Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~Ladies and gentlemen, Rage has done it again! The Main Event has proved himself why he is the best by winning his second BWF World title, his eighth world title overall! The man has accomplished so much in his career, but its far from being over. He is ready to step into new challenges and prove to the world that he is the best in this business and why he deserves to stay on top of the wrestling world. Who will be able to knock him down? Stay tuned to find out... ~

~The camera opens to the arena as Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler are discussing the upcoming Raw. As they continue to talk about the matches, the lights dim as "What they gonna do" by Lil Jon hits as Rage walks out in a suit with the world title in his possession as the fans are going absolutely crazy for the new champ! He raises the title in the air and gives a roar as the chants continue to grow.~

~Rage continues to walk down the ramp. He stops once again and poses for the fans as they continue to chant his name as most of them are taking pictures.~

~Rage slides into the ring and jumps on the middle turnbuckle as confettis fall from the rafters. This is clearly Rage's night as his celebration continues.~

~Lillian hands him a mic as he puts it to his mouth as the fans quiets down a bit so they can hear what the champ has to say.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

Its been too long hasn't it?! But what did I say? I told everyone that I was going to get back my World Heavyweight Championship and thats exactly what I did at Unforgiven!! *fans cheer* Ecko and Ric were never good enough to hold this title!! This title deserves to be in the hands of a great champion...and you folks are looking at him right now!! *fans chant "Main Event"* And what is so good about it, this is my eighth world title accomplishment! I am half way there....Ric......Flair!! I will catch up to you someday....I am still at my prime!! This business is all about me and I am all about this business!! There is nothing more I want to do than to be out here performing for BWF!! I have been in many federations, none are like this place!! And what is up with some of the morons in the back disrespecting Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon? Are you guys just jealous that you fools can't never mount up to their level?! There is another reason why I am out here right now....it is because I have a match tomorrow night against the one who calls himself Damon West! *fans boo* He is the punk off the street who thinks he can go one on one with the Champ! *fans boo* I didn't think so either! But this is more than just a typical match right? I have watched you since you made your little debut. You think you are quite the wrestler around here...but Damon....I hope you are not as stupid as Ric Thunder! *makes a face* This isn't some fantasy world where you like to go when you get yourself high. This is business is MY LIFE!! You know nothing about respect and loyalty! You think fear will bring you power! But I don't fear you!! Hell...I will beat you down like the punkass that you truly are! I see that you have major issues about life....but guess what? Life isn't easy! Life is full of obstacles! That is just how life is! You attempt to make it seems like you are the only one that has been through alot through life! The fact is....there are plenty more people out there that has suffered more than you! But unlike you, they are not blaming other people! They are at least trying to deal with it and go on with their lives! You think that you can just walk up in here and demand sh*t?! Well mother******.....BRING IT!!! *fans cheer* I'll be the first person to tell you that I am not afraid of you! I ain't never scared!! I just don't like to waste my time out here with the bottom of the barrel! Then why am I wasting my time with you then? *smirks*

You see, I love to fight!! *fans cheer* But unlike some jack***es in the back....they know who they are! I don't need to challenge anyone! You all need to challenge me!! I am the champ!! I am at the top! Its up to you boys in the back to knock me down! But there can only be one number one contender! So when you boys finally decide who will be facing me for the World title, then STEP UP!! I'll knock you back down to size!! *fans cheer* Blade, you might be new around here, but you got potential man! You can be a future around here....so anytime you want a shot at my title....YOU'RE ON!! *fans cheer* But before that match can take place, I need to take care of someone right quick....and that someone is Damon West! Its time for someone around here to take a stand against that low life!! Damon.....you think you deserve a title shot! Well...we are going to see how deserving you really are after Raw is War! You see, I am looking forward to our match! I have been looking forward to it all week long! Why? Because you are a virus around here!! The biggest viral disease since the black plaque! Now...I don't care who you drag down with you! You can take down your right hand man Blaze...I don't give a damn!! Thats your boy! I can care less about him! But its not right that you are dragging down Brianna! I don't know what you did to her, but rest assure...I will break that hold you have on her and get the true Brianna back where she belongs!! With her fans!!! *fans cheer*

~Rage puts his head down for a moment before raising back up again.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

Brianna, you were always like a sister to not just me, but the rest of the Johnsons as well!! We love you Bri! And I have always been there for you! I know that life hasn't been that great to you...but that doesn't mean you should turn your back on it. I know that there is still some good inside you Brianna! You are still the same Brianna that I know. I refuse to give up on you! I don't give up on family! And I plan to make things right...one way....or the other!! And it all starts with Damon West! Once he crumbles.....all will be right again!! So Damon...this match means more to me than it is to you! Just because its not for the title..that doesn't mean I will go easy on you! You see, you have a big mouth! Now its time to see if you can back it up! YOu have beaten the rookies and the less talented! Now lets see how you do against the Main Event!!! *fans cheer* Lets see how you going to survive against someone who has no emotions in the ring! Its all about being the best! Its all about me having this title in my hand! *evil look* I will not let a chump like you take this away from me!!!

This is what you want right?! Well come and take this from me!! I want to see you try! You have no idea what this title means! And NO Damon, its not just something that you can sell off the street corner so you can buy another pound of weed or cocaine!! This is the symbol for greatness!! This title is earned by RESPECT!! *fans cheer* If you want respect...you will have to EARN it! You can't buy respect! And I will teach you the true meaning to that word! *fans cheer* The Dynasty? *chuckles* You think that is the future of this company? Dude, you gotta stop sniffing that heroine! Its rotting your brain! You need to realize that you have never faced anyone like me! I am the one demon that nobody can slay!! And I am going to be your worst NIGHTMARE!! Its going to be a war around here.....and I am looking forward to it!!You can called it Westside or Eastside or whatever side you want to call it...don't make a difference to me....either way, you are going to feel the pain!!*fans cheer*

Just like what I did to Ric Thunder, I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget! I am going to beat you brain dead..like Ric! *smirks* Seems like Ric Thunder just got dumber this week...hasn't he? *grins* Oh well...what can I say? Some people are just too stupid to ever realize how pathetic they truly are! Ric, you haven't won a match since you made your return! How the hell are things going to change now? You are pathetic, much like Damon West! You two have alot in common! And after Raw...you two will one more thing in common, and that is getting your asses beat by the Main Event!! *fan cheer* So Damon, I hope you got had your last meal because I am going to pull a 187 on your b**** ass on Raw!!! I am the whole damn show!! The Main Event!! Thats why..without me...THERE....IS....NO SHOW!!!

~Rage then jumps on the second turnbuckle and raises his title high in the air as the crowd chants his name in unison. He then rips off his suit and climbs out through the barricade and disappears into the crowd as he shows them that he is still the True People's Champion..~

~Scene fades~ ::