Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~The epic battle continues as the war wages on from side to side...casualities are inevitable.. Nothing is certain these now and days.. Only one thing that matters...and its the World Heavyweight Championship! This is the root of all evil..And with everything that is going on ~

~The scene opens to a Ferrari car lot. Its one of many that is owned by Rage's family....many different cars are parked outside as the fans are amazed to see these cars. Jonathon Coachman walks up as he is trying to get in. But the bodyguards are shoving him away. Rage finally sees him and tells them to stand down as he allows Coach to walk in. ~

~Coach takes a seat as Rage and Destruction walks toward him. Coach shakes their hands before proceding to sit down.~

(The Coach)

Welcome everyone to another edition of BWF Confidential! Tonight we are here live at one of the finest sports car expos here in New York City! It is one of many owned by one of the most dominant families since the McMahons! I am sitting here in front of the "Main Event" Rage!*fans cheer* Rage...the first question has to be...how you feel about your upcoming triple threat match for the BWF World Heavyweight Championship? Not only do you have to beat Ecko, but you have to beat your old nemesis Ric Thunder as well..

~Rage gives him an annoyed look. Its obvious that Rage doesn't think much of either Ecko or Ric Thunder. The only thing that matters to him is the World title itself..~

(~Main Event~Rage)

You talking about Ric Thunder like if hes somebody Coach. Hes NOBODY! Hes nothing!! Just a washed up old bum that needs me to finish him off! He needs me to kill off his career! Thats the only thing that he needs! He doesn't deserve the World title!! The man is pathetic! He can't even keep his woman....*grins* And now he is all depressed and sadden about it! Well Ric, you better get your head out of your ass and you better concentrate on the match this Sunday! You see, any mistakes you make, will be your last!! Do you know how sick I was when I saw a chump like you wearing the gold! It was the darkest days in BWF history! He calls himself the New Breed of Wrestling? Its more like the New Boredom of Wrestling! *fans cheer* Everytime he comes out here....or comes on the screen, the only thing I see are people falling asleep! If anyone is having trouble sleeping...watch one of Ric Thunder's promos! I gurantee you that you will be fast sleep quick..*grins* And you said that my family is a joke? You are the biggest ass clown around here! You can't keep a woman....you suck!! And to top things off....you will get your ass beat this Sunday! *fans cheer*

I am not worried about him Coach.... I have no reasons to! I have done more in this business than he has in his lifetime!! Whats this about making me submit? *smirks* See Coach, I can't help but laugh when I see one his promos! Its quite hilarious! I can break a body part of his anytime during the match! There is a reason why they all me the "Trained Assassin" as well!! I do what I want, when I want!! And if I feel like beating the living hell out of you Ric, guess what? Then I am going to beat the living crap out of you and there is nothing you can do to stop me!! There is nothing you can do to prevent me from taking back whats mine! The title consumes me Coach! Its what this business is all about! Its about me being the absolute best....by any means neccessary!

And what about Ecko right? What about him? He hasn't even shown his face around here! Hes still trying to recover from that clothline from Raw...*smirks* I am sure Riley is helping him recover...but Ecko..hope you don't catch anything that is going to make you miss Unforgiven...*grins* Ecko, you won the title at Summerslam, but like I said before...you still haven't impressed me!! Face it little man, you are just not good enough to impress anyone!! You should be concentrating on what excuses you are going to tell the fans the next day when I beat you and Ric Thunder this Sunday! Its going to be the worst beating since Triple H destroyed Shawn Michaels in the Hell in the Cell match!! Ecko doesn't realize that I am the better man! I am the suerior wrestler! He just can't comprehend the fact that his time has long being over, just like Ric Thunder!! Both of you put together will never be as good as myself!! Thats why the fans come to see ME! You may think they come to see you, but the fact is, they come to see you get your asses whipped by the Main Event!! *fans cheer* Ecko, you are nothing more than an eminem wannabe! Another vanilla ice!! Sounds so bad...you still decided to attempt to rap twice!! Well...I am not here to tell you how to rap....its not any of my concern whether you and Damon want to make an album together! The ass clowns' greatest hits!! *smirks*

(The Coach)

It seems to me that you have certain issues with the newcomer Damon West! And Damon seems to have problems with you as well. What are your thoughts on him and his group, the Dynasty?

(~Main Event~Rage)

You are smarter than you look Coach! Of course I don't like Damon West! Who like a punk like him?! And plus....what the hell is he saying? He is using that ghetto slang and its very confusing! I had to go up to his hood and talk to his homies to figure out a way to learn his words....but after awhile...I just got tired of learning! Whats the point of talking to someone below your level?! I mean...if you pay close attention to his speeches....its made of mostly him cussing at everyone! F*** You b*****s and all you MOFOs....I am Damon West and I represent the southside....southside....*laughs* I thought his promos were getting a little better until he had to say something about me of course!! He was trying to diss me? Why are you dissing me man? I saw you on the street corner and didn't I give you that dollar bill?! I was kind even to give you a dollar and you still diss me? *grins* Its not my fault that you spent more time in prison then Robert Downy Jr! Its also not my fault that you didn't get your welfare check this month! And worst of all....don't blame me because you have to pay your child support this week!! I never told you to have different baby mamas!! *chuckles* See Damon.....if thats your real name....I don't care about who you are or what you do! You don't even matter to me...nothing at all! The world title is the only thing that matters to me! Its all about me standing on top of the mountain..proving once again why I am the greatest wrestler to have ever lived!! *fans cheer* I have been through it all in this business and yet I still stand in front of you all today! Nothing can ever stop me, but God himself! And Damon....you will never...neva eva....get on my level...WHAT?!!

And whats this about the dynasty? Everyone knows that the true dynasty has been here since day one!! My family's legacy is the true dynasty around here! Everyone knows that we can't be stopped! And as a whole...we are unbeatable!! We are the ones to carry this business into the millenium! Everyday the family gets stronger! And we don't just talk....we back it up as well!! We could never back down to chumps like you guys! The dynasty will learn quickly that its not WISE to mess with us! We don't just get even....we will FINISH you off!! Nobody ever attempts to test us because they have a brain to think about it! I don't about a dope fiend like Damon can grasp the concept that he is dugging himself a hole that he can't get out of! And its not prison Damon...dugging your way out isn't always the answer! Damon, I am like a basic math problem....you just can't finish me!!!

(The Coach)

Rage, if you don't mind...telling us about your thoughts on your youngest brother's marriage to Innocence. What are your thoughts on that?

(~Main Event~Rage)

I am happy for my brother! He got himself a good woman! Its always great to add another family member! Those two are going to be one heck of a destructive force here in BWF! I see great things in their future and there is nothing that is going to stop them! I wouldn't be surprised if they totally destroy their opponents at Unforgiven! Its going to be a new era in the making...just like how I am making mine once again after I defeat both Ecko and Ric and once again to become the World Champion! Its my destiny and this time around....nobody and nothing is going to stop my unstoppable FORCE!! Get ready...your END IS HERE!!

(The Coach)

Well Rage....any last words you want to tell your opponents for this Sunday?

(~Main Event~ Rage)

Ric Thunder....continue running your mouth! Its going to be the last thing you ever do when Unforgiven rolls around! Its not just your vengeance....its mine as well!! It was you who stole that title from me in the first place! You started this downward spiral to hell....and now...I am taking you down there where you belong!! There is no forgiveness and there is no mercy this Sunday! All your sins shall be paid for in full this Sunday!! The countdown is on for your demise as well as Ecko's as well! Get ready BOYS.....its going to be one hell of a night and Unforgiven is going to be the both of your last night here in BWF! The fight for your survivor has just begun......

~Rage gets up and walk outside with his brother as the camera fades to the arena with Fury already in the ring. He has a mic in hand as he tells the people in the back to cut his music..~

(~Furious Cutie~Fury)

So Brianna had something smart to say when she came out here last huh? *fans boo* You folks are right...it was stupid! But then again...its Brianna! But I want to give her a little present...Damon West style....hit it the music!!

~The background music to "Locked Up" by Akon hits as Fury has a smirk on his face.~

(~Furious Cutie~Fury)

Knocked up, they won't let me ****! And I had a long day on the street, sh*t stress me out. Won't give me a hollar, they can't get me a man. Now I'm heading to the hotel and, gotta do a man here I used to live with a chick, I don't want to go here The walls are dirty, the clothes is orange The phones are broke and my breathe smells like garbage A lotta whores are living with these circumstances S.P.'s insane I still work ya mans' Drug money to rap money, work ya Benz's I ran and told them I should've work the hips Got popped for a lesbian attempt Knock me up by Tuesday, when I was burning the love Had a brick and a stash hope they don't take me 'em to a versa extend. Knocked up and they won't let me **** When I hit the streets, men will know to dread me out!

I'm steady trying to find my baby daddy and Why do what I do? Nine months aren't getting no closer.. No matter how far I go My boyfriend is stolen, no more place for me. Cops patrolling, and now that they stopped me for prostitution!

I'm knocked up, they wont let me **** They wont let me ****! I'm knocked up; they wont let me ****, No! They wont let me **** I'm knocked up, and they wont let me **** They wont let me... I'm knocked up, and they wont let me ****, No They wont let me..

Heading up town to Rhea, back with a couple of babies The quarter blocks on fire, and the covers are dressed as fiends Making so many babies, products moving Put away the condom, as sold my body, fucked around and

Now that I'm knocked up I rep two fathers so I'ma **** or die and stay knocked up Two women brushes me up who ever wanted to be with me. When I walk by, men get up Cause I'm knocked up, they can't get me to **** I smoke a stick of haze when they stress me out Go and hit the bar when the wrecks beat out Can't wait for 'til the day they let me ****

Visitation along it comes by, it seems they forgot about me God my stomachs getting big, Other people getting food without me Can't wait to get **** again and move forward with my life Got people that loves me and wants me to do right, but instead...Im knocked up..

~The fans laugh as Fury gets the mic with a serious look on his face..~

(~Furious Cutie~Fury)

Brianna...you think you are so great, but you are nothing but the next tramp ready to be knocked up again!! You can say what you want and you and your boys can run around here and pretend that you guys are superior to everyone else, but coming this Sunday, you will realize why I can't be stopped!! You will soon learn its wrong to mess with this family!! Get ready....evolution is about to get really ugly around here...

~The scene fades with Fury walking to the back as the fans continue to chant his name.~

~Scene fades~ ::