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Record: 0-0(Tag Team) 0-0(Singles)

Titles Held: None Yet

People Used: Buff Bagwell, Randy Orton, Ryan Shamrock, and Chris Jericho

People Mentioned: Only those used

Location: The Ring

Next Match: None Booked

I'm Buff... I'm The Stuff... And The Girls Just Can't Get Enough!!!!
Buff Bagwell

Buff looks around from side to side, trying to decide how to respond to Jericho's verbal diareah, then suddenly, as soon as he raises the microphone to his lips, he hears "Rock Your Body", Ryan Shamrock's themesong kick in. Ryan comes out from the backstage area and walks right past Jericho, glaring him down as she moves past him, then comes up the steel steps as Buff holds the ropes open for her, Stacy & Steiner style. She gets in, and he hands her the microphone, and she strikes a sexy pose in the corner.

"The Oh-So-Sexy", Ryan Shamrock

Ryan Shamrock: You know something Chris... not only are you COMPLETELY off base, but it seems to me, that you wouldn't know a real man if he ran up and kicked you square in the testicles! You come out here running your mouth about the two guys, when really... you never stop to think about how what you say reflects on yourself. A man like Buff has a sense of style... and a certain... charisma about himself the likes of which you could never HOPE to match, and so that immediately makes him GAY? HA! Let me tell you what I think Jericho... I think that you are just so homophobic, possibly because you're questioning your own sexuality, that you mock people who you think are different... hoping to take the attention off of yourself... but I mean, look at your wardrobe... look at your hair... for christs sake, look at ANYTHING ABOUT YOU CHRIS! It just SCREAMS "Queer Eye For The ICW Guy!"

Buff and Randy laugh hysterically, then Randy holds out his hand, requesting a turn to speak his mind. Ryan hands him the microphone and he gives Jericho a piece of his mind aswell.

Randy Orton: Now, Chris... let's be honest. I see what's going on here... you're intimidated. You and Buff joined this company... around the same time, and yet he's got the World Champion for a tag partner... and he's got this lovely young lady as a manager... and all you have is your rediculously loud shirts, and a plethora of corny catch phrases... you do know what a plethora is, don't you Chris? Of course you don't... but that's beside the point. The way I look at it is this... you like to refer to people as, how does that go again... Ass-clowns? Well, I've seen you in that locker-room Chris, and well... frankly, you smell like something that crawled out the wrong end of a dog, and the size of your... well, you know, is enough to make ANYBODY laugh, so I guess that means... YOU are the real Ass-clown, doesn't it?

Once again, they all get a huge laugh out of all of that, but finally it's Buff's turn to speak to the self-proclaimed Living Legend, who is already about two seconds away from throwing a temper tantrum on the stage. He's turned away with both hands running through his hair in frustration.

Buff Daddy speaks...

Buff Bagwell: Hey, Y-2-Jackass, turn around... I AINT THROUGH WITH YOU YET!!! You know? my friends here make some very valid points, but I think it all boils down to one thing... you, Jericho, are just like an everyday school yard bully. You feel inadequite, and insecure about whatever the case may be... the fact that you have no friends, or that you can't get a woman as beautiful as Ryan to so much as LOOK at you as anything more than some slimy rockstar wanna-be... or even about, as Ryan put it, your questionable sexual orientation... I don't know, and honestly... I don't care! All that matters to me is that the first thing I said when I came into this company was that I would face anybody with the balls to step up to me. Now, that much I have to give you credit for... you showed that ammount of balls... and so, being a man of my word... YES, Jericho... I accept your challenge. BUT! I want to make one thing perfectly... no, no, no... I wanna make one thing CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! You have not... can not... and WILL NOT, EVER match whits, muscle, speed, talent, or ANYTHING for that matter... with the likes of the Buff Daddy! And just to make sure that all of these things are put to the test, this cannot be just a regular match, oh no... you see, this is going to have to be something a bit more memorable than that... Jericho, I wanna see your ass in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!! That is... if you have the balls...

Chris Jericho: Alright, you limp-wristed chap-jockey... YOU'RE ON!!!

Buff Bagwell: Oh, and Chris... one more thing... would any gay guy have a reason to do something like this???

Jericho looks on in sheer jealousy as Buff grabs Ryan and tips her over, laying a huge kiss on her, then pulls her back up with that trademark cocky Bagwell smile as Randy stands back, applauding this last show of "Buff-itude" as the music begins to play again. With that, Buff walks to the ropes and stares down Jericho as the scene fades to black.

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