Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~The stakes couldn't get higher as Summerslam is just two days away! And the ante might have just gone up as everyone saw Death asking for the match to be held inside a Hell in the Cell! Will that match be made? If so....who is going to survive this type of match? There might not be any winners afterwards...only survivors if that at all... ~

~The camera opens to the backstage to Vengeance's locker room as Destruction is there talking to him. Halfway through their conversation, Ric Flair again walks in as always.~

(~Lady Killer~Vengeance)

Natich....good to see you here man! Whats up?! Destruction and I were just talking about you... We were trying to see if you were going to be there and teach your daughter some new moves so she can use it against that Samantha Jameson! It shouldn't be too hard for anyone to defeat her you know? *grins* I mean...beating Samantha is like beating Ecko in a match....how hard can it be? All they do is come out and run their mouth when everyone knows just how pathetic and crappy they really are! As far as Ecko goes....Rage will have no problems getting back his World title!

(~Nature Boy~Ric Flair)

You know what my boy...you are right! There is no way Rage could lose to that degenerate Ecko! How can anyone lose to him?! And since he is the "Main Event"...he should prove to the world why Ecko has no chance in hell against him! And the same goes for the other guy...Death! But what about you Vengeance? You seem ready for your match....but how are you going to prepare to wrestle a bunch of losers like Mean Street Poose? I meant Posse....*laughs*

(~Lady Killer~Vengeance)

Its really simple Ric! I am going to mark down to the ring this Sunday with Trish and Hayden. Then I am going to wait for the ref to raise my hand after all my thrill seekers chant my name of course! *smirks*

(~The Punisher~Destruction)

You know what else is going to happen? I'll tell ya whats going to happen this Sunday at Summerslam! My misstress, Innocence will leave with her arms high as her opponent Samantha is going to be a bloody mess in the ring!! I don't like it when someone makes my misstress angry.....not happy at all!! So I hope Sam got all her health plan paid up...cuz she is going to need it!! I am sure my misstress will take care of things on her own...but just in case she can't get it done....then I will get it done for her!! Nobody is safe right now!! Now...please excuse me...I have to go see if my misstress is ready...

~Destrution excuses himsef as he walks out the door to head down to the gym to see if his misstress is ready for him..~

(~Nature Boy~Ric Flair)

Vengeance, I don't know about you, but I trust that guy with my daughther! He has everything that assures me that my daughter is well taken care of! If only she can meet a man good enough for her! *laughs* Yeah right...I would break their legs if anyone try to get with my daughter!! Speaking of my daughther...do you know if she is seeing anyone? I would ask her..but I doubt she would tell me anything...

(~Lady Killer~Vengeance)

Not anyone that I know of right now! I think she sorta has a crush on Hayden Bentley! What do you think about that? I am sure you have nothing to worry about it. She is always around Trish! Trish would show her right from wrong! So you have nothing to be afraid of! And as far as her match goes...well you just heard it fro Destruction himself...he will make sure that Samantha Jameson will be laying down a bloody pulp. Trust me...he doesn't know anything about not keeping his words! That man is all business!

(~Nature Boy~Ric Flair)

I know! I trust that boy with my daughther....how else do you think he is still standing around here?! *laughs* I don't think I have ever been prouder of my baby gurl! She is going to be in a match in Summerslam! The biggest payperview to date here! I would be ringside with her, but I don't think she wants that! She is growing up and yet...I still treat her like a little child...oh well I guess...she is just daddy's little gurl and its hard to make changes you know...

~The camera turns to the ringside as "What You Gonna Do?" by Lil Jon hits as Rage makes his way out from behind the curtains as the fans are on their feet chanting his name. He is getting a huge ovation..~

(Jim Ross)

Well King...it seems like the "Main Event" Rage has something on his mind! Look at his face! If looks can kill...believe me King..he would be on deathrow by now!! I wonder what business does he have right now? I know that he has a triple threat match this Sunday...but why has he choose to come out right now?

(Jerry the King)

Do you know who you are talking about? That is the "Main Event" Rage!! He can come out anytime he want!! I am sure that he has a very good reason why he is out here! He is probably sick of hearing Ecko running his mouth! He is soo going to make Ecko regret ever coming over here from that defunct and crappy WFS!! Its was probably being ran by Paul Heyman!! No wonder it sucked!! HAHA!!

(Jim Ross)

King, why are you so ignorant?! Rage might be very impressive...don't get me wrong! But you are forgetting about Death and Ecko! Both of those men have a great amount of a shot to become the next World Champion! I am sure that Rage won't allow it to happen, but it won't be easy! Ecko doesn't want to lose his European Championship and he would love to have another piece of gold on his waist! And the World title doesn't sound too bad at all! And what about Death?! That man has quite an impressive record as well! Even though he isn't really into the world title, he is still passionate on not letting anyone beating him! Its going to be a good olde slobber knocker!!

(Jerry the King )

You damn right its going to be an all out war between those three!! And it might even be taken place inside a hell in a cell!! Can you imagine the brutality of this match JR?!! You can't! No one can! Its going to be so brutal!! Can you imagine the look on everyone's face? Maybe Rage is right...maybe blood will stain the air canada center!!! Well..the former champ is in the ring right now!!

~Rage is seen in the ring as he taunts the fans as they continue to chant his name. He goes to the corner and demands for a mic as Lillian hands him one. He puts it to his mouth as intensity is pouring from his body..~

(~Main Event~Rage)

You know what?! This whole Ecko jack*** is really starting to get on my damn nerves!! He doesn't know what to shut his Enimem wannabe ass up!! You are the most retarded fool I have ever seen in my life! Do you not know how to say something different in your promos? You keep repeating yourself and quite frankly..its getting a little annoying!! I don't care who you are or who you think you are?! That piece of information doesn't concern me!! The only thing that concerns me is the World Heavyweight Championship! Like I said before....its you are not here to win that title, then your ass shouldn't be here!! Ecko, you are pissing off the wrong person around here!! I am not Death! I don't just sit in the back and pop another pill or something! I break bones!! I end careers! Thats what I do!! And you want to talk about topping me for the World Title? Guess what?! It won't happen!! And you don't want to worry about me in the match...*grins* Hey...thats fine with me!! Its not the first time a rookie like you made a stupid statement like that and trust me, it won't be the last time! But would it phase me? Of course not!! Why would it phase me?! Unlike you or Death, I have been to the top of BWF already! I am the former BWF World Heavyweight Champion around here!! The only title you ever got was that European title!! And who did you beat again? Slash? Wow....you beat that bald headed moron! Whupdeedo!! Would someone please give Ecko a gold star?!! No matter what, you still don't get it do you boy?! You don't get it that there IS.....NO STOPPING....ME!!! Nothing or nobody can stop me taking back what is mine!! That World title belongs to one person.....ME! And come Sunday, I am going to take it back with me!!

And you know what? I think I wouldn't mind being the European Champion as well....*grins* I was thinking well...since I am taking gold anyways, mind as well take your precious little title too! Why would I do that? Simple....you dare to attempt to take what doesn't belong to you!! You want to attempt to take the one thing that I live for around here!! You can say that I am trying to be another superstar, but if you think about it....I am just being what any true superstar would be! Who doesn't want that coveted World title?! I know I do!! I know that it is everything I want here in BWF and I won't let a prick like you take it from me!! Its bad enough that I have to hear your annoying b****ing voice...there is no way I will stand aside and you be the World Champion!! It is just not going to happen!!*fans cheer* You should know that by now....I don't give a damn about you or Death!! Its all about the World Championship!! Its all about me being on top of the world once again!! I have my opportunity to take back whats mine and a rapping fool like you and the old fossil will not be enough to stop me!!

The question has been....what do I think about Death? Well..what about Death? Do I hate the person? NO! Is he in the title match? Yes...so therefore there is a problem....a big problem!! Its nothing personal dawg....just business!! You are just standing in my way and I will knock your ass down!! The bigger you are....the harder you will fall! You can talk about how you don't want the title, but everyone knows that is just a bunch of crap! Nobody would not care about the title!! But to you....its more than just the World title!! Its also about finally shutting up Ecko as well!! I don't care if Ecko makes it out the match in one piece or not!! I will beat him senseless until I have secured the World title in my possession!! So if he was to have a broken neck or whatever.....thats going to be his own fault for stepping into a man's game!! Just like you man, I want to leave him a bloody mess in the ring!! And just like you...it will be done!! And if his boyfriend want to join the party..thats another casuality that I will accept!! I don't care....crippled or maimed....I'll do whatever I have to in order to finally regain my BWF World Heavyweight Championship!!

What will it be Death? Its up to you!! I will destroy Ecko in our match! If you want to finish him off....I'll leave him an inch of his life so you can deliver the fatal blow!! I don't care...maybe then....I'll take my attention to you! I am not scared to bleed Death!! I am not afraid to have blood pouring from my body!! It only fuels my body and soul to fight even harder to accomplish what I need to do!! You need to stay focused Death...but I am not telling you anything you don't already know! Its common sense!! Especially when you are stepping into the ring with the "Main Event" Rage!! *fans cheer* The fans know who is going to win! *fans start to chant "Main Event"* See...they are not stupid like Ecko and his boy toy! Its going to be an explosive main event no doubt!! And I don't care what you two have to say about it!!

There is no way anyone can change the result at Summerslam when I become the World Champion for the eighth time and the first time as the European Champion!! *fans cheer* There is no way Ecko or Death can do anything to stop it from happening! Ecko can come back out here and cut another boring promo stating how he is going to win....but how is he going to win when hes still trying to do a duo with Vanilla Ice in his attempt of a comeback! *laughs* So what are you going to do Ecko? You going to come back out here and bore me to death? Oh yeah....aren't you going to walk out here and cuss me out?! Wow...that is so scary...thats going to be so scary......*grins* You are pathetic!! You are nothing more than a dreamer....and I am about to be your nightmare!! This is my house!! And guess what....The Champ IS HERE!!! THE CHAMP IS....HERE!!! *fans cheer loudly*

I guess Ecko isn't the only fool that can't see anything! There is also another street thug wannabe..you know...Tazz number two! *laughs* Its Damon West! *fans boo* The things he said about how he is going to beat whoever is the World Champion after Summerslam was very...funny! You crack me u man....you sure you aren't Damon Wayans?!*fans laugh* You really think you can beat the Champ?! Who the hell do you think you are?!! You are nothing more than a common street bum...who is trying to fit into a world that you don't belong in!! You are now in a very dangerous place right now....you are in a place where your gang banging homies aren't around to have your back!! I can't be stopped by a druggie like you! After Octavion whups your ass....you are going to be back at the corner slanging that dope!

It doesn't matter who you are! Anyone who gets in my way of the world title will pay a heavy...heavy...price!! Its someting that nobody can ever pay! Its too damn much! *grins* The price for this is your bloody and battered body laying unconsicious in your own puddle of blood!! Can you take the pain?! I don't think so!!! And Death want it to be held inside a Hell in the Cell? Thats exactly how I like it!! Thats my domain folks!! All the fans here knows that Hell in the Cell is where I have done most of my career ending battles! Yeah....blood will flow....but only Death and Ecko's blood will flow through the Great Lakes and their body will be in pieces!!! This is the Summerslam that nobody will ever forget....and I am the Main Event....without me....THERE......is......NO......SHOW!!

~The fans continue to cheer as "What they gonna do" hits as Rage makes his way to the back as the fans continue to chant "Main Event"!~

(Jim Ross)

Rage is all fired up and seemed very focused for Summerslam! He has that sick look in his eyes like he would do anything this Sunday night! This can not be a good sign for the rest of his opponents!

(Jerry the King)

I told you so!! He is more than ready to take back his World title! I am telling you JR....he is going to win and there isn't a thing anyone can do to stop him! I got my money on the "Main Event"!!

(Jim Ross)

You may be right King...... Tune in to Summerslam tomorrow to find out..

~Scene fades~ ::