SATURDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN! Live from The Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersy

The scene opens with the usual array of fireworks and explosions as PWA's first ever Saturday Night Showdown kicks off.

"Here comes the money!" The music blares and the crowd explodes as the PWAs owner and president makes his way out onto the ramp and does his trademark bounce back and forth, spinning his right fist around. He then heads down to the ring, pausing momentarily at the bottom of the ramp to do a quick boxing-style shuffle. After this display of excess energy and excitement, he enters the ring where announcer Bruce Buffer hands him the microphone. As the music fades, Shane looks out into the cameras at ringside.

Shane McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen... WELCOME TO SHOWDOWN!!! Tonight is a historic night indeed, as this monumental company begins it's ascent until we are the ONE, and ONLY major wrestling company in the world. But what would drive these men and women to put their health, and even their very lives on the line night after night? Some would say the money... but I tend to disagree. Some would say the fans (pauses for huge pop) And I think that is a major part of it, but I also think it has something to do with the glory and prestigue of being a champion, which brings me to my point.

He signals to the stage hand sitting next to the timekeeper, who reaches up and hands him the new PWA HaRdCoRe championship belt.

Shane McMahon: The hardcore title... what a sight it is. In far too many companies, including my fathers... this title is a joke, a piece of garbage to throw and lower-class wrestlers to make them feel special. But not here. You see, I always fealt that this was a brilliant idea... a title that rewards the twisted and sick for their creativity in AND out of the ring. Where there are no rules... and the only way to remain champion is to inflict endless pain on countless challengers. Which is why I am here to announce changes to the image of the hardcore title. First of all... this title shall no longer be heald by the scum of the wrestling world, but rather, will be heald to the same esteem as our other championships... only worn by the best of the best. And, henceforth it will not be defended souly in its namesake, HARDCORE MATCHES. This title will be fought for in a variety of twisted, violent, hell-raising matches. Dumpster matches... Straight Jacket matches... boiler room brawls... stretcher matches, if it's sick enough to make the average wrestler cringe at the thought of it... then it's a hardcore title match. And so, I would like to officially announce that tonights hardcore title match between Tito Ortiz and Tek Nine will be fought... as a BARBWIRE MATCH!

As the music plays again, Shane raises his arms in the air and basks in the cheers from the stands at his huge announcement.

Jim Ross: Can you believe that, King? A Barbwire Match TONIGHT!?!? When was the last time we saw one of those?

Jerry Lawler: It's been quite a while, J.R. but what really caught me offguard was the list of matches he ran off, straight jacket matches? Boiler Room Brawls? STRETCHER MATCHES, J.R. , I think Shane might have lost it if he plans on putting people through that.

Just then, an odd, Japanese song begins playing as The Ultimo Dragon comes out onto the ramp with a big silver cape attatched to his shoulder gear. He walks down the ramps, giving high fives to the fans as he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Before the announcer even has time to do his into, "Even If" by Method Man blares and we see Reaper appear at the top of the ramp followed by his gorgeous manager, Stacy. We see Reaper speed down the ramp as Stacey tries to keep up, but it appears Reaper really wants some of the Dragon. He rolls into the ring, but Dragon begins stomping on him as the bell rings.

Using the ropes for leverage, Ultimo repeatedly stomps on Reaper, who is fighting to get to his feet, finally the referee warns him to back off. He waits for a moment, until Grim has nearly regained conciousness, then he grabs onto him, and launches him with a huge Japanese Armdrag. Reaper's up again, Ultimo nails a hip toss. Reaper up again, Hurricanrana. This time, he stays down and Ultimo climbs the ropes, holding his arms out as if to say "What do you think of that?" and the crowd erupts in cheers for this match's exciting start, but then the mood changes as many people point behind Dragon, he turns to see what's up, but Reaper pushes him off the top rope to ringside, and Ultimo folds up like an achoridion, with his legs up the baracade, and Reaper comes down, it appears, to finish him off. He moves toward the commentator/time keeper area and everyone scrambles out of the way, he grabs one of the chairs and heads over to Ultimo... he raises the chair over his head to raise the tension, but catches Ultimo's boot right to the groin. As Dragon gets up, he throws Reaper into the ring and stands on the apron. As Reaper gets up, he slingshots himself over the ropes and wraps his legs around his opponents head and twists to the side, with a huge headscissor takedown. The crowd absolutely loses it. Ultimo grabs the chair and prepares for a Van-Daminator like move, but the referee knocks the chair out of his hand. As they yell at eachother, Reaper gets up and grabs the chair. He swings at Ultimo, but a quick sidestep makes him hit the referee, knocking him out cold. Reaper uses this opportunity to swing again, and this time he hits his mark as the Dragon goes down. For the next few moments, Reaper dominates the match, picking up Dragon by the mask and nailing a double underhook backbreaker, then going down and punching him repeatedly. He then goes to unmask Dragon, but he still has enough strength to pull his hands off, so Reaper moves to chair to near where Dragon is and pulls him up onto his shoulders.

King: Oh no, JR, he's gunna "Reapers Death" Dragon... right into that chair!

He spins Ultimo, but he spins a bit too far and Dragon grabs his head, planting Reapers head into the chair with a reversal DDT.

J.R.: Brilliant counter by the Ultimo Dragon, but what's this? What's he doing now?

Dragon pulls the chair out from under Reaper's head and climbs the ropes, still holding it. The referee starts to recover as Ultimo holds the chair behind his legs and does a front Somersault, lading a leg drop via the chair on Reaper, knocking him right out. Ultimo quickly tosses the chair out of the ring before the referee can see it and makes a pin. 1... 2... 3!!!

As we cut backstage we see Scott Steiner sitting on a couch with three gorgeous girls; one on each side of him, and one on the back of the couch, rubbing his back.

Scott Steiner: You know somethin’ girls? I don’t even know why I’m here! I mean, this Terror guy... They say he’s not even in the arena yet. For all I know, I could go out there, and he might not show at all. Hell, if I have to go all the way out there, I wanna be able to kick somebodys ass. Not that this guy would be much of a challenge anyway. I’m the BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY for god’s sake!

One of the girls: You sure are. (They all laugh)

Scott Steiner: This guy’s a joke... I’m going to go out there and... If he even DOES show up, I’ll slam him around a couple of times, pin his ass... And the four of us can head back to the hotel for a little wrestling of our own, what do you say? The girls all smile and pull in close to him as he wraps his arms around the one’s on his sides and the scene fades back to the ring.

Princess enters to AC/DC as the crowd erupts at the song, but aren't really sure what to think of her... but the mutch bigger pop comes when Trish comes to Lil' Kim's "Time To Rock And Roll" when we can hear guys whistling and making rather "x-rated" comments, while the rest of the crowd just cheers. Finally, Lita comes out and runs to the ring, but doesn't make it there. Phantasm appears out of the crowd and clotheslines her with a black metal baseball bat. She starts bleeding from the nose and mouth as he goes and takes the steel steps off of the corner. Trish tries to stop him, but Princess whips her around and slaps her across the face. Trish tries a clothesline, but Princess ducks it and tackles her, pulling at her hair and slamming her head into the floor repeatedly. Meanwhile, at ringside... Phantasm picks up Lita over his head in a Military Press, then throws her head first into the post and she falls clean to the concrete. After a couple more bat shots, he goes back into the crowd and leaves. In the ring; Princess brings Trish up onto the ropes and hangs her in a Tree of woe, then runs to the other corner and goes barreling at the other blonde and nails a baseball slide into her face. Princess then nails several boots to the stomache of the upside down Trish. Trish falls off the corner post and Princess makes the pin; 1...2...3! However, this apparently isn't enough for her, cause she puts Trish's head on the bottom turnbuckle and starts to choke her with her boot. Having seen enough; PWA Owner Shane McMahon runs to the ring, right past the EMTs attending to Lita and chases off Lita. He helps Trish up and the two of them stand there as Princess joins Phantasm several feet into the crowd. Shane doesn't look happy with this, at all.

The cameras cut to the backstage area and the words “Earlier Tonight” appear in the corner, showing that this was a pre-recorded segment. Jeff Hardy is sitting in his locker room backstage. Just then there is a knock on the door and Jeff gets up and answers the knock. At the door is Michael Cole with two coffees from Starbucks. He hands one to Jeff and keeps one to himself. He walks in and he and Jeff sit down at the kitchen table. They both set down there coffee's on the table and they begin an interview.

Michael Cole: Okay now I want to start off the interview with a question on your match. As you probably know you are going to face your own brother in a match for the lightweight title and then the winner of that match is going to move on into the world title tournament. How are felling about that?

Jeff Hardy: Well you see Cole there are some people PWA that are a threat to me and my road to success. But now Matt Hardy is not one of them. He is someone who I know there moves from right to left, top to bottom. The man is so predictable that I shouldn't even bother to laugh about it. This guy thinks that he come in here with his thong hiked up to the high of his waist. I mean, think about it... Matt Hardy... Version 1, huh? Well... What about Version 2? Hmmm... or how about Version 3? When's that guy comin' out? I'll tell ya Matt, I'm waiting for these other versions 'cause this one's boring the shit out of me! Matt, you know back in the days when dad took us into the backyard with one of our old mattresses. And he taught us wrestling moves. Well Come on Matt, you never were all that good. I mean I would be throwing you all over the place and after a wile you go sit in a corner and start balling because I did it to hard. Come on you are a bitch! Hey Shane, I think you got another women’s competitor. Hey maybe Matt after I beat the shit out of you , you might want to think about going backstage and trying to hook up with Lita again. I mean everyone wants someone a little higher than them. You know some one that stands a higher chance that you do. And well here is your chance to get one.

Michael Cole: Okay so now that I have you words on your brother Matt I was wondering if you could tell me your thoughts on the PWA president Shane McMahon.

Jeff Hardy: well here is how I look at it. I think a little wile ago when Kane hooked Shane up with the jumper cables. I think that it left some permanent damage because Shane was sounding a little squeaky this morning. Now I don’t know if Shane knows this but he sounds like a little girl on her first date. Now I really feel bad for Shane because I know that he is going to hear about this and he is going to be so disappointed that I am going to be walking out the first PPV as the new world champion. Now Shane I know that you are my boss and I am going to get some fifty minute lecture about it but. I Just don't give a damn. You can do what ever your little priss ass to survive. But don't come bitching to me about it!

Jeff stands up and, without another word, just leaves the room.

As we cut back to the arena, the hard thudding music of the former "Hardy Boyz" theme plays and Jeff steps out onto the ramp, flaling around his arms and legs while a black light shines on him, making him, in a way, "glow in the dark". As he runs to the ring, the referee does his into

Announcer: The following match is schedueled for one fall, and is for the PWA CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Making his way to the ring, from Cameron, North Carolina... JEFF HARDY!!!

When Jeff is in the ring, he poses on the ropes for a second, then we hear the sound of typing as Matt Hardy's "Version 1 Theme" cues up and he walks out, holding his arms at full length in the air, with his third finger heald down and the rest up, making two small "V1" symbols. At the end of the ramp, he yells at Jeff to stand back as he goes up the steel steps and into the ring. The bell rings to start the match.

As the match kicks off, they step into the center of the ring, staring eachother down, and instantly all of the mixed emotions and animocity from throughout the years comes back to the surface, finally, a move is made. The Hardys go into a collar and elbow tie up and Jeff goes for an Irish whip, but seeing that move coming, Matt uses Jeff weight shift to hope around behind him and locks in a side headlock. As Jeff fights to pull Matts arm away from his throat, Matt pulls in and increases the pressure. Thinking smart, Jeff pushed on Matt's back and drops to his knees, wrapping his arms around his brothers waist and using all the strength he can muster, nails a huge back drop, rolling over Matts body to make a pin. 1... 2.. almost as soon as the second count is given, Matt twists his body and escapes the pin. They both shoot back to their feet, Jeff into the corner and Matt into the center of the ring. Matt runs at Jeff and plants his boot into the smaller Hardy's ribs, bending him over for a huge twisting bulldog, taking him out. Then, as Mr. Version 1 himself climbs to the second rope and signals for his second rope legdrop, he jumps, ut catching him offguard, Jeff rolls back and plants both feet square into Matt's spinal chord. Matt hits the floor with a shattering "Thud" on his tailbone and begins reeling with pain as Jeff gets up and runs off the ropes, nailing a running senton splash across his older brothers damaged back. Matt fights his way back to his feet as Jeff takes a breather, then runs at the injured Hardy, nailing a hugely powerful clothesline, taking both men down to ringside. Jeff takes a position around the corner and waits for Matt to get back to his feet 1... 2... 3... 4... Matt begins to get to his feet, 5... 6... 7... Jeff does a quick slide into the ring, but returns to the outside in time to see Matt reach full standing position about where the 8 count could have been, then runs, jumping onto the baracade, then runs around the curve and jumps for a suicide dive, but Matt, who it seems wasn't as "out of it" as he made it seem, grabs Jeff momentarily and gives him an extra little "nudge" to go head first into the steel steps. The referee has been counting again for a few seconds 3... 4... Matt bends down and gives Jeff a few quick slaps in the head, then the shooting pain in his back returns, and he is forced to put Jeff back in the ring, and go up onto the apron, where he can't resist posing with the "V1" hand signal heald high in the air, but when he turns back, Jeff... weary as he may be, is standing there, and flashes him the infamous "Two Finger Salute" and boots him between the ropes, then hits a Stunner-like drop, landing Matt's throat accross the top rope. With that, the shaken up Jeff Hardy flops into the corner to take a breater and get his head together. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...The crowd counts along with the ref asthough helping inform Matt of the urgent need to get in the ring. 6... 7... 8... He is barely able to get to one knee, 9... Jeff turns the referee and yells at him for supposedly making a slow count, but it's obvious he's stalling the count. Matt slides into the ring slowly. The two half-consious brothers exchange blows, but Matt nails a big punch to his brothers already worn out skull, forcing Jeff to bend over, holding his head. Matt hits a big uppercut, and Jeff goes into his knees and rests his head on the mat as he holds his stomache Matt bounces off the ropes, a bit slowly, but picks up speed and nails a baseball slide, again into Jeff's head. He goes up the turnbuckles and goes for the second rope legdrop again... and nails it. Jeff appears lifeless as Matt lays across him from the left, holding his right wrist to the floor and hooking his left leg, 1...2... Jeff lightly lifts his right foot onto the bottom rope. Then Matt picks up his brothers lifeless body and lays him against the turnbuckle, running to the other corner. He runs and jumps, planting both feet firmly into Jeffs chest, going for a monkey flip, but Jeff pulls the legs do his side, takes a few steps out of the corner and pulls his legs up, dropping him on the mat, holding the legs at his side still... Lowblow Legdrop!!! While Matt's still down, holding himself, Jeff moves up to his head, picks up his legs and moves them up by his head, then drops his own legs over Matts, trapping his brother in a rolled up postion...

J.R.: Compactor! Jeff Hardy with a compactor!

The referee counts 1.... 2..... 3! Matt does manage to slide out, but the referee indicates that it's too late and the bell rings.

Announcer: Here is your winner and the NEW PWA Cruiserweight Champion... Jeff Hardy!

As Jeff leaves the ring, he see Phantasm enters the ring and stands over the nearly unconsious body of Matt Hardy with the same black bat he used to take out Lita in the last match, and also a microphone in the other hand.

Phantasm: Hey Matt... you know what I think? I think your little girlfriend could use some company in the hospital!

With that, he lifts the bat over his head and brings it down on Matt's leg. Matt holds the leg and rolls over and takes another bat shot to the lower back, which was already nearly snapped in half during the match. Phant holds him still with his boot and nails his back again. Then he drops the bat and drives his knee into it. and again... and a third time. He picks him up and puts him in a Pedigree position, but pulls him up and lands him across his knee in a double underhook backbreaker. He finally leaves the ring as EMTs rush out of the back and put Matt on a stretcher, taking him out of the ring as Phantasm stands by laughing while the scene cuts to a commercial.

Sirens blare throughout the arena as red spotlights wave frantically over the crowd as we hear Marylin Mansons "Fight Song" begin to blare "I'm not a slave, to a god... who doesn't exist! And I'm not a slave... to a world... that doesn't give a shit!" Scott Steiner steps out onto the ramp and finally, the chorus hits as Manson yells "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" And with each time, a big flare explodes from either side of the ramp. The lights then return to normal as Steiner strikes a few key poses, showing off his pumped physique.

Announcer: The following is a qualifying match for the World Heavyweight Title Tournament, and is schedueled for one fall. On his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan... Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiiiiner!!!

Suddenly, the red theme returns as the lights flash between red and black as "Haunted" by Evanescance begins to play, suddenly fire explodes everywhere as Terror makes his way down the ramp.

Announcer: And his opponent, from Watertown, New York, weighing in at two-hundred fifty pounds, TERRROOOOOR!

The Big Bad Booty Daddy watches on as Terror takes his corner and their gaze meets. Steiner removes his chainmail headgear and sunglasses and prepares to do battle.

The bell rings to kick off this battle of the brawn as both men stay their distance at first, circling the ring to determine eachothers weaknesses. Finally, Steiner stops to flex and admires his huge bicep, making an infuriated Terror charge him with a potential lock-up, which Steiner ducks... then, grabbing the much larger man from behind, he sweeps his legs out from underneath him, and gets into a side-mouth position, putting on a sort of laying side-headlock. Terror hooks one arm behind Steiner and tries to push him off, but Steiner continues the show of traditional wrestling by moving up onto his back and turning it into a Camel Clutch, but then goes to his feet quickly, and executes an elbow drop, then gets right back up, as Terror recovers somewhat slower, Steiner puts his big size 14 into his lower back, pushing him right back down again. Terror starts to get up... another stomp. Another attempt, another stomp. But this time, Steiner runs off the ropes and, just when Terror reaches all fours and is about to get up, Steiner jumps and drives a huge knee drop into the very same area. Steiner brings Terror up and gets him in a waste lock, managing to lift him and runs full force into the top turnbuckle, forcing it into Terrors lower spine. Once he has been dropped, Terror looks to be in severe pain. Big Poppa Pump puts one boot on the aggravated area and begins to pull on the ropes, putting as much pressure as possible on the damage he has created. The referee tells Steiner to let go of the ropes, but he won't do it, so the ref starts the five count, 1... 2... 3... 4... Steiner makes it to about 4 and nine tenths before releasing the hold. With that, he hits the ground and begins doing his push ups on his finger tips, after seven or eight, he notices Terror is on his feet and scrambles to defend himself, but is nailed with a huge uppercut to the jaw. He staggers back, and recieves another... he falls to one knee and looks up at the big man, who grabs him by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, then drives a knee into his stomache, but holds him up, takes a step back, and hits him with a big boot, knocking him into the corner. Terror walks back toward the other corner, then runs at him, using a well-placed shoulder tackle to throw Steiner over the ropes. Now it's Terror who gloats, mocking Steiners bicep kissing routine, so he doesn't notice Scott using to ropes to make sure he lands on his feet, he grabs Terrors ankles from behind, pulls on them knocking him to the ground, and pulls him into the corner so that he straddles the corner post. With that, he returns to the ring, climbing the outside of the turnbuckle and going over the top rope, ending up on the inside turnbuckle, standing over Terrors worn down lower back and he bounces, allowing himself to release, driving both feet into a 6+ foot stomp into the lower back. He then follows Terror example of lifting the opponent by the hair and clamps on from behind, lifting the large man as well as he can over his shoulder, folding him like an achordian in a back suplex. Terror hits and bounces/rolls over his right shoulder to expose the back again. Steiner straddles his back and applies an STF. Terror screams in pain, unable to reach the ropes... or even move, but he refuses to submit. Finally, Steiner releases the hold by suggestion of the referee. Worried Terror may be seriously hurt, The ref starts yelling at Steiner to back off, to which Scott doesn't exactly respond well. Infact, he pushes the referee into the turnbuckle, the ref hits his head and is knocked out. Scott, trying to optimise on this, takes the padding off of the top turnbuckle, and turns around to see Terror... who is already up. Terror runs at him and plows him into the exposed steel corner, then grabs him and lifts him upside down over his shoulder... slamming him, upside down, into the corner once... twice... three times. Then he turns to face the center of the ring and SLAM! He drops Steiner in a Tombstone Piledriver and makes the pin, but the referee is still out. After a few seconds, more than enough for a three count, he pulls the referee over and wakes him up, as the ref makes a slow, dazed count 1............. 2............ 3, NO! Steiner lifts a shoulder into the air just before the third drop of the hand and the referee, still trying to get to his feet signals only a two count. Steiner starts to get up almost immediately as Terror goes into a rage, he goes to ringside and boots the steps, knocking them loose. He tosses everything from the commentators booth, and even punches a camera man. Then, trying not to aggravate the damage to his back, he returns to the apron and, seeing Freakzilla still turned around and delerious, climbs the ropes. However, he slips on the top rope, which gives Steiner just enough time to notice and climb the other side of the same turnbuckle. They begin to trade blows; Terror with a right... Steiner with a right... Terror, another right... left from Steiner. That last left blow caught Terror offguard as he reels back, and when he swings back forward, he's caught in a bearhug position. Steiner squeazes at Terrors lower back as he cried out in agony, then Steiner starts to stand on the top rope and gets ready.

J.R.: Oh m' gawd.... could it be? Can he do it???

Steiner falls backward, tossing Terror clear across the roof and he lands, compressing the spine and nearly destroying that lower back. Steiner rolls to one elbow and gets to his feet, coming up behind him, flexing for a second to celebrate that huge Belly-belly superplex, then stands over Terror and lifts his arms, hooking them over his legs and grabs onto his chin, pulling him back.

King: With his back half broken, I'm not sure how long Terror can take this Steiner Recliner, J.R.

Ten seconds in the hold, the referee asks Terror if he quits, to which he shakes his head frantically. Ten more... another try, he spits in the referees face. Third try... thirty seconds, you can hear Terror screaming "Get him the hell off me! I quit!"

Steiner drops Terror and heads up the ramp as Terror rolls out to the side of the ring and goes off somewhere the cameras can't see. As soon as the ring is cleared out, we hear music cueing up with an almost alien sounding voice; “This... is not... a test... this... is.... REALITYYYYYYY!” A custom remix of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” plays as a man steps out onto the ramp in black shorts with yellow/orange flames on them and a matching beanie-style winter hat. He’s also wearing a “Team Punishment” T-shirt. It could only be the UFC Light-Heavyweight champion; Tito Ortiz. As he walks to the ring, he bounces around, boxing styles; fliling his arms around as if working on a punching bag. The music hits a key part as Fred Durst yells “GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BREAK!” And flames errupt from the stage as gold flares begin to fall from the rafters above it, creating quite the spectacle as Tito poses with his arms in the air, looking up to the roof. When he reaches the ring, he asks for a mic.

Tito Ortiz: Now, don’t get too excited... It aint time for the main event just yet. I’m here to discuss a very serious issue, right now. You see a lot of celebrities endorse charities that benefit deadly diseases and I’m here to announce that I have opened my own such charity; The “Ground n’ Pound” fund to help benefit sufferers of the worst of these diseases... One that has inflicted every one of you people hear tonight. This disease eats away at you, destroying your entire sense of entertainment the second you are exposed. And it’s name... GRIM REAPER! That’s right, that boring, abnoxious son of a bitch is actually a clinical disease. And so, here.... My friends, is the vaccine. The Tito vaccine, and it’s time to eliminate the virus. So Grim, grab that little whore you call a manager and get the hell out here RIGHT NOW!

Without music, or any intro of any kind, Reaper and his “manager” Stacey appear on the ramp. Grim seems prepared, as he’s already brought his own mic.

Tito Ortiz: So, uh... Reaper, how’s the face feeling... I mean, that Somersault... Chair thing Dragon did to you had to hurt like a bitch. Nah, you know what... Never mind how you feel, let’s get right to business.... You wanna face me, huh? You think you can go toe to toe with ME??? You must be smoking some pretty serious shit, ‘cause my friend.... You’re about ten seconds away from seeing talking yellow elephants and hearing voices in your head. But okay, I’ll humour you... On one condition. You see, I like to consider myself an opportunist. I see something I like, and I take it. I like the hardcore title... And I’m taking that tonight. But you know what else I like, Grim? I like your little lady friend up there. If there’s one thing I can give you credit for, my friend, you have pretty decent taste when it comes to the fairer sex. So, here’s the deal... I’ll take you on Wednesday at Warfare BUT... If you win, and that’s a big if... You can take my hardcore title. However, when I win... And I will, I take my title... And I take Stacey, she spends the week with me, which means that until the end of NEXT WEEKS Warfare, she does what I tell her, and I’ll show her what it’s like to be SATISFIED for a change!

Grim turns to face Stacey, who says something to him that can’t be made out. Grim doesn’t seem happy with whatever it was, but then Stacey snatches the mic from him.

Stacey: You know what? You son of a bitch, we accept! You’re on!

”I Love New York” blares as CEO Vince Russo steps out onto the ramp for the first time tonight and goes right over to Stacey, putting an arm around her with a big smile, which infuriates Grim, but he doesn’t dare to do anything about it.

Vince Russo: You know something Stacey, I think you know as well as I do that Grim doesn’t stand a chance in that match... I mean, he just got CLOBBERED by The Ultimo Dragon! I think, Stacey, that you are as much after Tito as Grim is after the hardcore title!

Stacey’s jaw drops in shock as she denies the whole thing.

Russo: But that’s beyond the point, what I’m really out here to do is announce that Tito... You have been hand-chosen by Shane McMahon and myself to be entered in the tournament, so even if, by some freak accident, you do lose tonight, you will recieve one of the optional spots for the World Heavyweight title... Which means this match couldn’t POSSIBLY take place....

The crowd boos.

Russo: Wait, wait, wait... It couldn’t possibly take place.... If we weren’t short one man for the tournament. So, guys... At Warfare it will be a winner takes all match. Advancement in the tournament... Hardcore title, assuming ofcourse, Tito, that you win tonight.... And....

Russo looks back behind Stacey.

Russo: ...Stacey’s hot little ass!

Reaper had heard enough, and pulls Russo up on his shoulders and nails the Reaper’s Death. The camera cuts to a close up of Tito, who has a borderline evil grin on his face. We then cut to a commercial.

At the end of the commercial break; Phantasm's music; "Killing Time" by Hed P.E. blares and he makes his way down to the ring, with Princess at his side as the crowd boos their little performance earlier tonight. As soon as they're in the ring, Zach Attack's music hits and he runs down to the ring, sliding in but making sure to stay away from Phantasm. Dryve Bi's theme song, "Feur Frei" plays, but there's no sign of him. It stops, and then restarts again, but still nothing. It stops a second time, but instead of restarting... "Here Comes The Moneeeeeey!" Shane steps out onto the ramp, looking toward the confused Phantasm and Zach Attack.

Shane: Now, boys... I know you probably couldn't wait for Dryve Bi to walk down this ramp, get in that ring and hand you both your asses, as I'm sure he would have. However, it appears as though our good friend has had some... well, technical difficulties with his private jet and isn't able to be hear tonight. But he did send a little message to Phantasm. He said to tell you that your guys' history aint over yet... and he's right, because by looking in the ring, and by knowing my own choices for the second group of entries in the tournament, I can assure you that the two of you will be competing with eachother there as well. Now, all there is left to say... is hurry up and take out that other punk, we've got a Main Event to get to.

Phantasm turns to Zach, and boots him in the stomache and nails a huge DDT. Zach tries to get back up, but sort of stumbles as Phantasm plants a hand on his throat and pulls him up, nailing a huge chokeslam. The he hooks his leg 1...2...3!

J.R.: Well, twelve seconds, that's a new PWA record!

King: It's the first night, JR, ofcourse it is!

The scene cuts to a commercial as the ropes are replaced with Barbwire for the main event.

The same music from earlier tonight cues up again; “This... is not... a test... this... is.... REALITYYYYYYY!” A custom remix of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” plays as Tito Ortiz steps out onto the ramp in his black shorts with yellow/orange flames on them and a matching beanie-style winter hat. He’s also wearing a “Team Punishment” T-shirt. It could only be the UFC Light-Heavyweight champion; Tito Ortiz. As he walks to the ring, he bounces around, boxing styles; fliling his arms around as if working on a punching bag. The music hits a key part as Fred Durst yells “GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BREAK!” And flames errupt from the stage as gold flares begin to fall from the rafters above it, creating quite the spectacle as Tito poses with his arms in the air, looking up to the roof. When he reaches the ring, The announcer begins the intros.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is tonights MAIN EVENT and is a BARBWIRE MATCH for the hardcore title. The winner will also enter into the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. In the ring, from Huntington Beach, California... weighing in at ***lbs. TITOOOOOOOOO.... OOOOOOOORTIZ!

As Tito takes off his shirt and hat, "Feur Frei" by Rammstein hits as Tek Nine comes down to the ring.

Announcer: And his opponent... from Pittsburgh, Pensylvania... The master of the "Fourth And Grand" TEEEEEEK NIIIIIIINE!

When Tek is in the ring and read, the ref calls them both to the center of the ring.

Referee: Okay, gentlemen... the rules are simple. The first one of you to pin the other one wins, since this is a hardcore match, anything goes.... you can use the barbwire ropes, and any other weapons you find however you see fit, now shake hands and let's get it on.

As if it were rehearsed, both men just look at the ref as if to say "Shake hands? You're kidding, right?" But Tek, while Tito is still not looking, nails him with a knee to the midsection. The ref quickly gets out of the way and signals to ring the bell. The match starts with Tek Nine in control, nailing one big knee after another, driving Tito toward the ropes; but right when he's about to plant Ortiz into the barbs, he won't budge. They get into a test of strength, which Tito wins and goes into a waste lock, which he uses to toss Tek clear over the ropes. Tek Nine recovers quickly and flips up the apron, pulling out a ladder, a chair, a kendo stick, a table and a garbage can filled with random little toys. Tito runs and nails a baseball slide, putting the garbage can into Teks face, and sliding under the barbwire to ringside. While Tek is down, Tito slides the table into ring and sets the ladder up at ringside, so that it stands to a few feet above the top rope. He appears to be using it as a safer way into the ring, because he climbs up it and is preparing to jump, but Tek Nine recovers and pushes the ladder over, so Tito lands with his chest accross the barbwire and bounces, rolling forward into the ring. The ladder is now folded up, leaning across the top rope, sticking the top into the ring. Tek Nine rolls into the ring and picks Tito and grabs the back of his head, sending him running right into the top platform of the ladder. Then he goes up top, and leaps off for a moonsault, but Tito rolls out of the way and Tek lands with a huge slam, knocking his face into the still folded table. Both men appear to be knocked unconsious, so the referee begins the ten count 1.... 2.... 3... 4.... Tito appears to be moving 5... 6... 7... He's on his feet 8... 9... he pulls Tek Nine up to stop the count, but then lets him fall back down. Tito sets up the table a few feet away from the far ropes and picks Tek up, whipping him into the barbwire. He grabs his back in pain, but it still gives him enough bounce to take a few steps toward Tito... SPINEBUSTER clean through the table. Tito then goes back under the ropes to ringside and throws the garbage can, and it's contents, over the ropes and into the ring. He then pulls the ladder down and lays it across the apron and the baracade, keeping it elevated like a scaffold. Then he grabs the kendo stick and climbs the outside of the turnbuckle closest to Tek Nine. When Tek recovers, He gets up and turns around as Tito jumps off and SNAP! The stick comes down across Teks skull as his body goes limp and falls down to the floor again.

J.R.: Oh m' gawd King, I think this is the sickest match I've seen in a long damn time.

King: Or ever, J.R.

Tito quickly disposes of the two halfs of the table, but he doesn't see Tek pick up a broom that had fallen out of the garbage can, and while he's still laying down, he swings the broom right up between Ortiz's legs. Tito hits the floor and Tek slowly wobbles back up onto his feet and lays the broomstick across Tito's head, then jumps, putting one foot on either end of the broom, breaking it on his opponents skull. He then leans against the corner, making sure to place himself carefully, so that he doesn't hit the barbs, and tries to catch his breath. Once Tito finally does get up, he starts walking towards Tek Nine, who lets himself fall down and, with a drop toe hold, lands Tito right into the barbedwire again, which flings him back, but doesn't seem to fase him too much, because he gets right back up. They both walk toward eachother and lock up, Tito manages to get the leverage to put Tek into a Gorilla Press and walks toward the ropes where the ladder is still suspended. He drops him over the ropes, letting him land with his midsection across the ladder, which bends significantly, and Tek rolls forward, onto the concrete as Tito lets himself drop out of exhaustion. After a short time, Tito staggers to his feet, and begins routing through the weapons and Tek Nine slides back into the ring, barely able to move. Tito grabs a cooking sheet and walks over to Tek Nine, rolling him over and dragging him over to the barbwire. Grabbing between the barbs, Tito manages to twist the bottom two ropes and shoves Tek Nines arms between them, putting him in a sort of Full Nelson. As the releases the ropes, Tek Nine screams in pain while the barbs dig into his arms. Tito then takes the cooking sheet and smacks him in the face. He takes a step back and puts all his weight in and does it again. Then, he uses one hand to hold it up to the side of Teks face and begins pounding on it with his fists. When he pulls back, he gets a truely evil look on his face. He grabs Tek Nines feet and begins pulling him out of the ropes, as the barbs drag through his skin, creating long slashes on his arms and shoulers. Tito then mounts Tek UFC style and begins pounding on his mercilessly with both arms hitting jabs, crosses, elbows, forearms, and everything else.


King: Nobody does that as good as Tito J.R., i think Tek Nines Chances are slipping away.

Finally, Tito goes for a big finishing right hook, but Tek Nine catches his hand and rolls him off, but Tito grabs onto the arm Tek used to catch his, and slaps on an armbar. Tek screams in pain as Tito twists and pulls his slashed open arms, but finally Ortiz becomes impatient and frees one leg, using it to kick at the gashes, and Tek Nine is forced to tap out. Tito barely manages to stagger to his feet.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and the NEW Hardcore... what the hell?

Dryve Bi pushes the announcer over, grabbing the mic away. Tito turns and sees him, just in time to catch a boot to the face. A third man then appears, with a gold chain wrapped around his fist and begins pounding on Tito's face. The two men help Tek Nine up and stand, somewhat victorious over Tito Ortiz's lifeless, bloodied body. They may not have the title... but they sent their message. Who is this third man, and what is his connection to Dryve Bi and Tek Nine?

With that final image, Showdown goes off the air...