Rage.............{The Main Event}
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~ The emotional rollercoaster ride for Rage seems to be over.. His beloved wife Missy has returned to his side once again. However...Rage has known for his aggression and anger in or out the ring. Last week, Ric overcame Draconis in a cage match to get his title shot. Will Rage take his aggression out on Ric or will Ric top the Main Event?~

~The scene opens to the announce table where Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler are standing by. ~

(Jim Ross)

Good evening folks and welcome to BWF thursday night Smackdown!! What a Raw is War we had this week? It was full of surprises and more matches were made! We already know that it will be Slash taking on Carnage in a grudge match for the European title!! Those two superstars have some serious issues to be worked out!

(Jerry the King Lawler)

No kidding..but this time..it will a steel cage match..its not as easy as it was last week! This week, they have to all leave it in the ring...or else its over and it might be over for one of them if not the both!!

(Jim Ross)

It will be a slobber knocker, but I am sure that a true champion will come out of this one and finally get some respect! But I am sure you are looking forward to the divas match! Kali, Kristen, Ashley and Julie will battle it out in a fatal four way to see if Julie gets a challenger or if she wins..she won't have any!

(Jerry the King Lawler)

Thats going to be my favorite match of the night! And what about the lumberjack match between Countdown and Ecko? I am sure that after what Ecko had said about Stephanie...Countdown is going to be very crazed in that ring!!

(Jim Ross)

Well..wouldn't you be as well? And what about the light heavyweight championshipt between Jeff and Stevie Blaze? Thats going to be a very fast paced match...Jeff is lightning quick..so I would say that Stevie Blaze will have to ground him!

(Jerry the King Lawler)

And Booker T and Death will get it on as well! We haven't seen Booker T in action since the hardcore match at Vengeance....hopefully he is ready to come back and give the rookie Death one hell of a match!!

(Jim Ross)

And Draconis is going to take on..I think..Nic Simmons cuz Yorke isn't going to be available...I am not sure..we will have to watch and see...but I am sure both of the young superstars are going to give the fans something to talk about!

(Jerry the King Lawler)

The real match of the night is the World title match between Rage and Ric Thunder!! They have turned this match into something personal..it will be an unforgettable night!

(Jim Ross)

Well if Trish gets involved..then it will be a long night for Mr. Thunder..plus..he has to watch out for that Vengeance! Vengeance has been on a mean streak since becoming Trish's bodyguard. And after everything he has said about her...I am sure he will be looking to tear him apart. And of course...the main event will feature the "Main Event" defending his World title against Ric Thunder!! Could Ric do the impossible and stop the dominant reign of Rage...or will Rage continue to rule BWF? Well folks...we have Rage backstage....

~The titantron lights up to show the World Champion Rage with his title on his shoulder as he looks into the camera.~

(~Main Event~Rage)

I know everyone is wondering when I was going to get myself back in the ring!! Well..the wait is over!! The Main Event has come back to wreck havoc again!! *fans cheer* Yeah...its been a long two weeks for me..but I have taken care of my personal problems and I can't wait to take out my aggressions on anyone who dares to step in my way!! Oh Ric..I haven't forgotten about you!! Your face....after I get done with you...people won't remember you...hell..you be lucky if they recognize you!! *fans cheer* But I am going to pick my spot..and soon enough...you will know why....I am also the "Trained Assassin"!

I want to congraduate Ric on his victory on Raw! You may have won the small battles..but you are about to step into a whole another world that you just isn't ready for. Good job man...you know how to annoy me and to tick me off...so thats why tonight..I am aiming to break you down..and watch you drown in your own puddle of blood, because I am not like your opponents!! I am not just another jobber like Triple H or Draconis!! And to anybody who don't know which side I am on, I hope you are paying attention....don't worry about which side I am on! Cuz I have always been on one side....MINE!! *fans cheer* Don't stick your nose in my business....it might be hazhardous to your health!! If you get my drift....? I see that Slash got himself a title defense...just worry about your match kido..don't bother thinking about my match! And if I want to..I can make sure you lose your cage match tonight!! It would be too boring before my match...so I might just pay you a visit and see if I can help you lose in a much better way than the way Carnage has set for you..And there is nothing you can do about it!!*fans cheer*

I know this has been a pretty slow week for BWF!! But business will pick up now that the Main Event is here again! *fans cheer* I know everyone was crushed that my wife has retired! *fans boo* But she is back here once again!! *fans cheer* And she will become the next BWF Women's Champion! So ladies...better beware..Missy is on the hunt and she will get what she wants...*grins* But back to the idiot I am facing....Ric Blunder...or Thunder..whatever! You think you could beat me..but that is far from the truth!! I am the greatest champion of all time!! Nothing will stop me from sending you back where you came from!! I have no problems crippling or maiming a prick like you!! You never really deserved this title shot! You were lucky..because you cried to Trish and when she finally got tired of your whining...I was asked to take you out! Once and for all...you will no longer be a pain in the ass around here!! Finally...I end your career like I do to many in the past!! This is what I love to do!! I love taking one's dream and turning it into his nightmare!! I love to beat my opponents until they have nothing left to stand up on! I love hearing them beg for mercy..but I still refuse to show any!! *fans chant "Main Event"

So Ric...Friday night will be your epic battle...sorta speak...*grins* Remember something....very important....it is you who have to defeat me!! You are the challenger!! I already have my title..it is you who wants it...I don't have to beat you for it..but you have to beat me for it!! Maybe you can overcome obstacles and finally have a world title under your belt...but for you to achieve this dream....you will have to go through with this nightmare!! I will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to win Ric....whatever it takes! I will.. retain my title and continue my dominant reign here in BWF!! Let the domination BEGIN!!! You are just another number to my win column! *smirks* Its been decided..you will NOT walk out the ring tonight!! Get ready little man...I am going to END everything you have tonight...because I am the MAIN EVENT and without me...tonight will NOT be..A...SHOW!!!

~As Rage walks off with a smirk on his face, the camera shows Teri just outside Gold's Gym.Moments later, the fans see Iron Bull walking out the gym. Teri walks up to him.~

(Teri )

Iron Bull...although you don't have a match tonight...what are your thoughts on your wife's match and your brother's World title defense?

(~Hitman~Iron Bull)

I know that my brother Rage is ready to defend against a nobody like Ric!! Rage will prove to everyone why hes the best..just like how he does it every single time..Rage is my pick and as for Thunder's comments about me...if he wants a piece of me....he knows where to find me!! I am not afraid of a twerp like him or his pathetic group!! And even Slash can get his ass kicked if he want it...it doesn't matter...I am always looking for a fight..just waiting for someone who can actually give me a challenge....*grins*

Slash has proven to me that he has no balls..thats why Ric and him are such good buddies...*grins* So Slash...I see you got yourself a title match tonight...good luck...you sure going to need it! but when you finally grow some testicles....then maybe I'll see you in a match...but right now..I am in such a good mood..I don't want to take away the only good thing in your life...but trust me..if I want to...I can take your European title with ease....

I am very interested in the fatal four way match. I have been always proud of my wife Kali! She has been training so hard this week...my poor baby! I am looking forward to make it a great night for her whether she wins or not! I know how much she wants to win..and to ease her mind..I will be there ring side to give her all my support!! She will do fine and I am sure of it!! But I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea..I am not there to interfer...but if anyone who isn't in the match tries to interfer..then I will make my presences felt!! And if you are watching baby...good luck to ya..I'll see ya soon..as soon as I get outta this gym! *smiles*

Raw is War will be another great show and I am looking forward to it! So many great matches...its going to be historic...and I will be enjoying a nice night off...grins*

~The camera fades into Jim Ross in the ring with the hardcore champion..Faith! He wants to do an interview to ask her about what certain things.. ~

(Jim Ross)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like everyone to welcome Faith here tonight!! *fans boo as "Baddest B****" by Trina hits as she makes her way out to numerous name calling and boos.*

(Jim Ross)

Thank you Faith for making this time for the BWF fans! We appreciate you coming out here, but please tell us on how you feel being the hardcore champion and how you feel towards Haas and Raven?

(~Baddest Diva~Faith)

Its been great being the first female hardcore champion!! I have shown it time after time that the divas here are not just eye candy!! Yeah..I am hot..damn right I am!! But I will not just have these fools out here just wanting to see my body! *fans boo* Oh shut the hell up!! You idiots don't know how to respect women around here!! Thats all going to change around here!! I will humiliate any males around here!! Any male superstar who thinks a woman is just looks...I want that person to come to the ring right now and face me!! *awaits awhile* Exactly...nobody dares to fight me!! I am the baddest b**** here!! And Ric...I know you have been insulting Trish...so..why don't you take me on in a match? Whats the matter? Are you too scared to take on a woman....scared you might lose? But don't worry...you will be on a losing streak after my brother end your career on Raw!!! And as for Raven.....

I can't even stand someone saying his name!! What do I have to do to get rid of him for good?!! Thats why..right now..I have an offer...a very special offer..and maybe Haas will be listening as well...I am putting out a bounty on Raven!! I don't care who you are..whoever puts him in the hospital...I will either go on a date with him..or if its a female..I'll give her my respect!! Nah..the winner get to choose...either twenty five thousand dollars..or a date with me? The choice is yours..but I am sure someone out there will take this opportunity...see..I'll wait for the good news....*grins*

~As Faith leaves, "Georgia Dome" hits as Vengeance makes his way out from behind the curtains as the fans cheer, mostly the females.~

~Vengeance continues to make his way down the ramp with a serious expression on his face.~

~Before he gets the mic, he looks around as the fans continue to chant his name.~

~Vengeance puts the mic to his mouth as he begins to speak.~

(~Lady Killer~Vengeance)

You know something....I have never been this anxious for a night since I was with Trish...*grins* But tomorrow isn't about pleasure...its about business!! Its about me taking out Ric Thunder for all his crappy insults to Trish Stratus!! Ric...don't worry about Rage tomorrow night!! You should worry about me!! You should worry about if you can even come to the ring! If I find you anywhere before the match...I will not hesitate to send you to the nearest hospital..and even there...I will not stop until I have beaten you to a point where you have only an inch of your life left!! Friday will be a night you will never forget..I can promise you that!! Hell..bring your buddies with you..I don't care...it will just be more fun for me!! Why? Because like it or not people...Trish Stratus is the most dominant female here in BWF..She is beautiful...smart and she....

~Before he can go finish..."Numb" hits as Countdown makes his way out...as the fans show him their gratitude with a shower of cheers.~

~He makes his way inside the ring as Vengeance's eyes are still locked on Countdodwn..

~He then grabs a mic as he puts it to his mouth.~

(~Ice Man~Countdown)

I was in the back..getting ready when I heard you said something about beautiful, smart, and dominant...so I thought you had something good to say for once..but instead...you said Trish Stratus? Did I hear you right?! The only person who is all those things..is Stephanie McMahon!! She is the most dominant...beautiful and smart woman here in BWF! She is also my fiancee so I would watch what you say next buddy...otherwise..you can be Ecko tonight and I can give him a preview of what I'll do to him in the ring on Raw for his comments. The man has a death wish and I plan to grant him that wish!

(~Lady Killer~Vengeance)

I have no issues with you right now!! Just stay out of my way for tonight!! I have to settle something with a little runt named Ric Thunder!! I'll take care of that lowlife before his career can ever get started..but I do take exception to your words...Stephanie is actually what Ecko said..a...

~Before he can finish..Countdown hits him with a right as both men are going at it in the ring before the officials can pull them apart. ~

(Jim Ross)

Its a powder keg waiting to explode King..I can't believe that Countdown would come out here and defend his fiancee's honor as he is taking it to Vengeance..but I am sure that he wanted to do that to Ecko instead...either way..everything will come together for Raw..so don't miss it folks...

~Scene fades~ ::