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Record: 0-0(Tag Team) 0-0(Singles)

Titles Held: None Yet

People Used: Buff Bagwell, Randy Orton, Ryan Shamrock, and Chris Jericho

People Mentioned: Only those used

Location: The Ring

Next Match: None Booked

The Healina'... The Show Stoopa'...
The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels

What a show we've had, so far we've managed to hear mindless jabber from a wanna-be superhero, we've seen two women... if they can call themselves that... aligning together, thinking their tag team will stand a chance against the likes of the Rock n' Roll Express and The Outsiders, yeah... that'll happen. But enough with the sarcasm, down to business. This dull night of pointless mockery is beginning to get interesting. The ring announcers have just informed the crowd at home that The Heart Break Kid has entered the building and is on his way to the ring. And he WAS going to make a statement regarding his big match on Saturday against Shane McMahon. However, he's decided to instead, just to liven things up, give an entire "State of the NWA" address to many people in the locker-room. As the camera goes to the commentators, they continue to discuss the topic.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: I can't believe SHAWN MICHAELS is here tonight! I mean, he's a legend... an absolute ICON to this sport, the first and ONLY WWE GRAND SLAM CHAMPION!

Jim Ross: Okay King, we get the point. Folks HBK will be with us shortly and I'm sure whatever this "State of the NWA" address is about, it's bound to be HUGE! After all, that's the only way ol' HBK does things!

The music begins to play with the familiar beat and a girl screaming "Oh, Oh, Shawn" then the other voice kicks in of HBK himself "I think I'm cute, I know I'm sexy. I've got the looks... that drive the girls wild"

As it plays, he steps out onto the ramp in a grey suit with a white T-shirt underneath, a pair of cowboy boots, and a pair of black sunglasses. As he struts down the ramp, the crowd goes wild. When he reaches ringside, he steps slowly up the steel stairs and into the ring, then holds his arms out and spins around a couple times, then goes down and does his usual leg-stretch pose as red flares go off behind him. As the music fades out, Shawn gets up to a usual position and a stage hand gives him a microphone. He runs his hand across his throught, signaling to just cut the music, rather than wait for the fade out. It cuts, but the arena is filled with a chant of "HBK - HBK - HBK - HBK!" He waits for the crowd to settle down, then raises the mic to his lips to speak.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Whooooo! It feels good to be here in the N - W - A!

The crowd gives a huge pop as Shawn stands there with a huge grin on his face.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Well, I take it all o' you feel the same... well, that's cool. But, really, to face facts... there really are a lot of things wrong with this company, and that's why I'm out here... to sort of give a "new guy" perspective... you know, sort of an OUTSIDE OPINION. So, let me just get started by talking about... hmmmmmm... let's start off with VICTORIA!

The entire crowd boos at the sound of her name.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Well, it's nice to know that we all see eye to eye on this little issue. But rather than talking about how she looks like some guy that decided he'd like to have something (motions to his chest, as if lifting breasts) To play with in the shower... or, rather than get into how she dresses like a vampiric prostitute. Let's get into something a little less aesthetic. Let's talk about her attempt at the World title... I mean, common' Vic, you CAN'T be serious! I mean, on Saturday Night you're set to go head to head with a man who is a LEGEND in this business, almost as much so as myself. A man who's had more world titles than you've had breast implants. But that's beside the point. Listen, Vicky... take my advice. This is a grueling business full of guys who take beatings like you've never seen and keep going... guys who put their lives on the line for the sake of a goal... guys who take so much abuse, and lose so much blood that you're SURE they won't live to see the next night. Guys like... ME! Roll the footage...

Footage shows of the last Survivor Series, with Shawn bleeding to extremes never seen before, and yet still managing to pin Chris Jericho AND Christian, then almost pin Randy Orton.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Now Victoria, can you do that? Could you bear to be that bloodied and still be able to defy the odds and put on a performance like that? Ha Ha Ha... I think not. But you know? I don't blame ya... I mean, in the womens division its perfectly acceptable to cry and leave the arena over a broken nail, it happens all the time... but unless you can go out night after night and risk critical bloodloss for the sake of finishing the match then you don't deserve to be world champion... and unless you could do what Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Christian ALL TOGETHER couldn't do that night... you never will be. Because you will NEVER beat H... B... K!!!!

The crowd gives another huge pop.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Now, I'm not saying this tournament is LOADED with talent or anything like that... not by a long shot. I mean, Chris Jericho? Meh... he's alright, I GUESS... John Cena? PLEASE! I thought this was a WRESTLING TOURNAMENT... not a corny wanna-be rap contest! And AJ Styles? Who is that guy, anyway?!?! But by far... Victoria's got to be the worst. And this is the problem with this company. We have guys like The Rock and Kevin Nash sitting on the sidelines while FunkMasta Freak and the She-male Amazon get world title shots, and THAT is just... not... right! And what about my own opponent, Shane McMahon?

The crowd goes nuts with cheers.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Don't get me wrong, Shane-O... business-wise, I respect the hell out o' you, you're a lot smarter in the office then certain... OTHER MEMBERS of your family, and you can do gimmick matches like nobody else. Hell, that ambulance match with Kane WAS pretty cool. But this isn't about dropkick garbage cans into peoples heads... this isn't about using an SUV to push a guy through a plate glass window... this is REAL WRESTLING we're talkin' about Shane... and in real wrestling... they don't come no better than me. So, you have two options. One, you can sit backstage and moan and groan about your bad luck in pulling the best this business has to offer, or you can come down that ramp, get into this ring... the two of us can pull out a HELL OF A MATCH! You can show the world that you've still got more heart than half of that locker room... and the way I see it, we'll be cool. I'm not expecting you to give me a real challenge, Shane, cause we all know there aint a single guy back there who CAN... but atleast we can give these fans a show. After all, those two fossils in the main event aren't exactly gunna give these people their money's worth... so how 'bout you and me do it instead? Oh and Shane... no hard feelin's, buddy... its just bad luck. NOW HIT THE MUSIC!

His music hits again as he drops out of the ring and heads back up the ramp, striking one last pose for the cameras before heading into the back...