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[- Sting -] Nash and Sid pacing around the ring sizing each other up..

[- Shane McMahon -] We're being joined at ring side by Scott Hall and Buff Bagwell..

[- Sting -] They lock up!

[- Buff Bagwell -] Keep watchin, he's gonna take Sid out!

[- Sting -] Sid out powers the big 7 footer and slams him on his back..

[- Buff Bagwell -] That was just a fluke, Big Kev' tripped or somethin..

[- Shane McMahon -] Sid bringing Nash to his feet and setting him up for what looks like a Death Valley Driver..

[- Buff Bagwell -] There ain't no way he gonna get this..

[- Scott Hall -] SHUT! Up, I'm tired of hearing your voice..

[- Sting -] Sid nails that one!

[- Sting -] Sid bringing Kev' to his feet..

[- Shane McMahon -] But no! Big Sexy with a double leg take down!

[-Scott Hall -] That uh' baby..

[- Sting -] Nash lifting him and bouncing him off the ropes..

[- Shane McMahon -] Sid bouncing off the other ropes..

[- Sting -] THE BIG BOOT!

[- Scott Hall -] YA! That's the Big Daddy Cool I know..

[- Sting -] Big Sexy going for the cover..

[- Sting -] Sid not only kicks out but throws Kevin Nash out of the ring!

[- Scott Hall -] Holy shit..

[- Shane McMahon -] Sid exiting the ring and it looks like he's getting something out from under the ring..

[- Buff Bagwell -] Who does this guy think he is!?

[- Sting -] Sid has got a table set up and it looks like he's setting up for the Power Bomb..

[- Scott Hall -] Oh, he's gonna get it.. let's go..

[- Scene -] Scott Hall and Buff Bagwell leave the announcer's table and quickly make their way to the ring..

[- Sting -] BIG! Power Bomb thru the table! The referee has called for the bell..

[- Shane McMahon -] Ya but he's in for it now because the nWo is not happy!

[- Sting -] Scott Hall from behind..

[- Shane McMahon -] Looks like he's setting up for his Signature Outsider's Edge..

[- Sting -] He's got him up!! But we have to take a commercial break!!