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-Match #1 Phoenix Vs Total Package (DWF Champ.) DWF Championship December 2001.

‘With You’ plays as pyro fires on the stage. The crowd cheers loudly as Phoenix runs down the aisle, sliding into the ring and stands up on the top rope.

Announcer- “And our next match is the main event and is for the DWF World Title!!!”

The crowd cheers as Phoenix hops down off the ropes.

Announcer- “First, weighing in at 276 pounds, this is Phoenix!!!”

The crowd cheers as Phoenix looks out at the crowd. ‘Bad Boy for Life’ plays as Total Package walks down the aisle with the World Title on his shoulder.

Announcer- “And his opponent, weighing in at 302 pounds, the DWF World Champion, Total Package!!!”

Package stands on the apron and motions the ref to hold open the ropes. Package climbs in and drops the belt at his feet. Phoenix walks over and stands eye to eye with Package as the ref slowly picks up the belt. They continue the staredown until the bell rings.

Styles: “This should be good.”

Gertner: “And to imagine this is a free broadcast. This could be on PPV and make Millions!”

Styles: “That’s why we’re the DWF, we give the fans what they want.”

Package and Phoenix stare at each other and taunt the other. Package spits in Phoenix’s face. Phoenix goes to wipe it off and Package lands a right hand. Phoenix hits a right, then a left then another right. Package backpedals and Phoenix whips him off the ropes. Clothesline by Phoenix. Package pops up and Phoenix lands another. Phoenix goes for the Pheeno Effect but Package crawls out of the ring.

Gertner: “Phoenix went for it early.”

Package crawls back into the ring. Phoenix looks at Package and spits on him. Package rakes the eyes then lands a kneelift to the head. Package grabs Phoenix and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Package opens up Phoenix and chops his chest. The crowd goes WOOOOOOO. Package lands a knee to the gut then another. He whips Phoenix cross corner. Package follows up with a clothesline and Phoenix slumps to the mat.

Styles: “Nowhere to go for Phoenix after that move.”

Package with a cover, feet on the ropes for leverage, 1, 2, kickout. Package grabs a reverse chin lock on Phoenix. Phoenix gets to his feet quickly and grabs Package’s by the head. He drops down and lands a jawbreaker on Package. Package grabs his jaw and walks toward the corner. Phoenix lands a right hand to the jaw.

Gertner: “Phoenix is working on that weakened jaw of Package.”

Phoenix grabs Package and hits a hangmen’s neckbreaker. A cover, 1, 2, kickout. Phoenix picks up Package and lands a northern lights suplex, 1, 2, kickout. Phoenix pulls Package back up but Package lands a shot to the gut. Package whips Phoenix into the ropes. Phoenix reverses it and drop his head for a backdrop. Package stops and hits a butterfly powerbomb. He holds onto the legs and locks in a sharpshooter. Styles: “Great move by the champ!”

Phoenix crawls towards the ropes and finally gets to them. Package lets go then drops knee after knee on the back of Phoenix. Package slowly lifts up Phoenix and whips him into the ropes. Spinebuster by Package, A cover, 1, 2, shoulder up.

Gertner: “How much more can Phoenix take on that back.”

Package stands up and waits, motioning Phoenix to get up. Phoenix gets up. Package goes for the Total Stunner but Phoenix shoves him off. Package comes off the ropes and Phoenix hits a sidewalk slam. The crowd cheers back and forth. Phoenix looks at the crowd then at Package.

Styles: “He’s wasting valuable time.”

Phoenix starts to climb up to the top rope.

Gertner: “This really isn’t his game I don’t think.”

Phoenix goes for a swan dive moonsault but Package rolls out of the way.

Styles: “Unbelievable height on that moonsault.”

Gertner: “But it didn’t land.”

Package rolls to his hands and knees and locks in the Pheeno Effect on Phoenix!!!

Styles: “The Ultimate slap in the face!!!”

Phoenix scrambles to the ropes and Package breaks the hold.

Gertner: “I’d never seen the champ use a STF before in all my years covering him.”

Package pulls up Phoenix. He lands a series of right hands on Phoenix. Package whips Phoenix in. Package misses a clothesline. Phoenix stops and whips Package into the ropes. Package misses a running clothesline. Package comes back off the ropes and Phoenix hits him with a kick. Total Stunner by Phoenix!!!

Styles: “OH MY GOD!”

Gertner: “But he didn’t get it good, Joey.”

Both men are down as a hooded robed man walks down the aisle.

Styles: “Now who the hell is this?”

Package gets to his feet slowly as Phoenix is holding his back while he sits on one knee. Package looks at the hooded man as he stands on the apron. Phoenix slowly gets to his feet as Package walks over towards the hooded man. Package looks at the man and then gets very shocked. The man pulls back the hood.

Gertner: “HOLY CRAP!!!!”

Styles: “It’s Bobby Skywalker!!!!”

Gertner: “He’s a former DWF World, and US champ! What in the hell???”

Package backs up and looks at Skywalker. Skywalker gives a smug grin and points behind Package. Package turns around and Phoenix locks in a small package, 1, 2, 3!!! Ring the bell.

Styles: “We have a new champion!!!!”

Gertner: “Phoenix did it!!!!”

Skywalker drops down off the apron as Phoenix grabs the World Title to a thunderous roar from the crowd. Package looks back at Skywalker and is stunned.


- Match #2 Phoenix (EWA Champion)Vs Vince Maverik Vs Chris Comet(DWF Champion). EWA/DWF Championship unification match. June 2002

Penzer: “This is the main event for the evening, one fall for the Undisputed DWF World Title!!!”

The crowd pops as the ref holds up the new DWF World Title.

Penzer: “First, coming to the ring, weighing in at 297 pounds, Vince Maverik!!!”

Maverik climbs through the ropes and looks out into the crowd. The crowd pops as he slowly climbs up onto the second turnbuckle. ‘With You’ plays and the crowd pops louder.

Penzer: “Second, weighing in at 276 pounds, the EWA World Champion, Phoenix!!!”

Phoenix walks down, holding the EWA World Title on his shoulder. Phoenix climbs into the ring, past Maverik and stands on the ropes, holding the EWA World Title high. He lays the EWA World Title on his shoulder and looks across at Maverik. They start to walk to the center of the ring as ‘Back in Black’ plays. The crowd pops.

Penzer: “And their opponent, weighing in at 223 pounds, the DWF World Champion, Chris Comet!!!”

Comet walks down with the DWF Title around his waist. He climbs up onto the apron and stands on the top turnbuckle as the crowd pops.

Styles: “It’s deafening here in Twickenham!”

Comet climbs into the ring and takes off the DWF World Title. He places it on his shoulder and stands across from Maverik and Phoenix. The ref holds the new DWF Title up and takes the EWA and DWF World titles from Phoenix and Comet. The ref hands all three belts to Penzer.

O’Neil: “A historical night is going to come to a close but not until we have a new champion.”

The bell rings as Penzer takes the belts to ringside.

Styles: “One fall wins it all.”

All three stand in the ring as the crowd pops louder and louder. Phoenix and Comet rush towards Maverik. Maverik bails to the outside and Phoenix lands a right hand on Comet. Phoenix lands another then whips Comet into the ropes. Comet comes off and hits a flying forearm. Comet with a quick cover, 1, kickout. Comet goes to the ropes again but Maverik grabs his ankle and pulls him outside.

O’Neil: “Interesting strategy by the Hall of Famer.”

Maverik lands a right hand on Comet then whips him into the rail. Phoenix walks over and grabs the top rope. Phoenix fakes going for a slingshot plancha and lands on the apron as Maverik moves. Phoenix hits a double sledgehammer on Maverik. Comet gets up and charges toward Maverik. Maverik ducks and Comet drives Phoenix into the steel post.

Styles: “This is going to be a close match. All of these guys want to be the first Undisputed DWF Champ.”

Maverik lands a kick to Comet then rolls him back into the ring. Maverik follows suit as Phoenix holds his back. Maverik picks Comet up and whips him into the ropes as Phoenix climbs up on the apron. Maverik cocks the West Texas Lariat back, Comet holds onto the top rope and slides to the outside.

O’Neil: “Maverik was going for the end quickly!”

Comet shakes his finger at Maverik. Maverik takes a step towards Comet then rushes at Phoenix on the apron. Maverik goes for a Shoulderblock on Phoenix. Phoenix avoids it then uses the top rope to go for a sunset flip 1, 2, kickout by Maverik as Comet scrambles into the ring.

Styles: “A close near fall.”

Phoenix gets up and Comet lands a chop that echoes through the stadium. Comet lands another chop then whips Phoenix into the ropes. Comet steps for the Comet kick by Phoenix holds onto the ropes. Comet’s left knee buckles slightly and he rolls to the outside. Phoenix looks as Maverik charges. Maverik spears Phoenix into the turnbuckle as Comet walks gingerly outside.

O’Neil: “Comet looks to have reaggravated that knee from Paris.”

Maverik drives Shoulderblock after Shoulderblock into the gut of Phoenix. Maverik lands a right hand then sets for a suplex. Maverik lifts Phoenix onto the turnbuckle. Comet hops up onto the apron. Maverik climbs up on the second rope. Maverik sets for a superplex as Comet looks and starts to climb the turnbuckle.

Styles: “I don’t think Phoenix is going to like this.”

Maverik hits a superplex on Phoenix. Comet sets his feet and hits a splash on Phoenix as Maverik rolls to his gut. Comet with a cover, 1, 2, Maverik pulls Comet off the cover.

O’Neil: “Another near fall!”

Comet gets to his feet and leans against the ropes as Maverik gets to his feet. Comet has his back to Maverik. The crowd pops as Maverik sets for the West Texas Lariat. Comet turns around and Maverik hits the West Texas Lariat, driving both men to the ground outside. Phoenix holds his gut as he slowly rises.

Styles: “I don’t think we’re going to have a winner, more like a survivor.”

Maverik and Comet slowly get to their feet, Maverik before Comet. Phoenix looks at Maverik. He runs to the far ropes, using them for speed, then runs toward the near ropes. Phoenix leaps over the top rope and hits a plancha on Maverik and Comet. The crowd chants ‘DWF, DWF!’

O’Neil: “Phoenix flew like his namesake and now all three me are on the outside.”

Maverik slowly rises before the other two. He walks towards Comet. Comet hits a drop toe hold and Maverik’s head hits the steel steps, busting him open.

Styles: “Good God!!!”

Phoenix holds his back and slowly crawls into the ring. Comet grabs Maverik’s head and slams it into the steel steps again then rolls back in. Phoenix gets to his feet as Comet pulls himself up with the turnbuckle. Maverik crawls up the steps as Comet goes for a drop kick on Phoenix. Phoenix catches the legs and locks in a Scorpion Deathlock!

O’Neil: “This could be it!!!!”

Comet is holding on as Phoenix arches back. Maverik climbs into the ring and hits a West Texas Lariat on the back of Phoenix’s neck. Phoenix falls to the mat as Maverik falls to his hands and knees. Comet lays flat on his stomach as the crowd pops loudly.

Styles: “This can still go any way possible!”

Maverik slaps the mat with his right hand. The crowd starts stomping and clapping. Maverik pulls himself up with the ropes as Comet gets to his feet. Comet starts to walk towards Phoenix as Maverik wipes the blood from his face. Maverik rushes over and lands a right hand on Comet. Comet lands a right hand on Maverik.

O’Neil: “There’s no way Comet can win a slugfest with Maverik.”

Maverik lands another right hand then goes for another. Comet ducks. Maverik turns around and Comet hits the Comet Kick, knocking Maverik into the ropes. Maverik gets tied up in the ropes as Comet falls to the mat, holding his knee.

Styles: “Comet hit the Comet Kick but he can’t follow up.”

O’Neil: “Maverik’s all tied up and Phoenix is rising.”

Phoenix looks over at Comet. He grabs the leg of Comet and locks in the Pheeno Effect.

Styles: “Pheeno Effect!!!”

The crowd pops as Phoenix pulls back on the face of Comet, wrenching the neck and the leg. Maverik starts to stir and tries to untie himself. The ref checks on Comet.

O’Neil: “Comet’s not given up!”

Comet fights the pain but slowly starts to fade as Phoenix screams out. Maverik kicks the mat, trying to free himself as Phoenix pulls back on Comet. Comet’s eyes glaze over as the ref grabs the right hand of Comet. He raises the hand, it drops. The crowd pops. The ref raises it again. It drops again.

Styles: “One more and he’s done.”

Comet’s hand is raised again and he holds it. Comet stretches for the ropes as the crowd cheers him on. Phoenix arches back again as a bloody Maverik struggles to free himself from the ropes. Comet reaches out and his hand slowly falls to the mat. Comet’s eyes close as the ref checks on him again.

O’Neil: “Chris Comet has been in the STF a very long time!”

Comet’s hand is raised, it drops. It’s raised again, it drops a second time.

Styles: “Can Comet fight the pain?”

Comet’s hand is raised a third time. It drops and the ref calls for the bell. The crowd pops as Phoenix released the Pheeno Effect and rolls to his back.

O’Neil: “Phoenix wins!!! Phoenix wins!!! Phoenix wins!!!”

The crowd pops loudly as the ref picks up the belts. Phoenix gets to his knees as Maverik drops his head and relaxes. Comet is motionless. The ref hands the EWA and DWF belts to Phoenix then puts the new Undisputed Title around his waist. Phoenix slowly gets to his feet and raises the EWA and DWF belts high as flashbulbs light up the ring.

Styles: “The DWF has a new UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!”

Pyro lights up as Phoenix drops to his knees and holds all three belts. The ref walks over and unhooks Maverik as EMT’s come down to check on Comet. Maverik looks at Phoenix, nods his head then rolls out of the ring. Comet is put on a stretcher and wheeled from the ring as Phoenix kneels in the middle of the ring. Maverik slowly walks to the back as ‘With You’ plays.

O’Neil: “What an unbelievable night here in London. I don’t think anything of this magnitude will ever happen again.”

Styles: “It’s been an exhausting night for everyone here. We’re glad all of you joined us tonight. So for Bret Vaughn, Jimmy Floyd, Scott Hudson, Joel Gertner, Dan the Man, plus the man beside of me, Ricky O’Neil, I’m Joey Styles. The DWF has a new Undisputed Champion, His name is Phoenix.”

O’Neil: “The undisputed Reign of Fire begins tonight in Twickenham.”

Styles: “Ladies and Gentleman, Good Night and see you in Atlanta.”