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Plant City , Florida

The strawberry capital of the United States

Located in northeastern Hillsboro county, about 30 miles east of Tampa, the city is agriculturally rich and has become known as the strawberry capital of the United States.

Today, plant city is the center for strawberry cultivation with more than three fourths of the midwinter strawberries grown in the united states produced in plant city. The first American species of strawberries was cultivated about 1835.

Plant City facts:

1. Plant citys history dates back to the mid 1800's.'

2. As early as 1839, a pinehouse, Fort Hichipukassa,existed.

3. In 1849, settlers startes the Ickepuckesassa post office which was named originally after the native American village that once occupied the area.

4.In 1884, railroad entreprenur Henry B. Plant extended the South Florida Railroad into the region.

5. One year later, when the town was incorparated, it was renamed in his honor.

6. The recognition goes to Mr.Plant, but also describes the surrounding farming industry, which greatly added to the city's growth

Fred Lilly

August 11, 2005