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~ The path to greatness is just a few yards away. The first step was too easy for a man like Rage! His talent grow as each day passes on. Although his personal life requires his presences and care, he still manages to reign supreme wherever he goes. He is just two matches away from his goal...will..he pass the test or will he his brother did last week! ~

~The scene opens to the backstage area where Rage is seen with his wife Missy. Their three children are with them as well. Rage has Trishelle and Nicole on his lap as Missy is playing with their son Nikolas.~

(Missy Extreme)

Awwww..Ragey..look at our kids..aren't they precious...awww...little Nikolas looks just like you...your own mini me...*laughs*

(~Main Event~Rage)

Yeah...although's thats a mama's boy..he is going to be a great athlete just like his daddy! two little gurls...beautiful as their mommie...daddy's little gurls! This is just great....I got my wife and kids here and I am going to destroy Test on Raw...things can't be any better! And I know you are going to defeat that Torrie Wilson and finally shut her mouth up! ~

~There as a knock on the door as Rage goes to open it. Its Teri as she tries to get an interview.~


Rage, you have a match against one half of T&A, Test for your chance to advance to the finals of the World title tournment! How are you going to be prepare for the guy who last beat your brother Iron Bull? And how you feel about your wife's match against Torrie in a bra and panties match?

(~Main Event~Rage)

Well first of all...Test...who the hell does he think he is anyways? And Teri..don't get it twisted about Iron Bull and I okay? He lost...I won't lose to no second hand wrestler named Test! He got lucky against Bull..but lightning won't strike twice for him!! You see, I am going to make quick work out of him like I did to Jamie Conwell!! Jamie..I told you that you can't beat me and you know what? You prove me couldn't even manage one counterattack...your pathetic...a sorry excuse for a be better off wrestling at WCW!! At least there...they are used to crappy wrestlers like yourself!! Test, you will not defeat me!! You just don't qualify to beat me!! You are so pathetic, you have to rip off APA and attempt to protect people from what? Imbreeding? will have a great opportunity on get your ass whipped by the Main Event!! You can bring your baldo boyfriend Albert if ya want won't make any differences..cuz I will go through you and then who the hell ever is left..then that will be my last target before I get my world title around my waist!!

As for my wife's match...*smirks* She is one talented diva and with my training...Torrie's days are numbered...I have no worries for my wife...she will walk out the winner and soon..that women's title will be around her waist as the world title on mine!! Now if you were to excuse me...I have a promo to cut..thank ya!

~Moments later...."Bounce Back" by Juvenile hits as Rage makes his way out to the ring as he stands on top of the ring apron..the mists shoot up and covers his body as he gives the fans his cold glare.~

(Jim Ross)

Well...Rage is just two victories away from being the world champion here in BWF! Can he realize his dreams here? In order for him to do so..he has to defeat Test! This is going to be a slobber knocker!

(Jerry the King)

Rage needs to focuse on his match!! He has to stay on Test if he wants to overcome this obstacle!! I don't think he should have any problems...cuz I have seen Rage wrestle..the man can beat anybody in this business..that is why he is so successful plus with Missy as his me when I saw...he got it all!!

~Rage grabs a mic and puts it to his mouth. ~


Finally...step one is complete!! Jamie was the first to fall to my fury!! *grins* All I know is that my next target will be the chump called Test!! The same man who thinks he got a chance just because he beat Iron Bull? *makes a face* You got alot to learn kid...I am the most dominating figure to ever step foot in this business!! You can't beat know it...all these people know it and even the olympic twerp back there knows it as well!! He is back huh?! Well Kurt...anytime you feel a bit froggy....leap!!

Team Angle, BKD, Test, Albert, Vengeance, and Countdown...what a bunch of jokes?! They are never going to be at my level!! And on Raw...I am going to make another impact and its going to be remember for a long time!! ~Just then "Missy's theme" hits as she gets in the ring. She kisses her husband as he hands her the mic.~


I was just in the back...and well...I heard what Torrie had said.....look bi***...if you want a piece of me hun...why don't you just come out here and lets just go at it..right here...right NOW!! I see how you are...thinking you are better than me..well guess what? You are dead wrong!! So Torrie..I hope you love the mat..because I am going to rub your face in it!! Get ready people...Rage and I are taking over!

~"Bounce Back" hits as Rage and Missy triumphantly make their way to the back.~

(Jim Ross)

Missy is showing more aggression than ever..perhaps Torrie is going to be trouble on Raw! I hope this war doesn't get ugly....

*Scene fades to black*