Stick to the rules and do your job and you'll do well in the Pro-Wrestling Alliance. Theres not many to stick to so it can't be that hard.

1) Both real and fake wrestlers will be accepted into PWA, but maximum of two wrestlers per handler. Also, if you have two characters, they must BOTH RP atleast once for a match, if you can't handle that, one (or both) of your characters will be fired.

2) Using other wrestlers in roleplays is fine under a few conditions - stay true to their character, and be realistic... you will never see Triple H come up to The Rock and say "You know Rock, I know you'll whoop my ass... I suck" so I don't want to see that in anyone's RPs, I also don't want to see any one-sided beat downs (unless that's the obvious way it would happen, i.e. Kane vs Dawn Marie) and finally, I don't want to see anyone being seriously injurred in a RP. As long as you stick within these guidelines, you can use others in your RPs.

3) Do not advertise other efeds anywhere in PWA, Anyone who does so will be dealt with as I see fit.

4) Failure to roleplay for two events in a row will cause you to be released from the roster. If you can not RP for any period of time, you must notify me so that I can deal with it accordingly.

5) If you lose a match then do not complain about it. I decide match results on 80% RP quality, 10% character, 10% story lines, if you would like to know WHY you lost a match, feel free to email me, as I will gladly explain it... it's probably because a)you were out RPed b)An angle stated that you had to lose or c)Sheer probability (ex. no way in hell would The Hurricane be able to beat The Big Show at a tables match - it's just impossible) ONCE, but any sign of complaining or repeated argument of a decision will result in supsension.

There they are, not too hard to stick to. If you have any problems with these rules then do not hesitate to get in touch with me at the address below.

Email UPW Administration