't take Death for granted though....you never know when he might just whup your ass...again!! But since you are used to getting your ass whipped....it doesn't really matter to you anymore huh? *smirks* But Ecko...stop worrying about either Death or Pyro...its me you should be worried about! I am the one who is going to give you the beating of your life...and oh yeah...its going to be much worse than the beating you suffered at Unforgiven....you remember that beating....don't ya? *grins*

~Rage shows an evil grin as the fans are firmly behind the Main Event as he takes his sledgehammer and points to the back.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

Could it be? It couldn't...could it? Blaze....Blaze...Blaze...hmmm...why does that name sound so familiar...? Wasn't Brianna's ex husband Ryan Masterson...or better known as Blaze? The same Blaze who stabbed me in the back...back in WEW when I was the one who gave him a chance while nobody else would! You remember that, don't you Blaze? You remember the Pac, right? When you first debutted there....who was watching your back? Iron Bull and I did! This was the same Blaze that I gave my Intercontinetial Championship to when I won the World title! You see, unlike him, I was always thinking of the family...while he be thinking of either whores or now...men! Hmmm...how sad? But Blaze, why the sudden change? How come you didn't come into this federation like you did the others by bragging about certain wins and whatever! Yeah, you may have beaten me in WCW, but I whupped your ass there as well! But WCW didn't change you....oh yeah....GEW did....especially when Heath Adams was beating your ass every single day! And whats worse....your own wife Brianna stabbed you in the back and then stuck her tongue down Harylenne's throat!! But I guess you and Brianna want to forget all that here....thats why shes trying to sleep with Damon while you are banging her best friend Maria.....what fun huh? So does that mean that Ecko is doing Johnny Ego? *fans laugh* I tried to not even notice your presence around here Blaze! You might have gotten a plastic surgery to attempt to change that face of yours, but your stinch is unavoidable!! But just like in the other federations, its always you sticking your nose in my business where it doesn't belong!! Thats fine! If you want an ass whupping so badly...just ask me...I would be more than happy to oblige!! But I guess you have changed as well...since Brianna dumped you for another chick, you now beat up females...*fans boo* And whats worse, you attacked my sister!! *fans boo* You and I have always been personal!! But unlike the other federations....I am not going to waste my time with you!! I am just going to end you on Raw....in just one night, I'll make you regret ever stepping foot here in BWF!! But you got more than me to worry about...and no Blaze...I am not talking about child support either homie!! *fans laugh* I am talking about your brother Pyro! *fans cheer loudly* It seems like since I known you, Pyro and you have been at war! Its been an up and down battle between you two...but it seems like you have lost your edge since coming here to BWF! You lost yourself in GEW and right now, you are still trying to find yourself, right? But Damon better watch his back...he never know when you are going to turn against him...*grins*

~Rage then puts down the sledgehammer as he grabs the camera off the camera man as he stares into it.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

Damon, I know your sorry ass is watching in the back! And I know that you are dying for me to get my hands around your neck and squeezing the life out of you!! How you like that BOY?! You think that you are going to the top? This isn't your thursday night with your Dynasty boys! This is going up against the greatest Champion ever in BWF's history!! I am not intimidated by anyone! I refuse to back down...especially to a street punk like you! You can say all you want about how you got street smarts...and how you have been surviving on being a male prostitute all your life! Thats just fine Damon! I don't care how many ass you have licked this week! Or how you want to be Pyro's sex toy! I don't give a damn about your dreams and fantasies! I plan to end all your dreams on Raw! Think of me as your ride to hell....and the ride starts on Raw! *fans cheer* You think you have what it takes to beat me down? You think you and your weak little boys can beat down my family?! Keep thinking that....I'll show you just who the hell I am!! I am the Main Event!! And you fools may think you are that good...but no matter how good you think you fools are...everyone else is just that much better!! *fans cheer loudly* But your end comes at a price! You see...there will be no actions that goes unpunished! Why should a little pest like you live to see another day? I will not be hold accounted for when I get finished with you and the rest of Dynasty!! But it won't be just me....You got Death and Pyro after you guys as well...as well as others....but you will see them soon enough! But before I go...I have one last message for you and the rest of the Dynasty!

Dynasty and Damon West, I'll see you both in Hell before its all said and done!! And if you think you have me figured out....THINK...AGAIN!!! See you in Hell...DYNASTY!!!

~Rage then gives an evil smirk as he takes his sledgehammer and smashes the camera with it...as the fans are chanting his name.~

~"What they gonna do" hits as Rage poses on the turnbuckle with the sledgehammer in hand as the fans are giving him a huge ovation. He then gives a cold glare as cold eerie mists filled the ring....when the smoke clears...Rage is nowhere in sight....~

~Scene fades~ ::